Oakleigh South Primary School

9th March 2022


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.

– John Dewey


Issue 6  – 9th March 2022

March 10th
– School Photos
– Year 6 interschool Sport vs. Coatesville (Away)

March 11th
– School Photos
– SSV Beachside Swimming Carnival @ Oakleigh Pool

March 14th
– Labour Day Holiday (No school)

March 15th
– Year 4-6 Assembly on OSPStv




Yesterday we celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ with a lovely morning tea put on by our fantastic male staff members. The female staff were very grateful for their thoughtful gesture. Thank you for organising this, everyone appreciated it so much.

At our whole assembly yesterday our student leaders spoke about the upcoming National Day of Action Against Bullying which is on Friday 18th March. This is a federal government initiative to highlight that bullying is not okay! This year’s theme for NDA is Kindness Culture. On this day our students will be having a day of classroom activities to continue the spread of kindness, respect and empathy culture of our school.

This Friday, our swimming squad will represent Oakleigh South at the Bentleigh Division Swimming Carnival. I’d like to wish the students who are participating good luck. Thank you to everyone involved in training and supporting these students preparing them for the day.

Tomorrow and Friday are our annual school photo days. Please check the Compass notification sent out last Friday, to see when your child/children will be having their photos.

With lots of sunny autumn days around, and even the cloudy ones, it’s important to remember our sun protective measures. Please read below for further details outlining the school’s sun protective procedures.

Lastly a reminder that next Monday is a public holiday for Labour Day. No children are required at school.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend everyone.




Term 1 – 31st January – 8th April

Term 2 – 26th April – 24th June

Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




Oakleigh South school photos will be taken on Thursday 10th & Friday 11th March 2022.

All orders are to be completed online, via the website using the code – ESP202515, prior to the day.

Website – Elite School Photography

Please see the image on the left for more information.



On Friday 18th March 2022 for the National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence (NDA) OSPS will once again be supporting Australia’s key bullying prevention initiative. This year celebrates 12 years of action, connecting schools and communities to find workable solutions to prevent bullying.


Our students at OSPS will be having a day of classroom activities to continue the spread of kindness, respect and empathy culture of our school.


The theme for 2022 is Kindness Culture. By building Kindness Culture together at OSPS, we can promote inclusion, respect and community belonging for all students and families.



World Maths Day is one of the world’s largest global educational events and this year it will kick off on Wednesday 23rd March! This day aims to get primary and secondary school students excited and enthusiastic about learning maths. We are constantly using maths in our everyday lives, from telling the time, counting and adding, to measuring and using money – maths is everywhere!

At Oakleigh South Primary School, we love to provide engaging and challenging maths lessons at every level. We also use Mathletics to help complement our learning. This year the “World’s Largest Online Maths Competition” is back! You can join millions of students across the globe as they celebrate World Maths Day and compete in Live Mathletics challenges. There will be 20 x one-minute challenges available.

The goal is simple: get as many questions correct as you can within one minute and be crowned the winning Mathlete! You can earn 1 point for each correct answer that goes towards your score. Winners will progress through to the global finals, which will take place two weeks after World Maths Day. They’ll go head to head with three peers from around the world in a live-streamed knockout tournament, with prizes for the champions. You might make it onto the World Maths Day Hall of Fame just like Alexander Z did last year, achieving 3rd place in the world! Go Alexander!

This event runs for 48 hours to cover all time zones. Your child will automatically be able to take part using their school subscription- just log in on the day and let the games begin! We encourage all students to take part, try their best and most importantly have fun. May the best Mathlete win!



Congratulations to the following students who are currently our top 10 students overall for points scored in Mathletics.


It’s very important to understand that even though getting 1,000 points a week is great it’s more important that students are challenging themselves at their own level and completing work that supports their learning at school.


Top Students Activity Points
Ksenia Z – 6CR 93660
Tyler J – 5SA 66910
Mia Z – 6GZ 50850
Nancy F – 3NH 41646
Shiven K – 4CW 40861
Lucas H – 6FW 38141
Prayag P – 4KH 36862
John L – 3AG 35742
Edward B – 4KH 34550
Khawahish C – 4KH 32519
Top 5 Classes  
6FW 482,900
4KH 469,200
6GZ 408,310
6NM 324,770
6CR 292,210



Primary School Wear (PSW) have released a new micromesh polo shirts for OSPS.

