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Issue 21 – 20th July 2017

Tues 1st August
Yr 4 Production of The AristoCats Kids

– Cast 1

UNSW English Comp

Wed 2nd August
Yr 4 Production of The AristoCats Kids

– Cast 2

Swimming Program begins
– Prep—Yr 2



Welcome back to term 3! We hope you’ve had a relaxing and enjoyable holiday. Look at the amazing photo of OSPS from above taken by a parent from a drone over the school holidays. Thank you for sending it to us!

We have an exciting term 3 ahead, with the first of our Productions by the year 4’s ‘The Aristocat Kids’ on Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of August 7pm in the hall. The children and staff have been working very hard to produce a show that is ‘puuurfectly’ enjoyable. We encourage everyone to come and enjoy the show.

Tickets are available for purchase via Try Booking and we hope to see you there. All children who attend the show must be under the care of a parent or another adult (it is not a drop off event). Also a friendly reminder not to take photographs or video during the show as it distracts the   actors, effects the quality of the professional video we have taken and is not courteous to audience members. Photograph opportunities with the actors are welcome after the speeches at the end.


The year 6 production of Peter Pan Jnr will be performed in the last week of term 3, and the year 2 production of The Colour Factory week 5 of term 4.

Thank you to all the families who have been understanding of the road works out the front of the school this week. It is terrific to see families allowing extra time, parking safely at a distance and walking with umbrellas in the winter     weather.

Ron Cantlon



Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish) 22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



A reminder that from next week our whole school assembly will be held on Tuesday afternoon at 2.40pm.

This allows us to have important learning time at the beginning of the day, and to accommodathttps://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=4348&action=edit#e groups, English and Mathematics.

All parents are still welcome to attend.


Enrolments for Prep 2018

After an overwhelming number of applications for Prep 2018, we are now in the process of allocating places.

If you have a child starting in 2018 or if you know of any new families thinking of applying, please complete the Enrolment Forms and submit with the supporting documentation as a matter of urgency.

For more information about enrolments, please visit the school website

Grade 4 Production – The AristoCats Kids

With the Production fast approaching , Grade 4 families will get the first option of tickets with bookings open to them next week.
Ticket sales are open to the whole school community next term.

Prices are as follows:
Adult:  $12
Child:  $7

Cast 1 will perform on Tues, 1st August, and Cast 2 will be the chorus.
Cast 2 will perform on Wed, 2nd August, and Cast 1 will be the chorus.

A link will be sent to parents via Tiqbiz when tickets are available for their year level.

School Fees

A friendly reminder to parents that the Essential Learning Fees and school expenses are due.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding payment, please contact Jo Chapple on 9570 1016.

Exchange Students 2017

11 sleeps till Japanese students visit!!

A huge thank you to all families who offered to host Japanese students! On Wednesday, host families had a chance to Skype their Japanese students, and we said our names and said ‘ Konnichiwa’. We are all very excited to have Japanese students from Tamba Higashi Primary School from 1st August, and all OSPS students will have opportunities to meet them during their stay!

Keep practicing your Japanese and make sure you will come and say “Konnichiwa”!!!




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