Oakleigh South Primary School


12th October 2022


“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.” –  Sydney J. Harris


Issue 31  – 12th October 2022


Tuesday 18th October
– Senior Assembly (Years 4-6)


Wednesday 19th October
– Southern Metro Regional Athletics


Friday 21st October
– Prep Transition (Group A)


Yesterday we welcomed the whole school together once again for our weekly assembly. To have the 1068 children and staff together after almost 3 years was a wonderful sight. And to make things even better, it was Japanese Dress Up day, so the hall was a sea of colour and all things ‘Japanese’! Unfortunately, due to the number of students and staff at a whole school assembly, we can’t have parents attend, however, you are welcome to attend the Junior and Senior assemblies when they are scheduled. The whole school assembly can be viewed online at https://sites.google.com/education.vic.gov.au/ospstv/home 

Yesterday we had many of our students represent Oakleigh South at the Beachside Division Athletics Carnival. Congratulations to the students who represented our school so well, the feedback about the students behaviour and sportsmanship was exemplary. A huge thank you to the staff who have put hours of time into training the students in preparation to be their best. Well done to the students who have qualified to move to the next stage, the Southern Metro Regional Athletics to be held next Wednesday.

The year 2 children are deep into their rehearsals for the upcoming production of ‘Goin Buggy’, on Wednesday 30th November and Thursday 1st December. Please put these dates in your diary as I’m sure the Year 2 children will delight you in our final production of the year. Ticketing information will be published soon.

Enjoy the rest of the week.









Term 4 – 3rd October – 19th December  (3:30pm finish)





It’s that time of the year where we are looking ahead to 2023 in terms of student numbers and staffing.

If you know you will NOT be returning to Oakleigh South in 2023 can you please advise me ASAP on the following email.



This does not include the Year 6 students who will be leaving for secondary schooling next year.



A FREE event for makers, families, and curious minds. Come and be amazed by the talents of the exhibitors and get involved in activities.

Title: Monash Maker Faire  

Start Date: 5th of October 

Expiry: 3rd of December 

Come along to the Monash Maker Faire this December for a family-friendly showcase of passion, invention and creativity.

Bring your family, explore exhibits, attend hands-on workshops and learn all about the amazing things people in our community can make!

As part of our STEM – Science Program this term, our year 4 students will have the opportunity to be involved in an innovated project ‘Mission to Mars’ which involves the students to learn the skills of Critical and Design Thinking process that includes Empathise, Define, Ideate, Prototype and Test with hands-on activities. It’s a brilliant opportunity to share their creations, learn from each other’s, and meet like-minded innovators. 

Register here for a free ticket to attend one of the largest shows and tells Melbourne has ever seen!  

When – Sunday, December 4, 10 am – 4 pm.   

Where – College Walk, Monash University, Clayton.  

Cost – No cost, tickets are FREE!  

Link: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/monash-maker-faire-tickets-418329584047?aff=Schools




The Village has been alive with the sound of ducks and chickens. Mr. Wilde’s ducks came to live in the Village with us and are quite amusing as they splash about in their pond. They also lay eggs which look quite different to eggs that our hens lay. Speaking of our hens you may have heard the “bock, bock” sound they sing as they lay their eggs. It certainly makes the Village sound alive.  Our hens are on show for the whole school to see as they walk to the Art room.

These beautiful, healthy hens will be available soon to join families. Each year our hens are re-homed for a small fee and in return you will get to enjoy their yummy eggs! There are only a couple of stipulations if you would lie to purchase some hens – you must take two as they need a friend and you must have a suitable setup at home for them to lay their eggs and to live in safely.

Please see Mr. Hooley or Mr. Wilde if you are interested.




Year 3 have been busy practising how to write great beginnings, to get their writing pieces off to an entertaining start. Here are some examples.

Confident, polite and easy to get along with – all these personalities belong to the courageous Mandy.

