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27th  October 2021


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ʺKnowledge will bring you the opportunity to make a difference.” – Claire Fagan


Issue 33  – 20th October 2021


Mon 1st Oct
Prep – Year 6 return to full time face to face learning

Tue 2nd Oct
Melbourne Cup Day public holiday







Yesterday we saw the return of our year 3 & 4 children back onsite for the first time since lockdown restrictions were eased. The excited children eagerly burst through the gates so happy to reconnect with their teachers and friends, many who they have not seen face to face for over 10 weeks.

As reported in the press last week, all year levels will be on site together as of Monday 1st November. This is such great news for the children, staff and the parents. We are all looking forward to an uninterrupted 6 weeks of learning together, where the children can re-establish friendships and classroom routines once again after the Melbourne Cup public holiday on Tuesday the 2nd November.

This morning when I got to school my office had been taken over by some pesky teddy bears, then I realised, last night our prep children left their teddy bears at school for the Teddy Bear’s Sleepover!! Looking at the prep classrooms this morning, I can see the teddies got up to a lot of mischief during the night. The preps certainly have had a fun morning with their teddy bears!!

Enjoy the week






Term 4
4th October – 16th December

Last day of each term is a 3.30pm finish




In conjunction with the department’s School Operations Guide and Safety Management Plan it’s important that any member of the school’s community must not come on onsite if they’re displaying cold and flu symptoms.

Please ensure you are not sending your child to school if they are exhibiting the following symptoms: coughing, sneezing, sore throat, temperature, fever,headache, aches and pains or tiredness.

We appreciate your understanding.



The SunSmart period from September to April means all students must wear a hat outside during recess and lunch. As parents are unable to come past the black school gates (unless it is an late drop off or early pick up), the school is providing options below for students to purchase a hat from the office.

Brand new PSW bucket hats ($15) or wide brimmed hats ($18) with the OSPS logo can be purchased from Mrs Virtuoso at the office. A range of 2nd hand hats are also available at the office for $3. Please ask your child to bring in the exact money in an envelope or zip lock bag and we will supply your child with a hat!



For those OSPS families interested and eligible, there is a free to enter colouring competition organised by Monash Eyewatch.

  • There are legal terms and conditions attached that should be read by the parent/guardian and consent is also required for the child to enter.
  • Entrants must reside in the Monash municipality.
  • The entries are to be emailed as per the information in the instructions.
  • Only 1 entry per child.
  • Entries close Friday 5th November 2021 at 5pm. (Free entry)
  • Winners will be announced on Monday 8th November 2021.
  • Wonderful fun and educational prizes on offer and winners will be contacted to arrange collection.




It is going to be a very hectic time of year at PSW coming out of lockdown and servicing the whole community needs for school uniform.

PSW are encouraging families to book fitting times in January to avoid up to 3 hour wait times. Or order online if you know your sizing.

Please see link below to the OSPS catalogue.

Oakleigh South Primary School PSW Flyer



Next week, the 2022 Prep transition program will begin. Unfortunately, due to the current DET restrictions for people coming onsite, these have to be virtual sessions.

The children will take part in two online sessions. Each prep teacher will conduct a Zoom meeting where the new preps will engage in a prep activity booklet, stories, games, singing and dancing. The aim is to give the children the best experience online, making it fun where they can experience interacting with new children and teachers.

If there is an opportunity to bring the kinder children onsite in small groups later in the year, we will try to incorporate this. However due to our large number for 2022 preps this may be logistically impossible with restrictions.

Due to the easing of restrictions, we have informed our parents that the ‘Meet the Teacher’ on Friday 3rd December is going ahead and can be held at school in the classroom from 11.15am – 12.45pm with their 2022 teacher!

The two virtual transition sessions for both groups will be on Friday 29th October and Thursday 4th November, both at 2pm.



This group was created by OSPS during the 2020 year when remote learning commenced as a forum for OSPS parents to engage as a school community and connect. This is the only facebook group for parents supported by the school as it ensurs the vibe is positive, respectful and appropriate.
We understand social media is an important community tool that parents like to engage with, however please keep in mind that the school website, Operoo, e-mailing your teacher, team leader or principal class staff are still the key and official channels of communication between school and home and visa versa. If you have any concerns or issues at any time, please contact the school directly. Social media platforms are not the right forum to be able to address or provide the attention to care that concerns and issues deserve.
Feel free to ask questions, post helpful tips, links, sell your second hand uniform, share your success stories and have a laugh memes, as long as they follow the group rules.
This site will be sporadically monitored by staff in an official capacity at OSPS under the profile Admina Oaksouth. You may find Admina posting important reminders, pointing parents in the right direction and collecting the good news stories and photos that have parent permission to use for the official OSPS facebook page and website.

Only current parents of OSPS students are able to join. Please click this link if you would like to join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1597982180354198



Can families that are not returning to Oakleigh South Primary School in 2022 please email enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au and their child’s classroom teacher ASAP please.







