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10th February 2021


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‘It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.’ Confucius


Issue 2 – 10th February 2021


Thursday 11th February

– Year 6 Interschool Sport vs. St. Andrew’s (away)

Friday 12th February

– OSPS Swimming Training 7:30 – 8:30am
– Second Hand Uniform Sale (Hall Foyer) 8.30am to 9.00am and 3.15pm to 3.45pm

Tuesday 16th February

– OSPS Swimming Training 7:30 – 8:30am
– Special Assembly Leadership Badges Presented on OSPStv

Friday 19th February

– OSPS Swimming Training 7:30 – 8:30am


Dear Parents,

It’s so wonderful to see the activity of parents and families back on our school site. I’d like to remind you that whilst masks are not mandatory outside the classrooms and school buildings, they are mandatory inside.

Most parents are doing the right thing and are wearing a mask, but please be reminded to wear them correctly over your nose. If you do forget to bring your mask to the classroom or building, please say goodbye to your child outside. Face shields, scarves, t-shirts pulled up and bandanas do not meet these requirements.

At all times, we must observe Physical Distancing (1.5metres) when dropping off or picking children up from the school. We ask that when you have finished dropping your child off or doing morning reading, please leave the school grounds promptly and do not congregate.

If we all do our part and follow these rules (which are the new normal) we will be keeping each other safe and well. Thank you to everyone who are already following these practices.

We are aware of the car park issues and have been working towards a solution with the Department of Education for a long time. Our most recent meeting was in the last week of the 2020 school year. Please make sure you read the School Council and School Leadership report on parking inside the newsletter.

Have a fantastic week.





2021 Term Dates

Term 1
January 28th – 1st April

Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




A reminder that adults are required to socially distance when on school grounds and wear a mask when inside.




An Operoo was sent to all parents on Monday afternoon detailing the 2021 election process, that information has also been uploaded to the website. If you haven’t already please take the time to read the Operoo sent on Monday. Please also familiarise yourself with the following Department information regarding School Councils.

School council elections – information for parents
What is a school council and what does it do?
All government schools in Victoria have a school council. They are legally constituted bodies that are given powers to set the broad direction of a school, in accordance with Ministerial Order 1280 Constitution of Government School Councils, and the Education and Training Reform Act 2006. In doing this, a school council is able to directly influence the quality of education that the school provides for its students.

Who is on the school council?
For most primary school councils, there are several possible categories of membership:

  • A mandated elected parent member category – more than one-third of the total members must be from this category. Department employees can be parent members at their child’s school as long as they are not engaged in work at the school.
  • A mandated elected school employee member category – members of this category may make up no more than one-third of the total membership of school council. The principal of the school is automatically one of these members.
  • An optional community member category – members are co-opted by a decision of the council because of their special skills, interests or experiences. Department employees are not eligible to be community members.
  • A small number of school councils have nominee members.

For all schools with a Year 7 and above cohort, there is an additional category of membership:

  • A mandated elected student member category, two positions.
    Generally, the term of office for all members is two years. The term of office of half the members expires each year, creating vacancies for the annual school council elections.

Why is parent membership so important?
Parents on school councils provide important viewpoints and have valuable skills and a range of experiences and knowledge that can help inform and shape the direction of the school.
Those parents who become active on a school council find their involvement satisfying and may also find that their children feel a greater sense of belonging.

Do I need special experience to be on school council?
Each member brings their own valuable life skills and knowledge to the role. However, councillors may need to develop skills and acquire knowledge in areas that are unfamiliar to them. It is important to have an interest in your child’s school and the desire to work in partnership with others to help shape the school’s future.


School councils in Victoria are public entities as defined by the Public Administration Act 2004.

