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17th March 2021


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“Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.”- Wayne Dyer


Issue  – 17th March 2021


Friday 19th March
– Year 5 IMAX Excursion

Monday 22nd March
– Harmony & National Day Against Bullying Day

Wednesday 24th March
– OSPS Curriculum Day

Thursday 25th March
– School Tour 9.30am-10:30am (Fully Booked)
– Year 6 Art Incursion


What an amazing sight of colour and movement I saw as I drove into the school carpark yesterday morning! The Running Club was in full swing with a large group of enthusiastic children going through their training drills preparing for House Cross Country on Wednesday 31st March. Thank you to the staff who are training these children twice a week.

With only two weeks left in the term, it means Easter is getting close. Our terrific Parent Group are organising the annual Easter raffle again. The tickets are available to buy through QKR and the donations of Easter eggs and chocolate are slowly coming to school. Can you please kindly donate some Easter eggs so there can be many prizes to be shared amongst each class. Thank you to the many families who have already sent in their eggs.

Just another reminder that OSPS are recognising the National Day of Action Against Bullying as well as Harmony Day next Monday. We are asking for a gold coin donation which will be donated to support ‘Kids Helpline’ Don’t forget to wear ‘ORANGE’ on that day.

Enjoy the sunny weather this week.

Ron Cantlon


2021 Term Dates

Term 1
January 28th – 1st April

Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




A reminder that Wednesday 24th March is a Curriculum Day.

Staff will be undertaking first aid and CPR training.

Therefore there will be NO school for children on this day.

Camp Australia will be available for OSPS families. 



On the 24th of March, out of school hours care run by Camp Australia is available from 7am-6pm for those families needing care.

The day is fully tailored to those students who may attend.

For further information please visit www.campaustralia.com.au 



OSPS is involved in the Chadstone Loves Local program running at Chadstone from 6-28 March.

We are excited to advise that our school is currently in the top 3 for our tier as of 9am 12.03.2021. The winner from each tier will receive $20,000 to spend on school supplies at Chadstone.

We thank our school community for your participation so far and look forward to seeing how voting progresses throughout the program.

Spend $20 or more at the participating outlets and then head to the concierge desk to show your receipt and collect your tokens. Pop the tokens in the OSPS pipe chute!

Let’s go OSPS!



OSPS now has registered a QR Code which will be on display at all the entrances and classroom doors.

If parents are staying 15 minutes or more inside the school buildings are asked to QR code in.

Thank you



To help support others in need we ask that all students please bring a gold coin donation on March 22nd which will be donated to Kids Helpline.





Jenny Smith
Jenny has been a passionate support of the Richmond football club for 52 years.  She has a pet cat named Molly.  Jenny loves cooking, especially new recipes. Throughout the school year she enjoys sharing her passion for cooking with the Grade 3 children as they cook with ingredients from the village garden.
Diane Dwyer
Fingers in every pie…that’s Diane “Di Di” Dwyer. You name it; she’s done it – personally and professionally. Every grade taught – including specialists. Yes indeed, teaching since 1982. Eeeek, such a long time ago. Currently, Diane swims, walks and jogs to keep herself fit. Through the years, she has tread the musical theatre boards, played tennis, golf and basketball, rode the rapids in New Zealand, bungee jumped in Fiji and wrote a children’s novel, which she is currently revamping. Only a small selection of her life experiences! But for the time being, Diane is happy working at O.S.P.S teaching her wonderful grade 3s and spending more time with her husband, chickens and old cat, now that her children have all flown the coop.
Murray Wilde
Mr Wilde is a wild child
I like creatures and plants,
but I’m not to keen on ants.My favourite team is the Blues
and I don’t like it when they lose.
I have 3 girls and 2 boys,
while my youngest still loves his toys.
Melissa Toth
Give me a snow day, any day!
I love the feel of the cool crisp air as I ski through deep, deep powder.
When I’m not chasing winter, you can find me on the water.
When summer comes and the warm wind blows, I’ll be on a sailing up a storm.
I’ve lived and travelled in many countries, but Melbourne I call home.
Nigel Hooley
Nigel began teaching in Manchester over 20 years ago and made the move to Melbourne in 2014. Since arriving in Melbourne he has completed a Masters degree in teaching and worked in Elsternwick before finding Oakleigh South Primary School. Having taught across the age range from year 1 to 12 he is now enjoying the year 3 village and all it has to offer. He has a passion for landscape photography and can often be found on the Mornington Peninsula or Great Ocean road with his friends, brother and sister in law. After spending 6 years in Melbourne Nigel is scheduled to become an Australian citizen later this year and can’t wait to be able to truly call himself an Aussie!
Melanie Flynn
Melanie has been teaching since 2006 and has worked in indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and primary schools in Melbourne. Before beginning at Oakleigh South this year she worked for 7 years overseas in international schools in Cairo and Jakarta. Melanie loves to travel and whilst in Cairo enjoyed lots of experiences around the pyramids and taking in local cultures and sights during a Nile cruise with her parents.




