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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  27 -31st August 2018


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Issue 27  –  31st August 2018


Important Dates

Monday 3rd – Thursday 6th September
– Book Week Stall 3.30pm – 4.00pm
Junior Music Room

Friday 7th September
– Beachside Division Athletics Carnival

Saturday 8th September
– Crocs Play Centre Family Fun Night
Parent Group






Term 3:

16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4:

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


On Tuesday the whole school joined in the fun of Japanese Dress Up day. Standing on the stage at the assembly, there were so many Japanese characters, food and colours representing the wonderful Japanese culture that the children learn about. Thank you to everyone involved in making this day fun for the children and the teachers.

It’s now just three weeks until the year 6 production, ‘Seussical Jr’. There will be four performances, with one of those being a matinee show on Tuesday 18th September at 4pm. This is a great opportunity for the younger students, siblings, parents and friends to enjoy the show at an earlier time. Tickets can be purchased at www.trybooking.com . We are hoping to see lots of our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 children at this performance.

This morning, the Parent Group hosted the annual Father’s Day breakfast. What an amazing sight, with over 600 dads enjoying a scrumptious breakfast with their children before school. The breakfast and raffle tickets we have raised over $4000 for ‘Buy a Bale’ and will be sent to the drought stricken farmers of Australia.

Thank you to the Parent Group for another sensational event for our dads.

Enjoy the weekend.

Ron Cantlon



Erik Albers Wins Award for Service
Manager of Years 10 – 12 School Sports Victorian Team 2008-2018


Erik Albers and ex teacher Lyne Barge have received one of the highest awards of recognition from School Sports Australia, 10 years of service to the Cross Country Victorian team. Please see below citation read out at the awards ceremony about Erik. Congratulations Erik & Lyne!

Erik’s Cross Country Journey began in 2009 in Nowra NSW – from which we have many fun memories starting with arriving to find we had no mode of transport and ended up at a car wreckers with dented rental car (bomb) for the duration! …… to being snowed upon in Tassie last year … Wherever we travelled it was FUN!! – for the children, families and for us! Under the guidance of our leader Erik Albers!

Erik’s friendly manner and his ability as a leader ensures the officials gel as a real team all working together for the sake of the children but with genuine enjoyment. So many parents remark that they love being part of the Cross Country team as it’s so friendly and inclusive for all those involved. Not only do the children compete at an elitist level and achieve amazing results but the whole experience of being part of Team Vic is one in which we receive many accolades from many areas. From families who are enthusiastic and appreciative of the wonderful time and high level of care the children experience. Also heartfelt feedback from Trevor Wiseman who has repeatedly made a point of commenting on the high standard of organization, the culture nurtured and the attitude of our children during the whole competition.

That’s the rapport and culture that has been have developed under Erik’s guidance over the past 10 years!!

It’s a WHOLE experience for the children. With expert guidance for the competition and encouraging the athletes to achieve at their potential but more importantly guiding the children through what is a daunting experience for young children who have never been part of a National Championship and making it social and enjoyable. He works to combine these children from all areas of Victoria that enter Team Vic as individuals to form a friendly, cohesive and competitive team of athletes.

Introduced team bonding activities for the children (and their families) prior to and throughout the championships. Worked hard to make the Multi Class athletes have an inclusive experience with their age group competitors. Developed a rapport with the 13-19 Years Team Vic and blended the two teams together (children and officials). From selection at the State Championships in Bundoora to the end of the National Championship Erik is encouraging, efficient, patient and very approachable and always with a smile on his face (well on the outside anyway!!). He promotes friendliness, fun, enjoyment and a sense of achievement for all participants. Erik’s statistical knowledge and recall of children’s achievements is phenomenal. He can recite the children’s times in multiple events from their weekend athletics meets to State championships.

So many laughs through the Championships – many will remember Erik proudly wearing a new Team Vic jacket and coming down to breakfast to be greeted with laughter from children and officials from all States as the huge TEAM VIC emblem on the back of his jacket was upside down!! Lots of friendly banter ensued throughout the competition. But with all the laughs and fun Erik is thorough,  efficient and excellently prepared. Not only at the Championships but with everything prior.

Erik REALLY gets to know ALL the children under our guidance – nurturing their nervous anticipation, ensuring they socialise and feel comfortable with children and officials and that they all feel an important part of the team and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

In summary Erik ensures the children and their families have an optimum experience!

UNSW Writing Certificates


High Distinction and Distinction Certificates will be presented at Assembly on Tuesday 4th September

Credit and Participation Certificates have been given out in class.

Asthma Week 1 – 7 September

Busting asthma myths. Get the facts.

Next week is Asthma Week, we’re busting the myths by stating the facts.

Asthma is a condition that affects most Australians, 2/3rds in fact! Despite this, there are many misconceptions about this chronic disease.

We want everyone in the community to know about asthma, good asthma control and prevention.

If you child suffers from Asthma, please make sure they have a current Asthma Plan with photo, and their medication and spacer at school.

For further asthma information and support, call the 1800 ASTHMA Helpline (1800 278 462)

Enrolments for Prep 2019


We have many sibling places for 2019 Preps that have not been confirmed, please submit your enrolment forms as a matter of urgency.

It is imperative that we have these places confirmed as soon as possible so we can go ahead with our next round offers. Places that are not confirmed, will be offered to the next round of applicants.

Thank you

Sue Jackson

Please send the letter and all 4 “Getting to Know You” pages to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au

If you have a child starting in 2019 or know of other new families thinking of applying, please complete and return Prep Enrolment forms and supporting documents as a matter of urgency.

For more information about enrolments, please visit our school website https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/enrolments/



Sun Smart Kicks in Mon 3rd September


Please be aware that as from Monday, 3rd September all students must have a hat to be able to play outside.



