Oakleigh South Primary School

23rd March 2022


“You will either step forward into growth, or you will step backward into safety.” Abraham Maslow


Issue 8  – 23rd March 2022

Thursday March 24th
– Year 6 Interschool Sport
– OSPS School tour @ 9:30am (bookings only)
– Senior Choir (cancelled)

Friday March 25th
– Year 4 Excursion (postponed)
– Second Hand Uniform Shop Open

Tuesday March 29th
– Whole School assembly on OSPStv

Wednesday March 30th
– Second Hand Uniform Shop Open

Friday April 1st
– Second Hand Uniform Shop Open
– Year 2 Dinosaur Day

Monday April 4th
– School Curriculum Day (No school for students)

Thursday April 7th
– Easter Hat Parade (P-2)
– House Cross country (3-6)





This morning the OSPS Running Club was in full swing with a large group of enthusiastic children going through their training drills preparing for House Cross Country on Thursday 7th April. Training is held on Wednesday mornings and Monday lunchtimes. Thank you to the staff who are training these children twice a week.

Last Friday, our school supported the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. Each year level decorated a love heart with words of kindness. This was to support the theme for this year of KINDNESS CULTURE. The children’s very colourful contributions are displayed in the corridor near the library.

Yesterday we recognised the many cultures that make up our wonderful school community by celebrating Harmony Day. Thank you to everyone who either wore the colour orange or their country’s traditional outfit. The highlight was the whole school photo that Mr Hooley took with his drone. All classes gathered on the front oval and waved to the drone as it took a great shot of everyone together.

Enjoy your week ahead.




Term 1 – 31st January – 8th April

Term 2 – 26th April – 24th June

Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




There will be a whole school curriculum day, Monday April 4th.


No students are required to attend school on this day.




World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest global educational events and this year it kicks off today, Wednesday 23rd March! This day aims to get primary and secondary school students excited and enthusiastic about learning maths. We are constantly using maths in our everyday lives, from the telling the time, counting and adding, to measuring and using money – maths is everywhere!

At Oakleigh South Primary School, we love to provide engaging and challenging maths lessons at every level. We also use Mathletics to help complement our learning. This year the “World’s Largest Online Maths Competition” is back! You can join millions of students across the globe as they celebrate World Maths Day and compete in Live Mathletics challenges. There will be 20 x one-minute challenges available.

The goal is simple: get as many questions correct as you can within one minute and be crowned the winning mathlete! You can earn 1 point for each correct answer that goes towards your score. Winners will progress through to the global finals, which will take place two weeks after World Maths Day. They’ll go head to head with three peers from around the world in a live-streamed knockout tournament, with prizes for the champions. You might make it onto the World Maths Day Hall of Fame just like Alexander Z did last year, achieving 3rd place in the world! Go Alexander!

This event runs for 48 hours to cover all time zones. Your child will automatically be able to take part using their school subscription- just log in on the day and let the games begin! We encourage all students to take part, try their best and most importantly have fun. May the best Mathlete win!



The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

CSEF payments to schools will commence from 1 March onwards. Schools are able to continue processing applications until the end of Term 2.

Click here for further information CSEF Website

Please click here to apply – https://www.education.vic.gov.au/PAL/csef-application-form.pdf




It’s a new year and Mr Eykman and Ms Sakellaris are excited to deliver a fun and engaging year of STEM activities, aimed at fostering all students’ sense of WONDER! In the first week of 2022, all year levels in STEM Science and Digi Tech, had the opportunity to begin to develop the capability in critical and creative thinking. They drew or wrote what they are thankful for in each of the 4 sections of STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths.  They watched two short videos on ‘Why is STEM important?’ and the ‘Introduction of Critical and Creative Thinking.

Preps – During this term the Prep students have been exploring the unit Staying Alive and had the opportunity to investigate the basic needs for survival of animals and humans. Also, they are investigating and exploring the understandings of the basic needs and their importance in their lives. Through investigations at school and home, the students have explored the needs of pets and compared them to their own needs as humans.

Year 1 – The Year 1s have been busy learning all about computers and how they work this term. We have been exploring the differences between hardware and software, and even looked at the insides of a computer and the different things it is made up of including the Central Processing Unit (CPU), the computers brain! Students have also been exploring the different types of hardware there are and whether they are an import device or an output device. We have been practising our computational and critical thinking using the Scratch Junior and code.org software, learning about sequencing and loops.