Cooking got off to a great start with 3JS but came to an abrupt halt due to Miss Smith being absent and our lockdown. However we are starting up again and three more classes will cook before the end of the term followed by the remaining two classes in Term 2.

Our first cooking lesson was making pizzas so we had to learn to make the dough. Miss Smith taught us her special recipe and we each had a job to do to make sure it came out just right. Then we were shown how to prepare each of the vegetables.We had tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum, silverbeet, zucchini and basil. We learnt how to slice, chop and dice.
When our vegetables were ready  we had to collect a piece of dough and some baking paper then shape it into a rough circle shape. We then spooned some passata over the top and arranged the vegetables over that. We topped it with grated cheese and placed it on the baking tray. Into the oven they all went and Mrs Avgeridis put them in a bag when they were cooked. Some of us had our pizza for lunch and others took it home.

We hope some of our chefs can make these yummy pizzas at home for the family after they have had their turn.

Left to right:
Mr Wilde, Mr Hooley, Miss Flynn, Miss Toth, Miss Smith, Mrs Dwyer.



The Year 3 Village students recently had a butterfly incursion. We learnt all about the body parts of a butterfly and how they use these parts to see, eat and smell. We also learned about the butterfly lifecycle.

Stepping into the cage with our “juice sticks”, butterflies landed on us as they were attracted to the juice! There was a green chrysalis which looked like a jelly bean with a gold ring around it! We used magnifying glasses to identify what gender the butterfly was.

Did you know you can tell it’s a male by two dots on the wings? We all now have a small cage in our classrooms full of caterpillars. We are so excited to see the transformation of our caterpillars into beautiful butterflies.




The Year 3 farmers have had a productive start to the year. They have been harvesting zucchini, sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, butternut pumpkins, dwarf beans and climbing beans. They have also been weeding and preparing garden beds ready for new plantings.

We have planted kale, cauliflower, cabbages, pansies, snap dragons and primulas. Worm wee from our worm farms was added to our watering cans at the time of planting. The farmers have also been chopping up fruit and vegetable scraps (from each classroom) for our worms.

Great fun has been had by all, especially when tasting the fresh vegetables straight from the garden.



Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the Year 3 rooms, of course!

Our annual chicken raising began with the eggs hatching during the snap lock down. When the children returned to school, they were greeted by a chirping surprise. Cute and covered in fluffy, soft down, the noisy chicks soon began growing feathers.

All students had the opportunity to hold a chick and learn a little more about our fine feathered friend. What they eat; how to tell female and male chicks; when they produce eggs and more interesting tid bits. We have even been blessed with a black feathered chick.

Soon, there will be jobs to look after the hens including – cleaning out the coop, changing their water and food, settling them in for the night after a day of running free in the paddock, and finally collecting the eggs when they start producing. We are all looking forward to eating the fresh eggs in term 4, when we make eggs on toast!

Lilly – 3NH

Rosy – 3NH


PE Teachers

Left to right: Mr Cantlon Jr, Mr Mooney, Mr McMahon, Mr Downey



About Mr McMahon
I love cycling (slowly), playing touch rugby on Sundays (also slowly) and watching the Sydney Swans. My partner is Diana and we enjoy overseas travel but also getting together with our 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren as often as we can.  I am also very happy drinking coffee and doing “The Age” daily crossword puzzle.

