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18th  August 2021


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“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before. ” – Bonnie Blair


Issue 25  – 18th August 2021

Wed 25th August
– OSPS Book Week Wednesday

Thur 12th October
– District Athletics 

Thur 21st October
– Beachside Athletics


Yesterday’s announcement of an extended lockdown was definitely not what we wanted to hear, however we have done this before so I know we can do it again.

I understand the impact this has on many of our families, but I ask you to continue to support your children under these very trying circumstances. You are all doing an amazing job and if we work together, we will get through this!

Building plans for the school are still being finalised with architects. It’s a long process to make sure that the end result is exactly what will suit us. A timeline for the start of works is still unsure but you will be notified when we have one.

Stay well, stay safe and stay happy.

Have an enjoyable week.





Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




Dear Parents and the OSPS community,

It is with mixed emotions that I wish to inform you of my resignation from School Council.

I am excited to say that I have been afforded the opportunity of employment within The Education Department. This is a new chapter in my life, and one that I am very much looking forward too.

Unfortunately, this means that at this point in time, I am unable to continue with my position as a community member on the School Council. I want to thank you all for allowing me the opportunity to support our amazing OSPS staff and community over the last year and a half. It has truly been an honour, and something that I hope to be able to replicate in the future.

I also want to thank my fellow council members for their dedication and support. I have every faith that they will continue doing great work.

It is my intention that I will continue working with the current School Council towards the development of a carpark. My almost 2 years’ worth of lobbying has made some progress, but there is still a way to go, and I’ve come too far to give up now. I am assured by The Education Department that progress is continuing and discussions between the VSBA and Monash Council, in conjunction with traffic management engineers, have already begun.

Lastly, I would just like to say, I know these last couple of years have been tough and they certainly didn’t get any easier with the announcement on Monday, but I have never been prouder to be associated with a school, than while watching our amazing Staff help navigate our beautiful little people through this crazy time. I know things haven’t always been perfect, but these wonderful and hard-working people, many of whom are dealing with their own Covid related challenges, some of whom are parents and are navigating their own children’s remote learning situations. Yet week after week, they have adapted to whichever learning environment they are required to facilitate, often at a moment’s notice, and all while remaining focused on the emotional and educational well-being of our children. It has been an absolute privilege to support you all, even in a small way, and to get a behind the scenes glimpse of just how much work you put into our children’s experiences and education.

If I can continue to be of assistance in any way, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you for everything.

All the best,

Nadia Beauchamp







Enrolments for Prep 2022 are now being processed and allocated to families for the 2022 school year.


We encourage parents of students starting in 2022 to complete forms as soon as possible and email to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au


Forms can found here – 2022 enrolments.



Prep Portraits
– Payments close Wed 25th Aug.

Can all parents please ensure you are reading Operoo forms and making payments using Qkr! by the due date.







Almost three weeks ago our Year 6 students took part in the Business Expo, a culmination of all the work they had done in their economics unit. In groups they created a business, built their own websites to promote their goods and services, and worked out how much money they would need to make in order to cover their expenditure and make a profit. This was a wonderful learning experience with all students gaining skills and knowledge they will be able to take with them into the future.

Business Expo Reflections

“I learnt how to manage a business from this expo experience. The costing, keeping a record of sales and how to persuade a customer to buy our products. “ – Reeva 6LD

“I think that all the work we did was worth it, because it was more fun than I could have imagined.” – George 6JD

“I’ve learnt a lot from the business expo; from how to run and advertise stalls, to managing money and financial business, and learning how to make a website. I loved doing the Business Expo very much and dearly hope to get another chance to do something similar in the future.” – Amelia 6MW

“Working on the website hasn’t been the easiest thing however I feel that my contributions to the team have pleased our members. Although we were able to tweak things a little bit, my contributions definitely worked within our group.” – Seoyoung 6GZ

“I learnt a lot such as new things in google sites and different ways to communicate online. I learnt about profits, which was something I never really thought about. Making our own stall was fun yet educational because it slightly represented what it would be like in real life, all the planning, work and time it took.” – Vivian 6CR

“The Business Expo has taught me that starting a business is harder than it looks and there is so much you have to think about. I also learned that teamwork is key and you can’t expect every single thing to be perfect and work out. Hard work definitely pays off! “ – Isla 6SM

“We had quite a lot of teachers come to our stall which was not what we were expecting. We had a slow start but all of a sudden we were getting so many customers at one point we even had a line! Mainly year 6 girls came to our stall which was awesome because they were our target audience.” – Ahaana 6FW




On Thursday the 5th of August, the Year 1 students participated in the Inaugural Potato Olympics at OSPS! The students were given the mission to transform a potato into an elite athlete that was ready to compete in a variety of the numeracy and literacy Olympic events. The students put their potatoes through rigorous training and events and (most of them) survived!