Oakleigh South Primary School has successfully applied for a grant from the Department of Education and Training to employ a Local Native-speaker Language Assistant in 2022. The Local Native-speaker Language Assistants Program (LNLAP) places local native-like speakers of Japanese, German, Indonesian, Spanish, Chinese and French in selected Victorian government schools to enrich their provision of languages education over the course of one academic year.

The Oakleigh Education Plan (OEP) is a collaborative partnership between Oakleigh South Primary School, South Oakleigh College and Huntingdale Primary School. Together, our three schools form a Learning Precinct where the diversity of our community, inclusion, student engagement, achievement, wellbeing and high-quality teaching and learning across our three schools are shared and celebrated. The LNLAP initiative is one example of the learning opportunities being offered to our students as part of the Oakleigh Education Plan.

The LNLAP initiative presents a wonderful opportunity for students to expand their language learning and interest in the program from schools has been high. We are now seeking the help of our community to identify potential candidates to fill this role in 2022. If you know of anyone who may be suitable and interested in taking on this exciting opportunity, please encourage them to contact Sumiko Ranjitkumar, Language Assistants Program (LNLAP) Coordinator at Oakleigh South Primary School for more information, including a role description and selection criteria (email preferred).

For a more detailed outline of the program please click on the link here – LNLAP Document

Email: Sumiko.Ranjitkumar@education.vic.gov.au

Phone: 03 9570 1016

Applications close: 4pm, Friday 5 November 2021

Commencement date: 28 January 2022




Last Tuesday, Japanese Hiragana Black Belt students in Year 5 were invited to participate in a 50 minute Zoom session with Wada Primary School in Tamba, Japan. They all got to talk to their Japanese peers, who then reciprocated. It was a first attempt using Zoom to talk to students in Japan live. It was a tremendous success due to the Year 5 black belt students’ dedication, by participating in a practice session and practising their Japanese speaking skills at home. All children spoke confidently on the day.

After successfully communicating directly with Japanese students in Japanese, students gain confidence in speaking Japanese and further engagement in the not too distant future is inevitable.

Sumiko Sensei and Mami Sensei are planning 4 more Zoom language exchange sessions for OSPS students this term. We are looking forward to providing these wonderful opportunities to more students once they return to school.




In term 1, all Year 6 students wrote a letter to a Japanese student in Japanese. Unfortunately we weren’t able to visit Japan and it was impossible for them to visit us this year. During remote learning, Sumiko Sensei and Mami Sensei have sent their letters electronically to a number of Japanese schools in Tamba city, Japan, and we have received their reply!  We cannot wait to share these letters with Year 6 students once they return to school! We hope this will be a wonderful keepsake for all Year 6 students. We have now developed strong relationships with a number of schools in Tamba city. We have been working hard to maintain these international connections, and hopefully we can continue with our exchange program once it is safe to do so in the future.




The school library will be open for students before and afterschool from Monday 1st November onwards. This is the last week AR students need to use the reserve book system to borrow books. Regular library lessons will recommence from Prep – Year 6 students during school.

A friendly reminder for all families to ensure you’re returning school library books when back at school. Please take a good look around your house for those books you may have had for quite some time.

If you’ve forgotten the books you’re borrowed, please access the link below.


Username: (AR student number)

Password: Library

A reminder to all students that you can only request a maximum of 2 books per week.

Thank you – The Library team.




Victorian primary and secondary students are encouraged to take part in this great opportunity. There are several ways they can be involved. SSV is not looking for the best performance, we are looking for students to give it a try.

By taking part in this great event, students will not only score points for their school, but they will also be improving themselves every time they try. There is nothing better than self-improvement and personal bests

Why not give it a shot?

There are several ways that students can be involved. They can take part in one or all of the events. SSV is offering a limited range of Track and Field events (disciplines). Why not give each one a go? Students have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For more information and to upload your results please visit the SSV page here.

In submitting Virtual Track and Field performances the parent or guardian consents to their child’s results being published with the following identifiers: first name, school, gender and age category. There is an option to enter the performance results and have the performance count toward the Virtual Points for the school, but not have the results made public. 

Entrant’s information will be used in accordance with SSV’s Privacy Policy.





The Year 5 students spent four days developing a narrative around the idea of a spy. They first brainstormed character, setting, conflict and resolution. Then they wrote their Sizzling Start (introduction), their problem (pebble, rock, boulder) and finally, their Exciting Ending, submitting their finished piece, through Google Classroom, on the Thursday.


The second piece is a response to a BTN episode, titled, ‘Australian History Special’. The Year 5 students had to watch the episode, taking notes throughout, and then write a passage detailing a short history of Australia. This demonstrates how an information report can still be written in a completely engaging way.


