Oakleigh South Primary School

22nd June 2022


“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein


Issue 19  – 22nd June 2022


Thursday June 23rd
– OSPS House Athletics @ Duncan McKinnon

Friday June 24th
– Final Day of Term (2:30pm dismissal)
– Year 6 Hot Chocolate Day
– Whole School assembly




The school’s building project is now able to proceed after having the final approval granted. We are excited to announce that work could start as soon as these coming holidays. We will keep you informed of any updates next term. Parent/teacher interviews were conducted today onsite. We are pleased to once again offer face-to-face interviews to discuss you child’s progress. Thank you to all OSPS staff for their tireless efforts this term and for all the work you do to support the teaching and learning program at the school.

To support your child’s learning during the holidays, children are encouraged to spend a little bit of time on our wonderful learning programs. They include: Reading Eggs, Mathletics, myON, Mathseeds and Sunshine Online. 

As Term 2 comes to a conclusion I’d like to thank the entire Oakleigh South Primary School Community for their understanding and support during such challenging times. Have a safe and happy holiday and keep safe.


Ron Cantlon



Term 2 – 26th April – 24th June

Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


ICAS Returns in 2022


You can now pay for ICAS online! To confirm your child’s participation, visit https://shop.icasassessments.com/pages/pps and enter our unique school code EXO419 to make a direct payment to ICAS Assessments.

Online payment closing dates available at icasassessments.com.  

Please note all payments and orders must be made directly through ICAS. Oakleigh South Primary School will not be processing any school orders in 2022.

Please also look out for the Compass notice relating to ICAS and accept or reject the event notices for each assessment accordingly.

If you require any further information please contact our ICAS coordinator Nigel Hooley.




This year, the Department of Education have made some changes to the Prep Enrolment process and timeline, applications need to be submitted by 12th August, 2022.

Places are filling fast, so if you have a child starting in 2023 or if you know of any new families thinking of applying, please complete the Enrolment Forms and submit with the supporting documentation as soon as possible.

All places for Prep 2023 will be confirmed by 26th August, 2022, as per the new timeline.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, enrolments will only be accepted in digital form.

Enrolment forms are available on the website http://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/enrolments/



Oakleigh South Primary School is pleased to announce that the Student Eyecare Program will be running at the school next term.

An optometrist will be onsite during school hours to provide students with a free comprehensive eye examination that is covered through Medicare Australia.

1 in 6 students have eye conditions that go undetected. This is due to the high level of visual demand on their eyes from books, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Every student will receive a full report about their eye health and a prescription will be provided if glasses are required. The prescription can be taken to any optical store to get the glasses made.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Parent consent forms (green) have been sent home this week. Please return them your classroom teacher by Monday 20th June.



With the current wet weather, it is advised that children have a spare set of clothes, including socks in their bag.

Reminder to parents that if your child has been provided with spare clothes from sick bay  – please wash and return to school ASAP.

If we do not have spare clothing you will be contacted to bring items and for you to change your child.



It can be difficult for families to know when their child is sick enough to need to stay home from school. For safety’s sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice.

Families can experience problems when trying to take time off to care for an ill child at home. However, it is important that parents focus not only on the wellbeing of their own child, but also upon the wellbeing of other children and the staff. If you need to administer Panadol/Nurofen before school, then your child should not be at school.

 If your child has vomited or had diarrhoea, they must be completely well for 24 hours before returning to school.

Camp Sport and Excursion Funding application close date 24th June 2022

 Dear Parents and Carers,

CSEF is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities.

If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.

The annual CSEF amount per student is:

  1. $125 for primary school students

If you applied for CSEF at your child’s school last year, you do not need to complete an application form this year unless there has been a change in your family circumstances.
You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  1. new student enrolments; your child has started or changed schools this year.
  2. changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing this year.

New applicants should download the attached form which can be emailed with your Health Care Card to Carlyn.backers@education.vic.gov.au

Closing date for application is the 24th June 2022

Click here for further information CSEF Website

Please click here to apply – https://www.education.vic.gov.au/PAL/csef-application-form.pdf




Our Year 5 classes have been lucky enough to participate in a 45-minute First Aid session facilitated by St John Ambulance Australia recently. Students revised ‘DRSAB’ which involved assessing for DANGERS, obtaining a RESPONSE, SENDING for help (calling 000), checking AIRWAYS and BREATHING. In addition to this, the session incorporated a practical CPR component, guiding students through how to perform CPR and when it is required in a First Aid situation. Students then participated in group problem-solving scenarios based on a variety of first aid situations allowing them to apply their knowledge. The Year 5 students gained so much from this experience which could potentially save lives.

