Oakleigh South Primary School

NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 40 14th December 2022


“You learn something every day if you pay attention.’ – Ray LeBlond 


Issue 40  – 14th December 2022


Thursday December 15th
– Year 6 Graduation Lunch @OSPS
– Year 6 Graduation Ceremony

Friday December 16th
– Meet the Teacher Day

Monday December 19th
– Final day for students

Tuesday December 20th
– Curriculum Day (Student free day)



As the year comes to a close, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to make it another exceptional year at our school. A big THANK YOU must go out to our hardworking children, our dedicated staff and to our amazing families.

We have a number of staff that will be leaving us, whether it be retiring, working at a new school or for other adventures. Jenny Smith, Jan Presnell and Julie Kearney are all retiring and are heading off to enjoy the next stage in their lives. I’d like to thank them for their wonderful service to our school and wish them all the best for their futures. They will be missed.

Nadine Kingsley, Matt Gordon, Kirsten Brown, Cassie Furst, Connie Pikarou, and Alyssa Godino, will not be returning next year. Thank you all for your contributions to our school and I’d like to wish you all the best for new adventures. Nicola Ellery and Stephanie Giabardo are both leaving to start their families.

We will also be welcoming several new staff starting next year.

The Year 6 students are enjoying their final week at primary school and will celebrate their graduation with lunch tomorrow and the ceremony tomorrow night. A big thank you the Year 6 team and their parent helpers who have worked so hard to make this event happen for our Year 6 students.

Please remember to keep reading over the holiday break. Whether it be a book or accessing Reading Eggs or myON. It is so important to keep practising your reading. Don’t forget to log in to Mathletics to keep your maths skills up to date!

Lastly, I’d like to wish all our O.S.P.S. community a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year. Enjoy this holiday period with family and friends and I look forward to welcoming you all in 2023.

Enjoy the festive season.







Term 4
3rd October – 19th December  (3:30pm finish)
Curriculum Day Tuesday 20th December






Congratulations to our neighbours South Oakleigh College who have hit an average study score of 30 in VCE with an average ATAR of 72.2. A massive achievement demonstrating growth and continual hard work!



Well done to principal Helen Koziaris and the whole staffing team, parents, students and the school community.



OSPS and SOSC work closely on a variety of projects and recently the Department of Education led Oakleigh Education Plan project.



Click HERE for the article.





We have had a busy year across Oakleigh Education Plan, as leaders and teachers within our three schools worked closely together to achieve our goals and priorities.


A major focus of our work with Monash Tech School and design studio MoveMerge earlier in the year enabled us to learn from our teachers about their beliefs, perceptions and aspirations regarding STEM learning and design thinking. Through this work and ongoing engagement with the Design2Innovate professional learning series delivered by Monash Tech School, the focus of the OEP has transitioned to place a greater emphasis on design thinking.

Design Thinking professional learning community is being established in 2023 to provide greater structure to our leaders’ and teachers’ collaborative work and learning. The professional learning community will further strengthen the collaboration and shared learning among our teachers as they continue building their design thinking capability.



Organised by Monash Tech School, Monash University and the City of Monash, the Monash Maker Faire was held on Sunday, 4 December. Over 9000 people across the day visited physical marketplaces, labs and studios at Monash University. Our three schools developed a ‘Mission to Mars’ project where students engaged in design thinking to identify and address several challenges in mounting a mission to Mars. OSPS students tackled the challenge of food and how to grow, harvest and prepare food for living on Mars. HPS students design the facilities to house mission members and provide a habitat and sustainable environment. SOC students designed and developed robots to construct the buildings and facilities designed by their Huntingdale classmates.

The quality and depth of work were outstanding, as was the enthusiasm and depth of knowledge students demonstrated when presented to visitors who filled the Woodside Building throughout the day. Congratulations must go to all our students, teachers, and the Monash Tech School team, who delivered an incredible event.


Japanese learning continues to be an OEP priority. This year has featured several engagements with the Japanese Consular General. Students have had the opportunity to visit the Japanese Consulate and welcome the Consular-General to Japanese cultural events during the year.

The OEP, through OSPS and SOC, has successfully applied to be part of the Local Native Speakers Language Assistant program in 2023. This program offers only limited places, and securing

the services of a language assistant as part of this program for a second year is a great outcome. In no small part, this success can be attributed to OSPS and SOC jointly funding the appointment of a language assistant in 2023, as the program only provides partial funding.


