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Friday 31st March – Last Day Term 1. 2.30pm dismissal.

Saturday 1st April – Monday 17th April – Easter Holidays

Monday 10th April – Wednesday 12th April – Code Camp @ OSPS

Monday 17th April – Easter Monday. No School

Tuesday 18th April: –  First Day of Term 2

Monday 24th April – Jewish RE commences

Tuesday 25th April – Anzac Day Holiday



Happy Holidays

The junior school Easter Hat Parade was enjoyed thoroughly by the students (and notably staff) as they moved and grooved across the stage to songs of their choice. The craft and millinery skills were exceptional and there were minimal wardrobe malfunctions on the day.

Thank you to parent group for organising the collection of eggs and the raffle. Also for manning the coffee machine at the junior parade so parents could enjoy a hot beverage.

Congratulations to Aeon for finishing first in the freestyle and butterfly at the SMR (Southern Metro Region) Swimming Championships, she will progress through to the School Sport Victorian (SSV) Championships next term. Well done.

Thank you to all the families who are dropping of Fete flyers in letterboxes, over 20,000 flyers wil be distributed in time for our Fete on Saturday May 6th. Every year we receive more volunteers than we have areas to allocate so if you missed out on receiving a pack of flyers, thank you and perhaps you’ll get an opportunity next year.

Don’t forget it is not too late to sign up for Code Camp at OSPS these holidays.

A reminder to keep safe these holidays, especially when travelling on our roads. Buckle up in the car, wear a helmet on bikes and scooters. Please use pedestrian crossings, ensure you cross roads with an adult or look carefully when crossing the roads.

Enjoy the holidays.

Thank you.

Mr Ron Cantlon


Term 1:
30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:
18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:
17 July to 22 September

Term 4:
9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)
22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Safe active travel to and from school.

At OSPS we encourage staff, students and their families to use active travel to and from school. We can by participating in the ‘WalkSpot project’, by sharing locations where we feel unsafe while walking. This will help Local and State Government to improve pedestrian safety.

To participate please go to https://walkspot.crowdspot.com.au

On the map you will find an ‘unsafe walkspot’ already submitted at ‘Centre Rd near Windsor Avenue’. You can be involved by:

– commenting on this spot,
– voting for/supporting the spot,
– sharing it on Facebook,
– adding other spots anywhere on the map.

A number of people have expressed concern about the Centre Road lights and lack of a supervisor. If you have had any concerns pleaes log your concerns with WalkSpot. Thank you for helping to make our journey to OSPS safer.

Village Mall at the Fete

The Year 3 Village Mall is a fete highlight. As last year, we are hoping for donations from the whole school. Are you able to help?

Produce Stall : We need your LEMONS . Earn house points for your house – 50 points a lemon!
Next term we will be collecting: lemons, limes, feijoas or any other excess produce you may have or can get for us.
WE are desperate for CANS – from the small 70 gm to the 825gm size. 50 points a can. Only the ring pull type so as no sharp edges. Do you have any pottery pots or fancy planters you no longer need?
Perhaps you have some succulents or other saleable plants you could donate.
Do you have anything suitable to sell on our Mothers’ Day Plants & Gifts stall?

Please send all donations to THE VILLAGE

Thank you from the Year 3 Village People

Chicks for Sale at The Village

The chicks are for sale at $5.00 each. They make great pets and you will have fresh eggs daily by the end of July.

You will need a suitable coop and run. They are easy to look after – you only need to feed on chicken starter and household food scraps.

Please see Murray or Julie K in the village if you would like to purchase some.

Early Bird Wrist Band Ride Tickets

Rides: Cyclone, Cha Cha, Super Slide, Trackless Train, Ball Crawl, Cup & Saucer, Chair-o-Plane, Seaworld Castle, Pirate Ship, Star Scream, Dodgem Cars

Order your tickets from www.trybooking.com Click ‘buy tickets’, search OSPS OR Click on this link https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=263881

This entitles the wearer to unlimited rides between 10am and 3pm. Wristbands ARE NOT available on the day. Ride tickets are available for purchase on the day at a higher price There is something for everyone so, don’t let your children be disappointed on the day.

Commonwealth Bank School Banking

Banking will resume week 2 next term on Monday 24th April.

Reminder single deposits only.


Katrina, Julie and Michelle School Banking Volunteer Parents

No Smoking

Parents or caregivers please do not smoke on the school grounds, it is a department regulation that school grounds are completely smoke free.

This includes the car park.

Please notify any caregivers who drop off or pick up your child.

Thank you.

A ‘CAN’ request from the Year 3 Village

Earn house points for your house. Please start saving and sending along:

Aluminium cans up to 800 gm –pull top type so as no sharp edges.

Please remove the paper for us. All sizes wanted but we are keen to get lots of the baby corn size.

We are also still collecting Plastic lids and newspapers.

Please bring them to the Village or hand to any of the Year 3 teachers.

