Oakleigh South Primary School

NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 36 16th November 2022



Issue 36  – 16th November 2022


Friday November 18th
– Year 5 Incursion
– School Disco

Monday November 21st – Friday November 25th
– Year 6 Camp

Tuesday November 22nd
Prep – Year 3 Assembly

Saturday November 26th
– State Election @OSPS School Hall

Monday November 28th 
– Year 5 Leadership Day

Tuesday November 29th
– Whole School Assembly

Wednesday November 30th
– Year 6 Hot Dog & Casual Clothes Day
– Year 2 Production (Green Cast)

Thursday December 1st
– Year 2 Production (Blue Cast)


The Year 4’s had an amazing time at Arrabri Lodge in Warburton last week. Not only did they have great weather overall, but there were so many activities to take part in. The children had an absolute ball. Thank you to the staff who went to this camp and supported the children in a fantastic experience.

145 year 6 students thoroughly enjoyed a fantastic Trivia Night at school with their teachers and year 6 committee members last Friday. It was a great success and all students have expressed how much fun they had, well done to those involved.

Last night the 2021 Annual School report was presented to the school community. If you were unable to attend, this report is available on the school website for you to read. Thank you to the parents who attended last night’s forum.

Last Tuesday, both our boys and girls’ tennis teams were successful in progressing to the Regional Championships which were held today at the Pakenham Regional Tennis Centre. We wish them good luck on this achievement.

Just another reminder, the Parent Group will be hosting the school disco this Friday 18th November. This is always such a popular event for all the students. Please see the details in this newsletter.

I hope you enjoy your week.






Term 4
3rd October – 19th December  (3:30pm finish)
Curriculum Day 14th November & 20th December





Parent Group will be holding a sausage sizzle on the upcoming election day, Saturday, 26 November from 8.30am – 4.00pm.

We are looking for volunteers to help on the day to ensure it is a successful event. On the day, we need helpers to cook, serve and collect money.

If you can spare at least 90 minutes we ask that you please enter your details on the google sheet:


Any help given on the day will be greatly appreciated.





We will be hosting our 2nd Colour Run for students in prep to year 6 at 1.30pm on 2nd December! Head to Compass to pay the entry fee for your child.

It’s going to be a fabulous day of excitement, fitness, adventure and colour! Parents are welcome to attend.

If you are able to help for the afternoon please contact osparentgroup67@gmail.com

Thank you to Parent Group for your organisation!


We will be hosting the Disco on Friday 18th November with times for students as follows:

Prep – Year 2:  5.00 – 6.00pm
Year 3 – Year 6:  6.30 – 8.00pm

Wristbands will be delivered to your child before the event together with any glow products that have been pre-purchased. We ask that parents ensure your child wears the wrist band to gain entry to the hall and brings their glow products.

Tickets for entry to the Disco, can be purchased on the night, however all the glow products must be pre-purchased via Trybooking.

Prep to Year 2 Parents may attend and wait in the school foyer, however only students will be allowed in the hall.

Year 3 – 6 will be dismissed from the foyer.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Parent Group at osparentgroup67@gmail.com.

Thank you,
OSPS Parent Group

LINK – https://www.trybooking.com/CDUPC



It’s that time of the year where we are looking ahead to 2023 in terms of student numbers and staffing.

If you know you will NOT be returning to Oakleigh South in 2023 can you please advise me ASAP on the following email.


This does not include the Year 6 students who will be leaving for secondary schooling next year.



A FREE event for makers, families, and curious minds. Come and be amazed by the talents of the exhibitors and get involved in activities.

Title: Monash Maker Faire  

Start Date: 5th of October 

Expiry: 3rd of December 

Come along to the Monash Maker Faire this December for a family-friendly showcase of passion, invention and creativity.

Bring your family, explore exhibits, attend hands-on workshops and learn all about the amazing things people in our community can make!

As part of our STEM – Science Program this term, our year 4 students will have the opportunity to be involved in an innovated project ‘Mission to Mars’ which involves the students to learn the skills of Critical and Design Thinking process that includes Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test with hands-on activities. It’s a brilliant opportunity to share their creations, learn from each other’s, and meet like-minded innovators. 