School councillors must abide by the Code of Conduct for Directors of Victorian Public Entities issued by the Victorian Public Sector Commission. The Code of Conduct is based on the Victorian public sector values and requires councillors to:

  • act with honesty and integrity – be truthful, open and clear about their motives and declare any real, potential or perceived conflict of interest and duty
  • act in good faith in the best interests of the school – work cooperatively with other councillors and the school community, be reasonable, and make all decisions with the best interests of students foremost in their minds
  • act fairly and impartially – consider all relevant facts of an issue before making a decision, seek to have a balanced view, never give special treatment to a person or group and never act from self-interest
  • use information appropriately – respect confidentiality and use information for the purpose for which it was made available
  • exercise due care, diligence and skill – accept responsibility for decisions and do what is best for the school
  • use the position appropriately – not use the position as a councillor to gain an advantage
  • act in a financially responsible manner – observe all the above principles when making financial decisions
  • comply with relevant legislation and policies – know what legislation and policies are relevant for which decisions and obey the law
  • demonstrate leadership and stewardship – set a good example, encourage a culture of accountability, manage risks effectively, exercise care and responsibility to keep the school strong and sustainable.

Indemnity for school council members
School councillors are indemnified against any liability in respect of any loss or damage suffered by the council or any other person in respect of anything necessarily or reasonably done, or omitted to be done by the councillor in good faith in:

a. the exercise of a power or the performance of a function of a councillor, or

b. the reasonable belief that the act or omission was in the exercise of a power or the performance of a function of a council.

In other words, school councillors are not legally liable for any loss or damage suffered by council or others as a result of reasonable actions taken in good faith.

How can you become involved?
The most obvious way is to participate in and vote in the school council elections, which are held in Term 1 each year. However, ballots are only held if more people nominate as candidates than there are positions vacant.
In view of this, you might consider:

  • standing for election as a member of the school council
  • encouraging another person to stand for election.

For further information about school council and the 2021 school council elections please visit our website: https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/parents/#council



The last couple of weeks have seen a sudden increase in  concern surrounding issues with the carpark.

The good news is, over the last 12 months, Oakleigh South Primary School has made significant progress regarding this situation. The Education Department have committed to working with the school to make the environment safer for our families, by providing the school with a carpark. Draft plans of the carpark are expected to be given to OSPS in the coming weeks.

Following the implementation of the carpark, the school will utilise policy changes to manage traffic flow and driver behaviour concerns.

Further developments are expected, and conversations with multiple government bodies are ongoing.

Although staggered drop off and pick up times were an essential part of the school’s Covid-19 management plan, the decrease in learning hours significantly impacted our teacher’s ability to educate our children and so has therefore been unable to be carried on.

Anyone who would like to assist the school in increasing the momentum of building a safer carparking environment, please free to speak to the School Management Team, or to email the school council directly at schoolcouncil@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au. I would also like to encourage anyone who has the inclination to contact local council, to do so.

For more information, please feel free to peruse this link; Your Carpark Questions Answered

Kind Regards,
Nadia Beauchamp
School Council Treasurer and Car Park Committee Representative.




Healthy Skills $52 – overdue (Year 4 & 6)

Swimming Trials $20 – overdue (Year 4 & 6)

Swimming Squad Training $50 – due Wednesday 17th February (Years 4-6)

Year 6 interschool sport levy $60 – due Wednesday 24th February

Year 6 tops – outstanding balances due ASAP.

School Fee Statements

School fee statements were sent out yesterday with the eldest in the family.




The Early Pick Up Form Link can be found on the front page of our website. Or CLICK HERE

Please use this form to notify the school that you will be picking your child up early. You are required to fill out a new form for each child.

Once received:
– A notification will be sent to the teacher to notify them of the child and time for pick up.
– Your child will be sent to the office just before the noted time and will wait for your arrival.
– Please contact the office if there are any changes to these arrangements.

Upon arrival at the school, please follow the below instructions.
1. If you are driving, please use either street or the oval car parking to park your car. Do not use the staff car park.
2. Your child should be waiting in the office foyer for you at your designated pick up time.
3. Parents please go to the office and sign your child out on the IPAD.

PLEASE NOTE – For security purposes, the nominated email address must be from either parent A or B as indicated on our school database.



If your child arrives after 9am, they must be signed in by a parent at the office.