“I enjoyed learning how to do CPR because I now know how to do it if I need to.” – Anusha 5WS

“We learnt how to do the DRABCD and what to look for in different situations. I feel more confident if I see an emergency.” – Nate 5KP

“It was great to learn because you never know when you will come across an emergency and it’s better not to panic.” – Ella 5HP

“I didn’t know how hard you had to push for compressions and where you had to place your hands.” – Jinu 5SA

“I was surprised how much one person can do to save someone.” – Mohammed 5LG

“I was really interested in how defibrillators helped in emergency situations.” – Dhruv 5NK


It’s been another extremely busy term in Year 6 with students covering many interesting topics in English, Mathematics, Integrated Studies as well as Specialists.


In History, we discussed reasons why World War 1 began and Australia’s contribution to the war effort. We also threw ourselves in our Economics unit, learning all about business and financial matters displaying our entrepreneurial skills at our Business Expo (we’ll tell you more about this in next term’s newsletter).


Well known artist Daniel Butterworth visited and treated our Year 6s to a painting masterclass. The students were in awe of his talent and ability to paint with and on anything he has available. Some students were lucky enough to have their portraits painted and the results were incredible!



Throughout Term 2, the Year 6’s represented OSPS in interschool sport with pride and distinction.

Many of the students were trying a sport for the first time and it was outstanding to see their skills develop whilst enjoying a new game. We had many teams advance to finals and performed exceptionally well.

Congratulations to the tennis team who will proceed to division. Our OSPS Girls’ Football team was comprised of some Year 5’s and Year 6 students who played against St Peter’s at Centenary Park. The team lost 37-14 but displayed incredible resilience and optimism during the game. Well done to all students that were involved in sport this term. We look forward to district athletics in Term 3



We are proud and excited to have some of our students participating in the 2022 Victorian State Schools Spectacular.

The Spectacular brings together government school communities from across Victoria to produce a three-hour live show – involving music, dance  and circus arts – which will be performed to an audience of around 12,000 people at John Cain Arena on Saturday 10 September over two shows at 1pm and 6:30pm.

Talented Victorian students will feature on stage, while many other students will work behind the scenes, gaining unique, on-the-job, professional experience.


The Spectacular is a creative vision of industry professionals including Creative Director Neill Gladwin, Musical Director Chong Lim AM, Dance Director Deon Nuku, (Scooby Doo, Happy Feet, Moulin Rouge) and Associate Dance Director Yvette Lee, (Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor Australia, Australia’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance).

For a fun, family entertainment experience, and to cheer on our students from the audience, be quick to secure tickets when they go on sale at 10am Wednesday 15 June via www.ticketek.com.au/spectacular

Adult:                           $40

Child Under 15:           $20

Concession:                $30

Buy 10 tickets and get one adult ticket free (the 11th ticket is free) by calling Group Bookings on 1300 364 001.

Claim 25% Back through the Victorian Entertainment Program. Customers can claim 25% on the total cost of your entertainment experience when you spend $40 or more, to a maximum refund amount of $125.  Simply upload your ticket receipt to their website link below, and once approved, your 25% of the total price will be paid back directly into your bank account. Rebates are available on a first come, first served basis until funds are exhausted.



As part of our History unit on World War 1, students wrote journal entries from the perspectives of different people participating in the war in Gallipoli.

This first letter by Neve is from the perspective of a soldier.

This first letter by Neve is from the perspective of a soldier.


Dear Leo,

I hope this letter finds you in good health, and that you are keeping busy on the farm. It is horrible here! I know that you wanted so badly to join up with Charlie and I but I am truly jealous of you at home for it is so dreadful here that I’m surrounded by grown men wailing! 

