Oakleigh South Primary School


  14th September 2022


““The learning process continues until the day you die.” – Kirk Douglas 


Issue 29  – 14th September 2022


Monday September 12th –  Thursday 15th September
– Year 6 Production Nights

Tuesday 13th & 14th September
– Year 1 & 5 Wanyara Incursion

Friday 16th September
– Footy Colours Day
– Term 3 ends @ 2:30pm


Monday night saw the opening night of the Year 6 production of Moana Jnr and a wonderful matinee yesterday afternoon. See the year 6 children giving it their all on the stage was a welcome sight after two years of reduced productions. The children did not disappoint and put on a show full of exceptional singing, dancing and acting with lots of smiles, laughter and a couple of happy tears. Well done!

Our productions are a credit to everyone involved, the children’s teachers and parents who all helped to make ‘Moana Jnr’ an incredible show. These productions take hours and hours of rehearsals not to mention the time put into costumes, sets and lighting. Thank you everyone.

Don’t forget there are still some tickets available for tonight and tomorrow nights shows. These can be bought online at Trybooking.com or at the door.

RUOK? Day was a great success last Thursday as the children dressed up as their favourite ‘Superhero’ or in the colour yellow, to represent the RUOK day. We will be finishing off the week by celebrating with the Footy Colours Day on Friday. It’s great to see the children and staff being so involved on these days once again.

Just a reminder there will be a whole school assembly on Friday at 1.50pm before the children will be dismissed at 2.30pm. The assembly will be online on OSPStv. The link is https://sites.google.com/education.vic.gov.au/ospstv/home

Lastly, remember to keep on reading and do your Mathletics and Reading Eggs whenever you can. Have a restful break whether you are at home or away on holidays.

See you all back at school on Monday 3rd October.





Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




Opening night of Moana was fabulous – if you have not booked tickets to see the show – get along to support our year 6’s and school. Tickets are available to purchase at the door.


Today, Tuesday 13th Sep is the 4pm matinee performance in the school hall. Perfect for picking up your children, giving them a quick snack in the playground and heading to the show – it will finish by apx 5.15pm.

7pm Wednesday 14th Sep         Cast 2
7pm Thursday 15th Sep             Cast 1

Please note all children in attendance must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets can be purchased via www.trybooking.com.au and search ‘OSPS Moana’.

Here is the direct link

Ticket Prices:             Adult $15.00
Child: $10.00

Children under the age of 4 can sit on the knee of an adult in the seated area.

Any questions other please contact Assistant Principal Nikki Virtuoso nikki.virtuoso@education.vic.gov.au




Mandy from grade 6 plays a traditional Chinese instrument called the Gu Zheng.


This instrument has 25 strings, and is tuned to the pentatonic scale which has 5 notes per octave.


Special nails are attached to 4 different fingers, and the strings are plucked and pushed to change their pitch.


Mandy has been learning for nearly 2 years and is already playing at an examination level 5.


R U OK??- Be an OSPS Upstander!


Our school community celebrated all ‘SUPERHEROES’. From our amazing parents, emergency front line workers, our friends, teachers and the list goes on and on.


Our school officially took part in R U OK DAY? Thursday 8th September. Promoting and instilling once again in our students the importance of being UPSTANDERS and supporting our friends when they are in need. Asking the very important question R U OK? And the important questions and support that come straight after.


R U OK DAY this year is was on Thursday 8th September.


OSPS Footy Colours Day is on Friday the 16th September.


We look forward to seeing everyone dressed up in their favourite team’s colours.


It doesn’t have to be AFL, it can be any sport you like! We are raising money for the Fight Cancer Foundation and are asking for at least a gold coin donation.


We’ll be doing the annual longest kick competition, Footy Day Parade and also the staff vs Yr 6 students game as well. It should be a great way to end the term!




Please keep in mind that the weather in October can be unpredictable. Be prepared for both hot and cold weather when dressing up and be SunSmart. There is no cost involved in this celebration.


Let’s make this Dress-up Day our best celebration ever!



It’s that time of the year where we are looking ahead to 2023 in terms of student numbers and staffing.

If you know you will NOT be returning to Oakleigh South in 2023 can you please advise me ASAP on the following email.



This does not include the Year 6 students who will be leaving for secondary schooling next year.




2 weeks ago the OSPS Athletics team competed at the Bentleigh District Athletics Championships. It was great to be back competing after the last 2 years of cancelled events. The team performed brilliantly under perfect skies at Duncan McKinnon Athletics track. The team won the Athletics Shield and 44 children who finished 1st or 2nd now head off to the next stage of competition, early in Term 4.

Outstanding performances on the day ( Note: R denotes  – new District Record )

Lidia V – 1st 100m (R), 1st 200m, 1st 4 x 100m

Kathleen H – 1st 80m Hurdles, 1st – Triple Jump, 1st  – 4 x 100m Relay

Sonia N – 1st 80m Hurdles, 1st 4 x 100m Relay

Laura C – 1st 100m, 1st 4x100m Relay

Anushka – 1st 800m, 1st Discus

Christina K – 1st 100m, 1st 4 x 100m Relay(R)

Elise H  – 1st 80m Hurdles, 2nd 100m, 1st 4 x 100m Relay (R), 1st Golden Baton (R)

Lucia S  -1st 200m (R), 1st Long Jump (R), 1st 4 x 100m Relay(R), 1st Golden Baton (R)

Karlos W – 1st 100m, 2nd 200m, 1st 4x100m (R)

Eli O – 2nd 100m, 1st high Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay

Michael K  – 1st 100m (R), 1st Long Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay

Jai D’A – 1st 800m (R), 1st 1500m (R)

Andrew Mc  – 1st 80 m Hurdles, 1st Triple Jump, 1st 4 x 100m Relay (R)

Cooper S – 2nd High Jump, 1st 4x100m Relay, 1st Golden Baton

Oskar D  – 1st 100m, 1st 200m (R), 1st 4 x 100m Relay (R), 1st Golden Baton (R)

Congratulations to the following relay teams who broke District Records.

