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31st March 2021


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“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.”– George Santayana


Issue  – 31st March 2021


Thursday 1st April
– Final Day Term 1 (2.30pm dismissal)
– Junior Easter Hat Parade 9.00am & Junior Easter Raffle Drawn
– Final Assembly 1.40pm & Senior Easter Raffle Drawn

Monday 19th April
– First day Term 2


And just like that the first term is over!

We have received some amazing news this week, OSPS has won the Chadstone Loves Local competition! Thank you very much to all the OSPS parents and friends who supported the competition by purchasing goods from the particpating retailers and popping the tokens into the OSPS chute! Thank you to the staff who promoted the competition and families for sharing the posts far and wide. We will receive $20,000 worth of school supplies as the winning prize!

School Council have a 1 year casual vacancy position to fill. After discussions on the expertise and skills that would be beneficial to the school community, it was decided by School Council to ascertain if there was anyone in the parent community who has an architectural or building background and is available to help School Council with their deliberations as they arise. If anyone has these skills and is interested in being a part of School Council, please e-mail School Council President Nadia Beauchamp schoolcouncil@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au or Principal Ron Cantlon ron.cantlon@education.vic.gov.au

I’d like to wish everyone a very restful break. It’s been an extremely busy term as usual but the children have settled back to the routines of school and are enjoying each day.

Tomorrow we have our annual Easter Hat Parade at 9am on the junior running track. Everyone is welcome to come along and see some of the amazing creations proudly paraded by the children. The junior Easter raffle winners will be announced after the parade.

I’d like to remind everyone to go on to Mathletics, Reading Eggs, myON and read over the holidays as much as they can. It’s important to touch base with these activities regularly and not take a holiday from them for your own benefit.

There will be a final school assembly tomorrow afternoon which will be streamed to the parents. The senior (years 3-6) Easter raffle winners will be announced then.

We’ll see everyone back at school on Monday 19th April.

Enjoy the holidays





Term 1
January 28th – 1st April

Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




Happy holidays to all our families. 

Please stay safe over the break and enjoy some much deserved family time.

Plesae continue to isolate and get tested if you are feeling unwell. 





Thank you to the parents who sorted and returned named items to classrooms yesterday.

All unnamed and illegible named clothing will go into the second hand uniform shop after Thursday lunchtime. Note, any unnamed drink bottles and containers that are still in lost property after the last day will be disposed of.

Please name all your children’s belongings, it is astounding the amount of unnamed clothing and items left in the school.



Recently the school has been made aware of instances where some students were badly sunburnt at a recent swimming sports carnival. A school policy council sub-committee has been formed to review our Sunsmart and Dress Code policies and we look forward to advising the community of the review. Numerous actions have been implemented to improve sunsmart measures at school. We sincerely apologise to the families affected and will ensure that an instance like this will never happen again.

The measures include but are not limited to:

  • Sunsmart messaging on classroom Interactive White Boards and/or on the white board
  • UV Index displayed daily on office TV with direct live feed from the Bureau of Meteorology
  • School Council Policy Sub-committee formed to review the Sunsmart and Dress Code Policy
  • School Council Policy Sub-committee investigating a PSW (Primary School Wear) light weight summer long sleeve top for school council approval
  • Personal suncreen, clearly labelled and kept in a sunscreen tub in classrooms
  • Arrangements in classroom for students to be reminded and have time to apply their personal sunscreen
  • Improvements in teachers role modelling Sunsmart measures
  • All staff have been involved in discussions and again received information round Sunsmart policy and practices


Back L-R
Mrs van Delft, Mr Rice, Mrs Le, Miss Chris, Miss McArtney

Front L-R
Miss Lenehan, Miss Lema, Miss Philipsen



Miss Philipsen has been teaching for 7 years at O.S.P.S. Amy is an avid baker and loves trying out new recipes and baking techniques…and then sharing the sweet treats with her family and friends. She is always excited when a new cookbook arrives from overseas! Miss Philipsen loves all animals, you will often see her spending time at the zoo with her younger cousins during the school holidays. She has a beautiful bunny rabbit, Buster who is turning 10 years old on Easter Monday!! Miss Philipsen is also getting ready for her brand new little puppy, who she is picking up just after the school holidays.


