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Riley St, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167   T: 03 9570 1016   F: 03 9579 0363

E: oakleigh.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au   W: oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au


Monday 27th March – NO Running Club – House Cross Country 9/10 year olds – Healthy Lunch Day 2MR, 2SI, 2JD, 2NC & 2RE

Tuesday 28st March – House Cross Country 11 year olds, 12/13 year olds – Healthy Lunch Day 2KH, 2GZ, 2VO & 2NM – Open Day School Tour – 2018 Tour of Japan Information Night

Wednesday 29th March – SMR Swim Carnival

Thursday 30th March – 5/6 Summer Sport vs Murumbeena (home) – Easter Hat Parade P-2 – Junior Easter Raffle Draw

Friday 31st March: –  Running Club for District Squad – Final Assembly 1.50pm – Senior Easter Raffle Draw – Last Day of Term 1 Finish 2.30pm

Tuesday 18th April: –  First Day of Term 2


Technology Supporting School Adminstration, Children & Parents


Advancement in technology is without a doubt a game changer in Victorian Primary Schools. Computer programs like Accelerated Reader, Mathletics, Reading Eggs, Maths Seeds, Spelling City, Maths Invaders to name a few along with the conventional word processing programs enhance student outcomes. Websites, facebook pages, ticket selling websites, volunteer sign up wesbites and apps all help to make our day to day running of a school easier. Most importantly though, it makes everything easier for parents too!

Website: is now fully functional and feedback from parents and staff has been phenomenal. Parents, office and staff are working well through the changes to the process.


There has been a reduction in the amount of parents asking for information regarding events or copies of lost notices through the office. The wesbite features:

  • News Post
  • Calendar
  • Events & Excursions
  • Forms & Notices
  • Newsletters (school, Fete & year level)

If you have any feedback please contact Assistant Principal Nikki Virtuoso virtuoso.nicole.b@edumail.vic.gov.au

QKR: Is our payment app for a majority of school excursions, events or purchases. It is quick and easy for parents to use, remember always make sure you select the correct child when making your purchase! Click here for QKR instructions


Tiqbiz: Our website calendar talks to the Tiqbiz calendar, parents can drag the event into their own personal calendars. This new feature has been received very well. Very important school messages are sent via Tiqbiz. If you do not have this downloaded on your phone or device, please do so to avoid missing vital information. Click here for Tiqbiz instructions


Official OSPS Facebook Page: The official OSPS facebook page posts are the same as most of the OSPS Website News Posts and continue to gain many likes.


Parent Run Facebook Group: Unofficial parent run group pages are available for parents. Their guidelines are to keep it positive, friendy and respectful. Here is the link to the main page, the year level links are on this group.


Signup.com The Fete helpers roster is now an online process, very quick and easy to select a time and stall on Fete day. Here is the link:


Trybooking.com is used for all ticket purchasing for Productions and the Fete Early Bird Wrist Bands. At the moment the Fete Early Bird Wristbands are for sale, click on this link


We hope the school community can embrace the technologies that are making life easier for everyone.

Code Camp – Holiday Program will be held in the OSPS hall 10th, 11th, 12th of April 8am – 4pm. Please book directly via the following link


Harmony Day was a huge success with orange a plenty across the school. Harmony Day activities were completed in every class and the children and staff had a great day.

Enjoy the weekend.

Thank you.

Mr Ron Cantlon


Term 1:
30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:
18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:
17 July to 22 September

Term 4:
9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)
22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Working Bee Thanks!

A huge thank you to the three wonderful families who turned up to our working bee last Friday afternoon.

Parents and children all pitched in to plant and mulch our beautiful new front entrance.

It was a tremendous effort to put in over 100 plants and 6 cubic metres of mulch.

We will be running further working bees throughout the year and it would be great to see some new faces.

School Council Andrew Holman


Village Mall at the Fete

The Year 3 Village Mall is a fete highlight. As last year, we are hoping for donations from the whole school. Are you able to help?

Produce Stall : We need your LEMONS . Earn house points for your house – 50 points a lemon!
Next term we will be collecting: lemons, limes, feijoas or any other excess produce you may have or can get for us.
WE are desperate for CANS – from the small 70 gm to the 825gm size. 50 points a can. Only the ring pull type so as no sharp edges. Do you have any pottery pots or fancy planters you no longer need?
Perhaps you have some succulents or other saleable plants you could donate.
Do you have anything suitable to sell on our Mothers’ Day Plants & Gifts stall?

Please send all donations to THE VILLAGE

Thank you from the Year 3 Village People

Chicks for Sale at The Village

The chicks are for sale at $5.00 each. They make great pets and you will have fresh eggs daily by the end of July.