About Mr Mooney
I love when the bell goes at 3.30pm each day and watching Collingwood play on the weekend. I have 2 adult sons, both at University. I also enjoy the thrill of finding a vacant car spot in the staff carpark.

About Mr Downey
I love watching and playing sport, especially when my Western Bulldogs or Miami Heat are winning. On the weekends I enjoy playing hockey or catching up with mates.

About Mr Cantlon Jnr.
Hi everyone, MCJ here. You’ll likely see me in our car park assisting traffic, on the oval cleaning up dogs’ mess or complementing Mr. Mooney and his sublime AFL skills.





Prep – Year 1


Students in Prep – Year 1 love playing “Scarecrow Tiggy” or “Germ Tiggy” for a warm up game. We have been learning the techniques to complete an underarm throw, a successful catch and how to kick. Students have been enjoying co-operative games to consolidate their fundamental motor skills. The Year 1 students have also enjoyed fitness sessions outside comprising of relay races!

Years 2 – 6

Over the past couple of weeks the Year 3 children have been improving their fitness by running the Cross Country course in readiness for the House Cross Country which will be held at school on March 31st. More information will come shortly.

The Year 2 students have been honing their AFL football skills; kicking, handballing and bouncing. with the AFL season about to start and Auskick just around the corner we are trying to get as many children interested in our great game.

The Year 5s have been participating in tennis, lawn bowls, basketball and rounders for their sport sessions, whilst the Year 6 students Summer sport is coming to an end, they will be training for the upcoming Term 2 winter sport.


Valued Student Awards

Prep – Year 2

Billy Prep AM
Working Together
For being friendly and cooperative with everyone. Super Star, Billy!!!

Ziggy Prep BB
For always being enthusiastic and trying his hardest with his sight words. Well done Ziggy!

Tali Prep JF
For striving for excellence and being a caring friend. Well done Tali!

Nuaym Prep MR

Working Together

For being a good friend and classroom helper. You’re a star Nuaym!

Henry Prep NC
For never giving up, even when completing challenging tasks.

Alisha Prep NM
For making a terrific start to the Prep year, displaying excellent manners and a positive attitude.

Oliver Prep SG
For an impressive start to the year. Keep up the good work, Oliver!

Gwen 1AM
For writing an incredible narrative using lots of WOW words! It was a joy to read! Well done Gwen!

Leo 1AM
For showing an excellent understanding of 3D shapes, labelling all attributes correctly! Go Leo!

Matthew 1CF
For always trying your best to produce neat and well written work! Fantastic job 🙂

George 1CG
For writing a fantastic narrative that had Miss Gunning on the edge of her seat. You rock George!

Luka 1JG
For showing excellence in his writing by adding adjectives to his sentences. Awesome work Luka!

Lalinda 1LD
For demonstrating excellence by writing a great sizzling start to her narrative! Way to go Lalinda!

Lucas 1NM
For improving his handwriting and working hard in Maths especially with ‘Near Doubles’! Well done!

Willow 1SR
For demonstrating the wonderful traits of a great class member and friend to others! You’re a star!

Sushant 2AP
For his positive attitude towards all tasks and willingness to help others. You’re a star, Sushant!

Jonathan 2GL
For always trying his best and producing work to an impeccable standard! You are a super star!

Nabeeha 2JR
For demonstrating excellence in her work and being respectful to others. Good work Nabeeha.

Oliver 2LV
For using a variety of number strategies to solve additional equations. Keep up the excellent work!

Rheanne 2SC
For always showing respect to her classmates and teachers and remembering her manners at all times.

Charlotte 2SL
For writing amazing “Sizzling starts” and including lots of description in her narrative writing.

Jade 2TM
For being such a kind and respectful role-model of 2TM. You are a super star!

Valued Student Awards

Years 3-4

Zoe 3DD
For being a responsible helper in the classroom and taking exceptional care of school property.

Cuan 3DD
For being an overall hard worker, having a great sense of humour and enthusiasm for learning.

Mia 3JP
For accepting responsibility for her learning, in particular with finishing her writing after class.