This is Miss Lema’s second-year teaching and what a fabulous year it has been so far! Gabbi is a huge Richmond Tigers supporter and loves to go to the footy! Her hobbies include running, rollerblading, shopping and spending time with her family and friends! She loves trying new restaurants and is always excited to try new cuisines. Her dream is to travel and visit new parts of the globe! She loves to embrace her Greek and Uruguayan culture and take part in lots of traditional events. Her weaknesses are chocolate and puppies!!!!


Miss McArtney grew up in Chelsea with her mum, dad and brother. Tayla has been teaching for 7 years and 2 of those years were spent teaching in London where she loved travelling to and exploring many different cities. While she is missing overseas travel, she’s swapping it for exploring Australia and she has even started going camping (wish her luck!). She has a huge sweet tooth and loves anything sugary, especially cupcakes. Her hobbies include playing netball, running and reading. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family.


Miss Chris is in her first year of teaching and is excited that it is with the students at OSPS. Outside of work, Steph loves spending time with her family and friends. You will either find at the beach or out for brunch. Miss Chris barracks for the mighty Tigers and enjoys going to as many games as she can throughout the season. She is very friendly and kind, so if you see her outside, go up and say hi!


Mrs Le loves all things Japanese, so you’ll often find her speaking a little to her class. In her spare time, Siobhán enjoys doing yoga, going on walks in nature, as well as spending time with her friends and family. She is very excited about becoming an aunty for the first time in August! During the footy season, Mrs Le can be seen cheering her beloved football team St Kilda. She’s still waiting for them to win the flag!


Miss Lenehan works two days in the week. Mel was a professional ballet dancer before becoming a school teacher. She loves keeping fit. If you’re around the Botanical Gardens on a weekend you may either see her running the tan track or wandering inside the gardens admiring the scenery. Mel L has a 20 month old son named Hunter. She absolutely adores the time she spends with him on the days she’s not working.


Mrs van Delft has taught year one, four and now year two at OSPS. Mel had another life before being a teacher which saw her live overseas and work at major sporting events. Mrs van Delft has a young son and enjoys spending time with her family outside of school. Most of her students know that chocolate is her favourite food and that she enjoys exercising and warm weather. Mrs van Delft is enjoying sharing her teaching duties with Ms Lenehan in 2LV this year! We think our class is lucky to have two teachers instead of one!


Mr Rice has worked in a range of schools since graduating as a teacher in Adelaide. He has been a classroom teacher from Prep to year 6, as well as teaching Art and Drama as a specialist teacher! John is a set designer and has worked freelance in theatre productions for the last 20 years, more recently building the flying car for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang here at Oakleigh South in 2019. John has travelled the world and his favourite destination is the Greek Islands. He enjoys reading, cinema, cooking, house renovating, gardening and entertaining friends. So far this year, he has had a terrific time teaching his wonderful year 2 class and is looking forward to a great year filled with lots of fun and learning!




The Year 2 students have been going WILD about their Integrated Studies topic, ‘Hear Them Roar!’

You could be mistaken to think that you were in a dinosaur park on Monday, with a variety of dinosaurs and palaeontologists roaming the school grounds. The clever and creative dress ups made our very first Dinosaur Day lots of fun!

Throughout the term we have been learning about different classifications of animals, dinosaurs and prehistoric animals.

We have used skeleton clues to help us identify different animals and dinosaurs and we also learnt about teeth and how they tell us what kind of food an animal eats.

On Monday, students participated in an exciting incursion where they learnt about some of the dinosaurs believed to have lived in Australia, located and identified fossils of some of the most iconic dinosaurs of the past and they even participated in a fossil hunt!

Noam – 2SL
Aaryan & Eleanna – 2AP
Maggie – 2AP
Amelie & Luna – 2SL

Daniel Butterworth



Last Thursday Oakleigh South Primary School had a special visitor to the Art Room, Daniel Butterworth. He’s a professional  artist and a school teacher that is known for painting on scrap cardboard and for using house paints. He has been an Archibald finalist and a Moran Portraiture finalist and he believes he has painted over 2000 self portraits!

