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10th March 2021


Riley St, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167

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E: oakleigh.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au   W: oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au 

You learn something every day if you pay attention. – Ray LeBlond


Issue 6 – 10th March 2021


Thursday 11th March
– School Photos
– School Tour 5.30pm-6.30pm

Friday 12th March
– School Photos

Wednesday 17th March
– Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion for Preps

Friday 19th March
– Year 5 IMAX Excursion

Monday 22nd March
– Harmony & National Day Against Bullying Day

Wednesday 24th March
– OSPS Curriculum Day

Thursday 25th March
– School Tour 9.30am-10:30am


This week has seen our new preps have their first full week at school. Now that their Wednesday assessment sessions are finished, it’s time to settle into school every day. All the preps attended their first whole school assembly yesterday via a live stream with some of them receiving the first Valued Student Awards for the year.

On Monday March 22nd our school will be recognising the National Day of Action Against Bullying as well as Harmony Day. This is a federal government initiative to highlight that bullying is not okay! Posters have been displayed around the school, so if you see them when you are with your child, please take the time to have a chat about them. Each class will be making a pledge to state how they will support this initiative, which will then be displayed on the ‘Pledge Wall’. We are very excited that Mr Hooley will be bringing his drone to school to take a whole school photo from above. Don’t forget to wear ‘ORANGE’ on that day.

Well done to the children that represented our school at the Bentleigh Division Swimming carnival last Friday. Our swimming team swam very well and should be congratulated on their performances and great sportsmanship.

Yesterday we celebrated ‘International Women’s Day’ with a lovely morning tea put on by our fantastic male staff members. The female staff were very grateful for their thoughtful gesture.

Have a fantastic week.




2021 Term Dates

Term 1
January 28th – 1st April

Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



Congratulations again to Anushi, Sarah, Alex, Maria and Helen on your election to school council for 2021. The first meetings of the year will be held 6.00pm Wednesday 17th  March. It is the responsibility of School Council to discuss and co-opt parents to fill any vacant positions. There is a 1 year casual vacancy and a 2 year community member vacancy. Previous School Councils have supported at least one community member vacancy to be a Parent Group representative.

School Council look forward to providing a report to the school community at the end of Term 1 in the school newsletter.

Parent Members
Andrew Holman
Nikki Kaur
Jasma Sutaria
Casual Vacancy (1 year)

Maria Gaitan
Anushi Rajapaska
Sarah Tilsey
Alex Koulaouzos

DET Members
Ron Cantlon
Nikki Virtuoso
Anthony Rowe
Erik Albers
Helen Paroukas

Community Members
Nadia Beauchamp
Vacancy (2 year)



Too much UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Overexposure to UV during childhood and adolescence is a major factor for future skin cancer risk. You can’t see or feel the sun’s UV so don’t be fooled. Whatever the weather, if the UV levels are three or more, it’s important to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK AND SLIDE!

At OSPS we aim to protect children and staff from too much UV to help minimise future skin cancer risk. We are a registered member of the Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart Program. Please help support our SunSmart membership by ensuring your child follows the SunSmart measures encouraged by educators.

  1. Slip on a shirt – dress your child in clothing that covers as much skin as possible (e.g. elbow length tops with a higher neckline or collar and longer style shorts or skirts). Densely woven fabrics are best.
  2. Slop on SPF 30 (or higher ) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen – apply a generous amount of sunscreen at the start of the day. This should be applied every two hours. Children may bring their own sunscreen to school and leave in their bag. From 3 years of age, please help your child apply their own sunscreen so they can start to learn independent skills.
  3. Slap on a hat – one that protects the face, neck and ears such as a broad brimmed, legionnaire or bucket style hat. Peak caps do not offer enough protection and are not recommended by SunSmart. Please help your child remember to bring and wear their approved sun hat.
  4. Seek shade – choose shady spots for play whenever possible.
  5. Slide on some sunglasses – if practical and approved by the service. Make sure they are labelled AS 1067 and cover as much of the eye area as possible.



We know that from time to time parents are held up for various reasons and might be late collecting children from school.