Pick My Project


OSPS has been nominated for a government grant to build Robotics Lab and we need your support to make this project possible. With a vision to develop students critical thinking, creativity and passion for technology, the funding will be decided on by votes from parents, families, friends and anyone in the community.

It’s easy to do!
1. Visit and register by clicking to button below
2. Add to your shortlist (you also have to chose 2 other community projects to submit your vote)
3. Enter your details and follow the prompts

Of course it doesn’t end there! The more votes we get, the better the chance we have of winning. So please share this post from the OSPS facebook page with your friends and family.

Thank you for your support! From everyone at Oakleigh South Primary School!

P.S If you are looking for a 2nd and 3rd project to vote for, throw a vote the way of South Oakleigh Bowling Club Lights or Notting hill Neighbourhood House, who have also advertised Oakleigh South Primary School in their advertising!

Can You Help Me?


I’m a parent of a Year 3 student looking for help of an afternoon in picking her up from school and dropping her home.
We live in the Springvale area near the intersection of Springvale & Stephensons Road.

I am able to do the school morning drop off and would be happy to take your student as well.

If you are able to help me, please call Kevin on 0449 021 889







What’s going on in Year 6?


Integrated Studies: Ever wanted to explore the various aspects of the Entertainment Industry? Well, Year 6 classrooms are bustling with activity as students create spoke wheels, grid enlargements, flipbooks and autobiography folders. If you haven’t already picked it up, the focus on Integrated Studies this term is on biographies and the entertainment industry. The Year 6 students were given an entertainment contract which covered a range of intelligences. Completed work is currently on the display boards outside each year 6 classroom. Furthermore, we have also been assigned a biography project to complete at home about a famous entertainer such as; Emma Watson, Walt Disney and Dr Seuss. We are required to present it in the form of a massive free standing poster. The projects are due on Friday the 31st August and we can’t wait to have them on display for you!
-Mishka and Alena

Production: The year 6’s production ‘Seussical Jr.’ is a major event on our school calendar. We have been working very hard during this term, with frequent rehearsals to learn our lines, the songs and perfect our dance steps.
The tickets for this spectacular production are on sale now. So make sure you tell everyone and come and watch this fabulous production. We can’t wait!

Those dates are:  September 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th.

The Year 6’s are loving their new ‘Seussical Jr.’ t shirts which they wear with pride and also to promote the show.

Throughout the term, the Year 6s’ have been attending the ‘Healthy Skills for Life program’. Our program instructors have taught us many different values some being respect, integrity and teamwork. During these lessons, we play different games that enforce these values. At the end of each session, we lie down, and have 5 minutes of calming music.
The UNSW (University of New South Wales) tests have also been a big part of some of the Year 6s. We have worked extremely hard leading up to these tests, and definitely tried our best.  We are all very anxious to receive our results.
– Alex and Nicole



Father’s Day Breakfast Raises $4000

Thank you for all coming to our Father’s Day breakfast and supporting the Australian farmers.

Thank you to all the incredible ladies on Parent Group who made the Father’s Day breakfast happen. Mr Cantlon thank you for always supporting us, to the ladies in the office, this couldn’t happen with out your help and the staff who are always around to give a helping hand.

To all the amazing businesses who donated prizes and to Kingston Hangar Food who donated all the fruit and tomatoes.

Special thanks to Mike Guy from Guys Gourmet Catering for cooking the bacon and slicing the tomatoes and always willing to help.


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.


Dear Parents,

These school holidays we are hosting a very special school holiday program called Code Camp where your child can learn to code and build their very own iPhone or Android app!

Code Camp has already taught more than 35,000 students in Australia and is a great way to spend time over the holidays as kids have lots of fun with friends while learning important new skills such as  logic, creativity, problem solving, app development and game building in a fun and engaging way, ready to take on the digital world of the future.

Every child attending a holiday camp will build incredible games on our software platform ‘’Code Camp World’’ and walk away with their very own app, playable via the Code Camp App store that they can take home to share with family and friends!

There are 4 Code Camp Camps:
We have created 4 different camps so kids continue to learn new skills with each camp they attend.

Little League (School Grades K-1)
Suitable for Beginners
Our little coders make their first small but important leap from consumers to creators of tech. Build awesome mini-games and learn about coding using a mixture of iPad and physical based learning.

Spark (School Grades 2-6)
Beginners + Intermediate
Fun, engaging and challenging… and are our most known Code Camp that over 12,000 students have completed. Code Camp Spark is where every student in years 2-6 should start their Code Camp journey.

Ignite (School Grades 2-6)
Intermediate + Advanced
If you have completed Spark check out Code Camp Ignite! Students build on their skills and create new apps with increasingly complex logic, more code, behaviours and problem solving. Start with Drag & Drop and then move to Line Coding with JavaScript.

Blast 3D (School Grades 3-7)
Advanced Students Only
Brand new for 2018, your kids will immerse themselves in a 3D world of their creation! Unlock the next level of their coding adventure at Code Camp Blast 3D.

Enrol today and help your child become a coding superstar! For more information, visit codecamp.com.au or contact us at hello@codecamp.com.au.

Thank you,

Joseph Natoli was a long time supporter of Oakleigh Sth environment programs. He helped Julie Kearney develop the first school worm farms and helped create  many enthusiastic wormies amongst the Oakleigh Sth students of the 90’s.

Oakleigh Sth PS hosted Joe’s Schools for a Sustainable Future program for many years enabling it’s success in over 70 schools. This was much appreciated.




WHEN:    Wednesdays 8 – 8:45

WHAT:      Hebrew – Jewish Life

HOW:         In a fun and interactive manner

WHO:         Students of all levels

REGISTER NOW on 9523 6844 or email us at re@ujeb.org.au.