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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 6 – 4th March 2020


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Issue 6 – 4th March 2020




Wednesday, 4th March 2020
– Parent Group AGM, in Staff Room @ 7pm

Thursday, 5th March 2020
-Yr 6 Summer Sports St Pauls vs OSPS

Friday, 6th March 2020
– Beachside Division Swimming

Monday, 9th March 2020
–  Public Holiday Long Weekend – No school

Tuesday, 10th March 2020
– Yr 1 Grandparents Day

Thursday, 12th March 2020
– School Photos
– Yr 6 Summer Sports Murumbeena vs OSPS
– Prep Fire Ed

Friday, 13th March 2020
– School Photos



Thank you to everyone who voted in the School Council election. Voting closed today at 4pm. I have requested Tony Jacobs, an independent person from the department to come in tomorrow at 9am and witness the opening and counting of votes. The new council members will be notified at the completion of counting. Thank you to all of our seven nominated parents.

Congratulations to the children that represented our school at the Bentleigh District Swimming Carnival last Tuesday. Many of these children will be swimming again this Friday in the Beachside Division Carnival. I wish them good luck.

On Friday March 20th our school will be recognising the National Day of Action Against Bullying. This is a federal government initiative to highlight that bullying is not okay! There is more information in this newsletter. Posters have been displayed around the school, so if you see them when you are with your child, please take the time to have a chat about them. Each class will be making a pledge to state how they will support this initiative, which will then be displayed on the ‘Pledge Wall’.

You may have noticed the emphasis we are putting on our school values of Resilience, Excellence, Integrity, Working Together and Respect with them being displayed at the front of the school hall and on sets of steps around the school and in our front office area. Our school values underlie everything we do at Oakleigh South, so they are another good talking point with your child.

Just a reminder that there will be no school on Monday as it is the Labour Day public holiday.

Have a great week and enjoy the long weekend.

Ron Cantlon



2020 Term Dates


2020 – Term 1

Tuesday 28th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 29th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 30th January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term –  27th March
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 2:

Tuesday 14th April – Friday 26th June


Term 3:

Monday 13th July – Friday 18th September

Term 4:

Monday 5th October – Thursday 18th December (2.30pm school students finish)
Friday 19th December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


2020 Payments Due

Essential Learning FeesUnder School Payments
Voluntary Contributions – Library, ICT, Working BeeUnder Specialist Charges

Yr 2 Healthy Snack Attack Incursion  – Under Year 2 tab – Wednesday, 18th March 4.30pm

Yr 5 IMAX and Melbourne Museum Excursion  – Under Year 5 tab – Wednesday, 18th March 4.30pm





A reminder to parents and carers are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

Please make sure you do your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules. This includes parking correctly in the signed areas, and completing 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection!

We also urge parents to please remember to be patient and polite when using the Oval Carpark, and be good role models for all the children witnessing their behaviour. With over 800 families, drop off and collection times will be busy and you will need to plan your time accordingly.

Please click here for further parking information oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/about-us/#parking



Yard duty before school commences at 8:45 am.

After school teachers are in the grounds until 3:45 pm. Students on school grounds outside these times will not be supervised (unless they attending a before or after school care program or supervised extracurricular activity).

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that students do not arrive early or stay late after school unless they are attending before or after school care, or a pre-arranged supervised activity (i.e. running club).


School Council


Ballot papers were sent home with the eldest child last week, and must be returned to the Office by 4pm today.

Please take the time to read the “How to Vote” instructions carefully.

Thank you

School Photos


School photos envelopes have been sent home to all students, and sibling photo envelopes are available at the Office.

Please return to your class teacher by Tuesday, 10th March, making sure you have included your child’s name and the pack you have ordered.

Photos will be taken on Thursday, 12th and Friday, 13th March.

Parent Group Meeting


Parent Group’s first meeting for the year will be held tonight in the Staffroom at 7pm

If you would like to get to know other parents and be involved with activities around the school like Father’s Day Breakfast, Mum’s Night In, School Disco and many more please come along. If you can’t make the meeting but would still like to be involved, please email to osparentgroup67@gmail.com.


Stephanie Cash
Parent Group President


Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup


The final of the women’s T20 Cricket World Cup is at the MCG on International Women’s Day.

It’s the Sunday, March 8th and Katy Perry is playing at the MCG before and after the match

Let’s fill the MCG and set a world record for attendance at a women’s sporting event.  That said, the occasion is bigger than a cricket match or a major sporting event.  We can aim to set a world record that helps accelerate the pursuit of gender equality in Australia and around the world.

A great day out, watching women’s cricket, and Katy Perry and hopefully setting a world record!!

Adults tickets are starting at $20 and kids’ tickets are just $5.