(Catherine P. 3 CF)

The old house on the hill was really dark, creepy, dusky and creaky. Every time you opened a door, stepped on a floorboard or touched something it would creak. Katy and I tried to be brave as we could, especially as we touched the front door.

(Makaela T. 3CF)

Huh! Huh! My anxiety was kicking in and Katy almost passed out. We saw Dad struggling to come to us. Katy and I froze with shock with what we had just seen……

(Oliver Mo. 3JS)

A mysterious figure trudged through the complete darkness in the old building. Katy and I were feeling brave and confident, but then we saw creepy red eyes and we changed our thoughts extremely quickly. With another look, the scary figure with red eyes was back, face to face with us …..

(Ayrton 3JS)



We discussed how to use our five senses to write a tension scene, building the tension as we wrote. Here are some excellent examples.

If only I didn’t detour this way. It was far too cold for me, you couldn’t see past overgrown bushes and the crows were shrieking loudly. As I ran I tripped and fell on the rusty old train tracks landing face down and turning my hands blood red. The taste and smell of acrid gas filled the air. Something awful must have happened here!

(Pippa R, 3NH)

I wish I hadn’t had something on after school that made me feel I had to take this shortcut again. I shivered through the rusty, cold, dark railyard. I stopped in my tracks when I saw an old wrecked train covered in graffiti. I stared in disbelief wondering where it had come from, it wasn’t here last time. The leaves crunched loudly underfoot as I moved towards the train. Slowly I poked my head inside and the stench hit me like a brick. Something terrible had happened here a long time ago. Suddenly a shrill scream brought me back to reality…

(Sophia D, 3NH)




G – we are grateful for all of our teachers who are working with us in Term 4 to prepare us for our new grades in 2023

E – we would like to show empathy to our friends when they are sick, worried or in need of a friend

M – we are mindful about how to look after the environment, especially by being sustainable



Zara 3JS Mindfulness For her positive approach to learning through the use of mindfulness.
Keira 1LD Empathy For looking after her classmates and ensuring they feel safe and happy! You’re a star Keira!
Ethan Prep NC Empathy For showing respect and patience in every interaction. You are a beautiful person and friend, Ethan!
Alex 4EW Mindfulness Alex has exhibited incredible mindfulness in the way he has approached all learning tasks and social interactions. He is patient and calm when working with his Prep buddy and displays this same sense of approachability and inclusiveness in and out of the class room. Well done Alex, your classmates and teachers appreciate the way you go about everything you do in school.
Jasmine 2AP Empathy For looking out for her friends and warmly welcoming our new class member. I love your kind and caring nature, Jasmine!
Waed 6SM Gratitude For displaying overwhelming gratitude towards her teachers and school community for welcoming her back to Oakleigh South Primary School. You are a joyful addition to our classroom Waed.
Alex 4EW Mindfulness Alex Reading Alex has exhibited incredible mindfulness in the way he has approached all learning tasks and social interactions. He is patient and calm when working with his Prep buddy and displays this same sense of approachability and inclusiveness in and out of the class room. Well done Alex, your classmates and teachers appreciate the way you go about everything you do in school.





Get all these dates into your calendars or diaries so you don’t miss out on the amazing events and special days. Parent Group are delivering to our parents and students for the rest of Term 3 and 4.

We have a wonderful Parent Group, they are always looking for more helpers. If you can spare any time please e-mail osparentgroup67@gmail.com

*** Note Parernt Night has been moved to Saturday 12th November ***

Thank you Parent Group



Footy Colours Dress Up Day is always an exciting event for staff and students.

Parent Group was eager to help behind the scenes with producing a cooked lunch for those who had ordered a sausage in bread.

During the day, close to 900 sausages were cooked with the same amount of sliced bread sorted for each class, and over 500 juices delivered to classrooms amongst more tasks necessary to ensure the day ran smoothly.

We would like to once again, express our gratitude to all that volunteered on the day to help ensure it was a success.



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