The day began with an opening ceremony. We went through and learnt all about the origins of Olympia, the qualities athletes must have and the all of the competing countries and sports. We learnt about the importance of respect, excellence and friendship and even got to watch some of the Tokyo Opening Ceremony where Naomi Osaka lit the Olympic flame!

There were many fun filled activities throughout the day such as spud length, where the students had to work out which potato rolled the furthest. Potato splash, to find out which potato made the biggest splash and potato lifting where we had to work out which potato was the greatest weightlifter and if they were heavier or lighter then objects in the classroom. Most of the potatoes did a phenomenal job but definitely need to improve their diving techniques as they made HUGE splashes!

The final event was the spud sprint where the Year One’s had to help out their potatoes and see how far they could run together. We definitely have some Usain Bolts and Cathy Freemans in this year level! We think one potato even ran a 9.58 time!

The potatoes also completed some mental challenges such as code breaker tasks and boggle. The day ended with the closing ceremony and the potatoes all received medals for their extraordinary efforts. Hopefully the potatoes continue their training and have a well-earned rest ready for the next Potato Olympics in 2024!




Last week, Year 1 students were asked during their writing time what they would wish for. If you were granted 3 wishes, what would they be?

What would you wish for?

I wish I had kittens because they make cute sounds. My second wish is that I wish I had a mansion of cats so I can tell when it is time to do clawing or when it’s time to be silent.  My third wish is I wish to have a shop with cat stuff so when I say time to stop, they stop and I can go get something from the cat shop. That’s the end of my wishes.
Sam – 1CF

Wish number one is I wish I can have… wings so I can go to different places easily. My second wish is that I can go back to school immediately because I love learning at school with Mrs MacDonald. My last wish is that my family always feels happy because I love my family.
Ella – 1AM

If I had three wishes I would wish for being immortal, having a super hero power and being rich. Firstly, I want to be immortal because I want to live forever.  Secondly, having a super power like being able to control water so I can save the world! Thirdly, I want to be rich then I can help poor people who have no food to eat.
Winston – 1NM

My wish is that all children on Earth would get a toy and a book to read so that they never get bored. My second wish is that we don’t have to learn from home, because now we can’t play with our friends.
Anshul – 1CG




Get Active Kids
Does your child love sport and being active? Does your family have a Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card? You may be eligible for up to $200 to put towards the cost of your child’s participation in physical activities. The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and active recreation activities.

Under the program, children may be eligible to receive up to $200 to help with the cost of membership and registration fees, uniforms, and equipment.

Special consideration also applies for children named on their own Australian Government Health Care Card or residing in care services as well as temporary or provisional visa holders, undocumented migrants or international students.

Applications for vouchers in round two of the program close at 5pm Friday 30 July. For eligibility requirements and to apply, visit the Get Active Victoria website.

Unfortunately a number of events have been either cancelled or postponed. Please refer to Operoo for a list of cancelled/postponed sporting events. The school will forward new dates and details regarding events when possible.

Girls’ Footy
Girls’ footy has been cancelled.

Regional Cross-Country
Regional Cross-Country has been cancelled.

District House Athletics
District House Athletics has been postponed to October 12th.

Division Soccer
Division soccer for both boys and girls has been cancelled.



Built on the success of the 2020 Virtual Cross Country event, SSV is delighted to provide this great opportunity again in 2021. Victorian primary and secondary students can take part in any way they would like – they can run or walk.

Students can run or walk for a new personal best or for fun and fitness. The main aim is for students to get out and give it a go.

Every metre run by a student will earn virtual points for their school. Students will be given the option to submit their performance, but if they wish they also now have the additional option to not have their performance made public.

For more information please visit – https://www.ssv.vic.edu.au/Pages/VirtualCrossCountry.aspx 



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