They are available in long sleeve ($39.95) and short sleeve ($37.95) and School Council have approved these garments to form a part of our official school uniform.

The new polo shirts are optional and can be purchased in store. Soon they will be available to order online via their website.

PSW – 1 Age St, Cheltenham VIC 3192



Parents are reminded to ensure that students are wearing SPF 30+ (or higher) broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen to school during September through to April or whenever UV levels reach 3 and above.

We would also like to remind Parents and Students, that students are to bring their own SPF 30+ (or higher) broad-spectrum, water resistant sunscreen to school, sporting events and other times students may leave the school where they will be spending significant time outdoors where appropriate.

Students will given an opportunity at school before lunch and recess to apply their own sunscreen. This is in conjunction with wearing a SunSmart hat and using shaded areas around the school when possible.




The 2022 National Teacher Artist Prize is now being judged by distinguished guests – and you can have your say! The People’s Choice prize is where OSPS can support our visual arts teacher Ms. Hunt’s entry of ‘Here Comes the Sun’.

Click on the link below and use the search function to search for ‘Here Comes the Sun’.

Photo: Ms Hunt’s Here Comes the Sun featuring famous artist Daniel Butterworth




The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

CSEF payments to schools will commence from 1 March onwards. Schools are able to continue processing applications until the end of Term 2.

Click here for further information CSEF Website

Please click here to apply – https://www.education.vic.gov.au/PAL/csef-application-form.pdf




It’s been a very exciting few weeks in Grade 3 with the arrival of our beautiful, fluffy baby chicks! This term we’ll be investigating the lifecycle of chickens and what better way to do it than with real chicks?! Last week, our incubators arrived along with 3 newly hatched chicks! We have 3 incubators and 3 play pens in the year level so everyone’s getting the chance to see the chicks first hand which has been so exciting! Miss Smith and Miss Furst’s chicks have been the most active and some of the students even got the see a chick or two hatch out of their eggs! It was incredibly exciting. We’ve been learning about hens and roosters and it’s been interesting to try and determine which is which by observing them in their play pen. We hope they don’t grow up too quickly because they’re just too cute!

Along with learning about the lifecycle of chicks, we’ve had two incursions this term with EcoLinc where we’re learnt lots about Spiny Leaf Insects, frogs and earthworms! The earthworm presentation was really intriguing and we learnt about how they process foods, what they like and don’t like to eat, how they move and lots of other interesting facts! We drew some incredible diagrams and labelled them with all of the information that we learnt. We have worms in The Village and have been bringing in lots of food scraps for them so we can keep them happy and healthy! If you have any scraps you’re throwing out at home, please send them into school instead for our lovely worms 🙂



As part of our Integrated Studies program during weeks 5 and 6, Year 4 students have been researching Australia and its states and territories. They have been working both individually and in small groups using ICT skills to gather information for their respective tasks. The projects have enabled students to develop connections between mathematical data and graphing, written information, and methods of presenting information effectively for an audience. They have merged a range of thinking and problem-solving strategies, while extending on their ability to think geographically whilst using geographical concepts.



We are so excited to introduce two new Japanese teachers at OSPS!

Melissa Sensei will be teaching at our school for the next two terms. This term, she has been teaching Japanese names for different types of animals and Japanese culture to Year 2 students. She has also been teaching Hiragana, Japanese alphabets, to Year 4 and supporting Year 6 students to write in Japanese. She enjoys teaching at OSPS and she is looking forward to sharing her knowledge and helping students learn Japanese!

Asami Sensei, our local native-speaking language assistant teacher, will be working at OSPS and South Oakleigh Secondary College this year. She has been supporting Melissa Sensei in Year 2, undertaking language learning activities with a small group of students. She has been a great support and provided valuable expertise in the Japanese language to other teachers.

Mami Sensei is away but will be back in Term 3. Nicky Bathols Sensei is teaching prep and Sumiko Sensei is teaching Year 1-6.

What’s happening in Japanese?

Year 6 students has been working on writing a letter in Japanese. They will be sending these letters to our sister school in Japan at the end of Term 1. Students in Japan will then write back to us and we will receive those letters from Japan in Term 4. So far, our students have introduced themselves in the letter and have written about their family members. Students will be writing about their favorite topics and hobbies to finish off their letters. They are working extremely hard!