He spoke to the children about his career and about using things around the house to make art with coffee and even vegemite. He encouraged the children to draw every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes to improve their skills.

Students worked with charcoal, graphite pencil, Vegemite, white Chinagraph, white oil pastel, masking tape and shellac to create a finished newt picture on cartridge to be displayed in the foyer for the production of Matilda Jr.

The children had a great time and got very messy. Each child experimented with different media and mark making. We can’t wait to see them mounted and up on display.

Kevin – 6JD
Aditi – 6CR
Nyah – 6SM
James – 6SM
Maddison – 6JD
Zeke – 6SM



I am a tour guide at the MCG and this morning I was fortunate to take a group of your students on a tour of the ground. What a pleasure it was!

As a group they were well mannered, excited, yet attentive and complied with the touring rules well.

The students exhibited a keen and diverse curiosity and asked many questions, the best of which was “Why are they called a flight?” in relation to the several sets of stairs we were required to climb as a consequence of no lifts allowed.  Of course most questions related to the ground and its features.

I do wish to commend the students and the teachers for their behaviour and the way in which they represented their school.

Please pass on my commendations to the staff involved. The group was the first to tour today. It was remiss of me not to get the staff members’ names.

With my kind regards.

MCG Tour Guide


Valued Student Awards

Prep – Year 2

Edward Prep AM
For trying so hard to learn English and never giving up. Super effort Edward!!!
Sehaj Prep BB
Working Together
For always helping everyone in Prep BB and encouraging others. Well done Sehaj!
Troy Prep JF
For always using his manners and approaching all task with a positive attitude. Well done Troy!
Gabriel Prep MR
For always trying his best and for continually completing his work to a high standard.
Evelyn Prep NC
For being a hard-working Prep and a caring friend. We love having you in Prep NC Evelyn!
Aahana Prep NM
For always displaying excellence by working carefully and using wonderful manners in class.
Rushenka Prep SG
For including lots of detail when presenting her Show and Share and speaking with confidence.


Drewin 1AM
For showing great resilience in Maths and not giving up when it gets tricky! You’re a superstar!
Sam 1CF
For approaching all tasks with a clever attitude! Excellent work, Sam.
Penelope 1CG
For showing wonderful determination and persistence with her reading skills. I’m so proud of you!
Steven 1JG
For being an inclusive classmate and helping spread the important message “Bullying. No Way!”.
Saachi 1LD
For coming up with a fantastic strategy using Unifix Cubes to work out how to halve numbers.
Ellie 1NM
For doing a wonderful job with her journal writing and handwriting! Well done!
Isaac 1NM
Working Together
For always showing willingness and patience in helping others in class. Well done Isaac!
Amish 1SR
Working Together
For making valuable contributions to our class ‘Harmony Day’ activity. You are amazing!


Jack 2AP
For his incredible pen pal writing. Jack, I’m so proud of how hard you are working!
Olivia 2GL
For producing an amazing sizzling start! Well done you super star!
Aashvi 2LV
Her excellent ‘sizzling starts’ when writing narratives. Keep up the high level work!
Wren 2SC
For demonstrating excellence by moving up reading levels.
Myra 2SL
For showing excellence in using paragraphs when writing narratives. Keep up the terrific work, Myra!
Rayaan 2TM
For reading with with fantastic expression and fluency and for moving up a dot in reading!

Valued Student Awards

Years 3-4

Rory 3DD
For being a consistent and enthusiastic worker, who strives for excellence at every opportunity.
Dasha 3DD
For being a consistent hard worker and always trying her best. Great job Dasha.


Brooke 3JS
Working Together
For striving to do her best in AR and for respecting her peers. Well done Brooke!
Jessica 3JS
For her enthusiastic attitude and always presenting her best work! Well done Jessica!!
Orlando 3MT
For showing respect and always being a happy, helpful class member.  Thank you Orlando!
Heidi 4AS
For presenting all learning tasks to a very high standard. Super effort, Heidi!
Ryan 4CW
For always being so kind and respectful to his classmates, peers and teachers. You’re the best Ryan!
Milla 4DK
For always putting in 110% effort into all she does. Excellent effort, Milla!
Thomas 4EW
For achieving his AR goals for this term and always striving for excellence.
Jonathan 4KH
For making a great start to the year at O.S.P.S, making new friends and having a go.
Kevin 4NM
For going out of his way to help tidy up our SRA and Reading Comprehension Cards. Thanks Kevin!


