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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 29 – 17th September 2019


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Issue 29  –  17th September 2019



Tuesday, 17 September
– Year 6 Production Matinee @ 4pm

Wednesday, 18 September
– Year 3 Chesterfield Farm excursion
– Year 5 Scienceworks excursion
– Year 6 Production @ 7pm

Thursday, 19 September
– Year 6 Production @ 7pm

Friday, 20 September
– Footy Colours Day
– Sausage Sizzle Day
– Final Assembly 1.40pm
– School finishes 2.30pm





The opening night of the Year 6 production went off with a big ‘BANG, BANG’, last night. Once again our children didn’t disappoint and put on a show full of exceptional singing, dancing and acting. Last night was further proof to me that Oakleigh South provides opportunities for everyone, from the academics to sport, performing arts and more.

Our productions are a credit to everyone involved, the children, teachers and parents who all helped to make ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr’ an incredible show. These productions take hours and hours of rehearsals not to mention the time put into costumes, sets and lighting. A big thank you to John Rice for the unbelievable car and to everyone who helped from start to finish.

Last Thursday the Preps and Year 1 classes celebrated the many wonderful cultures of our school during their Multicultural Day. The children and teachers dressed in their national dress and proudly paraded in the hall showing off an array of colours. Thank you to the mums, dads and grandparents who provided an amazing selection of food for the children to share. Everyone had a fantastic day.

Just a reminder there will be a full assembly on Friday at 1.40pm before the children will be dismissed at 2.30pm.

It’s hard to believe that we have reached the end of term 3. Remember to keep on reading and do your Mathletics and Reading Eggs whenever you can. Have a restful break whether you are at home or away on holidays.


Ron Cantlon


2019 Term Dates


2019 – Term 1

Tuesday 29th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 30th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 31st January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term –  5th April
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 28th June



Term 3:

Monday 15th July – Friday 20th September

Term 4:

Monday 7th October – Thursday 19th December (2.30pm school students finish)
Friday 20th December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


2019 Payments Due


School Fees – Under School Payments

Library Fund – Under Specialist Charges




A reminder to parents and carers are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

Please make sure you do your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules. This includes parking correctly in the signed areas, and completing 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection!

We also urge parents to please remember to be patient and polite when using the Oval Carpark, and be good role models for all the children witnessing their behaviour. With over 800 families, drop off and collection times will be busy and you will need to plan your time accordingly.

Please click here for further parking information oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/about-us/#parking




Yard duty before school commences at 8:45 am.

After school teachers are in the grounds until 3:45 pm. Students on school grounds outside these times will not be supervised (unless they attending a before or after school care program or supervised extracurricular activity).

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that students do not arrive early or stay late after school unless they are attending before or after school care, or a pre-arranged supervised activity (i.e. running club).


Footy Colours Day and Sausage Sizzle

The last day of Term 3 is Footy Colors Day, and Sausage Sizzle.

We will be holding a Longest Kick Competion for each grade through out the day, so please come dressed in your footy colours and be ready to cheer them on!


Year 5 Guest Speaker – Don Elgin





What an amazingly powerful hour our year 5’s were treated to, on the afternoon of Thursday 15th August. Don Elgin (Paralympian) volunteered his time to share his powerfully strong and positive message – overcoming challenges and living in the present with an appreciation of the joy life brings.

Don represented our country in four Paralympic Games and is a role model in our community. He spoke honestly about his life and the students sat absolutely engaged and inspired by his journey, asking interesting questions to gather more information from a man they instantly admired.

We feel extremely lucky to have had this opportunity to both hear Don speak and reflect on the challenges life throws us and the power of a positive mindset.

After hearing Don speak, some of the Year 5 students had the following thoughts:

“I was fascinated with how he ran with such a challenge.”   Paras 5NK

“I was inspired by how Don kept himself positive and didn’t give up on his goals.”   Nathan 5NK

“I admired his story – just because people have a disability, that doesn’t stop them from doing what they want to do.”   Saffiya 5NK

“His story was emotional but uplifting at the same time. I was really curious about his life.”   Cooper 5NK

“I’ve been inspired to practise long jump and the 100 metre sprint more, since hearing Don talk. I want to become as good as him.”   Cleo 5LG

“I’ve been using positive self-talk more since Don spoke to us.”   Kate 5LG

“If you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Don is missing a leg, but that didn’t stop him.”   Lewis 5LG

“Life’s not perfect, but that’s just the way it is.”   Sean 5LG

“Just because someone looks a bit different on the outside, doesn’t mean they’re different on the inside.”   Angelina 5LG

2019 District Athletics Results



Last Friday, 29 children represented the school at Lakeside Stadium at the Division Athletics Championships. The children performed really well after many weeks training.

Following are the results of individuals and team relays. Top 2 go on to the next level  ( Region ) next term.

Good luck to all!

Lote 12 Girls Long Jump 6th

Daniel 12 Boys Long Jump 3rd

Andrew 10 Boys Triple Jump 12th

Myrto 12 Girls Hurdles 2nd

Daniel 12 Boy Hurdles 3rd

Austin 11 Boys Hurdles 2nd

Josephine 10 Girls Hurdles 4th

Kyah 12 Girls 100 m 4th

Myrto 12 Girls 100 m 8th

Isla 10 Girls 100 m 3rd

Cleo 10 Girls 100 m 5th

Aadam 10 boys 100 m 5th

Sophie 10 Girls Discus 1st  (New Record)

Cleo 10 Girls Long Jump 1st  (New Record)

Luka 12 Boys Shot Put 9th

Aadam 10 Boys Long Jump 3rd

Lote 12 Girls Shotput  5th

Ethan 11 Boys Triple Jump 3rd

Kyah 12 Girls 200 m 3rd

Austin 11 Boys 200 m 1st

Trisha 10 Girls 200 m 5th

Cooper 10 Boys 200 m 5th

Sophie 10 Girls Shot put 1st

Elvis 10 Boys Shotput 1st

Amelie 12 Girls Triple Jump 5th

Jake 12 Boys Triple Jump 3rd

Sienna 11 Girls 800 m 8th

Trisha 10 Girls 800 m 1st


12 Boys 3rd (Daniel, Jake, Themi, Michael)

12 Girls A 1st (Myrto, Jazmin, Indy, Kyah)

B 8th (Lauren, Carina, Lote, Amelie)

11 Boys 1st  (Austin, Kensei, Dean, Ethan) (New Record)

10 Girls 1st (Trisha, Isla, Cleo, Josephine) (New Record)

10 Boys 2nd (Cooper, Daniel, Rhyle, Aadam)




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