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Friday 10th March: –  Frosty Friday –  School Tour at 9.30am –  Beachside Division Swimming Carnival

Monday 13th March: –  Labour Day Long Weekend

Tuesday 14th March: Grandparents Day Year 1 – Ice skating Year 6

Wednesday 15th March: Fete Casual Clothes Day $2 Donation –  CBA account opening sessions at 8.30am and 3.00pm

Thursday 16th March: School Photos – 5/6 Summer Sport vs St Pauls (Home)

Friday 16 – 17th March: School Photos –  Working Bee after school

Friday 31st March: –  Last Day of Term 1 2.30pm Finish

Tuesday 18th April: –  First Day of Term 2


Our music team have commenced work on 2 of our 3 major musical productions this year.

Year 6 Peter Pan Jnr (Year 5 choir)
Year 4 Aristocats Kids

This is a wonderful opportunity and experience for the children to act, dance, sing and learn about the workings of a production and responsibility. The directing, sets, choreography, props and costuming to name a few are all elements the children are able to experience. Thank you to the staff and parent volunteers who contribute to these sensational shows.

First up is Aristocat Kids, which will be held week 3 of Term 3.

A big week in sport with Oakleigh South winning the Bentleigh District Swimming Shield. Well done to all the children who competed, we have a number of students who are through to Division Championships on Friday 10th March, good luck. Big thanks to Ms Wells, Ms Barge and Mr Mooney for training the children before school and all the parent volunteers who prepare breakfast for the children.

Running club has commenced again and Coding Club will be starting in Term 2.

The OSPS Fete, 10am – 4pm Saturday 6th May, the most anticipated event for the families and whole community has been launched. Assistant Principal, Nikki Virtuoso leads a huge team of parent volunteers to make it all happen, I encourage you to get involved if you can. Each class runs a stall (some classes join up to run our bigger stalls) so look out for the parent helpers roster information about to come out to nominate the time you can help on Fete day. There will be a casual clothes day next Wednesday 15th March for our stalls that require prizes, please send your child in casual clothes and a $2 donation. The Fete is moving mostly online this year so keep an eye out for the Fete messages on Tiqbiz.

Just a couple of reminders again.

  • Monday is the Labour Day public holiday.
  • Parents or caregivers please do not smoke on the school grounds, it is a department regulation that school grounds are completely smoke free. This includes the car park.

Enjoy the long weekend. Thank you.

Mr Ron Cantlon


Term 1:
30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:
18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:
17 July to 22 September

Term 4:
9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)
22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


School photographs will be taken on Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March.

When paying online, please follow the instructions on the envelope carefully. Please include the child’s correct name and correct class. If you intend to purchse a package, please ensure that your child’s envelope is handed in prior to photography day.

If you have more than 2 children attending OSPS, the 3rd and subsequent child’s pack are free of charge, providing the Deluxe or Standard packs are chosen for the first two children. Sibling photograph envelopes are available at the school office and must be handed in prior to photo day.

Commonwealth Bank School Banking

There will be NO school banking next week due to the Labour Day public holiday.

It will resume, as normal, the following week, single deposits only.


Katrina, Julie and Michelle School Banking Volunteer Parents

School Payments

This year we will continue to use QKR as our preferred payment method.  We ask that you use QKR when making payments for all your school accounts – this includes Essential Learning Fees, Excursions, Incursions and any other charges to come up through the year. Charges are child specific, so please make sure you select the correct child and year level when making payments. If the incorrect child is showing, tap their name at the top, and select the correct child from the pop up box.

Library Fund Donations cannot be made via Qkr, but they can be made at the Office or via Bpay. Please contact Karen Hall if you use the Bpay option. hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au Please click here for further information QKR! Information If you have any questions regarding QKR, please contact the office.

Car Parking

Parents are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

This also includes your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules.

Please no 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection! Please click here for further parking information


Working Bee

We will be having a Working Bee on Friday 17th March – starting straight after school.

We will be tidying up around the grounds, weeding and planting around our new school sign.

Please bring your own shovels, brooms, gloves etc and help us keep our school looking wonderful.

No Smoking

Parents or caregivers please do not smoke on the school grounds, it is a department regulation that school grounds are completely smoke free.

This includes the car park.

Please notify any caregivers who drop off or pick up your child.

Thank you.