It is important as your classroom teacher may not be in the classroom on arrival due to specialist subjects and activities, therefore they will not be able to sign your child in on our roll marking system. 

Thank you for your cooperation.



A reminder to all parents to ensure you’ve activated your Operoo accounts, acknowledge messages and ensure all medical information is up to date and has been uploaded. 2021 medication and action plans must be provided to the office and match the information in Operoo. Action plans for for Anaphylaxis, Allergies, Asthma and Hayfever/Thunderstorm Asthma are available on the website, and must include a clear current photo. If you are having any issues with Operoo, please e-mail operoo@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au

Any changes to addresses or emails, please e-mail the office to update student records.



Please ensure that you change your account so it lists your child’s 2021 class.

A reminder that Qkr! payments close at 4.30pm on a Wednesday and to only pay for items you have received. Please pay for each child separately.



The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund is available for families who have received a Health Care Card from the Australian Government.

Please access the link below to access the Camps, Sports and Excursions form (CSEF).



OSPS senior choir for year’s 4 – 6 begins this Thursday 11th February in the senior music room from 3.30pm and concludes at 4:30pm.

A reminder to parents to please not use the staff carpark to pick up your child.



A second hand uniform sale will be held in the hall foyer. Cash only. Please remember to socially distance 1.5m from other parents and please wear a mask inside the hall foyer.

Friday 12th February
8.30am – 9.00am
3.15pm – 3.45pm

Thank you to Nikki Kaur and her team of helpers for all the work with the second hand uniform shop.



Classroom cuisine is now servicing OSPS with orders available for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. For more information please access the website below.



The OSPS Parent Online Community Private Facebook Group was created during the 2020 year when remote learning commenced as a forum for OSPS parents to engage as a school community and connect. There was overwhelming support to keep this page going in 2021while we hopefully enter a COVID normal year of school and education.

Rules: Positive, respectful and appropriate posts, comments, photos and engagement most welcomed.

We understand social media is an important community tool that parents like to engage with, however please keep in mind that the school website, Operoo, e-mailing your teacher, team leader or principal class staff are still the key and official channels of communication between school and home and visa versa. If you have any concerns or issues at any time, please contact the school directly.

Feel free to ask questions, post helpful tips, links, sell your second hand uniform, share your success stories and have a laugh memes, as long as they follow the group rules.

This site will be sporadically monitored by staff in an official capacity at OSPS under the profile Admina Oaksouth. You may find Admina posting important reminders, pointing parents in the right direction and collecting the good news stories and photos that have parent permission to use for the official OSPS facebook page and website.

Please note parents requesting to join must answer 2 questions before being approved to join the page.





Over the summer holiday period OSPS conducted a myON Reading Challenge for all 2020 students. The challenge was a great success with almost 10,000 myON books read. A huge congratulations to all students and staff who participated in the program. Our myON champions were celebrated during assembly this week.

Here is a summary of our myON champions in each year level. Congratulations to them.

  myON Champion  Runner Up 
Prep Bella Lee – PNC Ella Lee – Prep NC
Year 1 Catherine Phan – 1NM Jiajun Wang – 1JG
Year 2 Lilly Lindsay – 2JD Shabad Wasam – 2AP
Year 3 Akshaj Rajesh Kumar – 3JR Riya Sikka – 3JP
Year 4 Lucas Huang – 4FF Tamsyn Higgins – 4CW
Year 5 Matthew Hon – 5KP Emily McCallum – 5NH
Year 6 Sophie Zhang – 6CR Amy Lim – 6CR




Top (L to R) 

Mrs Sarah Van Deursen (Office)
Mr Anthony Rowe (Assistant Principal)
Mr Ron Cantlon (Principal)
Mr Rico Virtuoso (Maintenance & IT)
Mr Erik Albers (Assistant Principal)
Mrs Carlyn Backers (Office)

Bottom (L to R)

Mrs Nikki Virtuoso (Assistant Principal)
Ms Jo Chapple (Business Manager)
Mrs Sue Jackson (Assistant Principal)


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