Reciprocal Japanese learning walks will continue in 2023, continuing the learning walks in 2022 to provide teachers with the opportunity to observe Japanese learning across our three schools. It is essential to identify an explicit teaching and learning focus. This supports successful learning as teachers can understand our classrooms’ challenges, teaching strategies, and learning strategies by observing, reflecting, and discussing.



As our focus has shifted entirely to implementation, work is underway to identify the most meaningful data. Doing this will enable us to continue to monitor and evaluate our achievement and progress across all aspects of our work, such as building teacher capability in design thinking.

The OEP has continued to build momentum throughout the year. With implementation continuing to be driven by the principals, leadership teams and teachers at each of our schools, we look forward to what will achieve to benefit the learning and engagement of all our students in 2023.





Dear Parents and Carers,

The last order date for Classroom Cuisine is Friday 16 December.
They will return for orders on Friday 3 February.

Thank You





In STEM Science, the Prep and Year 3 students mixed elements of science, technology, art/design, engineering, and maths in seamless activities to create different challenges, and exploring critical thinking, problem solving and team work.

The challenge for the Preps was to build/create something that represents what they will be doing during the holidays using 6 jelly beans, A4 coloured paper and toothpicks.

The challenge for the Year 3s was to create something that represents what they will be doing during the holidays using 3 pipe cleaners, A4 coloured paper, sticky or masking tape.

Here are some amazing creations!!





Hamish – Prep AM


For showing resilience in his learning. Terrific effort Hamish!!


Ari – Prep AM

Working Together

For his amazing cooperation. Thanks Ari for always helping others.


Evan  – Prep AM


For his improvement in following class rules and being a great member of Prep AM!


Stella – Prep AM


For showing a super growth in her resilience. Amazing effort Stella!!!


Ethan – Prep AM

Working Together

For being a great friend and developing positive relationships. Super Ethan!!!


Toprak – Prep AM


For being resilient in the classroom and not giving up! Super Toprak!!


Jojo – Prep AM


For always making excellent choices! You are a super star Jojo!


Karmel  – Prep BB


For always working her hardest to learn sight words! Well done Karmel!


Heyan – Prep BB

Working Together

For always helping his friends and working as a team player! Well done Heyan!


Janamejay – Prep BB


For always working his hardest in every activity! Well done Jay!


Nathan – Prep BB


For always being respectful towards his peers and teachers! Well done Nathan!


Prathyush – Prep BB


For always producing wonderful work to the best of his ability! Well done Prathyush!


Lucas – Prep BB

Working Together

For always helping others and working as an excellent team player! Well done Lucas!


Kiyaan  – Prep LM


For being a great problem solver. Your work in Mathematics is excellent. Super effort!


Adrian – Prep LM


For his exceptional mathematical skills and bubbly personality. Well done Adrian!


Daniel – Prep LM


For displaying fantastic work habits and being a friendly class member!


Kevin – Prep LM


For always trying his best and taking great pride in the presentation on his work. Well done Kevin!


Lucy – Prep MR

Working Together

For being a kind and empathetic friend who is always willing to help others.


Oliver – Prep MR


For making great progress across the curriculum, but notably in reading and comprehension.


Oliver – Prep NC


For bringing his energy and enthusiasm to our classroom which motivates us all!


Tommy – Prep NC


For all the hard work and effort you have put in to improving your writing.


Persy – Prep NC


For following the rules and acting responsibly.


Sia – Prep NC


For going out of her way to complete acts of kindness. You have been so compassionate, Sia!


Howard – Prep NC


For being a polite, hard-working and responsible member of our class.


 Gautham – Prep NC


For always demonstrating a positive attitude towards his learning, even when tasks are challenging.


Lucy – Prep NM


For working hard to learn her sight words and make wonderful improvements in her reading.


Shannon – Prep NM

Working Together

For always being a good friend by displaying kindness and empathy towards others. Well done Shannon!


Sasha – Prep NM


For making sensational progress in his reading and writing this year. Way to go Sasha!


Henry – Prep NM


For listening carefully in class, following instructions and presenting excellent work.