If you are running late to collect your child, please call the office to advise us, this way we can let your child’s teacher know so they can reassure your child you are coming. If this is an occasionally occurrence we don’t mind supervising them at the office if someone is available however, if this is going to happen more than once a term we request that you enrol in Camp Australia where they can be supervised until 6pm.

We suggest that all parents register their children, it is free and you are under no obligation to use the service, you are just registered in case of emergencies.

Camp Australia’s details are provide below.



Yr 6 Art Incursion
Yr 5 IMAX Excursion
Yr 4 City Excursion
School Fees


Yr 6 Interschool Sport
Yr 6 Polo and Rugby Tops
Yr 5 Intraschool Sport
Yrs 4-6 Healthy Skills
Swimming Squad Training
District Swim Squad



OSPS School Photos are Thursday 11th of March and Friday 12th of March.

Please click on the link below to complete your order by using the code – ESP202515

More details will be sent via an Operoo in the near future.



The Music School is again pleased to offer Friday keyboard sessions after school hours at OSPS. Please refer to the attached pdf file, print and forward the form to Perry if you’re interested in your child attending.

The Music School Friday Keyboard Information & Form



OSPS is seeking a parent volunteer who is a photographer or has a keen eye for photography to take some photos for our school website and promotions. We can be flexible in the days and times.

We look forward to hearing from parents who may like to assist the school in this volunteer capacity. Please contact nikki.vituoso@education.vic.gov.au

Thank you!



How well do you know our Year 6 staff?
Give it a go – just for a laugh!

I have lived in America and London in years past,
I love my puppy Harvey, and travelling’s a blast!
In regards to sport, I love to watch and to play;
When it comes to dining, I prefer the Italian way.

Shopping for shoes is my part time crime;
I love to bake in my limited free time.
My weakness is definitely ice-cream,
Tandem skydiving is my ultimate dream!

I went to MacRob, and love travelling overseas,
I’ve parachuted, scuba dived, and zip-lined through the trees.
I’ve lived in 4 states of Australia, and visited all,
I love most sports, but my favourite is softball.

At 26, I had my tonsils removed,
I have a brother who’s a DJ, and gets into the groove.
On my 21st birthday, I jumped out of a plane – true;
I’m a qualified secondary dance and drama teacher too.

I wasn’t born in Australia, and I went to MacRob;
Being a teacher was not my first job.
I love watching musicals, camping and hiking afar;
I have a pet ginger cat named after a chocolate bar.

I’ve taught here for 16 years; my prep teacher works here too,
My name is not common; in Australia there’s only two.
I have been dancing since 7; “Titanic” I’ve never seen;
I love playing sport; I’m competitive and keen.

I’ve worked in the US on their summer vacations,
Playing guitar and drums are some of my recreations.
I went to school with one of the Year 6 teachers,
Bike riding and “Bruce” are definitely life’s features.

I’ve danced since a kid; play guitar and sing too,
Taking my “cat” for a walk, is something I do!
I have lived in Canada, and India’s my grandmother’s birth home;
I’ve taught overseas, and had over 10 broken bones.

Left to right

Top: Miss Wells, Mr. Davey, Ms Marsden
Middle: Mrs Meyer, Mrs Di Siervi
Bottom: Mrs Roth, Mr. Zielin, Mrs Wilkinson





When I was voted as Fraser Vice House Captain, I was filled with joy and pride! When I look at my badge, I know I need to keep going and represent my house to the best of my abilities. – Eugene


I was absolutely thrilled to be voted as a Cuthbert House Captain because I have wanted to be a captain since Prep. It is an amazing leadership opportunity and I cannot wait to lead Cuthbert to the House shield and do my jobs. – Nina


I felt extremely proud to receive my badge at assembly on Tuesday. I will try my very best to inspire my peers. –  Nyah

The Year 6 leadership badges were presented at assembly on Tuesday 2nd of March. Our inspirational group of leaders were incredibly proud and excited to receive their badges in front of the school at our very first live-streamed assembly. The captains that we have this year are School and Vice-School, House and Vice-House, Performing Arts, Sport, Art, Library, Digital Technology, Japanese, and Sustainability.