Year 2 – During this term, the students participated in a series of experiments, which focussed on the characteristics of living things, such as recognising common features of animals and plants. For example, having a pet mealworm and describing their body parts and the features of a bean plant which is the student’s plant pet. They also had the opportunity to investigate the lifecycles of a mealworm and a bean plant. The student’s demonstrated the science inquiry skills through, responding to and posing questions and making predictions about the mealworms and the bean seeds. They also participated in guided investigations, including making observations using their senses, to explore and answer questions. The students used a range of methods, comprising of drawings to sort information to compare their observations and predictions with others through group discussions.

Year 3 – During this term, the students having been exploring and investigating how change of state between solids, liquids and gases and how they can be caused by adding or removing heat. They also investigated the response of change in temperature through collaborative teams, for example water changing to ice, or melting chocolate.  They had lots of fun making slime (Oobleck) and learning about that Oobleck is a non-Newtonian fluid. That is, it acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting on it. You can grab it and then it will ooze out of your hands.

Year 4 – What a fun term it has been with the students learning computational thinking concepts through the Sphero robots. Students have been learning all about creating sequences and refactoring code to create loops. The year 4s have used critical thinking concepts to connect mathematical concepts such as algebra and measurement to solve problems in groups. Further to this, students have been using the Code.org website to development their understanding around character control through Sprite Lab, as well as sequencing and creating loops.

Year 5 – Students in year 5 have used a variety of different software and hardware this term in their STEM lessons. We started the term by using the Lego Spike hardware learning about all of the sensors and motors and even conducting a ‘Hopper Race’ where students modified their robot prototypes to be as fast and accurate as possible. We also explored different applied mathematics concepts such as measurement and graphing through the use of Spheros and Microsoft Excel. All activities involved collaboration, where students are encouraged to think critically and apply problem solving skills.

Year 6 – During this term, the students have been exploring chemical sciences and have been investigating solids, liquids and gases through a “Mess Crime Scene” They have explored and investigated how different substance behave in different ways and have observable properties that help to classify them. They explored the way solids, liquids and gases change under different situations, for example, heating, cooling and looking at whether it is a physical change or chemical.  They also, observed that gases have mass and take up space, this was demonstrated by using balloons or bubbles.  The students recognised that not all substances can be easily classified as solids, liquids or gases on the basis of their observable properties. As part of their assessment the Year 6 students are working in a group and presenting a report of the crime scene, to find out what materials and substances are involved in the scene.




Neera – Prep SG
For being a kind and caring friend to everyone in our classroom. You’re a star!

Harvey – Prep SG
For making an amazing start at OSPS. Keep up the fantastic work!

Queenie – Prep SG
For being a kind and caring student and checking on your friends. Keep it up, Queenie!

James – Prep NM
Working Together
For settling in well to his first year of school by making lots of friends and including others.

Lana – Prep NM
For displaying beautiful manners in the classroom by consistently using her 5 L’s for Good Learning.

Myra – Prep LM
For being a caring and compassionate student who demonstrates a positive attitude to learning!

Nysa – Prep LM
For approaching every day with enthusiasm, cheerfulness and always working at her best!

Cooper – Prep LM
Working Together
For being such a helpful class member! Thank you, Cooper.

Hanna – Prep AM
For being a great listener and producing amazing work. Sensational Hanna!!!

Hunter – Prep AM
For always treating others thoughtfully and displaying FABULOUS manners! Way to go HUNTER!!!!

James – Prep AM
Working Together
For always helping others and displaying kindness. You are awesome James!!!

Athena – Prep BB
For always showing respect to her teachers and peers! Well done Athena!

Krishna – Prep BB
Working Together
For always helping his peers with learning activities! Well done Krishna!

Penelope – Prep MR
For always putting in her best effort on all her written work.

Zivin – Prep MR
Working Together
For working and playing well with his classmates.

Zephan – Prep MR
For always showing respect to his teacher and his peers

Ryan – Prep NC
For greeting everyone with a happy smile each day. You make our class to happy Ryan!

Loulou – Prep NC
For completing all of her work neatly and to a very high standard. You’re amazing Loulou!