Valued Student Awards

Years 5-6

Dulara 5FF
For a fabulous and highly entertaining Big Write this term.
Martin 5FF
Working Together
For being an active participant in all class discussions and helping his peers.
Deni 5HP
For working consistently in class to complete class work to the very best of her ability. Awesome!
Zoe 5KP
For working SO productively this week and staying focused to complete learning activities.

Ranidu 5KP
For always displaying impeccable manners and showing appreciation for teacher feedback.

Tamsyn 5LG
For outstanding behaviour at all times. Tamsyn, you are a role model for all! Well done!
River 5NC
For an outstanding Natural Disasters project on sinkholes.


Mika 5NK
For showing such a superb attitude toward her learning and for being a Harry Potter reading whizz!
Shinichi 6CR
For the wonderful presentation he gave on how he constructed his 3D model,  ‘The Tower Bridge’.
Kevin 6JD
For his excellent effort to not only achieve his A.R target, but double it! Keep it up, Kevin!
Aanika 6JD
For being a respectful and friendly class member. Keep being you, you’re a star!
Penelope 6MW
For pushing herself to step outside of her comfort zone and overcome her fear of public speaking.
Melanie 6SM
For her incredible time management and always striving for excellence in all she does.


6SM Japanese
For working hard on the challenging tasks and having a ‘can do’ attitude!!
5NC Sport
Working Together
For being such a wonderful help at the House Cross-Country!




Our Year 5 students will enjoy their final round of sport rotations this week. Such activities include: tennis, lawn bowls and competitive games. All students participated in each sport twice to learn and experience a variety of skills and ways to play the games.

Next term, the Year 5 students will again do sport rotations experiencing some different activities and learning new skills.

Thank you to the PE and Year 5 teachers who organised and ran the activities.


The Year 6 ‘Summer Fixture’ has been completed with all students representing the school extremely well and enjoying their chosen sport.

Congratulations to the following teams who will progress to Summer finals in Term 4.

  • Basketball Boys
  • Flag Rugby Girls
  • Flag Rugby Boys
  • Softball Girls
  • Softball Boys
  • Volleyball Mixed
  • Cricket “Eagles”

Year 6 interschool sport continues in Term 2 with students participating in their chosen Winter sport. Activities include: Aussie rules football, soccer, tennis, sofcrosse and netball.

We wish them all the best.




Each Saturday morning from April 2021- August 2021

Oakleigh Auskick commences the 2021 season on 24th April and finishes on the 21st August (18 weeks). Cost for this entire season is $100 and you can register now on line or anytime during the season at www.aflauskick.com.au Auskickers receive a backpack including a football and other great footy stuff.  Memento’s of the season in the form of trophies and medals are presented to all Auskickers. Boys and girls 5-12 years are eligible to participate. Children must be 5 years of age or turn 5 years in the season.

Venue – Oakleigh South Primary School Riley Street, South Oakleigh.

When held – Each Saturday morning .

Time – Kinder, Preps and Grade 1  (9-10.30am) Grades 2-6  (9-11am)

Experienced coaches oversee the weekly program. Some parental help is required to assist these coaches with the running of the program no experience necessary.

For more information contact the Oakleigh Auskick Coordinator
Mr Kerry Ryan 0413 691 885




In term 1, all Year 6 students wrote a letter to a Japanese student at Tamba Higashi Primary School. Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit Japan this year and it is very difficult for them to visit us this winter.  Nonetheless we are keeping our strong relationship by exchanging letters. We are looking forward to receiving a letter back from students in Tamba in Term 3. Year 6 students worked hard to complete their work and I am so proud of them! They introduced themselves by name and wrote about their interests, favourite foods and sports and information about their families. Here are some beautiful examples.



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