Morgan 3JP
For consistently being a kind and caring member of 3JP. Morgan’s polite nature is an asset to 3JP.

Mabel 3JS
Working Together
For demonstrating great teamwork when working in the Village garden as a farmer.

Armaan 3JS
For already reaching his AR goal in term one including very good comprehension. Well done Armaan!

Edward 3MT
For excellence in achieving the highest amount of points in Mathletics for the year so far.

Harrison 3MW
Working Together
For being a great team player both as a farmer and in the class room.

Olivia 4CW
For always doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

Yen Zin 4DK
For continuously showing respect and kindness towards everyone with her enormous heart! Well done!

Ryan 4EW
For excellence in completing all class work to a high standard and fantastic results in Mathletics.

Anushka 4EW
For her excellence in AR reading and fantastic efforts in Mathletics.

Ellie 4KH
Working Together
For working so well in the Kids Own Publishing sessions to help create a fantastic book.

Ronit 4NM
For being an incredibly kind and polite member of 4NM. Thank you for being so respectful Ronit.

Valued Student Awards

Years 5-6

Fionn 5HP
For always striving to achieve his very best every day. Working with a positive mindset.
Sameeha 5KP
For striving to achieve her personal best and showing more confidence to share ideas with the class.
Raf 5LG
For knowing and being exactly who he is: smart, funny, kind and wonderful! Keep being you, Raf!
Angelo 5NC
For setting a wonderful example with his brilliant classroom behaviour.
Josie 5NK
For always being a kind and considerate member of 5NK – and super switched on with your learning!
Aanya 6CR
For displaying all 5 of our School Values in every aspect of her learning. You are awesome, Aanya!
Erin 6GZ
For always demonstrating excellence in all tasks she completes. Keep up the amazing work!
Luka 6JD
For showing respect towards his peers and teachers, and displaying exemplary manners. Keep it up!
Alex 6LD
For working dilligently to reach his AR goal this term. You have done an amazing job!
Reeva 6LD
For always completing her work to the best of her ability no matter what task we are completing.
Campbell 6MW
For being a consistently respectful and polite class member since day 1. You’re a great role model!
Ariel 6SM
For his increased independence and resilience resulting in a positive start to Yr 6. Amazing Ariel!
Prep BB – Sport
Working Together
For co operating with each other and being the happiest group in PE so far this year.
5NC –  STEM – Digital Technologies
Working Together
For showing such creativity and team work when designing and building their “Thing” inventions!
1SR – STEM – Digital Technologies
For showing great responsibility when coding the different tracks for Code Mouse.
1LD – Performing Arts
For your wonderful singing and participation during your Performing Arts Lesson.
4DK STEM – Digital Technologies
For showing great care and respect of the robotics equipment and room. Great job 4DK!
5NC – Performing Arts
Working Together
For being so engaged and enthusiastic while learning the ukes in Performing Arts. Well done!




Last week our Year 6 students enjoyed playing at home against St.Paul’s. All students had a wonderful time competing in various sports and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. Thank you to St.Paul’s for your wonderful sportsmanship. Next week we welcome Murrumbeena which will be our last round for Summer Sport. Please ensure your child has packed sunscreen in their bag to be applied at school.



Our Year 5 students enjoyed their 4th round of sport rotations during Term 1. These include: tennis, lawn bowls and competitive games. All students will participate in each sport twice to learn and experience a variety of skills and ways to play the games. With two sessions remaining please ensure you child has a SunSmart hat at school and packs sunscreen in their bag.
Thank you to the PE and Year 5 teachers who organised and ran the activities.

