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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 7 – 15th March


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Issue 7 – 15th March 2018

Monday 19th March
– Prep Life Skills
– Year 1 Grandparents Day

Tuesday 20th March
– Harmony Day – please wear Orange
– Year 5 Excursion – please wear school uniform

Friday 23rd March
– House Cross Country
– South Oakleigh Secondary College
Community Cultural Day  5 – 9pm


What a week it has been for our senior students with the opening of the new playground. It’s been a great sight watching the children having so much fun during recess and lunch. The playground has been in full use after school with many parents staying back so their children can play on it.

As we get close to the end of term one, it means Easter is also getting close. Our wonderful Parent Group are organising the annual Easter raffle again. The tickets have been sent home and the donations of Easter eggs and chocolate are slowly coming to school.
Can you please kindly donate some Easter eggs so there can be many prizes shared amongst the children.
Thank you.

Have a great weekend

Ron Cantlon



2018 Term Dates

Term 1:
29 January (school teachers start) 30 January (school students start) to 29 March 2018

Term 2:
16 April to 29 June 2018


Term 3:
16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4:
8 October to 20 December (2.30pm school students finish) 21 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


About our Fete

The Oakleigh South Primary School Fete is the first Saturday in May – 2018 on Saturday 5th May from, 10am – 4pm.

So, what’s it all about? It’s a fun fair – scrumptious food stalls, fun activities, craft, café, music and entertainment, and of course, amusement rides. Everything for young and old, enjoy a great day out with the family or catch up with friends and enjoy happy times in a real party atmosphere.

The whole school is very proud of our fete – a chance to bring out the Oakleigh South spirit and put it on display for the whole community. It’s all about students, families, staff and friends working together to create a great time for everyone, and raise much needed funds to support our wonderful school programs and facilities. We hope to see you there!

If you’d like to help or contribute please contact Assistant Principal Nikki Virtuoso virtuoso.nicole.b@edumail.vic.gov.au

Don’t forget to order your Early Bird Ride wrist band, They’re great value for money!
You can find them under the “Specialist Tab” on Qkr!


SOSC Cultural Festival

OSPS Choir will be performing at the South Oakleigh Secondary College Community Cultural Festival at 5.45p.m.

OSPS Parent Group are hosting a free kids activity promotion stand “tattoos” on the evening.

Thank you Parent Group. We hope to see many OSPS families there to support our local secondary school event.

From the Village

We are collecting pottery pots, containers and planters suitable for small succulents . Can you help? Please send your donations to the village.

Thank you for your donations of newspapers and cans to date – please keep them coming.

Help wanted!
We have so much to do to pot up plants to sell at the fete. The kids did a great job striking cuttings last year and now we would love some help. If there are any year 3 parents who can lend a hand for an hour or two of a morning please see Julie Kearney or Diane Dwyer.

Coles Sports for Schools

Thank you to all the families who have brought in Coles Sports for Schools vouchers!

Here’s what to do:

Step 1
For every $10 spent at Coles, you will receive one Sports for Schools voucher.

Step 2
You then bring vouchers to your school, placing them in the collection box outside the office.

Step 3
Every voucher you donate to our school can be redeemed for leading brand sports equipment.



Melbourne City Excursion

On Monday 5th March the Year 4 students embarked on an exciting excursion into the Melbourne CBD as part of this terms unit of work, ‘Australia…You’re standing in it!’ The Year 4s have been increasing their geographical knowledge of Australia, and in particular Melbourne, by investigating different natural and man-made landmarks.
To help support and further enhance their learning they visited the MCG and Eureka Skydeck. It was wonderful for the children to see these landmarks in person and learn more about their own city. It was a great day and our fantastic Year 4s displayed exceptional behaviour and were excellent representatives of Oakleigh South Primary School. Here are some student recounts of the day:

Josephine 4KB
As I set foot in the MCG I fell into a state of amazement. I couldn’t believe I was actually in the MCG with members of the MCC. As our class lined up, we could feel the excitement in the air. Everyone was acting like a monkey and going crazy!
At last we got to meet our tour guide. His name was Barrie and he was hilarious! We all burst into laughter as he showed us around. He showed us where they do interviews and the change rooms. I thought the MCG was the best place I have ever seen. Barrie showed us the Long Room and it was tremendous. It was so long, as I thought it would be. My absolute favourite part of the MCG was ‘Game On’. I loved playing basketball. I got so many in. It was marvellous!
After the MCG it was time to have some lunch. We had it at the Yarra River. Then we went to the Eureka Tower. It was amazing! I could see everything. I saw the Arts Centre, the MCG, Yarra River and the Spirit of Tasmania. We could also see the Botanical Gardens and I saw Government House. Oh how wonderful it was. I can’t believe I actually saw Government House. It was so cool! So that was our exciting adventure to the amazing, eye catching city.

Jason 4KB
The time had come! It was excursion day! The teacher was calling the roll and I was waiting for James and Panagiotis to arrive because they were missing. I felt the excitement bubbling like crazy in my tummy. When I got onto the bus I was next to Oliver. Suddenly I heard a loud voice just like James’ and when I looked it actually was James. He just made it! A second later the bus started moving. I was exploding (in my mind) with excitement.
The MCG! The big, enormous, humongous MCG was right in front of me! I met our tour guide, Barrie. He told us the history of the MCG. I saw the change rooms, MCC members’ area, coaches’ box, the special toilet where men can watch the game while they are in there, and the Long Room. We also got to go in the media interview room. Next we went to the sports museum and I looked at a map of the MCG and some statues. After that was ‘Game On’ which was like a play centre. I played basketball and soccer. There were lots of other things to do too.
After that we had to drive to the Eureka Tower where we saw a massive structure that looked as tall as 10001 of me! I ate lunch at the Yarra River and then we headed to the tower. We got into a lift and headed up to floor 88. When we were there the view was amazing. Jaewon made me lean on the glass and I hoped that it wouldn’t crack. Aaron took a picture of us and then we saw a huge train with 67 carriages! It was time to go back to school. What a day!

Lauren 4KB
Riding on the bus I observed the tall city buildings. I saw people on their computers working and people sleeping, cooking and watching TV in their apartments. Finally, the bus stopped and I wandered around my surroundings. This place was way larger than the offices at the front of the school.
Walking inside, I was wowed by how much effort had gone into the MCG. We greeted our tour guide Barrie and then we actually stepped onto the cricket ground. We saw how amazing it would be to play on this soft, healthy grass. The next part of the tour took us into The Long Room where I saw so many realistic pictures of men who had built the MCC a long time ago. Zooming down the lift was awesome. I felt really comfortable and safe in there. Looking around the MCG with Barrie took approximately one hour. After the tour we were all lining up to go on the escalator.
We roamed around this museum above the ‘Game On’ area. I saw all the torches that were used in the Olympics, even in foreign countries such as China and Japan. I saw a real horse heart and a horse skeleton. Everything around me was so precious and so expensive if you wanted to buy it. We then went down to ‘Game On’. I was doing a bit of archery which is one of my favourite sports. I really enjoyed spending time with my friends Sienna, Hannah and Freya.
Time whizzed by and we were finally at the top of the highest tower in Victoria. I saw all these elegant buildings standing up tall. I loved gazing at all the other landmarks like AAmi stadium, Melbourne Park, Melbourne Arts Centre, Federation Square, Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Polly Woodside. Although these weren’t landmarks, I liked the NAB, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ and Westpac buildings. I felt devastated when we had to leave but I also knew I had done something I’m not going to forget.



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