2017 Year 1 Team

(L-R): Emily McElhinney, Jessica Kohinga, Kirsten Brown, Nick Crane, Jessica Gray, Maddy Morrison, Melissa Lenehan.

Mr Nick Crane: Outside of school I love being active. I play football and go running and I’m an obsessive viewer of most sports. I also enjoying seeing my friends and travelling.

Miss Emily McElhinney: In my free time I love taking my two fur babies, Poppy and Max, to the beach. I enjoy all things art and craft and hiking – I once climbed Mt Kilimanjaro!


Miss Jess Gray: On the weekends I love to go out with my friends. I barrack for the Richmond Tigers (this is our year!) My favourite food is Mexican and I can’t wait to visit Mexico one day!

Mrs Kirsten Brown: When I’m not at school I like to read books, go to the movies and go for walks along the beach with my husband, Tony. I also love to travel and explore new places.

Miss Jess Kohinga: I love spending time with my family, friends and 35kg puppy, Bailey. Every chance I get, I love to jump on a plane and visit somewhere I’ve never been before, to eat yummy food and see amazing things!

Miss Melissa Lenehan: I currently enjoy playing rugby nines and tennis. My favourite part of Melbourne is the Art precinct because I love visiting the gallery and watching live theatre. I was once a ballerina and still sometimes teach ballet!

Miss Maddy Morrison: Outside of school I enjoy any water activities. I love paddle boarding, swimming and snorkelling! I also like going to the movies and reading.



Gr 5 / 6 Inter – Intra School Sport

The Sport program for 2017 has started in great style with all children in Year 5 and 6 being actively involved. A new initiative this year has been the Intra program which involves Year 5 and 6 children playing Matball against each other each Thursday on the Schools Courts in a “ Home and Away” Season. (More information outside the PE office). The skill development of these children has been apparent in a short period of time.

Bentleigh District Swimming Championships

And the winner of the 2017 swimming championship is…….Oakleigh South. The crowd of green and white burst into a large cheer. We would like to congratulate the other schools for competing us giving us a great challenge. OSPS had a GREAT day on Wednesday leading to our enviable win.

Everyone performed well and did their best. Pleases click here to see the children who made it through to the next round:

We would like to say a huge thank you to Ms Barge, Mr Mooney and Ms Wells for training us twice a week. We would also like to say a thank you to all the parents who helped prepare breakfast for our hungry bodies. Good luck to all swimmers competing on Friday.

From your 2017 swimming captains

Zavier and Amelia J

A letter from a parent regarding the District Swimming Carnival:

To Ron and the staff at Oakleigh South Primary School,

On Wednesday last week I had the absolute pleasure of joining the school swim squad at the district swimming carnival in Oakleigh recreation center. Not a surprise to me but the day was a ripper amount of fun!! It was with great pride I watched and cheered many young athletes.

Oakleigh south put on a wonderful display of pure talent! You could see laughter, tears of joy and smiles everywhere. The students were so well behaved. All of the students were extremely polite and kind to each other which is a credit to the school.

One outstanding moment for myself was watching my son Alexander participate in the butterfly lap of the medley relay. The 4 boys gave it an amazing amount of energy! They really did give it 100%. The first race of the day did everyone proud with a great win!!

After the race ended, Lachie and Alex H came over to congratulate Alexander and Bill. I thought it was such a special moment. These two older students telling them how good they were. That everyone did a great job and everyone should be proud of themselves. The 4 boys won with the power of each other. A touching moment for a parent to hear. Alexander and Bill felt like a million dollars!!

It still delights and amazes me how OSPS takes time and patience with extra activities. Once again the sport program at OSPS has made a huge positive impact on so many lives.

A great amount of thanks goes to Fiona Wells for her expertise and knowledge to guide the team. Also to Lyne Barge for all her assistance and encouragement. A big thank you to Marcus Mooney for his amazing amount of help with marshalling and extra tasks at training and competition day.

Once again thank you to OSPS. All the hard work does not go unnoticed.


Easter Raffle

We apologise that the Easter Flyers including the raffle tickets on the side that went home with the children had the incorrect dates.

The correct dates are:
Monday 27 th last day for Raffle Ticket Return
Thursday 30th Hat Parade & Easter Raffle Grades Prep -2
Friday 31st Easter Raffle Grades 3-6

Please amend these on your flyers.

Thank you,

Joe Megas & Carlyn Backers



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