From L-R:
Connor, Greta, Isla




Softball Girls OSPS 17 def St Paul’s 14
Softball Boys/Mixed OSPS 23 def St Paul’s 13
Cricket ‘Eagles’ OSPS 63 def St Paul’s 44
Cricket ‘Pickles’ OSPS 61 def by Coatesville 74
Volleyball Girls OSPS 2/72 def St Paul’s 1/65
Volleyball Mixed OSPS 2/50 def St Paul’s 0/39
Volleystars Mixed OSPS 2/33 def St Paul’s 0/27
Basketball Girls OSPS 2 def by St Paul’s 52
Basketball Boys OSPS 46 def by St Paul’s 22
Basketball Mixed OSPS 21 drew St Paul’s 21
Flag Rugby Girls OSPS 8 def St Paul’s 2
Flag Rugby Boys OSPS 6 def St Paul’s 2




Year 6 OSPS students not participating in summer interschool sport enjoyed their final session away against Coatesville Primary School last week.  All students enjoyed several structured games of Mat Ball against various teams while applying their newly learnt skills in the sport.
Thank you to our wonderful .E and Year 6 teachers who ran the program and gave our Year 6 students an opportunity to enjoy different activities. Next week Year 6 students involved with Intraschool sport will be travelling to GESAC to enjoy badminton and table tennis.

Please refer to the Operoo for more information and don’t forget to ensure your child has packed sunscreen in their bag.



From L-R
Back: Manav, Aarush, Imeth, Aditi, Aanya, Rhyle, Oscar
Front: Hanon, Aarav, Oscar M, Kiaan, Mikul, Avanith


From L-R:
Back – Josh, Robin, Liam, Tricia
Front – Sam, Jenson, Charlie, Tessa





Each Saturday morning from April 2021- August 2021

Oakleigh Auskick commences the 2021 season on 24th April and finishes on the 21st August (18 weeks). Cost for this entire season is $100 and you can register now on line or anytime during the season at www.aflauskick.com.au Auskickers receive a backpack including a football and other great footy stuff.  Memento’s of the season in the form of trophies and medals are presented to all Auskickers. Boys and girls 5-12 years are eligible to participate. Children must be 5 years of age or turn 5 years in the season.

Venue – Oakleigh South Primary School Riley Street, South Oakleigh.

When held – Each Saturday morning .

Time – Kinder, Preps and Grade 1  (9-10.30am) Grades 2-6  (9-11am)

Experienced coaches oversee the weekly program. Some parental help is required to assist these coaches with the running of the program no experience necessary.

For more information contact the Oakleigh Auskick Coordinator                    
Mr Kerry Ryan 0413 691 885




THE HOUSE OF SECRETS – AR 4.6 (13.0 points)


Summary – This first book of the series, House of Secrets, is an epic adventure trilogy. Three siblings Brendan, Cordelia and Nell move to a house called The Kristoff House. But, they have no idea that they are about to unleash dark magic locked within, for the house once belonged to a crazy writer whose stories have come to life. Literally. The three Walker kids must battle against deadly pirates, blood-thirsty warriors and a bone-crunching giant. If they fail they will never see their parents again and a power-mad witch will take over the world. No pressure then…. House of Secrets is the first book in the series.

It has some scary scenes, too. You can find the first book in 4.6, the second book in 4.9 and the third in 5.9.

I would recommend this book for children between the ages of 7 – 13 years. This story is aimed at people who love humour, suspense, long stories, action and adventure.

Book review by Pranshu  6GZ





My book review is on a bestselling classic… Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, written by probably the greatest children’s book author of all time, Roald Dahl.

If you didn’t know already, Charlie and the four other children win a tour of a wondrous factory run by Willy Wonka and his staff of Oompa-Loompas. At the end, Willy Wonka has a hidden motivation for the tour, only to be revealed when the children in the group show their true colours.

In my opinion, the best part of this book is when they go to the Chocolate Room, where everything is edible!

The characters explore and eat the grassy meadow filled with all types of astonishing plants and visit the unforgettable chocolate waterfall.

In my eyes, this book is a genuine page-turner and captures the hearts of every child who reads this book. It is a great read and I hope you enjoy it.

Review by Library Captain – Arabella  Yr 6LD.




OSPS Parent Group is super excited to be able to hold their Easter Raffle this year, although it will be a little different with the winners announced at an assembly filmed and streamed via OSPStv.

We are sure it will be still thrilling for the students to hold the raffle.
Raffle tickets can be purchased on Qkr! and can be found under the ‘Special Events Tab’.
Please see the flyer for all information.

Any questions please email osparentgroup67@gmail.com



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