Register here for a free ticket to attend one of the largest shows and tells Melbourne has ever seen!  

When – Sunday, December 4, 10 am – 4 pm.   

Where – College Walk, Monash University, Clayton.  

Cost – No cost, tickets are FREE!  

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/monash-maker-faire-tickets-418329584047?aff=Schools



Last Friday 145 year 6 students enjoyed a very interactive Trivia Night in the school hall. This event supports the Year 6 Graduation.

The night involved 15 teams of 9 competing in multiple categories to find the eventual winner. Categories included: sport, general knowledge, music and novelty games.

Congratulations to the team – Who asked? Who came away victorious.

Well done to Mrs Marsden, the year 6 team and parent helpers for organising a great night!



Camp Reflection by Jessica T

Day 1

I sweated profusely as I looked out at the dense forest beside me. My arms and legs bounced excitedly as if they had a mind of their own. We were almost at the place of excitement, of facing your fears, the place where everything is great (except for mozzies, I mean who likes mozzies?). My grin (and eyes) widened as I saw the sign. Arrabri Lodge. Camp would be perfect. Wouldn’t it?

I sat breathlessly on my bunk, my suitcase laying awkwardly on the ground. ‘Gosh mum, why did you make me pack so much?’ I questioned myself and frankly my mother but my thoughts were interrupted by my cabin mates (you know who you are).

There was a loud thud followed by my rapid wheezing. Finally, my friends arrived. I unpacked my suitcase and prepare my bed (it’s easier said than done), once finished I raced to the meeting area.

Click! I plummeted down to the ground short of cable or wire. Long story short, I was ten seconds away from dying. Okay, fine, I’ll stop being dramatic. I had a harness and it was only a harmless swing (well giant swing). We had mini-golf before that, but we don’t talk about mini-golf. We also had flying fox (I believe I can fly) but that wasn’t that cool. Initiatives were an improvement but was mainly about chocolate marshmallows and wood. Yummy. Except for the wood.

Let’s fast forward to dinner. Crispy schnitzel, buttery potatoes, and piles of vegetables. It’s a schnitzel lovers (aka my brother’s) heaven. I munched down my food and dessert (chocolate pudding and ice cream) but the bush dancing was even yummier. I paired up with my good friend Nadia, and let’s just say we had a blast. By the time that ended, we were exhausted but our emotions were bursting with positivity.

Day 2

That night was a disaster, with the so-called ‘ding dong ditchers’ knocking on our door, the incredible lack of sleep, and the constant ‘what’s the time question!’ We entered the dining hall drowsy and slumped into our seats, cereal in hand. Later we enjoyed a meal of toast and hash browns before moving to our rotations.

I was a warrior. Shooting arrows at the target, cooking ancient bread for food, and climbing the tallest trees. Okay fine, I wasn’t a warrior surviving in the jungle but that day I did activities such as archery, making damper, climbing walls and ropes, and a river walk. You have to admit, that is kind of like a day in the life of a warrior/ survivor.

I trudged to my cabin after a long river walk. My feet were jelly, wobbling on a plate and my arms were like ropes, dangling down lifelessly. On the bright side, at least I was going to be one of the first in the shower. I showered quickly and changed into my talent show clothes. Me and my friends were doing a play (Expect the Unexpected) and it was extremely nerve-racking waiting for our act. We had dinner (lasagne, chips and salad) and while eating the talent show was all I could talk about. Finally, we left the dining hall for the talent show. I was ready.

Slow motion. The audience clapped, and the judges stood up. ‘No peace at all’ commented Leon Star. What! Sure it was about two adults fighting, but come on! Suddenly I felt the urge to be Simone Trowel again. Bring back the X Factor. ‘Why aren’t I a judge? I’m Simone Trowel after all’. Miss K… I mean Jessie J moved her phone off the seat and beckoned me to sit down. I was a judge! Not really. Seconds later Borris yelled ‘security’ and I was thrown to the ground. Fired. Again.

