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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 33 – 29th October 2019


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Issue 33 – 29th October 2019



Friday, 1st November
– Healthy Skills Yr 6
– Prep Transition  Group B
1.30 – 3pm

Monday 3rd November
Normal school day

Tuesday, 4th November
– Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
No School

Thursday 7th November
– Graduation, Sports Photos

Friday 8th November
– Prep Transition Group A
1.30 – 3pm
– School Disco
P – 2 5.30pm
3 – 6 7.00pm



It has been an eventful week with 17 students competing in the State Athletics Carnival and performing exceptionally well. Congratulations to GOLD medalists 9/10 Girls Relay Team, SILVER for Discus and BRONZE for the 12/13 Girls Relay Team. Please see further down in the newsletter for all the results.

Last Friday half of the 2020 Preps enjoyed their first transition session, the second half will participate this Friday. The budding students were settled and all smiles as they emerged from the classrooms from their prep transition activities.

The Year 6 Movie Night was well supported and enjoyed by those who attended, thank you to the Year 6 Committee for organising this event.

Teachers were involved in a very valuable professional learning session this week moderating student’s writing.

The Year 5’s were involved in a St Johns’ First Aid Incursion where basic first aid was taught to the students. It is always important for children to know some of the basics of first aid.

The Robotics Room build is progressing along nicely; air conditioning, handrails and blinds was installed over the week. The technology fit out is in progress and furnishings and furniture has been ordered. We anticipate the room to be operational by the end of term.

Congratulations to Anthony Rowe who was the successful applicant for the Assistant Principal’s position commencing next year.

Have a great week.

Ron Cantlon


2019 Term Dates


2019 – Term 1

Tuesday 29th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 30th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 31st January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term –  5th April
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 28th June


Term 3:

Monday 15th July – Friday 20th September

Term 4:

Monday 7th October – Thursday 19th December (2.30pm school students finish)
Friday 20th December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


2019 Payments Due


School Fees – Under School Payments

Library Fund – Under Specialist Charges

Year 6 Camp Installment – Under Year 6 tab – Overdue
Year 6 Family LifeUnder Year 6 tab -Wednesday, 6th November
Year 6 Camp Balance – Under Year 6 tab – Wednesday, 13th November

Year 5 Camp Deposit – Under Year 5 tab – Wednesday, 30th October
Year 5 Camp Installment – Under Year 5 tab – Wednesday, 13th November
Year 5 Camp Balance – Under Year 5 tab – Wednesday, 27th November
Year 5 – Yr 6 2020 Graduation Polo – Under Year 5 tab –Wednesday, 30th October
Year 5 – Yr 6 2020 Rugby Jumper – Under Year 5 tab – Wednesday, 30th October




A reminder to parents and carers are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

Please make sure you do your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules. This includes parking correctly in the signed areas, and completing 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection!

We also urge parents to please remember to be patient and polite when using the Oval Carpark, and be good role models for all the children witnessing their behaviour. With over 800 families, drop off and collection times will be busy and you will need to plan your time accordingly.

Please click here for further parking information oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/about-us/#parking




Yard duty before school commences at 8:45 am.

After school teachers are in the grounds until 3:45 pm. Students on school grounds outside these times will not be supervised (unless they attending a before or after school care program or supervised extracurricular activity).

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that students do not arrive early or stay late after school unless they are attending before or after school care, or a pre-arranged supervised activity (i.e. running club).


School Payments and Qkr!

Qkr opens on a Wednesday, and after a 2 week payment window, close at 4.30pm on a Wednesday.

Please check the event permission form for details on where to find the payment in Qkr. If it is not shown on the first screen, please check the headings along the top.

To check whether you have paid for an event, please go the the first Qkr page and check the “Activity” heading. You then need to sign in, and can view receipts for you payments.

If you have any issues accessing your Qkr account please email Sarah Van Deursen vandeursen.sarah.e@edumail.vic.gov.au with the following details:

*  User’s email address registered with Qkr
*  User’s mobile number in Qkr
*  First name and surname of one or more of the user’s children.

