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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  41 – 20th December 2018


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Issue 41  –  20th December 2018



2019 – Term 1

Tuesday 29th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 30th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 31st January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term – 5th April
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


As the year 2018 draws to a close, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to make it another exceptional year at our school. To our wonderful children, our hardworking staff and to our amazing families… THANK YOU!

We have a number staff that will be leaving us, whether it be to a new school or for other adventures. Sean Alston, Kirsten Brown, Matt Barker, Jess Kohinga, Emily McElhinney, Maddy Morrison, Meg Corbett, Stacey Lolas and Gen Toby will not be returning next year. John Crane will be taking leave for term one. I would like to wish everyone happiness and success in their new ventures. We also welcome a number of new staff starting next year.

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our OSPS community a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Enjoy the holiday period and I look forward to seeing everyone back in 2109.

Thank you

Ron Cantlon


2019 Term Dates 

2019 – Term 1

Tuesday 29th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 30th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 31st January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term –  5th April
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 28th June


Term 3:

Monday 15th July – Friday 20th September

Term 4:

Monday 7th October – Thursday 19th December (2.30pm school students finish)
Friday 20th December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



2019 Year 6 Captains

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for the 2019 Captaincy Roles!

School Structure 2019

Year 6 Graduation

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2018!

We have loved having you at OSPS, and hope that you have enjoyed your time here.

Wishing you all the best for your futures!

House Swimming


A huge congratulations to Gould House for winning the House Shield for 2018!

Well done to everybody who participated!

End of Year Medication Collection


A reminder to parents that medication needs to be collected from the Office on the last day of school, after final assembly.

For the safety of all children we are unable to hand any medication directly to children, unless the permission slip is filled out and returned to the office or emailed to hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au

If the permission slip is not filled out & returned or the medication collected by a parent, then the medication will be stored at school, at the risk of the parents.

Please make time during the holiday break to have all Action Plans reviewed and signed off by your doctor, so you are covered for the whole school year.

Overdue Library Books


As the 2018 School Year is now finished, if you have unreturned school library books, please keep them safe and return at the start of the 2019 school year.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Riley Street Mural

A huge thank you to Kaarin H. for organising the snazzy, new Riley St mural. Kaarin put in lots of hard work to organise the mural, and even went through the arduous process of applying for, and receiving a grant from council!

Another huge thank you is also due for the Art Department and the Year 5 students for their efforts towards the mural!

It looks fantastic!


Year 5 Camp – Sovereign Hill

Day 1

As the buses pulled into the hotel car park, everyone pressed their faces up to the window to get a better look. Sovereign Hill, the town of the 1800’s. Everyone sprinted off the bus and grabbed a bag. There were so many stairs that we all had to roll or carry the bags down, but it was worth it. The exciting part was getting to know our cabins. It was very nerve-racking. We split into classes and did fun stuff, like gold –panning, touring and many more. Then we got settled into our cabins. Some cabins had a TRIPLE bunk bed! I think everyone enjoyed cabin time and the teachers got some peace and quiet. Dinner was pizza and a soft drink. That was when it began to rain heavily. Dessert was a paddle pop.  After a few minutes, all the Year Fives went to a theatre to watch a pantomime. We got to watch the trial of Timothy Hayes re-enacted. We had SO much fun. Then with a big day ahead of us we all went to bed (after chatting for an hour!).

Sienna H and Nanoha T 5MB


Day 2

When we woke up that morning it was raining, but that didn’t stop us from doing some fun activities and exploring Sovereign Hill. First, we went to the New York Bakery at Sovereign Hill where we got treated with delicious bacon and eggs with hash browns and toast, which we enjoyed it a lot. Next we started participating in the camp activities, which everyone enjoyed. One of the first activities my group did was bowling which was interesting because we did not have the normal bowling balls or pins. After that we went down Main Street to watch the gold smelting where it was turned from rock to gold blocks. After that we had some free time so we went back to gold panning, this time people found a lot more gold. After lunch we went to an education session where we learnt about history and how it’s a great place to visit, but not to live. It was an action packed day but all together an awesome one.

Rosalie G 5EE


Day 3

It was our last day of camp. I was ready to face the day. It was a fun day filled with fun activities. We did bowling as our first activity. Not ten-pin bowling but nine pin bowling. It was different but the same. RUMBLE! CRASH! A strike by Paul. He was the only one to actually get a strike. After that fun filled bit of entertainment we went out on a shopping spree. Yes you heard me a shopping spree. The shops that were just beyond our reach were suddenly right in front of us. Lollies! Lollies! Lollies! Who doesn’t love lollies? At the lolly shop I got chocolate liquorice. I absolutely adore any type of liquorice. I think I got that from my mum. I also got a gold coin with my name engraved on the back of it. Now to 1:00, a sad time; we had to leave the camp which had provided all our needs. Even my curiosity had been sated which is a first. I knew I had to go back home though. When I look through my memories later I will have these words imprinted in my mind WHAT A YEAR 5 CAMP!

Gabriel R 5MS


The Pantomime

“And it all happened right here in Ballarat.” A hilarious performance that taught us so much about the stockade and what led up to the fight. And the process of preparing for it with military practice and the flag and why they chose that particular date (as numbers were down in the stockade) to the changes that were made after the fight like the permit for mining, it became cheaper and the arrests that were made as well as the changes in parliament (half the parliament being sacked) and the difference that has had today (voting).

Alicia R 5NK


Our Camp Experience

We were both sooooo glad to get off of that bus so that camp could really start. The weather was sooooo nice when we got there that we thought it was going to last for the whole camp. The sun shone down on us as we wandered around Sovereign Hill. Many exciting activities awaited us, but we still wanted to find out our cabins as soon as possible. After finding out our cabins we were really excited and happy with whom we were with. Half an hour later, we started our activities. This included, bowling in the 1800’s, Secret Chamber Mine Tour, Gold Panning and a fun educational activity where we got to dress up. Later that evening, we got to check our bunk rooms and unpack before having a shower. We then had dinner and enjoyed 2 pantomimes. The next day we started early and were lucky to have a buffet style breakfast. We participated in some more activities. Although these activities were loads of fun we found it a little bit challenging because it was raining most of the day. By the end of the day we were all drenched!!!!After dinner we got to watch another pantomime which only had 2 people in it!!!! But it was still enjoyable. Hopping into bed most people would have instantly fallen asleep after the adventurous day we had had. The last day was exhausting with packing, shopping and the long bus ride home. Camp was absolutely amazing!!!! We were sooooo glad that we got to go.

By Lauren O and Zoe D 5HP


Year 3 Camp Out



Another fabulous Year 3 Camp Out!

Tents, games, fresh air and friends!

Thank you to all the students and staff for making this a great way to celebrate their year.


The Giving Tree

OSPS Christmas Giving Tree

Thank you for your generous donations for the Salvation Army and St Joseph’s Outreach Program!

Every donation is gratefully received, and allows those who are in need to provide a Christmas gift or meal for their families and loved ones. It makes all the difference to those who are now able to celebrate the holidays with their family!

As a school community, being able to help those less fortunate than ourselves shows great compassion and kindness. Bringing everyone together to help others highlights the community spirit, kindness and generosity of the OSPS community.

Colour Run

Thank you to all those who participated in the Colour Run in November! It was a huge success, and the funds raised will go towards funding our Robotics Lab in 2019!

Despite some issues with prizes, all prizes have since been distributed!

A big congratulations and thank you to all the amazing OSPS participants!


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