Day 3

My bag was packed and outside. My tummy was filled with pancakes. The bus was waiting. The only thing I had to do now is say goodbye. ‘Goodbye Arrabri Lodge, I’ll miss you!’ I yelled hysterically. Then I stomped onto the bus, sulking. I sat back in my seat and fell into a deep sleep never to be awoken ever again.

Actually, I did awake. At our next stop, Puffing Billy. I peered out of the window as the train took off. Unfortunately, Mr. Savva was way to chicken to stick his head out more than three times. Finally, we got back onto the bus. We were going back home. I loved camp and I know everyone else did too. Goodbye camp, I will miss you (until next camp).



YEAR 1’s

In STEM Science, the Year 1 students are exploring sound waves and developing their science skills through inquiry, prediction, observation, exploration, discussion and recording.

They are answering questions such as;

What happens when materials vibrate?

What objects can be used to communicate over a distance?

The students plan and conduct investigations and provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound and that sound can make materials vibrate. They also observe simple objects, patterns and events and report their observations.

Here are the Grade 1’s engaged through exploring, investigating, experimenting and evaluating! 

YEAR 3’s

This term the Grade 3’s have been investigating about properties of different materials and working collaboratively and cooperatively in groups.

They have had the opportunity to:

  • collect information about the various types of materials used for specific purposes;
  • look for alternative materials to use in place of purpose-made ones;
  • make links between properties of materials and their uses;
  • describe the properties of common materials;
  • explain how and why the uses of materials have changed over time.

They were also given a challenge to work in pairs to research, design and make a box with a decorated lid that will keep the contents dry.

Here are the Grade 3’s engaged through exploring, investigating, experimenting and evaluating!




GEM : Gratitude, Empathy, Mindfulness,


On the behalf of the  4s, Year 4 is very grateful for the time we had at Arrabri Lodge.


Gratitude: The whole of Year 4 is grateful for our opportunity to have such a fun, free camp. We are thankful to the teachers, especially Mr Savva, for all the time and effort they put into allowing us to enjoy having such a great time. We really enjoyed the fantastic food that the staff of Arrabri Lodge put so much hard work into making.


Empathy: We sympathize with the people that sadly couldn’t come to camp. We all feel empathy for the lodge staff that prepared our food, the bus drivers who drove us non-stop and the teachers that had to deal with our constant racket.


Mindfulness: I cannot say we were all that mindful, but we tried hard to clean up the mess we made. We learnt to be mindful of each other and the shared space.


By Morgan and Anvita


Zephan Foundation PMR Empathy For demonstrating care for others and understanding how his classmates are feeling. Well done Zephan!
Kristian Five 5LG Empathy For always noticing when others need help or support and always being there to provide it. You are a GEM to have around, Kristian!
Georgia Four 4KH Empathy Goergia always looks out for others and is a kind and caring girl with a beautiful soul. She always makes sure that others are ok.
Dinali Six 6NM Empathy She displays care for her friends and presented an engaging ‘Gratitude Podcast’ in class.
Ria One 1NM Empathy For being inclusive to a friend in need on our excursion to Science Works! You shine like a star Ria!
Jade Three 3MW Empathy For always looking out for others.
Nina Two 2MG Empathy For showing kindness to her classmates, and always looking to lend a helping hand.
Amy Foundation PLM Empathy For always helping her peers in times of need. Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness Amy!




