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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  21 – 20th July 2018


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Issue 21  –  20th July 2018

Important Dates

Tuesday 24th July
Beachside Division Winter Sports Finals

Wednesday 25th July
– Knight at Dawn Kids
Cast 1 Performance 7.00pm

Thursday 26th July
– Knight at Dawn Kids
Cast 2 Performance 7.00pm




Term 3:

16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4:

8 October to 20 December
(2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (staff finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Welcome back to everyone, including our new families to Oakleigh South, to another exciting and action packed term. Everyone has settled in well, refreshed from the break, ready for productions, sporting activities and lots of learning.

Over the holidays the new playground was extended (doubled in size!) due to its popularity. It’s wonderful to see so many children enjoying this equipment during and after school.

You may have noticed the digging works along the running track. This is so a temporary generator can be installed, away from the buildings, to provide the amount of power we need to keep all of facilities running efficiently until our electrical upgrade. The electricity upgrade to the school has been approved and works on this will take approximately 6 weeks and will commence soon.

The Year 4s are all geared up to perform the musical ‘The Knight at Dawn Kids’. They performed their dress rehearsals this week. The costumes, music, dancing, singing, sets and acting are fabulous. The show goes for about 50 minutes and will be finished before 8pm. Please come along and support our Year 4 Production.

Tickets are now on sale through TryBooking (Search for OSPS) or click on the below link


Ticket Prices
$12 Adult
$7 Child (Floor space only)
Note: at this time families can purchase as many tickets as required and are permitted to log back in to purchase any extra tickets required.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Ron Cantlon


The Knight at Dawn Kids – Performing This Week


The story of ‘The Knight at Dawn’ centres around two siblings, Jack and Annie, who discover a magic tree house.
As they read a book about knights and the middle ages, Annie is intrigued by the Black Knight and the mysterious quest one must successfully complete before becoming a knight.

When she wishes to visit the castle in the book, the siblings are whisked away to medieval times. They set off to learn more about the Black Knight and his quest, experiencing a grand medieval feast, escaping through secret tunnels and dancing with enchanted suits of armour, all in an effort to find their way back home.

There are 2 shows which will be held next week on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th July.

Tickets are now on sale through TryBooking (Search for OSPS) or click on this link

$12 Adult
$7 Child (Floor space only)

Enrolments for Prep 2019

URGENT! – 2019 Enrolment places are being allocated next week.

If you have a child starting in 2019 or know of other new families thinking of applying, please complete and return Prep Enrolment forms and supporting documents as a matter of urgency.

For more information about enrolments, please visit our school website https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/enrolments/

Visit from Tamba Higashi Primary School

The count- down is on! Japanese Exchange Students Arriving in only 10 days!!!

We are very excited to announce that 12 Japanese exchange students from Tamba Higashi Primary School will be here in just over one week!

Our Japanese exchange students will be arriving in time for a special whole school assembly on Tuesday 31st July and will spend the following week immersed in our school culture, interacting with OSPS students and participating in many exciting activities.

A big thank you to our host families for being involved to make this program successful.

Book Club

Issue 5 Book Club orders are due Friday 3rd August, via the online LOOP system.

Parents can register/sign in via this link: https://mybookclubs.scholastic.com.au/Parent/Register.aspx

Thank you for enriching your child’s education and supporting our school resources!

The Book Club Team


House Athletics

In the last Wednesday of Term 2, the Grades 4 – 6 children and a few selected Grade 3 children participated in the school’s annual House Athletics. We were the second school to run on the new rubber track at Duncan McKinnon!

The children participated in the 100m, 200m. 80m hurdles, 800m, Long Jump, Triple Jump, high Jump, Shot Put and Discus.

From this day, the School Athletics team is chosen to participate in District Athletics. A small number of children who were absent on the day will challenge for positions. (1500m m competitors are chosen from the Cross Country team). Only 1 competitor from each age group can represent the school at the District Athletics which will be held on the 15th of August. They will be competing in the following events; Long Jump, Triple Jump , High Jump, Shot Put, Discus, 200m and 80m Hurdles.

2 competitors can participate in the 800m and 1500m. 3 competitors can participate in the 100m. 8 children from each age group are selected for the A and B – 4 x 100m relay teams.

Children can only participate in 2 individual events and 1 relay.

The team list is published outside my office. It is 90 % finalised, please see me if you have any queries.

A big thank you to the following parents who helped on the day –

Jo Collins – Starter
Vanessa Lay – Finish line judge
Cathy Middleton – Photographer

Thank you to all the staff who helped on the day. I would also like to thank the children for all their athletic efforts on the day and their excellent behaviour.

Marcus Mooney


Share the Dignity Collection

Parent group is starting a collection for “Share the dignity” starting this Monday 16 July. We only have until the end of the month to collect as many sanitary items as we can. Please either put items in a new/pre loved in good condition handbag or bring in alone. There is a box at the office. Please help us help those on the street.



Entertainment Book

The 2018 / 2019 Entertainment Book is now available for purchase from the office. It is available in hard copy or digital for the price of $70.00  A copy is on display at the office.


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