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  7th September 2022


Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world.”—Malala Yousafzai


Issue 28  – 7th September 2022


Wednesday 7th September
– Year 6 Production Dress Rehearsal

Thursday 8th September
– R U OKAY? Day
– VSSS Choir and Dance Rehearsal
– Senior Choir (years 4-6)

Friday 9th September
– VSSS Choir and Dance Rehearsal

Saturday 10th September
– State School Spectacular Performance

Monday September 12th –  Thursday 15th September
– Year 6 Production Nights


Yesterday, O.S.P.S. welcomed Uncle Mik, his son and grandson from the Bunurong Land Council, to perform a Traditional Smoke Ceremony, a Welcome to Country and a Yidiki performance.

OSPS is one of the few schools in Victoria that sits on two lands: The Bunurong and Wurunjuri Land of our First Nations. For thousands of years the Smoke Ceremony signifies spiritual cleansing and the blessing of our land and of us. Smoke is seen as good luck and makes the path for a brighter future.

Our Victorian State School’s Choir also performed a traditional indigenous song titled ‘Wonijeka’ and our year 1 and year 5 students sang a version of ‘We are Australian’, with the year 1 students signing in AUSLAN.

The whole school, including students, staff and parents were invited to walk through the smoke to cleanse and promote the wellbeing of us all.

Thank you to Miss Paroukas for her organisation of this wonderful experience for our whole school.

Have a great week.



Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




The year 6 students and production team are very excited for their upcoming shows in September. Stage 2 tickets are now on sale for all families. Please refer to your compass news item for more information.

Production nights

Monday 12th September – 7pm (Cast 2)
Tuesday 13th September – 4pm (Matinee, Cast 1)
Wednesday 14th September – 7pm (Cast 2)
Thursday 15th September – 7pm (Cast 1)

Please note all children in attendance must be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets can be purchased via www.trybooking.com.au and search ‘OSPS Moana’

Here is the direct link

Ticket Prices:
Adult $15.00
Child: $10.00

Children under the age of 4 can sit on the knee of an adult in the seated area.

Any questions other please contact Assistant Principal Nikki Virtuoso nikki.virtuoso@education.vic.gov.au







R U OK? Be an OSPS Upstander!

Our school community will be ‘Celebrating all SUPERHEROES’. From our amazing parents, emergency front line workers, our friends, teachers and the list goes on and on. Our school will officially take part in R U OK DAY? Thursday 8th September. Promoting and instilling once again in our students the importance of being UPSTANDERS and supporting our friends when they are in need. Asking the very important question R U OK? And the important questions and support that come straight after.

The whole school is encouraged to dress up.

Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or Superwoman.Students can also dress up as doctors, teachers, supermarket workers, truck drivers, their mum or dad. The options are endless for superheros in our lives. If students prefer to not dress up they can just wear something yellow which nationally represents – R U OK Day?



After a two year break due to lockdowns, the OSPS Scholastic Bookfair has returned. The Bookfair will take place from Tuesday 6th September to Thursday 8th September. The books will be on display in the school library, but ordering and payments will take place online on the scholastic website.

Your child will receive a brochure the week before Bookfair with the order form and a place to write your receipt number on the back.  Children will be given time to come into the library, browse the books then make a ‘wish list’. They will have help from staff to write down the name of the books they are interested in on the wish list. I will be taking photos of the display and they will be uploaded to the OSPS Facebook page and distributed via Compass and the newsletter so parents can also view the books for sale.

Once you have made your purchase, please fill out the order form with your child’s name, class, the item number, title of the book and the price and the completed payment receipt form. It is very important you write down the name of the book and the price, as often more than one item can have the same price. Once your child returns the completed forms to their teacher, they will be given the books from the display in the library. Should we sellout, it is possible for me to reorder certain items. Please allow 2 weeks for the orders to come in.

Sally – Librarian



The 2022 Victorian State Schools Spectacular brings together government school communities from across Victoria to produce a 3-hour live show including music, dance, circus arts, puppetry and skating.

This year’s show will be performed to an audience of about 12,000 people at John Cain Arena on Saturday 10 September, over 2 shows at 1 pm and 6:30 pm.

Talented Victorian students will feature on stage, while many other students will work behind the scenes, gaining unique, on-the-job, professional experience.

A very dedicated group of OSPS year 5 students are performing on stage in dance and choir.

For a fun, family entertainment experience, and to cheer on students from the audience, be quick to secure tickets through Ticketek.


Adult tickets cost $40; children aged under 15, $20; and concession, $30.

Buy 10 tickets and get one adult ticket free (the 11th ticket is free) by calling Group Bookings on 1300 364 001.



Wonder Recycling Rewards for Schools

Thank you for collecting empty bread bags to try and earn our school some new sports equipment.

This Friday 9th September is the last day to hand in any empty bread bags.

So far our school has managed to send off 2 X 5kg bags of empty bread bags, which equals 1000 points.

Can we collect another 5kg by this Friday?