Millie – 4DK
For always trying her best in all she does and producing the most amazing writing pieces. Well done!
Saasha – 4DK
For her amazing effort which has led to fabulous progress – especially in reading! Well done!
Spyros – 4DK
For dedicating himself to his work and achieving excellent results – he’s a multiplication hero!
Leon – 4DK
For always showing kindness and empathy to those around him. He has a heart of gold! Well done, Leon.
Lily – 4AS
For achieving a whopping 600 points towards her AR goal last term! Incredible effort, Lily!
Libby – 4AS
For working hard during maths sessions and never giving up when questions get challenging.
Alex – 4EW
For consistently conducting himself in respectful manner with all members of the school community.
Marlie – 4EW
For excellence in the presentation and high attention to detail in all her work.
Jack – 4EW
For resilience in working hard to improve on recent writing tasks.
Shenaya – 4EW
For excellence in consistently maintaining high reading targets.
Esther – 4CW
For making an incredible start on her AR goal for the term. Well done Esther.
Ben – 4CW
For achieving such an incredible reading range on AR for this term. Amazing Ben.
Gabby – 4CW
For settling back into our school routine so easily after her mammoth holiday overseas. Super star.
Phoenix – 4CW
For beginning term 4 with a fabulous attitude and a positive mindset. Well done Phoenix.
Jason – 4LD
For a clear improvement in his overall effort to all aspects of his education.
Shabad – 4LD
For reading consistently over the holidays and getting a great start to his AR goal.
Hetvee – 4LD
Working Together
For being inclusive to her peers and always coming to class with a positive attitude.
Orlando – 4KH
For continually working hard to improve in his learning. Well Done Orlando!
Georgia – 4KH
For continuing to achieve her personal best in all she does.
Harvey – 4KH
For being a kind and caring student who looks out for others and treats others with respect.
Saanvi – 4KH
For being a kind and caring friend and treating others with respect.


Brandon – 5LG
For striving to achieve his very best in absolutely everything he does. You are awesome, Brandon!
Nikola – 5LG
For always completing tasks to an extremely high standard and pushing herself to achieve her best.
Aurora – 5LG
For displaying outstanding manners and always demonstrating compassion and care.
Daniel – 5LG
For his excellent questioning skills, and his deep interest in topics studied. Great work, Daniel!
Eli – 5HP
For always striving to achieve success every day in all areas of the curriculum. Congratulations!
Ella – 5HP
For always displaying integrity and kindness to all of her friends and teachers. Congratulations!
Xander – 5NK
For being such a kind and considerate member of 5NK and a strong dedication to your learning
Mia – 5NK
For having such a positive mindset and showing such persistence in maths and smashing her goals!
Ayman – 5NK
For such a strong dedication to all that you do – you are a 5NK superstar!
Jinu – 5SA
For doing an incredible job and smashing his AR target in the first two weeks. New target 200 points!
Heidi – 5SA
For always striving for your best in everything that you do. You’re a star Heidi!
Harley – 5SA
For making a strong, positive start to Term 4 in all areas of the curriculum. Keep it up Harley!
Benjamin – 5KP
For more readily challenging himself to work at the next level and his ability to think critically.
Aarav – 5KP
Working Together
For his willingness to share ideas and his deep knowledge with others during maths sessions.
Sherissa – 5KP
For being more focussed during class instruction and offering intelligent responses to questions.
Yuto – 5WS
For working hard to improve his bookwork and focus in class!
Vickie – 5WS
For always trying your best with your work and writing such moving pieces. Well done, Vickie!
Jackson – 5WS
For always having a positive mindset! You know just when the class needs cheering up!
Violet – 5WS
For giving everything a go and working through challenges with maturity. Keep it up, Violet!


Tvishaa – 6CM
For always speaking to her classmates and teachers with courtesy and respect.
Mihalis – 6CM
For raising his work standards and working hard in all class tasks. Keep it up, Mihalis!
Zara – 6CM
For a strong and committed performance during the Year 6 Production. Fabulous work, Zara!
Marcus – 6CM
For always taking everything in his stride, no matter what challenge is thrown at him.
Chris – 6JD
Working Together
For being extra helpful and always collecting and delivering scripts during Production rehearsals.
Benny – 6JD
For his constant enthusiasm and determination throughout the whole of Production. You were awesome!
Michael – 6JD
For being organised and completing all homework tasks each week. Keep it up!
Tamsyn – 6JD
For always working hard to complete all set tasks without distraction. You’re a star!
Andrew – 6CR
For always trying to improve his improve his learning. Keep up the great work, Andrew!
Shabeeb Mustapha – 6CR
Working Together
For being a great team player and always lending a helping hand when required.
Aarushi – 6CR
For her ability to work without distraction and always completing a high standard of work!
Tom – 6NM
For contributing to classroom discussions and for engaging 6NM with your magnificent stories!
Jonah – 6NM
For making a positive start with his AR goal for Term 4.
Theodore – 6NM
For coming to school this term with the right attitude and for working hard in our Maths sessions.
Xander – 6SM
Working Together
For displaying great confidence and being a valued cast member during our Year 6 Production.
Niharika – 6SM
By displaying persistence and resilience during our Yr 6 Production and giving a great performance.