Some of the Year 5 students had an opportunity to do a zoom session with a Japanese school. Students were able to use their language skills to communicate with Japanese students and had a great time conversing and getting to know each other!

This year’s Japanese captains, Jasper, Inara, Mandy and Tiffany have started running the Japanese club (the Black Belt Club) on Monday’s. This term, students will get an opportunity to learn Hiragana and get tested by the captains and Japanese teachers. We would like to see more students coming to the club!




The students in grade three loved their first taste of The Resilience Project and focussed on what they are grateful for.

You’ll be glad to know, many of them are happy to have such loving parents, wonderful friends and, of course, caring teachers! We are looking forward to working through the book on a weekly basis.




G – Grateful for positive relationships between school staff and students.

E – Empathy for those affected by the floods in NSW and QLD.

M – Practice mindful balloon breathing and meditation.




All of our studnets in Years 3-6 have made terrific start towards their reading goals. Students on the Accelerated Reading program should be at approximately 50% of their reading goal. You can support your child’s progress by using the Renissance Home Connect function. Just use your child’s school AR log in details.

You can access the link here – https://Auhosted2.renlearn.com.au/1478818/HomeConnect

Our school goal this year is to read 1 billion quality words. Student’s should be reading at their agreed reading range to develop skills and show growth over time. it is recommended that students are reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a night and 100 minutes across the week. Congratulations to our top readers so far this term.

Student Word Count
Atharv H – 5NK 1,333,249
Aaron Z – 6GZ 1,171,148
Ethan D – 6FW 1,160,386
Indeevar T – 5KP 1,138,163
Alexander Z – 6FW 1,124,585
Austin Y – 6CR 1,119,450
Aarnav G – 4EW 1,088,749
Lily W – 4AS 1,082,750
Elise H – 6FW 1,006,508
Vinuki I – 5LG 966,196




Mithun – Prep SG


For settling into your first year of school like a super star! Well done, Mithun!

Zatanna – Prep AM


For always trying her best on a task. You are a STAR Zatanna!!

Junyi – Prep LM


For being a kind and respectful class member. Well done Junyi!

Eleni – Prep NM


For starting Prep with an excellent attitude and always completing her learning tasks carefully.

Pranav – Prep NM

Working Together

For working together with other students in Prep NM to make sure everyone is feeling happy and safe.

Ayaan – Prep NC

Working Together

For being a supportive friend. Ayaan always cheers his friends on with a big smile!

Daphne – Prep NC


For being a kind classmate and trying her hardest all of the time!

Pranshi – 1MT


For having a fantastic start at your new school. Well done Pranshi!

Gabe – 1MT


For working hard on your word lists. Great job Gabe!

Ria – 1NM


For writing an excellent detailed recount of her weekend during Journal Writing. Well done!

Phong – 1NM

Working Together

For showing kindness to his fellow classmates and helping them when they are in need. Well done! 

Phoebe – 1CG


For settling in beautifully into her new school and entering the classroom each day with a smile! 

Arhant – 1CG


For taking on all academic challenges and producing his work to his highest standard. You’re a star! 

Nina – 1AM


For settling into OSPS this year with a BANG! And becoming a valued member of 1AM! Go Nina! 

Maggie – 1CL


For starting the year at a brand new school with so much confidence! We’re so lucky to have you! 

Hunter – 1CL


For completing all his work at a high standard with amazing book presentation! Well done Hunter!

Kaiah – 1LD


For being an enthusiastic learner and settling into OSPS so well. You’re a star Kaiah!

George  – 1LD

Working Together

For being the first to celebrate his peers on their achievements. You’re a dynamite friend George!

Jim – 1JG


For having such a super start to Year 1 and being a kind and respectful classmate at all times! 

Ivy – 1JG

Working Together

For always showing the 5L’s, trying her best and modelling how to be a wonderful bucket filler!

Sam – 1AM


For always striving to do his best and demonstrating great listening skills! You’re a superstar Sam! 



Matthew  – 2JR


For striving for excellence in all schoolwork and using his beautiful manners. Well done Matthew! 

Chloe – 2JR


For always being incredibly kind and respectful towards all of her teachers and peers! Well done! 