9/10 Boys – Masaki, Cuan, Sundosh and Karlos

12/13 Boys – Andrew, Cooper, Ewan and Oskar

12/13 Girls – Christina, Misaki, Elise and Lucia

Golden Baton – Elise, Cooper, Oskar and Lucia.

A Big thank you to our wonderful Athletics Captains – Andrew, Michael, Oskar and Lucia who run the training sessions and lead by example..

Thank-you to all the grade 6 teachers who run individual training sessions and Miss Gunning for her expertise with the Relay teams.



With the weather improving P.E is a lot more enjoyable for the children. After 2 years of lockdowns the children’s fitness and ball-handling skills are getting back to where they should be.

It’s great to hear so many children are participating in sports outside of school including tennis, basketball, football, netball, swimming, Little Athletics and even Fencing !!


Preps- This term’s the preps have covered locomotion, developing their fundamental movement skills. Playing games with basic physical activities and enjoyment opportunities. Basic movement such as jumping, running, rolling, kicking, and throwing. Later in the term the preps focused on ball skills, honing in their throwing, catching, kicking skills.


Year 1s- The grade 1s have been focusing on some traditional games this term. They have enjoyed traveling back in time playing games that Mr McMahon played with the dinosaurs. These activities included skipping, hopscotch, elastics, marbles, and Frisbees.


Year 2s- This term’s the grade 2s have been working on their throwing and catching skills. They have played games with bean bags, basketballs, and soft balls. They have also been learning different tag games.


Year 3s- This term the grade 3s started out with relays and shuttle runs involving batons and basketballs. They finished off learning about diamond games with the introduction of rounders.

Year 4s- This term the grade 4s have covered a variety of topics. They began learning about team invasion games, with Endball. They then moved onto 4-way soccer, developing their game senses and teamwork. To finish off they have been playing tee-ball and tennis, working on their hand-eye coordination, and hitting skills.



Year 5s- The grade 5s began the term learning the game of sofcrosse, which some students will be playing for interschool sports next year. They then moved onto team invasion games such as Endball. They then had a short stint playing mini cricket. The term was finished off with teamwork-based games such as Matball. Each Thursday the grade 5 children have been training for their Interschool 2023 Winter Sports and next term will do the same for their 2023 Summer Sports. The children are very excited.



Year 6s- The grade 6s began the term refreshing their basic skills of throwing, catching, and kicking. They then moved onto learning how to play hockey, developing their hand-eye coordination, and finished off the term putting all the skills they’ve worked on this term into action by playing team-based throwing and catching games such as European Handball.





Get all these dates into your calendars or diaries so you don’t miss out on the amazing events and special days. Parent Group are delivering to our parents and students for the rest of Term 3 and 4.


We have a wonderful Parent Group, they are always looking for more helpers. If you can spare any time please e-mail osparentgroup67@gmail.com


Thank you Parent Group



On Thursday and Friday of last week, Parent Group hosted a pizza day for grades 5 & 6 and a milkshake day for grades 3 & 4.


The feedback across all grades was extremely positive, with some commenting “this is the best pizza I’ve ever had” – Raf 5HP and “my milkshake was nice and helped me play four square better” – Harvey 4KH.


It’s comments like these that make these special lunch days worthwhile. We look forward to hosting more in term 4.


We would also like to express a huge thank you to the family of Ella & Ivy Haney who continue to support the school with large milk donations.


If anyone would like to make any suggestions for future events or has a business that could cater a lunch day,  please feel free to contact us on osparentgroup67@gmail.com.



With the success of the recent Father’s Day stall, Parent Group was honoured to be able to donate $1000 to a local non-profit organization, Kingston Men’s Shed on behalf of the school.


Speaking with their secretary they were extremely grateful for the generous donation.


The flyer explains in more detail what the Men’s Shed do in the community.



Meridian Youth and Family Therapy

Anglicare Box Hill Therapy for people aged 10-23 and their families to address conflict from issues such as violence, anxiety, bullying, depression, eating disorders, family breakdown, gaming or internet misuse, grief, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, sexual or physical abuse, sexual identity & gender issues, school refusal, and social isolation.

Phone: Meridian Intake on 03 9896 6322

Email: meridian@anglicarevic.org.au


Online Gaming – support your child to respond to risks
14th September 7:00 – 8:00pm
Understand the connection between online gaming and the risk of gambling and addiction.



Below is a list of upcoming resources that parents might find useful, as well as information regarding upcoming parenting webinars, including an online gaming support webinar.


KIDS HOPE AUS and KidsMatter


KidsMatter and KIDS HOPE AUS. share the overall aim of improved quality of life and mental health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and families and are working together to support access for children and families at KidsMatter schools to the KIDS HOPE AUS. mentoring program for primary school children.  KidsMatter is a mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative especially developed for primary schools and early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. The KidsMatter website offers schools, ECEC services, families, and health and community professionals access to a wide range of free information sheets and resources for families and other resources that benefit those working with parents, families, schools and ECEC services to optimise children’s mental health and development.



So, your school uses Reading Eggs - Join our Parent session to find out more about the program & how you can support your child at home.

During this session one of our product experts will walk you through the key areas of Reading Eggs, and how it can help foster your child’s love of reading!

Host: Brendan Colley
Date and Time options: Monday, 19 September (8.00 pm – 8.30 pm)
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Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.