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3rd March 2021


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“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” – Dalai Lama


Issue 5 – 3rd March 2021


Thursday 4th March
– Year 5 Sport Rotations
– Year 6 Interschool Sport vs. St.Pauls (away)

Friday 5th March
– Beachside Division Swimming @ Oakleigh recreation Centre

Thursday 11th March
– School Photos
– School Tour 5.30pm-6.30pm

Friday 12th March
– School Photos

Wednesday 17th March
– Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion for Preps

Monday 22nd March
– Harmony & National Day Against Bullying Day

Wednesday 24th March
– OSPS Curriculum Day

Thursday 25th March
– School Tour 9.30am-10:30am


Congratulations to our 2021 school leaders who received their leadership badges at yesterday’s assembly. It was also fantastic to see our Valued Student awards back with many excited children receiving the first awards for the year. A big thank to Mr Eykman and his ICT team who organized our first live stream of the assembly to our OSPS families. I hope many of you logged on to share this event with us.

Thank you to all of the families who voted last week in our School Council elections. Congratulations to Maria Gaitan, Anushi Rajapaksa, Alex Koulaouzos, and Sarah Tilsley for their successful appointments. Congratulations also to Erik Albers and Helen Paroukas who were the two staff members who were voted on to the new council. I look forward to working with you all this year.

OSPS has been awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award for their involvement in myON and the AR reading program. We achieved the number one school in Australia. Congratulations to all the students and the wider school community who participated in these programs in 2020.

The Beachside Division Swimming Carnival will be held this Friday 5th of March. We wish all the students the very best and thank the staff for their continued efforts.

Just a reminder that Monday is the Labour Day public holiday. No children are required at school on this day.

Enjoy the rest of your week and the long weekend.



Assistant Principal – Anthony Rowe & Sally Bahnsen – Librarian


2021 Term Dates

Term 1
January 28th – 1st April

Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



Too much UV can cause sunburn, skin and eye damage and skin cancer. Overexposure to UV during childhood and adolescence is a major factor for future skin cancer risk. You can’t see or feel the sun’s UV so don’t be fooled. Whatever the weather, if the UV levels are three or more, it’s important to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP, SEEK AND SLIDE!

At OSPS we aim to protect children and staff from too much UV to help minimise future skin cancer risk. We are a registered member of the Cancer Council Victoria’s SunSmart Program. Please help support our SunSmart membership by ensuring your child follows the SunSmart measures encouraged by educators.

  1. Slip on a shirt – dress your child in clothing that covers as much skin as possible (e.g. elbow length tops with a higher neckline or collar and longer style shorts or skirts). Densely woven fabrics are best.
  2. Slop on SPF 30 (or higher) broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen – apply a generous amount of sunscreen at the start of the day and children may bring sunscreen to school and keep in thier bags. This should be applied every two hours. From 3 years of age, please help your child apply their own sunscreen so they can start to learn independent skills.
  3. Slap on a hat – one that protects the face, neck and ears such as a broad brimmed, legionnaire or bucket style hat. Peak caps do not offer enough protection and are not recommended by SunSmart. Please help your child remember to bring and wear their approved sun hat.
  4. Seek shade – choose shady spots for play whenever possible.
  5. Slide on some sunglasses – if practical and approved by the service. Make sure they are labelled AS 1067 and cover as much of the eye area as possible.




OSPS School Photos are Thursday 11th of March and Friday 12th of March.

Please click on the link below to complete your order by using the code – ESP202515

More details will be sent via an Operoo in the near future.



OSPS Junior School Choir will be held every lunch time for the first half of lunch Wednesday 1.00pm – 1.25pm in the Junior Music Room.

Mrs. Barnard and Mr. Mietzcke look forward to the Junior Choir session this year and welcome anyone interested in joining.

Jenny Barnard & Michael Mietzcke



The Music School is again pleased to offer Friday keyboard sessions after school hours at OSPS. Please refer to the attached pdf file, print and forward the form to Perry if you’re interested in your child attending.

The Music School Friday Keyboard Information & Form



We know that from time to time parents are held up for various reasons and might be late collecting children from school.

If you are running late to collect your child, please call the office to advise us, this way we can let your child’s teacher know so they can reassure your child you are coming. If this is an occasionally occurrence we don’t mind supervising them at the office if someone is available however, if this is going to happen more than once a term we request that you enrol in Camp Australia where they can be supervised until 6pm.

We suggest that all parents register their children, it is free and you are under no obligation to use the service, you are just registered in case of emergencies.

Camp Australia’s details are provide below.




OSPS is seeking a parent volunteer who is a photographer or has a keen eye for photography to take some photos for our school website and promotions. We can be flexible in the days and times.