Drewin – 2TM


For showing Empathy towards his classmates and teacher by checking in with them each day. 

Annabella – 2TM


For demonstrating excellence by reading with expression and fluency and moving up a dot in reading. 

Bella – 2GL


For making a phenomenal start to the year and always completing her work on time. You superstar!

Eric – 2GL

Working Together

For being an incredible classroom helper to his peers and his teachers. Amazing job Eric!

Nadia – 2MG


For always taking pride in her work!

George – 2MG

Working Together

For making sure all his classmates are included at playtime!

Lucas – 2LW


For your amazing efforts in class since school began. Well done Lucas!

Elly – 2LW


For coming to school everyday with a respectful attitude towards your classmates and your learning.

Arthur – 2SC


For settling in to OSPS and willingly taking on board instruction and feedback.

Ella – 2SC


For always displaying a respectful attitude and continuously demonstrating the 5Ls.

Lucy  – 2AP


For her positive approach to all tasks in the classroom and leadership when helping others.

Ryan – 2AP


For his kind, caring and hardworking approach to school. Keep up the incredible work Ryan!

Tilda – 3AG


For having such a positive attitude towards all class activities. 

Marvin – 3AG


For reaching his reading goals. 

James – 3JS


For smashing his AR goal in the first half of Term. Keep it up James!

Darren – 3CF

Working Together

For always being the one to offer a helping hand to anyone who needs it. Well done, Darren!

Max – 3MW


For always working hard and trying your best. Well done Max on a great start to the year.

Nikki – 3MW

Working Together

For being a great class member and always assisting your classmates.

Pushti – 3NH

Working Together

For making sure a new 3NH student felt welcome and confident in finding their way around the school.

Patrick  – 3NH


For giving his best effort in all lessons and showing great progress in the first few weeks of term.

Jayla Friedman – 3DD

Respect & Working Together

For being thoughtful and willingly helping others when asked to assist.

Shai Shkoulev – 3DD

Working together

For always helping out the teacher in the technology area and keeping her on track.




Cricket & Flag Rugby teams (white) played away against St. Peters.

  OSPS St. Peters
Cricket (White) 6/26 4/63 (Murrumbeena)
Cricket (Green) 4/74 3/64
Softball Girls 21 20
Softball Boys 13 9
Basketball Girls 7 28
Basketball Boys 26 27
Basketball Mixed 28 38
Flag Rugby Girls (White) 1 6 (Murrumbeena)
Flag Rugby Girls (Green) 12 1
Flag Rugby Boys (Green) 7 2
Flag Rugby Boys (White) 3 6 (Murrumbeena)
Volleyball Boys 19/25/12 25/14/15 Win
Volleyball Girls 25/26 Win 17/24
Volleyball Mixed 15/16 W 13/14





The Grade 4’s have been working on writing engaging sizzling starts and descriptive paragraphs for narratives. Here are some examples of their great work!

Boom! As the fireworks exploded. Everyone sat lazily on the spikey grass. All of the colours out of the fireworks made my eyes water. There were many colours like blue neon and much more. They glazed and shimmered every time they exploded. I sniffed smoke coming into my nostrils and it made me cough. That’s how many fireworks were exploding! The grass smelt like burnt ashes. The burning, revolting smoke came in my mouth and burnt my tongue. I could feel the vibration when a firework exploded.

-Shiven 4CW


The white foggy clouds covered the bright clear sky. Huge tall mountains stood still in the distance, snow covering them. Small, sweet berries and pine trees stood beside me. Birds chirped sweetly. The snow was as thick as a huge blanket but as soft as silk.

-Esther 4CW

The cold freezing mountains towered over each other. Avalanches started. Pine trees stood on the mountains, trails of mysterious footsteps were everywhere, your freezing saliva making you cold. Plants with berries stood in the distance. You could feel the wind raging causing you to feel as cold as an ice block. The wind raging fiercely against your face, you fight your way through the mountains. Sensing that wolves were following you, you trudge using all your energy.

-Edward 4KH


I lay down on the bristly grass and watch as crackling fireworks, with arms of light, stretch out and fill the night sky. The isolated feeling surrounded me. I fill my mouth with smores and listen to the screaming people around me.

-Jarrah 4DK



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