After presenting leadership speeches to the school at the end of last year, this group of leaders were voted in by students and staff because they display the school values of Integrity, Respect, Excellence, Working Together and Resilience in everything that they do. We wish them well in their leadership journey and duties!

I was stoked to receive my Landy House Captain badge at assembly last Tuesday. I will try my hardest to carry out my duties and lead the house. – Amelia


I love learning Japanese! That is why I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a Japanese Captain and help Mami Sensei and Sumiko Sensei in the Japanese room. – Isabella


Helping out in the Library is exciting and I feel very proud to be chosen as a Library Captain. – Aanika


I felt very honoured and grateful to receive my Art Captain badge at assembly on Tuesday. I love Art and look forward to helping Ms Hunt, Mrs Wilkin and Ms Cato in the art room this year. – Isla


Valued Student Awards

Prep – Year 2

Quinn Prep AM
For being a trustworthy and reliable student. Quinn is sensational!!!!

Leonard Prep BB
Working Together
For always encouraging his classmates and having a positive attitude.

Nikolaos Prep JF
For his wonderful start to Prep and for being a respectful member of Prep JF. Well done Niko!

Stacey Prep MR
For being a respectful student and peer. You’re a star Stacey!

Inayaa Prep NC
For always working hard to produce amazing writing. You’re so impressive Inayaa!

Billie Prep SG
Working Together
For settling into school with a positive attitude and for working well with others!

1AM – Japanese
For always being excited about learning Japanese greetings!

Maddie 1CF
For working incredibly hard to improve her handwriting. Your resilience is admirable! Go Maddie 🙂

Thien 1CG
For showing excellent knowledge of reading strategies & successfully applying them to his reading.

Nina 1JG
For modelling the 5 Ls for listening beautifully & for having such a positive attitude at school!
Ellie 1LD
For always being a kind and caring friend and looking out for her classmates. You’re a superstar!
Cindy 1NM
For working hard in class and producing neat and tidy handwriting. Well done!
Vivienne 1SR
For consistently displaying integrity through being a kind and honest friend to others. Well done!
Nancy 2GL
For always trying her best and having the neatest work in 2GL! Well done Nancy!
Patrick 2JR
Working Together
For actively participating in class activities and showing lots of enthusiasm for learning.
Emma 2LV
For always completing her book work to the best of her ability and with pride.
Mayukh 2SC
For demonstrating excellence by having the neatest handwriting and taking pride in all of his work.
Naksh 2SL
For working very hard to read new words. We love hearing you read! Amazing work, Naksh!
Saar 2TM
Working Together
For inspiring everyone in 2TM to work together and gain 1000+ points in Mathletics each week 😀

Valued Student Awards

Years 3-4

Kazuya 3DD
For being an enthusiastic reader, completing quizzes and surpassing his AR target. Terrific work!

Masaki 3DD
For being an enthusiastic reader, completing quizzes and surpassing his AR target. Well done!

Derek 3DD
For being the first to reach and surpass his AR target. Great work!

Anav 3JP
For demonstrating enthusiasm and commitment with his reading. Keep up your reading stamina, Anav!

Nadia 3JP
For being trustworthy and honest with her teachers and classmates.

Erika 3MT
For excellence in achieving fantastic AR results this term.

Olive 3MW
For being a responsible and reliable farmer.

Hayley 4AS
For displaying outstanding classroom behaviour & showing respect to all her teachers and classmates.

Sherissa 4CW
For already reaching her term 1 AR goal. Amazing Sherissa!

Jinu 4CW
For doing a brilliant job in reaching his AR goal. Well done Jinu.

Jack 4DK
For being respectful and showing exceptional manners to everyone who is lucky enough to come his way.

Violet 4EW
For her high standard of presentation and excellence in all completed classwork.

Dhruv 4EW
Working Together
For his great dedication to fulfilling the role of student voice class representative.

Harley 4KH
For always being willing to help out without being asked and checking on other people around him.

Valued Student Awards

Years 5-6

Millie 5FF
For showing great resilience in class when the going gets tough!