We look forward to hearing from parents who may like to assist the school in this volunteer capacity. Please contact nikki.vituoso@education.vic.gov.au

Thank you!


If you are unsure of the amount you need to pay please contact the office before processing your payments.

Healthy Skills $52 – overdue (Year 4 & 6)

Swimming Trials $20 – overdue (Years 4 – 6)

Swimming Squad Training $50 – overdue (Years 4-6)

Year 6 Interschool sport levy $60 – overdue

Year 6 Tops – outstanding balances due ASAP.

Year 5 Intraschool sport levy $60 – overdue



Lauren Di Maio


Miss Di Maio is Italian with long, brown curly hair,
She absolutely loves chocolate but her 3 sisters always make her share!
Her favourite TV show is Friends and her favourite colour is blue,
If you see her out on yard duty she’s sure to smile at you!
Jessica Gray Next is Miss Gray, our amazing team leader,
You may spot her wearing something leopard or cheetah.
Cheering on the Tigers, going to brunch or relaxing at the beach,
1JG sure are lucky that Miss Gray loves to teach!
Alice MacDonald Mrs MacDonald is full of sweetness and charm,
She lives near the beach- no, not on a farm!
She loves dancing to Whitney Houston on the dance floor,
And cuddling her puppy Sadie who she absolutely adores!
Cheyanne Gunning With her long luscious locks is our bubbly Miss Gunning,
On Tuesdays you’ll see her on the oval helping with running.
She loves to do pilates and relax in the sun,
Eating Italian food with her best friends is her idea of fun!
Cassie Furst The shortest member of our team is our friendly Miss Furst,
Anything sports related really gives her a burst!
One more Bombers fan added to the OSPS staff,
Her favourite movie is Happy Gilmore because it always makes her laugh!
Sarah Rayment Miss Rayment loves Japanese food and reality TV,
She is a pro defender on the netball court playing GD.
Her classroom displays are as colourful as confetti,
On weekends she loves to go shopping and walk her dog Betty!
Nick Mason-Parker Mr Mason-Parker teaches 1NM and is so excited,
He loves to watch soccer and barracks for Manchester United.
Can you guess where he is from? His accent is a mystery,
His never-ending supply of chocolates will go down in history!


Left to right

Back: Miss Di Maio, Miss Gray, Mr. Mason-Parker
Front: Miss Morgan, Miss Gunning, Mrs MacDonald, Miss Furst, Miss Rayment




Wowee! How quickly the time has gone, week 6 already? In Year 1 we have been learning about the past, present and future and how much things have changed over time. We have started delving into our short personal histories and the slightly longer histories of our teachers! If you happen to stop by the Year 1 building, you’ll see our adorable ‘Guess the Baby’ photo displays of all of our classmates. Can you guess which of the below baby photos are Year 1 teachers??


We have been learning about our own families and how special and unique we all are! It’s been wonderful to share family stories, learn about our extended families and to reflect on how lucky we are. Here are what some of the Year 1 students said about their families;


“My family is special because my mum hugs me every time before I go to sleep and she teaches me German words”

“Some families have cousins and some families have pets”

“The best thing about families is that everyone’s is different”


Over the next few weeks we are going to learn more about how family life has changed over time, how electricity and technology have impacted our lives in such amazing ways and all about the exciting things that the future may hold.


Can you guess which photo belongs to each Year 1 teacher?


Valued Student Awards

Prep – Year 2

Liam 1AM
For always trying his best and displaying excellence in every subject! You’re a superstar Liam!
Emma 1CF
For settling into OSPS with ease and for showing respect to everyone at all times. Well done, Emma!
Bella 1CG
For showing excellence & a commitment to her reading by winning the myON summer reading challenge!
Ava 1LD
For displaying excellence by always working hard and being a wonderful role model for the class.
Jiayi 1NM
For concentrating and working hard in class. Well done Jiayi!
Chiraag 1SR
For demonstrating a respectful attitude towards his classmates and teachers! Great work!
William 1JG
For being super dooper helpful in the classroom and striving to achieve his personal best in ALL subjects. Way to go champion!!
Catherine 2AP
For her incredible effort reading over 100 books during the holidays. Congratulations Catherine!
Oliver 2GL
For being a brilliant classroom helper!


Audrey 2LV
For displaying dedication and determination to complete all tasks at a high level.
Tigy 2SC
For demonstrating excellence by moving up reading levels.
John 2SL
Working Together
For settling in to OSPS and being able to work together very well with his classmates.
Nikki 2SL
For settling in to OSPS and always approaching tasks with a positive attitude. Amazing work, Nikki!
Marvin 2TM
For working exceptionally hard during the 5 day lockdown and scoring 10,000+ points on Mathletics!

