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12feb(feb 12)5:30 pm(feb 12)5:30 pmWelcome BBQPREP

22feb(feb 22)12:00 am(feb 22)12:00 amBentleigh District Hot Shots Tennisyear 5 & 6

22feb(feb 22)5:30 pm(feb 22)5:30 pmOutdoor Movie NightCommunity

26feballdayalldayBentleigh Dist Swimming3-6 selected students

01maralldayalldayCURRICULUM DAYP-6

08maralldayalldayBeachside Div Swimming3-6 selected students

27maralldayalldaySMR Swimming3-6 selected students

Term Dates 2016

Term 4:
3 October to 19 December (2.30pm school students finish)
20 December (school teachers finish)

Term Dates 2017

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 1:
30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:
18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:
17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 
9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)
22 December (school teachers finish)


Dear Parents

It is without a doubt a very busy time of the term as we wind up the school year and families lead into the festive and holiday season. What a wonderful performance by the Prep children at assembly this week, another amazing exhibition of their musical talents.

The biggest news of this week is that the new OSPS website has been launched! We have upgraded to a new, modern and live platform which will be the hub of our day to day school information for students, parents and the school community.

The website’s features include:

  • Home page showing the next 7 events in our calendar, important buttons and news features of all the exciting happenings at our school.
  • Brand new tabs including about us, learning, fete, enrolments, parents and news & events store all the information for the benefit of the whole school.
  • Parents tab displays a vast array of information about the school, programs and ‘must know’ information.
  • News and events tab displays a full calendar, newsletters, notices and our ‘latest news’ history.
  • School newsletters have also been upgraded.
  • Tiqbiz has been integrated into our website and you may notice notifications of calendar events have already started to come through. You can add these to your personal calendars.

No longer will parents need to call the office for term dates, bell times, event details or lost notices…..it will all be uploaded to the school website. So please head to the website first, as most likely you will find the information there!

The website has been backdated until the 1st November. Our 2017 calendar dates will begin to be uploaded in coming weeks. Please be patient while this transition occurs and we iron out the bugs over the next week!

A big thank you to Assistant Principal Nikki Virtuoso who has built our new website and will be coordinating the content together with Erik Albers and Sue Jackson. Please feel free to contact her via e-mail should you have any feedback, spot an issue or have a question

Have a good weekend everyone.

Mr Ron Cantlon


Development Proposal

The school has been notified that a proposed 3 storey Child Care Centre, to be built opposite our parent car park entrance, is currently before the Monash Council Planning Board.The proposal states that their staff and users will have access to our car park. This issue has never been discussed with the school and we would be reluctant to grant permission, given the parking and traffic flow issues which already exist in the area.

The school has lodged a formal objection, and if you feel the same, I invite you to do likewise by visiting the Monash Council Website at….


Below is a link to the pro forma letter that you can print and sign.

Development Proposal Objection Letter

We will also have copies available at the office next week that you can simply collect and sign.



Car Parking

Parents are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

School Payments

A reminder to parents that the Essential Learning Fees and school expenses are now due in full. Please contact the school to ensure your account is cleared for the 2016 school year. If you have any queries or concerns regarding payment, please contact Jo Chapple on 9570 1016.

School Banking

School banking has finished for 2016. Thank you to the parent volunteers who assisted with this program.


Year 6 Tasmania Camp

Our group of more than 50 students decided to surf the river at high speeds with “Jet Boat Ride” in Huonville the location of the starting point is very beautiful with the landscape of mountains full of trees. We had very high expectations and the ride beat it by miles with unpredictable turns and humorous stunts. The jet boats were so fast we had to grab the handle at all times the place had a café for us to sit down and buy something to eat/drink while we waited for the other group. I definitely recommend it to young tourists or adventurous people. Lam

I would recommend the Huon Jet for all ages, children, families, even grandparents! Take a ride down the Huon River as your guide explains where the river leads, but remember to hold on tight, as they spin the boat around, you might get soaked! The jet is an experience to remember, together the staff make it a remarkable place. Sarah

With a huge group of 89 kids and 8 adults, it’s extremely hard for some to be happy with the places we go. I was exceptionally happy with the Tahune Airwalk. As we were walking great heights though the canopy to see the beauty of the scenery around us, we got to learn some interesting things as well. Even though some of us were scared, our tourist guide helped us stay calm with some hilarious jokes and historic events that took place in that exact spot. Tahlyia

With 89 school children it wasn’t easy finding a tourist attraction. This exhilarating experience entertained the students very much. The Tahune Airwalk staff members led us around a 40 metre high bridge. Oakleigh South students were astounded by the breath taking views. There was a sitting area and a “value for money” Souvenir shop which the students really enjoyed. Overall I would recommend people to visit these outstanding attractions.   Dhruv

Well let’s see, our Year 6 camp to Tasmania was an amazing experience. We viewed many spectacular sights and participated in a number of awesome activities. Some of these included: The Bonorong Wildlife Park, Tahune Airwalk and the chair lift, over the Cataract Gorge, all of which were very memorable experiences. Alannah

Real live convicts from over 200 years ago had touched these cells, real life convicts had stood on that very floor! You wouldn’t think it would be very interesting, but as the tour guides drag you further and further into history you are gripped onto it so tight, that you don’t want to let it go! The staff at Port Arthur are very well trained and explain things in a captivating way. I would 100% recommend it to you and your family. The gardens and grounds are immense and beautiful, history lies behind every stone and you’re lucky there are still stones to discover. They take great care of this unique place. History has never been better! Sam

As you arrive at the beginning of the 55 minute hike you would think there are just hills beyond where the eye can see. But when you arrive on the final mountain you finally see it…..steep sand dunes. An idea is to make some stairs to climb up so you can spend more time sliding instead of climbing, otherwise everything else was great: the views, the sand dunes and the relaxing but challenging hike.   Cayla

When we first heard about the hike and how it was a 1 hour walk, it was very intimidating. But as soon as we started trekking we forgot about the pain and the steep hills because we had amazing views from the top of the mountains, not forgetting about the sand dunes. It was great fun (apart from walking up them) and it took a while to get to the top of one, but once you do the ride down, it is totally worth it. Overall I think it is great fun for everyone. Alex



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