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th  November 2021


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Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from doing what you can – John Wooden


Issue 36  – 17th November 2021


Mon 15th  Nov
Yr 4 – 6 Forensic Science Incursion

Fri 19th Nov
Yr 6 Graduation Photo

Mon 22nd – Fri 26th Nov
Yr 6 Camp – Halls Gap

Smile Squad Dental Health Services Onsite

Tues 30th Nov
Japanese Dress Up Day

Presentation of 2020 Annual Report – via Zoom  at 5.30pm














We have been managing the ever-changing protocols as specified by the Chief Health Medical Officer and DET which now sees us fully returning to onsite learning. The Primary Close Contacts are returning after 14 days of isolation also.

There were a total of 19 positive cases to manage, and I am delighted to report that our responses and processes have meant that the school and community have managed to contain this outbreak in a timely manner.

Thank you to the OSPS Covid Response Team for their efforts in the onerous task of managing each case and to our staff for managing the Google classrooms for the week closure, and for the students in isolation. A special thanks to Nikki Virtuoso, Evert Eykman and Nigel Hooley who co-ordinated the whole process.  I also sincerely thank every member of the OSPS Community for your support in immediately isolating and getting tested, and your responses if we have had to contact you as a “Primary Close Contact”.

As we are getting back to normal, all our programs are running very smoothly. The flexibility and resilience of our staff and children is to be commended during this term. We remain positive it will be smooth sailing to the end of the year.

I will continue to reinforce this message at every opportunity: If your child is feeling unwell or displays any symptoms whatsoever, please do not send them to school. Please get tested ASAP and please do not come back to school until you have the “all clear” from the Department of Health.

Next week our Year 6 students will be travelling to the Grampians to attend their much-anticipated camp. After the many setbacks we have endured, to have this camp go ahead is a welcome relief. I wish all the staff and students a fabulous week away.

Enjoy your week ahead.

Ron Cantlon



Term 4 4th October – 16th December

Last day of Term 4 finish is 3.30pm 




After the fortnight OSPS has just experienced, for the health and wellbeing of all our students, staff and community please do NOT send your child to school unwell.

Parents will be called for an immediate pick up for any child displaying symptoms and a recommendation will be for your child to have a COVID test before returning to school. Please e-mail your classroom teacher the negative test results before returning to school.

Runny nose, cough, sore throat, ear ache, temperature, headache, tummy ache, lethargic are all reasons to keep your child at home. Even the slightest of these symptoms.

If your child needs Nurofen or Panadol – they are too sick to come to school.

Those students with asthma, hayfever or allergies must have current plans in place from your doctor. OSPS will work together with families to manage symptoms of these conditions in line with current health advice.




Gates 2, 3 and 4 are rostered to be staffed at 8.45am and closed at 9.00am. Gate 1 is open throughout the day to allow for late arrivals and early pickups.

All late arrivals must come through Gate 1 after 9.00am.

All 4 gates are rostered to be staffed 3.30pm – 3.45pm, then locked at 3.45pm.

Parents are not to use the staff car park. Please use in the oval car park or on Riley street if you are dropping off or collecting your child throughout the day.





A parent inquiry to the school has identified that 2021 results are available on the ICAS website. As you can see from the screenshot below the results were expected to be released 4-6 days after the end of this years sitting window on the 26th November.

We were therefore expecting results to be made available sometime after 30th November. However, ICAS have released results early without communicating this to the school and they are now available online.

To access the results, you will need your child’s TAP-ID and PIN Code. If your child has completed ICAS in the past these details are available on the back of their certificates. If you cannot find these details, please contact me at nigel.hooley@education.vic.gov.au and Nigel will be able to provide these to you.

The results service can be found at:  https://orti.icasassessments.com/ortiStudent

Year 2 students will have participated in ICAS for the first time this year. Your child does not have to wait until we issue their first certificates and will be able to access their ICAS results using the TAP-ID and PIN Code that has been given to them in school today.

Thank you for your continued support of our ICAS Assessments program, we look forward to seeing your children participate again in 2022.



We understand that family situations change, and families move from our area.

We will soon be planning for our 2022 classes, so if your child will not be returning to Oakleigh South Primary School in 2022 please email enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au and their classroom teacher ASAP.



Dear Grade 3 Parents,

We have this year’s Isa Brown hens, (that were hatched in our classrooms), available to adopt. There is an adoption fee of $15 each. They will need to be picked up in the second last week of school, (week beginning 6th December). The hens will be sold on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis to Year 3 parents initially.

To have your adoption approved you will need to meet the criteria below:

  • You must complete the Google Form below.
  • You must have a suitable cage or be prepared to provide receipt for the purchase of a cage if approved.
  • You must not have any dogs in the household.

Our chickens have been free ranging and fed on a diet of mixed grains. They lay beautiful eggs daily and are very tame, making them very good pets.

Each family who adopts one of our hens will receive a care sheet to help you understand how to care for your new pet. We will also provide you with some grain to get you started.

Google Form Link:  https://forms.gle/S6WghzpHtjrFdKcu6





During lockdown the art teachers were busy putting Prep Portraits into frames and preparing them to go home to families. Although this year has been very disrupted it was very important to us to keep the OSPS tradition alive and guarantee all families had a sensational portrait done by their child.

It’s a lengthy process that requires many practice goes before a final copy onto artists cartridge. We start by reaching up the page as far as we can and opening our fingers to make a star. This helps us get the size of the head right. We then draw a circle with a skin colour and add a neck. Next comes the uniform, limbs, shoes and socks and lastly hair and facial features. We add numbers up to ten.

Over the following weeks we add skin coloured water colours and fluorescent rainbow backgrounds. Lastly The magical art room fairies come in and trace the shape of the school uniform onto fabric and cut it out and glue it onto the artwork to match your child’s drawing exactly. Final touches are added by your child such as additional outlining, buttons and hair ribbons…. Then they are all labelled and framed! WHAT A HUGE JOB!

We are very much looking forward to continuing this tradition in 2022 with our new Preps.




Over the next few weeks, the students will take part in our Little Einstein’s mini unit. We will be working together to learn about simple engineering, technologies, and inventions.

The children will be able to imagine, plan, create and test their own designs to make bridges, boats, and parachutes. Have a look at some of the magnificent bridges we have made


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