Thank you from

The Village People

Car Parking

Parents are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

This also includes your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules.

Please no 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection! Please click here for further parking information if required


School Payments

This year we will continue to use QKR as our preferred payment method.  We ask that you use QKR when making payments for all your school accounts – this includes Essential Learning Fees, Excursions, Incursions and any other charges to come up through the year. Charges are child specific, so please make sure you select the correct child and year level when making payments. If the incorrect child is showing, tap their name at the top, and select the correct child from the pop up box.

Library Fund Donations cannot be made via Qkr, but they can be made at the Office or via Bpay. Please contact Karen Hall if you use the Bpay option. hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au Please click here for further information QKR! Information If you have any questions regarding QKR, please contact the office.


Year 4 Team (L-R)

Miss Di Kassiotis
I like to have fun and make life a game, Pilates should be my middle name.
Family and friends are invaluable to me, as are chocolate and icecream, they make me weak to my knee

Mrs Anita Salems
Starting at Oakleigh South PS, I was known as Ms Broomhall. Last year I married and I am now Mrs Salems. I love teaching writing and enjoy reading when I get some spare time.

Mrs Lyne Barge
In my leisure time I enjoy being active – running, swimming and walking our dog and then relaxing with a good book. Holidays are spent camping and caravanning around Australia. My love of sport extends to coaching the State Cross Country Team and I love being involved with children enjoying sport at any level.

Mrs Angie Martyn
In my spare time I like being creative and enjoy reading. I love spending time with my family on camping holidays. A favourite spot is down by the beach. Most children may know I love mice and keep them as pets.

Mrs Dawn Charles I am a proud Scot who loves ‘going home’ as often as possibe. My other hobbies are chocolate and dancing. I don’t like early morning rises (I was misnamed!).

Mr Tony Muir
I am a keen supporter of the Melbourne Demons. I like travelling to Bali for my holidays. In my spare time I enjoy gardening, eating spicy food and swimming. I’m known by many children at OSPS as ‘Celebrity Muir’.


Year 1 Grandparents’ Day

On Tuesday the 14th of March the Year 1’s invited their VIG’s (Very Important Grandparents) to OSPS. Grandparents travelled from as close as down the street to as far as interstate! Students were so excited to show off all of their fabulous work and compare their classrooms with what their grandparents’ schools were like. No colourful worksheets or interactive whiteboards?! We couldn’t believe some of their stories!

After many weeks of practising with Marsh Sensei, the grandparents were treated to a musical showcase with ‘Skinnamarink’ and ‘You are my sunshine’ crowd favourites. We then headed back over to the Year 1 area where grandparents were treated to a delicious spread. A huge thank you to Parent Group for their wonderful help setting up!

On behalf of all of the Year 1 students, thank you very, very much to all of the grandparents and special friends who were able to join us. Here are some snaps from the day. You’ll also spot some photos of some ‘family artefacts’ students brought in for show and share as part of our history unit ‘Time After Time’. Enjoy!

Grandparents are the best because…

They always give me sweets and hug me.” – Yuri S, 1EM

I like jumping on their bed to wake them up. They love me very much.” – Jude B, 1EM

They give me ice cream when mum and dad aren’t there and always take good care of me. I love my grandparents!” – Rafael K, 1JG

My grandpa plays cricket with me and my grandma makes me yummy food. They give me the best cuddles.” – Parth B, 1JG

Even if they are old they still love me very much. My grandma lets me feed her goats. I love my grandparents.” – Josie C, 1JG

“They always hug and kiss me.” – Mia K, 1ML

“They take me out for dinner every Tuesday.” – Connor D, 1ML

They give me hugs and kisses.” – Miah C, 1JK

My grandpa makes the loveliest paintings because he is amazing at painting.” ­- Tiffani P, 1JK

They always fill my heart up with gold.” – Christina M, 1JK

 What did you like about Grandparents’ Day?

“My favourite part of Grandparents’ Day was singing because it made me feel proud.” – Tamsyn H, 1NC

“My favourite part of Grandparents’ Day was making family portraits because my family is important to me.” – Kavya G, 1NC

“Grandparents’ Day was really good because we got to play lots of fun games with our grandparents. My Yia Yia and Babu both came and they loved my classroom.” – Eleni E, 1KB

“I loved playing games with my grandparents when they visited. We played Connect Four and I won the game. Camryn played with my grandparents too because her grandparents are in New Zealand and couldn’t come to Grandparents’ Day.” – Sasha E, 1KB

“I liked having my grandpa at school. It’s the first time he’d ever come to my school.” – Zoe K, 1MM

“I liked singing songs to my grandpa. My favourite was Kira Kira. It is a Japanese version of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” – Harshul M, 1MM


Easter Raffle

Thank you to everyone whodonated Easter eggs and purchaed raffle tickets.

Wishing you all a safe holidays!

Thank you,

Joe Megas & Carlyn Backers


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