Justin 5FF
For delivering an inspiring and exceptional speech that saw him voted our Student Voice rep.

Joshua 5HP
Working Together
Always collaborating and sharing his wonderful ideas with his peers. Well done Joshua!

Jude 5KP
Working Together
For always offering to help out in the classroom and working collaboratively with others.

Alicia 5LG
Working Together
For consistently demonstrating kindness and empathy. Alicia, you are fabulous!

Isla 5NC
For producing wonderful up-levelled sentences for our writing topic, ‘The Scientist’.

Lucas 5NK
For having a super attitude toward his learning! Fabulous goal for Mathletics too! Keep it up!

Ethan 6CR
For the incredible commitment he shows towards his reading and the accuracy with his quizzes.

Elliot 6CR
For the wonderful language he used to write a character description of ‘Miss Trunchbull’. Amazing!

Keisha 6JD
For being a respectful class member and always trying her best. Keep it up, Keisha!

Alexander 6SM
For the respect, kindness and understanding he always displays to his classmates and teachers alike.




Last week our Year 6 students enjoyed playing away against St.Pauls. All students had a wonderful time competing in various sports and displayed wonderful sportsmanship. Thank you to St.Pauls for hosting us!



Our Year 5 students enjoyed their 3rd round of sport rotations during Term 1. These include: tennis, lawn bowls and competitive games. All students will participate in each sport twice to learn and experience a variety of skills and ways to play the games. Thank you to the P.E and Year 5 teachers who organised and ran the activities.

From L-R:
Mia, Ayushmaan, Satyam




Softball Girls OSPS 14 def by Coatesville 18
Softball Boys/Mixed OSPS 13 def  Coatesville 12
Cricket ‘Eagles’ OSPS “Eagles”- 54/9 def by Coatesville- 55/7
Cricket ‘Pickles’ OSPS “Pickles” – Bye
Volleyball Girls OSPS 0/44 def by Coatesville- 2/51
Volleyball Mixed OSPS 1/65 def by Coatesville- 2/60
Volleystars Mixed OSPS 2/30 def Coatesville- 1/11
Basketball Girls OSPS 4 def by Coatesville- 43
Basketball Boys OSPS 21 def Coatesville- 8
Basketball Mixed OSPS 8 def by Coatesville- 24
Flag Rugby Girls OSPS 12 def Coatesville- 2
Flag Rugby Boys OSPS 8 def Coatesville 1




Year 6 OSPS students not participating in summer interschool sport enjoyed participating against Coatesville Primary School at home last week.  All students enjoyed several structured games of Mat Ball against various teams while applying their newly learnt skills in the sport. Thank you to our wonderful P.E and Year 6 teachers who facilitated the event and again to all the staff and students at Coatesville Primary for their support and fantastic enthusiasm and sportsmanship.

From L-R:
Back – Josh, Robin, Liam, Tricia
Front – Sam, Jenson, Charlie, Tessa




OSPS Parent Group is super excited to be able to hold their Easter Raffle this year, although it will be a little different with the winners announced at an assembly filmed and streamed via OSPStv, we are sure it will be still thrilling for the students to hold the raffle. 

Please see the flyer for all information.

Any questions please email osparentgroup67@gmail.com




#ChadstoneLovesLocal has entered local primary schools into their competition to win up to $20,000 in school supplies.

From 6th to 28th of March, every $20 spent at Aldi, Baker’s Delight, Coles, Colonial Fresh, Fisch, Kmart, Target, The Butcher Club, The Asian Store, Wishbone and Woolworths retailers, shoppers will gain one token to contribute towards a participating local school.

On the same day, visit Chadstone’s friendly Concierge team, located near Michael Hill on Ground level, to present your receipt/s and receive one token for every $20 spent at participating retailers.

Pop your token into the OSPS pipe!

Participating schools will have the chance to win a share in $60,000 worth of prizing.

If you go to Chadstone and spend at those stores, we’d love you to pop by the Oakleigh South Primary School pipe and enter your tokens. Let’s go OSPS!

Visit our website to discover more: www.chadstone.com.au/chadstone-loves-local.

T&Cs apply.


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.