It might be the holidays, however a large congregation of OSPS staff worked very hard and merged on Ballarat to participate in the annual 3 day Teacher Games. Our most successful year gaining 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 1 Bronze.

We were winners off the field too, participating in the dress up evenings and festivities. OSPS were awarded the 2017 Victorian Teachers Games Minister’s Cup! For displaying great attitude, sportsmanship and friendliness. Look out f…or this special presentation at assembly.

8km Cross Country – Sean Alston (Gold)
8km Cross Country – Emma Hainsworth (Gold)
8km Cross Country – Amelia Delaney (Silver)
52km Men’s Cycling Road Race – Geoff Zielin (Silver)
Mixed Open Volleyball – Mami Martin, Lemone Meyer, Jackie Di Servi, Anthony Rowe, Evert Eykman, Nick Crane, Nathan Beaumont. (Gold)

Dodgeball – Anthony Rowe, Nick Morrey, Nadine Kingsley, Catherine Sangster, Simonne Marsden, Rob McGirr, Jackie Di Servi, Evert Eykman, Nathan Beaumont, Sarah Rayment, Megan Reed, Amelia Delaney, Chris Roth, Emma Hainsworth. (Silver)
Dodgeball – Sean Alston, Geoff Zielin, Jade Freeman, Natalie Cancino, Nikki Virtuoso, Anthony Savva, Hayley Marshall. (Bronze)

Top Division AFL 9s – Sean Alston, Nathan Beaumont, Amelia Delaney, Emma Hainsworth, Michelle Richardson, Jackie Di Servi, Anthony Rowe, Nick Crane, Matt Barker, Rob McGirr, Nick Morrey, Evert Eykman, Geoff Zielin.