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13th  October 2021


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“Only surround yourself with people who will lift you higher.”  – Oprah Winfrey


Issue 31  – 13th October 2021


Mon 11th Oct – Fri 29th Oct
– UNSW Competitions (Online) (Year 2 – 6 nominated students)

Fri 15th Oct
– Civics and Citizenship Incursion (Online) Year 5’s

Mon 18th Oct
– Prep return to face to face learning (Mon-Wed)

Tue 19th Oct
– School Council Meeting

Thu 21st Oct
– Years 1 & 2 return to face to face learning (Thur-Fri)

Tue 26th Oct
– Year 3 & 4 return to face to face learning (Tues-Wed)

Thu 28th Oct
– Year 5 & 6 return to face to face learning (Thur-Fri)

Fri 5th Oct
– All students in Prep-Year 6 onsite

Tue 16th Nov
– Japanese Dress-up Day 2021






It’s very exciting that next week our Preps and Year 1 students return to school to be with their teacher and classmates.

We welcome our Preps next Monday the 18th October till the Wednesday. On Thursday 21st October our Year 1 & 2 children will come back to school.

Details of all the return dates for all students can be found in the Operoo which has been sent out today. I know that all the teachers and I’m sure all the parents and children are very happy and excited for everyone to be back in the classroom together.

This week many of our Year 2-6 children have been involved in the ICAS assessments. These voluntary assessments are being done online with teachers conducting the sessions over Zoom. Thank you to all the teachers who have been involved in making these sessions happen for the students.

Next week, the 2022 Prep transition program was due to begin. Unfortunately, due to the current DET restrictions for people coming onsite, these have had to be changed to virtual sessions. The 2022 families will be notified early next week via post of the changes, however for families at our school already, the first session for Group A on Friday the 22nd October has been cancelled.

The two virtual transition sessions for both groups will be on Friday 29th October and Thursday 4th November, both at 2pm.

Enjoy the rest of your week.





Term 4
4th October – 16th December

Last day of each term is a 3.30pm finish





Enrolments for Prep 2022 have now been offered and confirmed.

We look forward to meeting our 2022 families in the near future.







Year 6 Camp – 2nd instalment due 3rd November



Japanese Dress-up Day 2021


Japanese Dress-up Day is on Tuesday, the 16th of November!

Students and staff will have the opportunity to have fun dressing up in a Japanese costume to celebrate our amazing Japanese Language Education Program at Oakleigh South Primary School.

Here are some ideas of what you could wear or dress up as on the day.

  • White and/or red T-shirt
  • Kimono/Yukata
  • Karate/Judo-gi
  • Mario
  • Ninja/Samurai
  • Characters from Pokémon/Anime or
  • Any Japanese themed costume and be creative!

Please keep in mind that, the weather in November can be unpredictable. Be prepared for both hot and cold weather when dressing up. There is no cost involved for this celebration.

Let’s make this Dress-up Day our best celebration ever!




This term the Year 5 students are learning all about Australia in the 1800’s. Our topic is filled with so much history about how our country has come about. Learning about our First Australians, Convict Settlement, The Gold Rush, Eureka Stockade, Federation and so much more. Here are some of their amazing work so far this term.



Australia In The 1800’s


Australia was not a country, it was a continent full of different people. Back then women were not allowed to vote, so things became difficult among the people. Women were not the only people treated unfairly,  Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders were also not included in things. Some people were poor while others were rich. Not a long time after the women were allowed to vote, another thing popped up in Australia. A river with gold was discovered in a part of Australia, at the edge of Melbourne. Lots of miners came from all over the world to try mining for gold, but mining for gold is difficult and dangerous. People need a licence to mine for gold and sometime after, the miners decided to burn their licence all together. More than ten thousand miners showed up and burned their licence!

Mia Z 5KP


Oliver P – 5FF

River – 5NC

Aarushi – 5KP

Maya – 5NK

Emma – 5LG




Victorian primary and secondary students are encouraged to take part in this great opportunity. There are several ways they can be involved. SSV is not looking for the best performance, we are looking for students to give it a try.

By taking part in this great event, students will not only score points for their school, but they will also be improving themselves every time they try. There is nothing better than self-improvement and personal bests

Why not give it a shot?

There are several ways that students can be involved. They can take part in one or all of the events. SSV is offering a limited range of Track and Field events (disciplines). Why not give each one a go? Students have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

For more information and to upload your results please visit the SSV page here.

In submitting Virtual Track and Field performances the parent or guardian consents to their child’s results being published with the following identifiers: first name, school, gender and age category. There is an option to enter the performance results and have the performance count toward the Virtual Points for the school, but not have the results made public. 

Entrant’s information will be used in accordance with SSV’s Privacy Policy.




I went to prison and I am writing a letter to my family.

Dear family,

I ended up going to prison. I should’ve listened and stayed like you said. I just wanted to be a miner, and we didn’t have the money to pay for a mining licence. I got thrown in here a week ago. They only let you write a letter every Friday and I got locked up on Saturday. It has been awful. I have barely gotten any food let alone water. The person who locked me up, his name is Ramon which is weird because he looks like Peter to me. He is the worst. He calls me fake or faker. It’s so annoying. Right now I am on a ship to a different country. Ramon didn’t tell me where though, so I am super worried. What I am doing right now, writing this letter and trying to stay in the middle of the ship’s prison cell. In the corner there are spider webs and on the sides there are rats, cockroaches and spiders. The only place that is safe is the middle. Pretty hard to stay in the middle considering the ship moves every 5 minutes. I really miss you all. Also tell grandpa that he will get out of the hospital soon. I love you all.

Sincerely, John.
(Mikayla 5HP)


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