Kaavya – Prep NM


For always trying her best and continually working hard to make improvements in reading and writing.


Lenka – Prep NM


For always doing amazing drawings and for being a wonderful class helper. Well done little artist!


Jack – Prep SG


For always practising sight words and working hard to improve his reading. You’re a star, Jack!


Vaishnavi – Prep SG


For following rules consistently and always acting responsibly. Keep it up, Vaishnavi!



Michael  – 1AM


For working hard to improve his handwriting! You’re becoming a superstar writer Michael!


Aria – 1AM

Working Together

For being a true friend to your classmates and always looking out for them! You’re a star Aria!


Devam  – 1AM

Working Together

For learning about different emotions and understanding how your peers feel! You’re a gem Devam!


Janis  – 1CG


For demonstrating outstanding multiplication and division skills. You are superstar Janis!


April  – 1CG


For being an outstanding student all year round and for always giving 110% in every task. You rock!


Kanav  – 1CG

Working Together

For showing brilliant teamwork skills during our Caine’s Arcade group project. Great work superstar!


Quinn – 1CL


For being a kind, respectful and helpful classmate! You’re an absolute star Quinn!


Nuaym  – 1CL


For his excellent improvement with his writing and concentration. We’re so proud of you Nuaym!


Thea  – 1CL


For working hard and presenting quality pieces with beautiful handwriting and illustrations!


Jake  – 1CL


For always contributing to class discussions and sharing his knowledge and opinions! Well done Jake!


Umika  – 1CL


For her happy and positive spirit and always giving everything a go! Well done Umika!


Rophe – 1CL

Working Together

For being a great friend and working well with all members of our class. You’re a star Rophe!


Harvey – 1JG

Working Together

For being a superstar team player during our Caine’s Arcade building sessions. You’re a gem, Harvs!


Tali – 1JG


For showing wonderful determination on Maths Invaders all term to exceed the Year 1 levels. Go Tals!


Rachel – 1JG


For having a positive attitude towards her learning each and every day and using beautiful manners!


 Georgia – 1LD


For always trying her best and taking great pride in the presentation of her work. What a superstar!


Ziggy – 1LD


For working through challenging tasks with a positive attitude. Well done Ziggy!


Thishan – 1MT


For being a great friend to 1MT this year!


Jordan – 1MT


For working at keeping your writing between the dotted thirds. Keep it up Jordan!


Lewis – 1MT

Working Together

For working well with your team mates building your arcade game!


Reyyansh – 1NM


For always working hard and quickly in class and always helping others who are in need. Well done!


Laila – 3AG


For being a perfect role model in 3AG, always listening and participating in class discussions.


Jenson – 3CF


For working diligently to already complete their AR target for this term. Well done Jenson!


Amelie – 3CF


For displaying excellent manners and always demonstrating compassion and kindness. Well done Amelie!


Maggie – 3CF


For always trying her best and showing improvement in her maths skills. Congratulations Maggie!


Olivia – 3DD


For improving in writing by taking on board all the VCOP and Seven Steps skills. Marvellous work!


Jivraj – 3DD

Working Together

For being an extremely thoughtful and considerate student to others. Well done Jivraj!


Yalini – 3DD


For being a thoughtful student, as well as an extremely hard worker producing much improved work.


Jack – 3DD


For his amazing progress in writing and his consistent hard work in class. Just wonderful Jack!


Sasha – 3DD


For improving in his writing, by utilising his VCOP and Seven Steps skills. Marvellous work Sasha!


 Advay – 3DD


For being enthusiastic towards his learning and showing how he has grown over the year. Well done!


Myra  – 3JS


For always demonstrating excellence in the classroom and trying her best with a smile on her face!


Eno – 3JS

Working Together

For being able to value others and learn from them. Keep up the good work Eno!


Oliver – 3JS

Working Together

For being able to value others and learn from them. Keep working hard Ollie!


Zara – 3JS


For showing appreciation of, and care for the school and the environment. Well done Zara!


Thanishka – 3JS


For dealing with ups and downs maturely and quickly moving forward. Well done Thanishka!


Jade – 3JS

Working Together

For being able to value others and learn from them. Keep trying hard Jade!


Krishiv – 3MW


For always working to the best of your ability.




Arnav – 2AP


For always taking care of his belongings and looking out for his friends. Super work Arnav!