Valued Student Awards

Years 3-4

Myra 3DD
For clearly and confidently presenting her ‘Me’ project to the class. Terrific Myra!
Cameron 3DD
For being brave and ‘giving it a go’ when talking about his ‘Me’ project in front of the grade.
Shabad 3MT
For becoming the runner up in the myON Holiday Reading Challenge for your year level.


Lilly 4AS
For smashing her AR goal in the first month of school!  What an awesome achievement, Lilly!
Ayman 4CW
For always treating his peers and teachers with respect and remembering his manners at all times.
Aarav 4DK
For always showing excellence and achieving a whopping 23,550 Mathletics points over 3 days! WOW!!
Michelle 4KH
For showing excellence in everything she does and exhibiting the school values at all times.
Tyler 4NM
For his terrific attitude when faced with challenging comprehension questions in class.
4EW Japanese
For showing respect to all students in the class by working quietly and completing the task.

Valued Student Awards

Years 5-6

Xander 5FF
For showing great resilience by showing up and having a go, everyday.
Tiya 5FF
For always showing respect to her teachers and peers.
Leenoy 5HP
For showing such resilience at school each and every day. Well done Leenoy keep smiling.


Misaki 5KP
For showing persistence towards all her learning in the classroom. I love your positive attitude!
Theodore 5LG
For being a supportive and loyal classmate, student and friend. Theodore, you are super impressive!
Mandy 5NC
For already smashing her AR goal and reaching towards new heights.
Madeleine 5NK
For smashing her AR goals twice!! You are a superstar reader – keep it up Maddy!
Amy 6CR
For being an exemplary student who strives for excellence in every aspect of her learning.
Abigail 6CR
For her caring and compassionate nature in the way she helps others. Abigail, you are wonderful!
Ely 6MW
For being a trusted, helpful and respectful class member of 6MW
Sanika 6SM
For beginning Year 6 with excellence in mind, giving 100% effort with incredible results.




Last week our Year 6 students enjoyed playing against St.Peters at OSPS. All students had a wonderful time competing in various sports and displayed wonderful sportsmanship.




Year 6 students not participating in summer interschool sport travelled to Coatesville Primary School to participate in a round robin format playing Mat ball. All students enjoyed 5 games against various teams while applying their newly learnt skills in the sport.



Our Year 5 students enjoyed their 2nd round of sport rotations during Term 1. These include: tennis, lawn bowls and competitive games. All students will participate in each sport twice to learn and experience a variety of skills and ways to play the games.





Softball Girls OSPS 27 def St Peters 11
Softball Boys/Mixed OSPS 23 def by St Peters 28
Cricket ‘Eagles’ OSPS 48 def St Peters 41
Cricket ‘Pickles’ OSPS 44 def by St Peters 51
Volleyball Girls OSPS 0/39 def by St Peters 2/50
Volleyball Mixed OSPS 2/71 def St Peters 1/62
Volleystars Mixed OSPS 1/25 def by St Peters 2/41
Basketball Girls OSPS 5 def by St Peters 48
Basketball Boys OSPS 46 def St Peters 16
Basketball Mixed OSPS 8 def by 42
Flag Rugby Girls OSPS 11 def St Peters 8
Flag Rugby Boys OSPS 2 def by St Peters 6


From L-R:
Back – Emily, Jun, Pedro
Front – Jae, Liam, Claire


From L-R:

Eliza, Benny, Dinali, Inara, Nayuta




Monash Council received a grant from the National Australia Day Council for funding to provide activities to the local community and schools around Australia Day themed activities. Oakleigh South Primary School is very lucky to be offered a special Writer’s Workshop with Kid’s Own Publishing together with St Mary Magdalene’s PS in Chadstone.

On the 4th and 9th of March a group of year 4 students will participate in a 1.5 hour workshop. Our students will be creating a book that will be published and entered into the library system. We can’t wait to see what they produce.




The Year One’s have been looking at recounts for the past couple of weeks. We learnt all about the importance of including the 5w’s (who, what, where, when and why) and talking about our events in sequence order and then finishing off with their favourite part or how they felt. It is on their big write topic of the best party ever. We hope you enjoy reading them!


The best party ever was last year in September. I went to the Arcades for my sixth birthday. My family came. We played arcade games and bowling and we ate cake. We played pass the parcel. I felt happy, amazing and grateful. We played with my birthday presents. It was the best party ever. It was amazing! What was your best party ever?

Vivienne 1SR


Last year it was Ross’s birthday. It was a Ninja party! It was held at the skateboard park connected with a real park! There was Aiden and his mum and dad. My mum and dad and brother, Ross’s mum and dad and a lot of other people. My favourite part was the Ninja gym. We climbed up and down a landing pad. It was the best party I’ve ever been too.

William 1AM




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