The trenches have changed a lot since the recent downpours. The rain which I would usually celebrate on the farm has caused absolute havoc down in the trenches. The trenches that used to be a long walkway in the ground with the walls hollowed out for tight, dusty sleeping areas is now just a cold, lice infested pool of mud that if you haven’t already been shot or infected to your death, you freeze to death! (Mud is an understatement as the mixture of rain and soil is more like a thick slime!) Nearly all of my fellow soldiers have trench foot and are suffering multiple other diseases as all kinds of viruses are spreading like wildfire through our troops. 

I put this paragraph at the bottom of my letter as it is the one that I am least willing to write but, I am sorry to inform you and all of our family that Charlie Williams, our beloved cousin passed on the 29th of the 7th 1915. This horrific occurrence was caused by a stray fragment of shrapnel causing infection in Charlies’ chest. I hope that somewhere in your brave heart you can pluck out the courage to inform the William’s about this sad occurrence

I shall be glad to hear any more news from you and the family. I wish I could write more but the General is marching up to me so I must end this letter here.

Yours sincerely,

Leo Farmer.

P.S  The general informed me that Coach Watson recommended me to be a runner. Turns out hard work really does pay off!


This next letter by Mia is from the perspective of a nurse.


To my beloved William,

I hope my letter finds you well. I know it has been a while since my last letter and please forgive me for not writing sooner. The Turks are very powerful here in Gallipoli and there are injured soldiers racing in. I feel like I’m going insane. The sounds of bombs and gun fire are imbedded into my brain, the soldiers are coming in with no end in sight and it’s impossible to think we will have enough beds for them!

My fellow nurses and I are extremely fatigued as we don’t have enough nurses to look after these poor fellows. My arms are in excruciating pain from wrapping bandages and disinfecting their wounds. My dear William the only thing that keeps me going and giving me comfort is knowing you are safe and far from this hell. My days last forever as I am expected to do menial tasks. The bloody sheets keep me up at night as I cringe with disgust. My back is in agonizing pain dawn till evening and I’m sleep deprived. They’re calling for me now so this is where I must depart.

My darling William I will very much miss you. We’re making room for more casualties arriving shortly. I would be so delighted to hear all the news from back home. Please tell the children, Mother, Father and my dear sister I love them very much. Thinking of you always – t helps me fall asleep at night and also when I need comfort. Please write back my darling. I love you.


Your beloved wife,

Meredith Elizabeth James



The year 5 students had so much fun making  Mindful Glitter Jars in their TRP lesson last week.

They were learning to describe and understand how their brain reacts to different feelings and developing strategies to feel calm.

The significance of the Glitter Jar was to show the students that when their brain gets all clouded and fuzzy its hard to see through it and make important decisions. When the glitter settles to the bottom of the jar, this signifies the calmness in their brain, and then we can think clearly.




Congratulations to our Top Ten Mathletes for Term 2.

Remember it’s important for students to do a little bit of numeracy study during the holidays while enjoying holidays also.



Top Students – Top 10 Mathletes Term 2 Total Points
Ksenia Z – 6CR 93480
Shiven K – 4CW 88570
Drewin D – 2TM 73600
Nina X – 2MG 72390
Mia Z – 6CM 68760
Alexander Z – 6JD 64990
Alwyn J – 3DD 64490
Lucas H – 6CM 60940
Marcus L – 2JR 57260
Ryan R – 3MW 35010





Year 3-6 Reading Goals

You can see your child’s target and reading progress by using the Renaissance Home Connect function. Just use your child’s school AR log in details.

You can access the link here – https://Auhosted2.renlearn.com.au/1478818/HomeConnect

Our school goal this year is to read 1 billion quality words. This term we have read 338,954,142 quality words. What a fantastic achievement! Congratulations to the following students who read the most words during Term 2.

Student Words
Lily W – 4AS 5,284,630
Alexander Z – 6JD 4,355,506
Ethan D – 6SM 4,101,925
Erika T – 4KH 4,056,849
Atharv H – 5NK 3,823,907




Sport Winter Final Results
Netball Girls 3rd place
Netball Mixed A 2nd place
Netball Mixed B  7th place
AFL 3rd place
Sofcrosse Mixed A 3rd place
Sofcrosse Mixed B 7th place
Tennis Green Girls 1st place
Tennis Green Boys 2nd place
Tennis White Boys 1st place
Tennis White Girls 6th place
Soccer Girls 5th place
Soccer Boys 5th place




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