Tanisha – 2AP


For her amazing job at the Year 2 production as a ladybug. I loved seeing your smile!


Nicholas – 2AP


For being an incredible grasshopper in the Year 2 Production! Well done superstar!


Jasmine – 2AP


For her incredible effort and performance at the Year 2 Production! You’re a superstar Jasmine!


Kosta – 2AP


For his fantastic effort across the whole year. Well done Kosta on some fabulous achievements!


Amaira – 2JR


For always presenting neat and tidy work. Well done, Amaira!


Aaron – 2JR


For consistently completing tasks at a high standard. Keep up the great work, Aaron!


Prayag – 2JR

Working Together

For always offering to help others when they are in need. Well done, Prayag!


Cathy – 2JR


For working through challenging tasks with a positive attitude. Well done, Cathy!


Mason – 2LW


For your amazing efforts in Reading this semester. Well done Mason!


Amy – 2LW

Working Together

For always looking to help others in the classroom and out on the playground. Well done Amy!


Saina – 2LW


For the hard work you’ve given to improve your writing this Semester. Great work!


William – 2LW


For your fantastic performance in our Year 2 Production, Goin’ Buggy!


Wanyi – 2LW


For your awesome performance in our Year 2 production, Goin’ Buggy!


Anika – 2SC


For always working hard in class and willingly taking on feedback to improve her work.


Chloe – 2SC


For flying through Maths Invaders levels, achieving incredible high scores each time.


Peter – 2SC


For displaying a respectful attitude and continuously demonstrating the 5Ls and using his manners.


Aiden – 2TM


For demonstrating an excellent example of ‘backfill’ in his writing. Well done Aiden!


Ada – 2TM


For always completing her tasks to an exceptionally high standard. Well done Ada!


Ryder – 2TM


For demonstrating his very impressive acting skills during our production practise. Well done Ryder!


Liam – 2TM

Working Together

For always offering his assistance around the classroom. You are such a responsible helper!


Levi – 2TM


For acting out and practising his talking parts with enthusiasm during production rehearsals.



Zack – 4DK

Working Together

For always listening to his peers, asking thoughtful questions and making fabulous contributions! 🙂


Tiyah – 4DK


For always trying her best in and out of the classroom and being an excellent role model and leader!


William – 4DK


For being an excellent classmate, trying his best and brightening up the classroom! Well done!


Adhvik – 4DK


For always showing respect to his peers and teachers. Well done on being an excellent role model! 🙂


Armaan – 4DK


For his amazing effort in his inventions project! He put 110% effort in and achieved an A+! 🙂


Shreya – 4CW


For continuously taking an incredible amount of pride in all of her school work. Well done Shreya.


Eleni – 4CW

Working Together

For working very cooperatively as part of a group as part of the Year 4 Expo. Well done Eleni.


Brooke – 4CW


For consistently displaying incredible manners when interacting with her teachers and peers.


Divyam – 4CW


For consistently producing fantastic results in the classroom. Well done Divyam.


Khwahish – 4KH

Working Together

For her collaboration with her group to produce and excellent product for the Mars science Expo.


Nithika – 4KH


For always showing respect to her teachers and peers and having beautiful manners.


Ryan – 4KH


For his fantastic results in the ICAS tests. Well Done Ryan!!


Viyaan – 4KH

Working Together

For working so cooperatively to help his group meet the requirements for the Mars science Expo.


Vaika – 4KH


For having a go at everything on the Grade 4 camp with a smile on her face. Well Done Vaika.



Liyah – 5HP


For always showing kindness and empathy towards her friends.


Siana – 5HP


For always arriving at school with such a positive mindset and a huge smile.


Alexa – 5HP


For her amazing attitude towards reading. Your love for reading is truly wonderful.


Racshna – 5KP


For always taking initiative with her learning, asking questions and producing outstanding work.


Vanessa – 5KP


For reading so fluently in our teacher focus group, in such a clear and expressive voice.


Jess – 6JD

Working Together

For working well with all students and being a respectful class member. You’re a star!


Ariel – 6JD


For her excellent effort to add description to her writing. Keep it up!


Steph – 6JD


For always listening to instructions and completing tasks efficiently. Well done, Steph!


Oliver – 6JD

Working Together

For working well with his team to create a fantastic campaign. Well done, Oli!