You will need a suitable coop and run. They are easy to look after – you only need to feed on chicken starter and household food scraps.

Please see Murray or Julie K in the village if you would like to purchase some.

Early Bird Wrist Band Ride Tickets

Rides: Cyclone, Cha Cha, Super Slide, Trackless Train, Ball Crawl, Cup & Saucer, Chair-o-Plane, Seaworld Castle, Pirate Ship, Star Scream, Dodgem Cars

Order your tickets from www.trybooking.com Click ‘buy tickets’, search OSPS OR Click on this link https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=263881

This entitles the wearer to unlimited rides between 10am and 3pm. Wristbands ARE NOT available on the day. Ride tickets are available for purchase on the day at a higher price There is something for everyone so, don’t let your children be disappointed on the day.

Commonwealth Bank School Banking

Banking is on next Monday, last week of Term

Reminder single deposits only.


Katrina, Julie and Michelle School Banking Volunteer Parents

No Smoking

Parents or caregivers please do not smoke on the school grounds, it is a department regulation that school grounds are completely smoke free.

This includes the car park.

Please notify any caregivers who drop off or pick up your child.

Thank you.

A ‘CAN’ request from the Year 3 Village

Earn house points for your house. Please start saving and sending along:

Aluminium cans up to 800 gm –pull top type so as no sharp edges.

Please remove the paper for us. All sizes wanted but we are keen to get lots of the baby corn size.

We are also still collecting Plastic lids and newspapers.

Please bring them to the Village or hand to any of the Year 3 teachers.

Thank you from

The Village People

Car Parking

Parents are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

This also includes your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules.

Please no 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection! Please click here for further parking information if required


School Payments

This year we will continue to use QKR as our preferred payment method.  We ask that you use QKR when making payments for all your school accounts – this includes Essential Learning Fees, Excursions, Incursions and any other charges to come up through the year. Charges are child specific, so please make sure you select the correct child and year level when making payments. If the incorrect child is showing, tap their name at the top, and select the correct child from the pop up box.

Library Fund Donations cannot be made via Qkr, but they can be made at the Office or via Bpay. Please contact Karen Hall if you use the Bpay option. hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au Please click here for further information QKR! Information If you have any questions regarding QKR, please contact the office.


2017 Year 3 Team

Top L-R

Murray Wilde In my spare time, (ha ha) I help my wife look after our new baby Tom. I love gardening and renovating my family home. On occasions I play in local tennis matches. I also come up to OSPS on the weekends to feed the animals.

Diane Dwyer Life outside of school is a busy and active time. In the morning, I swim three times a week, jog twice and attempt yoga on another. My family holiday home is another draw card on some weekends, where I go fishing with my husband either on his boat or on the foreshore. There are not many minutes when I do nothing, so when they occur, I revel in the moment.

Julie Kearney When I’m not at school most of my time is spent raising Amsden for Guide Dogs Victoria. Amsden comes just about everywhere with me; her special jacket allowing her entry into places other dogs can’t go. I enjoy spending time with friends and family on the peninsula (as does Amsden) as well as walking to coffee shops (also with Amsden).

Jenny Smith My life away from school is quite busy, either spent with family or friends. I also work as a volunteer with Challenge. Challenge is a not-for-profit organisation that provides support for children and families living with cancer. I have many different roles with them – attending camps with children, visiting patients in the RCH, helping at children’s events and working as a volunteer at fundraising events. My other passion is for the Richmond FC. I have been a paid up member for 48 years and have stuck with the mighty Tigers through the good times and the bad.

Jan Presnell Life out of school is always busy. I have 3 young grandchildren to play with as well as finding time for my furbaby – Chip the Wonder Dog – an energetic border collie. I love travelling overseas to pursue my photography hobby. This has taken me to many amazing out of the way places.

Kim Kerr When I’m not at school my favourite past time is writing. I prefer to do this over any other activity. I have written five novels now and I’m working on my sixth. While home I also like to walk my three dogs or work in the garden. My family lives on three acres so there is always a lot of work to do outside, like cutting back black berries, weeding, pruning the fruit trees or planting vegetables. If I have any time left at all I like to curl up in front of my wood fire (during winter) and read a good book.


Running Club

Running Club has been up and racing for most of this term and we have had a fantastic turn out from the kids. The kids have been putting in their best efforts to run their best and push themselves every week. Running club is not easy, as each session we push the kids with various activities that use interval training techniques as well as working on endurance to help increase their fitness. A big congratulations to all the kids that have been coming every week and working hard, it’s incredible to see just how far lots of you have come. We are now coming to the end of running club with Cross Country next Monday 27th March for 9 / 10 year olds and Tuesday the 28th of March for 11 year olds and 12 / 13 year olds. Next week there will NO running club on Monday 20th March as we would like the kids to rest and save their energy for Cross Country. Running Club will then continue on Friday 31st March for those who make the district squad. Good luck to everyone running Cross Country on Monday & Tuesday!

