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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  40 – 14th December 2018


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Issue 40  –  14th December 2018



Monday 17th December
– Special Assembly Year 4 – 6
Leadership Positions Announced
– All Library Books Due Back to the Library

Tuesday 18th December
– No Assembly
– Year 6 Graduation

Wednesday 19th December
– House Swimming Sports
– Prep Graduation 2.30pm

Thursday 20th December
– Final Year Assembly 1.30pm
– Term 4 Ends 2.30pm



OSPS Statements – please pay outstanding items or return marked statement as per the enclosed instructions to the office

– Qkr! Year 6  Graduation DVD Order Due Mon 17th
– Qkr! Year 5 Camp Full Payment Overdue
Qkr! Year 4 Craft Power Incursion Overdue







2018 – Term 4

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

2019 – Term 1

29 January (staff start)
30 January (1 – 6 start)
31 January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term – 5 April

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


A few weeks ago Haftu Strintzos  came to speak to the whole school assembly  about his life back in his Ethiopian village, his time at OSPS as well as his amazing achievements since.  His talk was inspiring and very moving. It just goes to show what opportunity can do for a child.

Everyone in the school was then given the opportunity to support  Haftu’s village school on Friday 30th. We had hundreds of dollars collected in classrooms as well as larger family donations.

The dress up day together with the Year 6 Expo saw us raise $5919.90. Our parent group donated a further $2000 from funds raised throughout the year.

A grand total for Tigray of……$7919.90

What a sensational effort!

Thank you to you all and have a great weekend!

Ron Cantlon


Year 3’s Compost Revolution


Cut your rubbish in half and reduce your carbon footprint.

Year 3 worm sales are now available to the whole school.

Setting up a worm farm or adding worms to your compost bin is a  great way to reduce the amount of food scraps going to landfill. Give your bin a few weeks and you too can be recycling all your food scraps.

About half of what the average household throws out is compostable, organic material. Once in landfill, this releases methane, a harmful greenhouse gas 25 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. Not only this but food waste mixes with heavy metals in landfill, becoming an acidic toxic sludge which pollutes our precious groundwater.

Our village bred compost / red / tiger worms sell for $49.99 per thousand at Bunnings.

OUR PRICE -$10 for a very generous 500 plus worms.

So far we have sold around 40 earth worm kits which come with full instructions.

Ask your child’s teacher for an order form or simply go to Qkr! to make a payment. Orders will be accepted up until Wednesday of the last week of term.

The Year 3 Village Team


Foodscraps Request


We are desperate for food scraps for our worm farms over the holidays. Our worms are so efficient that they are literally eating all of the village garbage!

Are you able to help by sending along any available food scraps next week?

Please send anything you have to the Year 3 Village.

The worms favourite food is watermelon – but anything will do, BUT  please – no meat, dairy, bread or citrus.

Thank you,

The Village Team

Overdue Library Books


List have been sent home to students who have outstanding books that need to be returned.

It would be greatly appreciated if parents could help their children find the books and bring them back to the library on Monday at the latest.

Thank you for your cooperation.

End of Year Medication Collection

A reminder to parents that medication needs to be collected from the Office on the last day of school, after final assembly.

For the safety of all children we are unable to hand any medication directly to children, unless the permission slip is filled out and returned to the office or emailed to hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au

If the permission slip is not filled out & returned or the medication collected by a parent, then the medication will be stored at school, at the risk of the parents.

Please make time during the holiday break to have all Action Plans reviewed and signed off by your doctor, so you are covered for the whole school year.


The Night the Reindeer Rocked


The Grade Two Production, ‘The Night the Reindeer Rocked,’ was a huge success. The directors Meg Corbett, Jenny Barnard and Kelly Hall, supported by all the teachers would like to congratulate all the Grade Two students on their hard work, persistence and brilliant performances. We are so proud of you all! We would also like to thank the amazing Grade Two team for their involvement with the production. It was very much a team effort and together we achieved a wonderful show which the whole school community enjoyed.

Now the Grade Two’s are back in the music classroom they have been very busy singing more Christmas songs, having a go at choreographing their own dances in small groups as well as learning how to play a short piece of music on the xylophones. It’s been such a fun year in Grade Two music. We are so proud of what the students have accomplished and it’s been an absolute pleasure teaching them. Merry Christmas.

Meg Corbett and Jenny Barnard



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