 Inara – 6NM


For being an integral part of 6NM this year. This award is long overdue Inara!!!


Amber – 6NM


Nobody personifies academic excellence like you. Thanks for bringing your amazing knowledge to 6NM.


Jasper – 6NM


For being a diligent Japanese captain in 2022 and for demonstrating respect every day.


Arya – 6NM


For being so good on camp. Well done for giving 100% and making it an amazing experience.


Charisse – 6NM


For being so polite. Charisse, you are one of the nicest students I have ever taught!


Oskar – 6SM

Working Together

For displaying initiative and fantastic teamwork at camp. You are the hospitality super star!


Mika – 6SM


For facing challenges and leading by example at camp. You should be so proud of your efforts Mika!


Angelina – 6CM


For rising to the challenges she faced at Year 6 Camp to get the most out of her experience.


Athulya – 6CM


For facing each new day with a smile and adopting a positive growth mindset when approaching tasks.


Tvishaa – 6CM


For always speaking to her classmates and teachers with courtesy and respect.


Akishan – 6CM


For his perseverance, good nature and work ethic at Year 6 Camp – even in the kitchen! Great work!


Satyam – 6CM


For our new Premier – excellent presentations during the Year 6 Political Campaign and Great Debate.




Reagan – 4KH

Performing Arts


For excellence when participating in dance lessons and showing your talents in school band.


Aditya – 5KP

Performing Arts

Working Together

For working brilliantly with your dance group to develop and perform your routine in class.


Hazel – 6SM

Performing Arts


For being a true leader in performing arts, in graduation rehearsals, production and senior choir.


Ita – 4LD



For trying your best and always working hard in Japanese class!


Jessica – 4AS



For working hard and striving to achieve your best!


Alessia – 5KP


Working Together

For working well together with your classmates and always trying your best!


Ashley – 5KP


Working Together

For challenging yourself by doing something out of your comfort zone! Well done.


Evia – 5SA


Working Together

For working so co-operatively with her group during a zoom meeting! Well done.


Angelo – 6JD



For helping students and teachers in Japanese class!




Get all these dates into your calendars or diaries so you don’t miss out on the amazing events and special days. Parent Group are delivering to our parents and students for the rest of Term 4.

Important Dates

Christmas Raffle & Inflatable World – 16th December


We have a wonderful Parent Group, they are always looking for more helpers.

Thank you Parent Group


Xmas Stall

Last Thursday & Friday, the Junior Music Room was transferred into a Christmas shop complete with Christmas carols playing on repeat. Volunteers were on hand as class by class, the students continuously came in looking for gifts for their families, friends and of course themselves. It was great seeing their faces light up as they told us all about who was going to enjoy the goodies they had bought. Thank you to those that gave up their time helping to set up, pack up and run the stall. Without these wonderful volunteers we wouldn’t be able to continue hosting events like this for the school community.


Uniform Shop Newsletter

As we approach the end of the school year, if you have any used uniforms, you are welcome to leave them in the office for the 2nd hand uniform shop.
We would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers that gave up their time this year, to keep the uniform shop open, organized and running. the Uniform Shop is closed this coming Friday 9th of December.




Let’s celebrate the end of a successful year! Parent Group is pleased to announce they’ll be hosting an end of year function for the prep to year 3 students at Oakleigh Inflatable World on Friday, 16 December. The cost is $5.50 per child over 4 with siblings welcome to attend.


Please note the following information:

– The event runs from 5.oopm – 8.oopm

– Socks must be worn by all attendees using the inflatables

– Drinks will be available for purchase at the venue

– The venue is licensed

– Outside food may be brought into the venue

– We will advise closer to the event if tickets will be available at the door


Check Compass for further details and thank you Parent Group!



Oakleigh South Primary Parent Group are pleased to announce tickets for the OSPS Christmas Raffle are now on sale. Tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. The link to purchase tickets is: https://www.trybooking.com/CDTUQ
We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for making this raffle possible.
Ticket sales will close at 10:00am, Thursday, 15 December 2022, with the winners will be drawn at the final assembly for 2022, on Friday 16 December. Winners will be contacted via phone or email shortly after the draw.
We would again sincerely like to thank all our sponsors and wish families luck in the draw!


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.