Orlando – 4KH
Performing Arts
For always showing respect and acceptance in class, and appreciation for learning activities.
Indigo – 4DK
Performing Arts
For displaying excellence in everything you do in Performing Arts, acting, dancing and singing.
Jayden – 5HP
Performing Arts
For being respectful of everyone during VSSS Choir rehearsals and performances.
Amelia – 5KP
Performing Arts
Working Together
For displaying excellent teamwork and supporting her fellow dancers during VSSS.
Harshul – 6FW
Performing Arts
For showing excellent performance principles in Moana and setting a fantastic example for others.
Zara – 6CM
Performing Arts
For your brilliant performance in Moana and your hard work every week in choir.





It comes when things seem at their worst,

you feel like you might burst.


It allies with everyone’s fears,

and all it leaves behind is tears.


It is usually very violent,

And sometimes is very silent.



It comes when hope is dying,

But there is always a silver lining.


Only those who are the bravest

Can push through times that are darkest.


That is Darkness!

By Vihaan 4KH


Chocolate is a thing that makes us happy

It makes our hearts flutter and thoughts go sappy

It tastes good with candy and strawberries too

Turns people cheery, people like me and you.


Chocolate is a sweet that makes us think best

It makes us feel grateful, calm and blessed

The liquid can be poured into a mould

And can be eaten or expensively sold.


Chocolate makes people forgiving and inspired

It’s a snack you can munch, whenever you’re tired

Chocolate is a subtle and humble thing

It makes our stomachs rumble and our hearts sing


Life might not be the same without it

Though surely everyone loves it

It holds a place in our hearts

I’m sure next time you buy some, it’ll be from K mart


By Morgan  4LD



I think reading is fun

But some think it’s boring

While I enjoy books

They are left snoring.


When you are bored

And you’ve nothing to do

Read a book

There’s always something new.


Read any book, large or small

Flip through each of the pages

Look at the words, everywhere

Ans enjoy the book for ages.


Books last forever

They never run out

When you read more

There’ll be more without doubt.

By Lily   4AS




Get all these dates into your calendars or diaries so you don’t miss out on the amazing events and special days. Parent Group are delivering to our parents and students for the rest of Term 4.


Important Dates

Disco – 18th November

Colour/Slime Run – 2nd December

Christmas Stall – 8th & 9th of December


We have a wonderful Parent Group, they are always looking for more helpers. If you can spare any time please e-mail osparentgroup67@gmail.com

Thank you Parent Group


Oakleigh South Primary Parent Group are pleased to announce tickets for the OSPS Christmas Raffle are now on sale. Tickets are 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. The link to purchase tickets is: https://www.trybooking.com/CDTUQ
We would like to thank our amazing sponsors for making this raffle possible.
Ticket sales will close at 10:00am, Thursday, 15 December 2022, with the winners will be drawn at the final assembly for 2022, on Friday 16 December. Winners will be contacted via phone or email shortly after the draw.
We would again sincerely like to thank all our sponsors and wish families luck in the draw!



Parent Group are hosting a popcorn day for the year 5’s and a Pizza Day for the Year 1s and 2s.

Popcorn bags will be $3 and orders close at 3pm on Tuesday, 22 November.

Pizzas will be $3 a slice and $2 for a juice box. Orders close Friday 26th November.

Please check your Compass for link to order and further information.

Thank you Parent Group for organising.



Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.