Kylie frantically searched around for something to help. She racked her brain desperately.
Come on Kylie! THINK!  Kylie told herself.
Suddenly, Kylie heard a screech that sounded like a woman from the house behind the alleyway. She saw Mr and Mrs. Slit hurrying into their fancy limousine and grumbling and blaming the water hose for ruining her beautiful $879 dollar dress.
Kylie went still with disbelief. There was only one thought in her head:


She shook her head to get rid of the thought and remembered something: The hose! She could use Mr and Mrs. Slit’s hose to extinguish the fire!
She raced back into their front yard at the speed of light, praying that Mr. Slit and Mrs. Slit wouldn’t notice her. She grabbed the hose like it was the most important thing in the world. (Which, it kind of was, because Agent 027 was going to die if she didn’t save her…). She turned on the hose and fiercely began showering the fire with water, keeping a firm grip, her brown eyes blazing with determination and anxiety. Eventually, the fire cowered away and Agent 027 was safe!

Agent 027 gasped for breath and came over to her.
“Thank you SO MUCH!” she thanked Kylie. “If it weren’t for you I would probably be dead!”
Kylie felt a volcano of happiness and pride erupt inside her. She had saved Agent 027!

“You’re welcome!” she replied.

“Well come on, we’d better get back to the spy base!” Agent 027 grabbed a luminous ice blue crystal and gestured for Kylie to place her hand on it.

Kylie felt the volcano of happiness and pride melt inside her and slightly miserably placed her hand on the crystal (although she tried not to show that she was a teensy bit sad.) She wasn’t going to get this spy job, was she?
The blue crystal sucked them in like a vacuum and teleported them to the spy base.

Kylie was waiting for Agent 027 to finish with the report on how things went. She wrung her fingers together. Well, maybe she wasn’t going to get the job, but what was most important was that she saved Agent 027’s life! ‘That’s what matters!’ she thought to herself happily.

A moment later Mr. Tod and Agent 027 came out of the room, looking extremely happy and gave her some type of suit. Wait a minute…it was a spy suit! Just like Agent 027 was wearing! Kylie was confused.
“But sir,” she began. “I failed. All I found out about Mr. Slit and Mrs. Slit is that they are…what’s the word? A bit…proud.”
“Ah, but you’re wrong about one thing.” Mr. Tod corrected. “You didn’t fail!”
Kylie looked up at him, still confused.

“You saved Agent 027 from dying!”

Agent 027 nodded gratefully.
“You are as of now, part of the rescue team!”

“And you’re not only part of the rescue team, you’re the captain of the rescue team!” Agent 027 added.

Kylie stared at them frozen like a statue, mouth hanging open in disbelief.

“Of course, only if you want to,” Mr. Tod gave Kylie a kind look.

“Are you kidding?” Kylie exclaimed. “OF COURSE I WANT TO!”


The British sailed the seas, originally to find a place to keep prisoners. They landed in the place that we call “New South Wales”, and planted the British flag there. They made 6 colonies: South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania.

At that time, Australia was just considered a continent, not a country or an island. When the British first came to Australia there were Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals that were already inhabiting Australia, for more than 40,000 years, but the British didn’t care and settled in the land (that wasn’t very nice…).

Later on, some people wanted federation. Henry Parks, 5 times premier of NSW (wow, that’s a lot!) made a famous speech in 1899 about why they should unite and make a federation. (but apparently according to BTN it wasn’t the best).

Henry managed to convince the British leaders to talk about federation. They tried, but there was a lot of arguing about where the capital state should be and other stuff (what happened to compromising?). Western Australia also wasn’t so sure about federation. They made a constitution and ended up letting everyone vote, and all the colonies agreed except for Western Australia, although WA did end up joining a year later.

But the federation wasn’t all good… Torres Strait Islanders and Aboriginals weren’t included in the constitution. A few years later Australia had a referendum to change the constitution so it would recognise Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, and the result was…drumroll please…YES! (Yay!)

Then, years after that, there was another problem. (Seriously? Why were there SO many problems back then?!) Some people used to mine for gold, so they could earn money. You had to pay to have a licence to dig/mine, and if you were caught without one you would be tied up to a log all night until you paid (that is just…barbaric…).

One night, tens of thousands of miners/diggers came to set up a flag of their own, and burn down their licences. It was called the Eureka Stockade. The gold miners/diggers had a fight with the authorities and people died from both sides. Let’s just hope something like that doesn’t happen again…



The Year 1s had an exciting first couple of days back last week. As a special treat for working so hard during remote learning, they completed a writing task which involved them using their senses to write a description on the features of a donut. First, they studied the donut by observing what it looked like, smelt like and felt like. They could hear their classmates’ bubbling with excitement while writing about the donut and finally they were lucky enough to write about the delicious taste of the mini donut. The Year 1 team were very impressed with each students’ descriptive writing of their donut.



When I touch a donut it feels soft like a cushion and warm like a coat. When I hear a donut it’s genius and people are laughing with joy. When I smell a donut it smells like icing, bread and sprinkles. Donut tastes like chocolate and sprinkles…donuts are scrumptious! A donut looks like a circle with icing and sprinkles. A donut is my favourite snack! – Renee 1SR

When I touch a donut it is soft and squishy. When I see it I see so many oreos and chocolate chips. I smell chocolatey and strawberry and I taste scrumptious icing. I hear quiet.  – Amish 1SR


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