This will enable us to contact our Qkr account manager who can then confirm and delete the user’s Qkr registration so that the user can then Sign Up on Qkr using the same email and mobile number if desited.

** Note that deleting the user’s Qkr registration will also delete their access to previous Qkr receipts. Users will, however, be able to see their Qkr purchases on their credit card statement, and the school will be able to verify their transaction details if required by running a past payment report.
To avoid the possibility of users losing access to their Qkr receipts in the future, they can activate the option to Always Email Receipts on their Qkr App settings.


Year 3 Village Requests



Earn house points for your house and help us to be sustainable

We want to REPURPOSE your old newspapers, REUSE your egg cartons and to COLLECT your unwanted seedling pots from Woolies.


We use your old newspapers to line our guinea pig and rabbit cages and to tear up and soak for the worms.
We have thousands of worms in the village – they consume all the village food scraps – but we need newspapers as well.

Woolworths Discovery Garden seedling pots

Thank you to all families sending these in. We are sorting them all into planting times so that they can be used in the village.

Pottery Pots and Planters

We are also happy to accept any unwanted pottery pots or planters.

We have enough plastic ones for the time being.

Thank you
The Year 3 Village Team

School Banking

Thank you for all the families who are continuing to send their bankbooks in each week.  We are especially happy to see those deposit slips being filled in.  As it is now Term 4 we will return any banking unprocessed should the deposit slip not be completed.

Please note THERE WILL BE NO BANKING CUP WEEK even though school is running.  Some of our banking volunteer parents are unavailable so we decided not to run it.

Last banking for 2019 is Monday 2nd of December.  This is the last day we are able to order rewards.  Any unused tokens will be rolled over into 2020.

Reward Update

The Term 4 items Water Skimming Bounce Ball and the Polar Pencils & Pencil Toppers Set are now available to order.

PLEASE NOTE that the YETI FLUFFY NOTEBOOK is now sold out.  Please do not order this item.

Please also remember that you cannot combine several children’s tokens together when claiming a reward.  The Commonwealth Bank ordering system does not allow us to do this.

That’s it for now.


– The School Banking Volunteer Parents


NOVEMBER – Worm Sales



For those who would like to set up a worm farm at home  we will be selling earth repair kits in November – 1000 worms for $10 as compared with $49 at Bunnings!
The kit includes worms and instructions for set up – a truly sustainable Christmas present.


Prep Teddy Bear Sleep Over






On Thursday, the 17th August, all of OSPS Preps had a Teddy Bear Sleepover!!

(The teddies slept over, not the preps!!!)

We made our special teddies beds from old shoe boxes, tucked them into bed, read them a bed time story, then turned out the lights!!

Good night, Sleep tight!

Our teddies were not good at sleeping, but they were amazing at making a mess. They all got up to mischief, had a party, made a mess AND they did not sleep a wink!!!

To finish off, we all had a picnic with our teddies and Year 4 Buddies for lunch.  What a day!!

Sport’s Desk – Term 4






Last Thursday 17 children represented the school at the State Track and Field Championships at Lakeside Stadium in Albert Park. Under very warm conditions all children performed brilliantly.

All our athletes made finals and a number received medals.

Cleo – 4th – Long Jump

Tricia – 4th – 800m

Sophie – 2nd ( Silver ) – Discus

Austin -6th – 200m

Myrto – 5th – Hurdles

4 x 100m Relay

9/10 Boys – Rhyle, Daniel, Cooper & Aadam – 6th

9/10 Girls – Josephine, Cleo, Tricia & Isla -1st ( Gold )

11 Boys – Dean, Kensei, Ethan & Austin – 7th

12/13 Girls – Indy, Jazmin, Lauren & Myrto – 3rd ( Bronze )

Well done to all children. The Athletics season is a long one, starting with House Athletics at the end of Term 2. The fantastic results are due the great competitive nature and spirit of all children at Oakleigh South PS.

Mr Mooney




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