Thanks 🙂

What is Happening in Year 6?

It’s hard to believe that the term is almost over! The Year 6’s have participated in so many terrific activities! Some of these include: Visual Communication, science experiments, learning about Robert Wadlow’s extraordinary height, and writing creative poems! The fun also continues outside the classroom with singing and preparing for auditions for our Year 6 production, ‘Peter Pan Jr’.

We can’t wait until next term when the real action starts!


Many people are naturally fascinated by rainbows but don’t know what actually makes them. But we do. This is just one of the many things that we have learnt in science this year. Our main focus has been colours. We have conducted experiments using, textas, smarties, MM’s with amazing results. We have also done other spectacular experiments like ‘Egg in a Bottle’, where the results blew us all away.

But that’s not all! We are currently working on our own science projects as well. We have all spent a week preparing a science experiment to present to the class. We are all looking forward to learning more about this spectacular subject!


Participating in Ice Skating for the 3rd year in a row, the Year 6s love it more than ever. It’s amazing to see how much everyone has significantly improved since our first lesson in Year 4. We have just completed the fifth and final lesson of Year 6 and all students have learned to skate, stop and some more advanced actions as well. All students have immensely enjoyed the program and many have taken on the challenge and are doing ice skating out of school too.


We have been having a terrific time with Term 1 Inter School Summer Sports. These include: basketball, volleyball, softball, flag rugby, cricket and intra. We have training once a week and compete against other schools every Thursday. It’s a lot of fun and we continue to develop our skills and display good sportsmanship on match days.


Flowing thunderously down the majestic rainbow river.
An explosion of ruby, cherry and rose confetti shatters above the cheering crowd
Glittering showers of cyan and indigo shoot booming through the night
A kaleidoscope of paint sizzles, shattering over the city landscape.
Spinning out of control over the crowd in awe, a splash of reds burst out like an unstoppable flame drifting in the dark.
Dancing in the air like peacocks having a party.
A booming burst of scarlet, lapis, emerald and gold spiral into the black night.
Ear bursting like a rocket taking off and exploding into thousands of vibrant confetti.


Silence. Then a suspenseful hissing, fizzling sound, followed by an ear shattering BOOM!
Flowers of assorted shades, so high, blooming, thriving in the dark night sky, until the delicate petals come raining down.
Sparks of brilliant colour all around me.
Cartwheeling through the sky, endless fireworks illuminated the beautiful heather coloured background.
Crackling explosions of glimmering sparks seemingly put on a show…. the men, women and children their audience; the deep evening sky their never-ending stretch of stage.
Entrancing snakes of colour flood the unfathomable city landscape.
Balls of light pierce the sky, as if the moon and the stars are playing a heavenly game in the sky.
A last illusion flashes across the sky, a colossal wave of flickering specks.
Then the wondrous event fades, and everybody is shaken awake from their awe-striking trance.
The rejuvenating thrill inside me seeps away, and my drowsy eyelids shutter my eyes like curtains at the end of an indescribable performance.
When I wake to the gentle light of dawn, I wonder if it was all a dream.




My name is Lachlan and I am School Captain. I love footy and cricket and enjoy it because I like to do sport. My favourite food is my dads’ homemade Lasagne.

My name is Alexandra and I am school captain. I enjoy reading and netball which I play out of school. My favourite colours are aqua and blue.

My name is Vincent and I am the Vice School Captain. I enjoy spending time with friends and family and I adore playing footy. My favourite food is Chicken Kiev, and my favourite colour is Blue.

My name is Jemma and I am the Vice School Captain. I love to play soccer and I play in defence and I also read way too much and people call me a bookworm. I always talk to people, I’m a bit of a chatterbox.



Easter Raffle

We apologise that the Easter Flyers including the raffle tickets on the side that went home with the children had the incorrect dates.

The correct dates are:
Monday 27 th last day for Raffle Ticket Return
Thursday 30th Hat Parade & Easter Raffle Grades Prep -2
Friday 31st Easter Raffle Grades 3-6

Please amend these on your flyers.

Thank you,

Joe Megas & Carlyn Backers


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.

Clarinda Art & Craft Market- Saturday 25 March

10am to 2pm at Clarinda Community Centre, cnr Bourke and Viney Sts., Clarinda. Melways 78.J.7.

Made to order?

If you want something different, something professionally crafted, then come along to our market and speak to the stallholders.

They are only too pleased to create exclusively for you.

9544 1161