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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 30 – September 21st


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Issue 30 – 21st September 2017

Friday 22nd Sept
– Footy Colours Day and Hot Dog Day
– End of Term – early dismissal 2.30pm

Tuesday 26th Sept – Thursday 28th Sept
– Code Camp

Monday 9th October
– Term 4 Begins

Wednesday 11th Oct
– Yr 3, 4, 5 Swimming Program begins

Thursday 11th Oct
– Bentleigh District Summer Sport Finals





Three magnificent shows down and the final show   tonight. The children have been sensational in their performances in Peter Pan Jnr. The children should be very proud of themselves with their hard work, commitment and dedication paying off. Once again a huge thank you to the year 6 children, teachers, parents and everyone else who has played a part in making this production the success it was.

During the holiday break there will once again be lots of activity in the school grounds. I’m sure you’ll all get a big surprise when you see the improvements that will have been made to the playing areas for the children. I can’t wait to see it myself!

As we head into the two weeks holiday, please make sure that everyone stays safe and that you all have a restful and relaxing break. School will resume for term 4 on Monday 9th October. See you all then.

Enjoy the holidays!

Ron Cantlon



Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start)

31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish) 22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish






Save the Date

A Curriculum Day has been scheduled for Monday, 6th November.

Tuesday, 7th November is Melbourne Cup Public Holiday.

Students are not required at school on these two days.



Woolworths Earn and Learn 2017

Earn and Learn finished this week, but if you have any stickers at home, please return to school tomorrow so we can add them to our tally.


OSPS is currently teaming up with The Sunshine Collective to offer parents the chance to purchase Brilliant Boxes.
Brilliant Boxes support your child’s learning and, with the school receiving 15% of sales, you will also be supporting your child’s school.

Each box is packed full, with 14 teacher-designed educational activities and all the educational resources you will need. They even provide you with the answers!

There is a display outside the school office, if you would like more information. You can also visit www.sunshinecollective.com.au.

You should all have received an order form last week, so simply fill this in and pop it in the Brilliant Box at the school office.
Your order will then be delivered to your child’s classroom the very next day – brilliant!


40km/ph Zone & Traffic Lights at Centre Road, near Riley Street/Windsor Avenue

My name is Janet Ford Adams and I am a parent at OSPS. Together with a few other parents, we are looking into the safety surrounding the pedestrian crossing on Centre Road, near Riley Street/Windsor Avenue, which many of our students use.  We have observed cars frequently going through the red light for a variety of reasons.  These include:

  • racing the lights
  • buses stopped near the lights impeding vision
  • right turning traffic into Riley Street/Windsor Avenue prompting rapid lane changes through the lights
  • simply not “seeing” the lights and not slowing down

Parents and children that use the crossing daily know all too well to make sure that traffic has stopped both ways before entering the crossing.  Roberto, our new crossing guard, has already had a couple of “near misses” himself. Roberto is certainly helping, however we have still had “near misses” and need the 40 km/hr zone so as to make drivers slow down and be more aware of the pedestrian lights.

We are hoping to approach VicRoads and Monash and Kingston councils with a proposal to install a 40km/hr zone between Bunnings and the Ice Skating Centre.  This would be only activated during school drop off/pick up times, similar to many other Victorian schools.  We feel that slowing down the traffic flow will go a long way to improving safety for parents and children on this busy road.

We have prepared a petition and if parents would like to lend support to this proposal, you can help by signing the petition at the school office

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Janet & Doug Adams
0409 966 704



It’s been another big and busy Term in Grade 2 with groups continuing and production practice getting into full swing!

Below is an outline of what students have been learning in grade 2 this term.

In English students have been:
*  improving their narrative, persuasive, recount and explanation writing.
*  increasing their accuracy with spelling, with activities structured to target specific learning goals.
*  building on comprehension skills whilst reading independently and in groups.

In Mathematics students have been:
*  building on their understanding of multiplication and division facts.
*  learning to tell the time using analogue and digital clocks.
*  understanding chance and whether an event is likely, unlikely or impossible to occur.
*  estimating and measuring the length and perimeter of a given object.

In I.C.T students have been:
*  using a variety of different programs to consolidate their computer skills.
*  creating a PowerPoint based on their understandings of the topic ‘Water, Water Everywhere’.

In Integrated Studies students have been:
* exploring the everyday uses of water and its properties.
* discovering the 4 stages of the water cycle through various hands on activities.

In Fitness and Grade 2 assembly students have been:
* undertaking varied physical exercises to enhance motor skills and promote team work.
* singing collaboratively as a cohort.