I would have brought a literacy book or something if I had known how boring the bus trip to camp would be. All I really did on the bus was chat to my best friend, yet I didn’t know that camp would be an experience that I had never had before. Restless, I decided to play a game of rock paper, scissors. Later, what seemed like two thousand years, we arrived at camp. Well, it was absolutely worth it on the bus.


We all got off and put our suitcases to the side and we quickly walked to the undercover area where we ate our packed lunch. After that, Mr Hooley organized our camp activity groups. We went to our activity group teacher and I was in Ms Godino’s activity group. We put our suitcases in our cabin and I found that my roommates were Eddie, Eno, Eric, Saar and Joseph. After that, I invented a new game, called Dodgeteddy. We threw people’s teddies at each other and made teams in the game, it was very exciting.


Our first activity was rock climbing where we put on special harnesses attached to a metal thing and started to climb. It was an amazing experience to climb. After rock climbing we had archery. My friend Sasha hit the red! Phew! At least he didn’t hit yellow! I would have lost my bet with him.

Now, it was afternoon tea. We ate delicious chocolate brownies and drank cordial. After that our next activity was beach volleyball. Our team won! We had a fabulous experience. We had dinner and an evening activity and off to bed. At about 10:30 I was still trying to sleep because in our room there was this loud creaking noise. It was very mysterious.

On Tuesday, we woke up to breakfast and we had cereal. I picked the Coco Pops. It was very nice. We had the flying fox course for our first activity. It was over a lake and it was truly awesome as it was very high up! We went on the giant swing as our next activity. It was awesome as well!  After dinner we had an evening get together and it was off to bed. Going to bed was way easier because my day had been so busy that I was really tired!

On Wednesday we woke up and packed. We had one more activity to do before going home. We had raft building. No one finished their raft, it wasn’t that bad though. One of the pipes we built the rafts with went in the lake. Ms Godino had to go on a canoe to get it. After that, we went on the bus with all our luggage. We stopped on the drive home and ate our lunch that the camp had packed for us.

When we arrived at school, Eric and I saw our parents and got out of the bus very quickly. We then told our parents what an amazing experience we had at camp. I was very happy at camp but even more happy to arrive home.

Written by Ayrton Simpson 3JS



Do you hear the sound of quacking? That’s our new temporary addition to the village animal menagerie. Yes, even with the construction work, we have managed to find a home for Mr Wilde’s pet ducks. They are situated next to the chicken coup.


Which brings us to the very friendly chickens. They will be on sale soon. Please keep an eye out in future messages. They began laying about a month ago. So, have many years left in them. Check out all the requirements in Compass soon.





Get all these dates into your calendars or diaries so you don’t miss out on the amazing events and special days. Parent Group are delivering to our parents and students for the rest of Term 3 and 4.

We have a wonderful Parent Group, they are always looking for more helpers. If you can spare any time please e-mail osparentgroup67@gmail.com

Thank you Parent Group




Parent Group held their first Father’s Day Stall this year and it was a huge success!


It was nice seeing the students file into the music room, money in hand ready to buy gifts for the special people in their lives.


We would like to extend a huge thanks to all the parent volunteers that helped with set up, pack up and with running the stall on the day. These events wouldn’t be possible without the extra help, so thank you!


We would also like to extend an extra thanks to the Ongarezos/Black family, who not only helped on both days, but also donated some lovely handmade gifts including succulents, mason jars, coffee & tea packs. These were very much appreciated.


Meridian Youth and Family Therapy

Anglicare Box Hill Therapy for people aged 10-23 and their families to address conflict from issues such as violence, anxiety, bullying, depression, eating disorders, family breakdown, gaming or internet misuse, grief, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, sexual or physical abuse, sexual identity & gender issues, school refusal, and social isolation.

Phone: Meridian Intake on 03 9896 6322

Email: meridian@anglicarevic.org.au


Online Gaming – support your child to respond to risks
14th September 7:00 – 8:00pm
Understand the connection between online gaming and the risk of gambling and addiction.



Below is a list of upcoming resources that parents might find useful, as well as information regarding upcoming parenting webinars, including an online gaming support webinar.


KIDS HOPE AUS and KidsMatter


KidsMatter and KIDS HOPE AUS. share the overall aim of improved quality of life and mental health and wellbeing outcomes for individuals and families and are working together to support access for children and families at KidsMatter schools to the KIDS HOPE AUS. mentoring program for primary school children.  KidsMatter is a mental health promotion, prevention and early intervention initiative especially developed for primary schools and early childhood education and care (ECEC) services. The KidsMatter website offers schools, ECEC services, families, and health and community professionals access to a wide range of free information sheets and resources for families and other resources that benefit those working with parents, families, schools and ECEC services to optimise children’s mental health and development.



So, your school uses Reading Eggs - Join our Parent session to find out more about the program & how you can support your child at home.

During this session one of our product experts will walk you through the key areas of Reading Eggs, and how it can help foster your child’s love of reading!

Host: Brendan Colley
Date and Time options: Monday, 19 September (8.00 pm – 8.30 pm)
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