Please click here to book tickets and share this message with others in our local community.

Thanks so much for your support and let’s be part of setting a world record with our families and friends on International Women’s Day.

School Banking


Dear Parents, there will be no School Banking next week due to the public holiday.

Please send your child’s bank book the following week on Monday, 16th March.

Thank you
School Banking Volunteers




Year 2 Team

Andy Yeung
Andy is passionate about indoor plants and has over 150 house plants! During his spare time, not only does he enjoy getting his hands dirty, he also looks after his cheeky little puppy Arlo – a five month old whippet.
Andy is looking forward to his first full year in Year 2 and possibly getting more house plants.

Anthony Savva
Anthony has been teaching for 9 years. He taught Prep for six years before moving to Year 2 in 2019. Outside his working life, he is a dedicated Essendon Bombers fan and attends as many games as he can. Anthony enjoys travelling, some of his favourite holiday destinations are Tel Aviv, Rome and Prague.
On the weekend you’ll find him running The Tan Track and brunching with friends. He enjoys going to the gym, crunching out a staggering 6 sessions per week.

Gabriella Lema
Gabriella enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She loves roller blading with her friends after school and on the weekends – you might see her blading between St Kilda and Port Melbourne!
Gabbi also loves eating anything sweet…pancakes are her favourite! She likes travelling to warm, tropical destinations and is currently planning her next adventure for the upcoming holidays!

Back Row: Andy Yeung, Anthony Savva, Claire Stevenson
Front Row: Gabriella Lema, Siobhan Le, Jackie Di Siervi, Amy Philipsen

Siobhan Le

Siobhan has been teaching at Oakleigh South Primary School for 9 years, including 1 year as a Japanese teacher. She loves all things Japanese, so she enjoys teaching her class extra Japanese phrases and how to make origami.
Outside of the classroom, Siobhan loves spending time with her fabulous family and friends. She is an avid traveller, having visited over 20 countries. Siobhan is a lover of cats and is hoping to get a gorgeous Russian Blue later this year.
On the weekends you will often find her going on walks, eating a delicious finger bun, barracking for the Saints and catching Pokemon – gotta catch ‘em all!



Claire Stevenson

Claire enjoys reading, cooking and spending time with her friends and family. She has a cat called Archie who she loves to cuddle!
Claire loves going on holidays, with some of her favourite destinations being Torquay, Bali, and Italy.


Jackie Di Siervi
Jackie is now in her seventh year of teaching. She started off teaching various year levels in London, and has since taught Prep and Year 2 at Oakleigh South. She has a passion for all sports and loves coaching.
Outside of school she enjoys playing softball and women’s AFL. In AFL she follows St Kilda, and thoroughly enjoys watching Melbourne Storm in the NRL. If she isn’t playing sport, she enjoys dining out with friends and travelling.
Jackie is looking forward to seeing what great things 2020 has in store for her.


Amy Philipsen
When Amy isn’t at school, she is usually baking lots of treats to share with her family and friends. Amy loves relaxing and spending time in Paynesville at her family’s holiday house and is lucky enough to spot dolphins almost every day!
She enjoys coaching calisthenics to all ages and playing with her pet rabbit, Buster and her family’s new puppy, Billy.


Year 1 – Casey Safety Village


On the 18th, 24th and 25th of February, the Year Ones visited Casey Safety Village. At Casey Safety Village we learnt all about fire safety and road safety.

In the Fire Safety session we learnt about “A Metre from the Heater” and the importance of being two steps away from anything that could burn us. We learnt about Stop, Drop, Cover and Roll and to Get Low Down and Go, Go, Go under smoke. We even got to practice crawling through a house and who to call if we need help! We are all experts now on how to be safe if we ever have a fire at home.

During the road safety session, the students learnt all about different road signs, how to be a good pedestrian on the roads and how to ride a bike properly with a correctly fitted helmet. The students learnt to ‘Stop, Look, Listen and Think’ and were able to put this into practice when they had the chance to ride a bike around the town track. They also had the opportunity to be a pedestrian and completed an extravagant treasure hunt while following the safety rules and ensuring we stop at all red lights, give-way signs and railway crossings. The best part of the day was being able to ride the bikes around the town!

We had an absolute ball learning all about fire safety and road safety and can’t wait to teach everyone what we now know. We all had a wonderful day and loved learning about how to be extra safe both around fire and on the roads.



Parent Group Meeting


Parent Group’s first meeting for the year will be held tonight in the Staffroom at 7pm

If you would like to get to know other parents and be involved with activities around the school like Father’s Day Breakfast, Mum’s Night In, School Disco and many more please come along. If you can’t make the meeting but would still like to be involved, please email to osparentgroup67@gmail.com.


Stephanie Cash
Parent Group President




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