In production rehearsals students have been:
* working hard to learn their lines in an expressive manner whilst also learning the many different songs and dances.
* taking their scripts home to ensure they fully understand their role on stage.







Student Voice Term 3 Integrated Studies Topics

Jasmine: Good afternoon students, teachers and parents, I’m Jasmine, this is Alexandra and Jemma and we are 3 of your Student Voice members. Here in student voice we have noticed that everyone has been so busy with their year levels integrated subject and haven’t really noticed what other year levels are doing.

Alexandra: So Student Voice has compiled a short power point with all the integrated subjects from around the school. The power point contains information about your curriculum and pictures of children’s work. It may also be interesting to look at your own year level to learn more about what you’re going to be doing.

Jemma: This term the preps will be doing the topic ‘School Yard Safari’ learning all about animals, they’ll be learning about how to look after animals, where animals live, what animals eat, interesting facts about all types of animals and the most exciting part, their excursion to Melbourne Zoo.


Jasmine: While the preps are learning about animals the Grade 1’s are doing the topic ‘My Island Home-Australia’ in which they’ll be learning all about all the states and territories in Australia, including the flags.

They’ll also be doing an information report on Australian animals, learning about all the famous Australians, then, the thing all the students will be looking forward to, the ‘Aboriginal Culture For A Day’ incursion which has Aboriginal dancing, music and face paint, they’ll also be doing Indigenous Studies, they’ll also be making their own rain sticks, so if OSPS suddenly experiences some rain, it’s probably the Grade 1’s!

And last but not least they’ll be learning about where our house names come from. What a busy term for the grade 1’s!



Alexandra: While we all take water for granted, the Grade 2’s are learning all the ins and outs with their topic ‘Water, Water, Everywhere!’, all the students will learning about the different ways we can use water, like we can drink it or we can swim in it. They’ll also be learning about how to be safe around large masses of water.

They’ll be learning about the water cycle, how water reaches our taps, they’ll also be learning about different varieties water can be found and finally learning how to, and the need to care for our water. One thing’s for certain, the Grade 2’s won’t be taking water for granted again!


Jemma: There has been a lot happening in the Grade 3 Village this term. Firstly during the holidays the chickens started laying. So they now have eggs to cook with along with produce from the garden and also to sell. They have all be learning about eggs as nature’s fast food.

The calf arrived from Chesterfield Farm last week-she is a Friesian Jersey Cross and is now 2 weeks old. Her name is Chessie. The year 3’s are learning all about the benefits of including dairy food in their diets. They are also learning all about cows!

They had Potato Day last week as well, some say it was the highlight of the year, the Grade 3’s collected sticks from behind the school and made a big fire. They then washed the potatoes and wrapped them in foil, then the teachers put them in the fire!

It was also Amsden’s birthday; they all sang happy birthday to her on Potato Day. It’s almost time for her to go off to train to be a guide dog. The grade 3’s will also be having an excursion to Chesterfield Farm.



Jasmine: Much like to the Grade 2’s, the Grade 4’s are doing the topic ‘Australia-You’re Standing On It!’
They’ll be learning about the geological features of Australia including natural and man-made icons, they’ll be learning about the states and territories and their capitals, including their state emblems.

They’ll also look at tourist destinations and Victoria and regions. They’ll also be learning to use an atlas and google maps while doing some mapping.

The Grade 4’s will all become mini explorers, exploring all around Australia! And of course we can’t forget their spectacular performance of The Aristocats Jr. all the grade 4’s had a great time in the spotlight!



Alexandra: This term the Grade 5’s are studying the Human Body. They’re looking at all the different systems and functions of our spectacular bodies, particularly the digestive system and muscles.

They’re all enjoying the South Oakleigh Secondary College rotations, although, not all of them are ecstatic about dissecting an eyeball!

Also, some lucky students are preparing to dance in State School Spectacular, I’m sure all of them are very excited. The Grade 5’s are also preparing to be the choir for the Grade 6 production.


Jemma: This term is a very busy one for the Grade 6’s with the topics The Entertainment Industry and The Technology Challenge plus the production! But the Grade 6’s manage to fit it all in.

They’ll be doing a project on a famous celebrity in the entertainment industry and have been using an activity booklet called a contract to do little activities like make your own news broad cast or a grid enlargement.

They have also made bridges made of tissue boxes as pillars, straws and masking tape. They’ll be doing a completion to see whose bridge is the strongest soon.

They have also been practising their production Peter Pan Jr. all the Grade 6’s are getting very excited and we hope to see you all there!

Alexandra: Thank you for listening to our presentation on all the integrated subjects for Term 3, we hope that you found it interesting and useful.




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