Sofia – 1MT
For continuing to strive to do your best work.

Jonah – 1MT
For always being a polite member of 1MT.

Billy – 1CL
For always listening and taking proud in his work.

Chloe – 1CL
For excellent work ethic and beautiful book presentation.

Saisha -1AM
For becoming a superstar at Maths Invaders! I am so proud of how hard you are working! Go Saisha!

Ethan  – 1AM
For writing an awesome narrative about the Strange Egg! What an exciting story! You rock Ethan!

Inayaa – 1CG
For writing an excellent narrative story that had Miss Gunning on the edge of her seat. You rock!

Aaliya – 1CG
For making great improvement in her Maths and always having a fantastic never give up attitude.

Nyachek – 1NM
For producing two amazing pages of writing during Journal Writing and always working hard in class.

Max – 1NM
For working hard in Yellow Box and always being a superstar in Maths!

Ella – 1LD
For using wonderful adjectives to help describe her characters and setting in her awesome narrative!

Joe – 1LD
For always contributing to class discussions and striving to do his best work! Keep it up Joe!


Marcus – 2JR
For always trying his best and for continually completing work to a high standard. You’re a star!
Yilia – 2JR
For starting each day with a smile, working with enthusiasm and always being kind to others.
Khalessi – 2GL
For always trying her best and taking pride in the presentation of her work. Well done Khaleesi!
Jaymie- 2GL
For being a motivated and independent student with a great love for learning. Well done Jaymie!
Mason – 2SC
For demonstrating excellence by having the neatest handwriting and taking pride in all of his work.
Mina – 2SC
For demonstrating integrity by being a trustworthy, honest and respectful member of 2SC.
Tanisha – 2AP
Working Together
For always working well with others and being a kind and caring class mate. Keep it up Tanisha!
Arnav – 2AP
For always being an enthusiastic class mate and settling in so well to OSPS. Keep up the good work!
Clover – 2LW
For always showing enthusiasm in everything you do!
Ivy – 2LW
Working Together
For looking out for other students in the playground and always being ready to help those in need.
Caleb – 2TM
For always treating his peers and teachers with respect and kindness, and always using his manners.
Adithi – 2TM
For demonstrating resilience when producing some fabulous work and activities at home.
Luca – 2MG
For showing resilience when learning in the classroom.
Chloe  – 2MG
For always striving to do her personal best.
Leo – 3CF
For continuously trying his best and showing such improvement with his handwriting! Well done Leo!
Danni – 3CF
For settling into OSPS with such ease and with a hardworking attitude. Well done, Danni!
Micah – 3CF
For writing a brilliantly detailed narrative piece about ‘When Alien’s Landed’. Well done Micah!
Genya – 3JS
For always trying his best in everything he does and showing respect to his peers and teachers.
Claire – 3JS
Working Together
For always striving to do her best and for being a great friend. Keep up the good work Claire!
Aaryan – 3DD
For always trying hard and producing his personal best in all subject.
Rheanne – 3DD
For working very hard on all tasks. You should be proud of every piece of work!

Junior Specialists Awards

Prep NM
Working Together
For the joy and enthusiasm they bring to PE.
George 1LD
Performing Arts
For your enthusiastic participation during your performing arts lesson.
Working Together
For approaching PE activities with enthusiasm and joy.
Sehaj 1CG
Working Together
For approaching all tasks with enthusiasm and joy.
For always following the class rules and doing the very best!
For remembering animal names in Japanese.
For demonstrating excellent work in Japanese by quietly working and completing the task!




Cricket & Flag Rugby teams (white) played away against St. Peters.

  OSPS St. Pauls
Cricket (White) 2/44 4/47 (Coatesville)
Cricket (Green) 5/84 7/65
Softball Girls 10 7
Softball Boys 16 17
Basketball Girls 8 26
Basketball Boys 22 40
Basketball Mixed 16 32
Flag Rugby Girls (White) 0 4 (Coatesville)
Flag Rugby Girls (Green) 10 5
Flag Rugby Boys (Green) 8 4
Flag Rugby Boys (White) 3 4 (Coatesville)
Volleyball Boys 25/25 11/8
Volleyball Girls 22/25/24 25/19/26
Volleyball Mixed 12/15/5 15/11/15




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