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23rd  June 2021


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“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.” – Winston Churchill


Issue 19  – 23rd June 2021


Fri June 25
– Last day of term for students
– 2:30pm dismissal

Mon 12th July
– First Day of Term 3

Mon July 12th – Fri 23rd
– Year 3 & 5 Swimming

Thur July 15th -Fri 16th
– Forensic Science Incursion Years 4, 5 & 6

Mon 19th July
– House Athletics (4 – 6, selected Yr 3)

Tue 20th July
– South Metro Regional Cross-Country
– Beachside Division Winter Sports Finals
– School Council Meeting
– Assembly Wk 2 (P – 6)

Wed 21st July
– Year 4 Production: Pirates Past Noon Kids Cast 1
– Beachside Division Winter Sports Finals
– State School Spectacular Choir Rehearsal (selected Yr 5)

Thu 22nd July
– Year 4 Production: Pirates Past Noon Kids Cast 2

Tue 27th July
– Assembly Wk 3 (4-6)

Wed 28th July – Fri 30th July
– Year 4 Camp Philip Island


As we near the end of a ‘different’ Term 2, once again I would like to thank everyone for their support of the recent lockdown, where we went back to remote learning. In that two weeks, everyone made the adjustment very quickly then readjusted last week back onsite. The children showed great resilience and we should all be very proud of them. Let’s hope we get through a strong and steady Term 3 with more normality back in our lives.

Thank you to the staff and parents who caught up to discuss their child’s report and first semester. Although it wasn’t face to face as we first hoped, Zoom meetings are a part of our lives now and they went very well according to the people who have spoken to me.

Today the Preps and Year 1 celebrated their Term 2 Literature focus on Dr. Seuss by dressing up in the wackiest clothes they could find to enjoy, “Wacky Wednesday’. The children have been learning about Dr. Seuss the author and reading many of his books. Did you know that Theodor Seuss Geisel (Dr. Seuss) wrote and illustrated more than 60 books with the first one being published in 1937? The children have thoroughly enjoyed this fun unit of work and Dr. Seuss has certainly stood the test of time!

I wish you all a safe and restful break and I look forward to seeing everyone returning for the start of Term 3 on Monday 12th July.






Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




A reminder that the Curriculum Day planned for Friday 25th June has been postponed until a later date, a new date will be advised next term.

The last day of term will see students finishing at 2:30pm on Friday 25th June.



Enrolments for Prep 2022 are now open and places are filling very fast.

The school has begun filling places so we encourage parents of students starting in 2022 to complete forms as soon as possible and email to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au

Forms can found here – 2022 enrolments.



Please return the forms by the school holidays if you wish for your child to participate.

Smile Squad is on the way to our school!

All children deserve a healthy smile and the Smile Squad are coming to Oakleigh South Primary School to help make sure this happens.

Smile Squad is a $321.9 million Victorian Government program that provides free dental care to all Victorian public primary and secondary school students.

The friendly Smile Squad dental team will visit Oakleigh South Primary School soon to conduct a free annual dental health examination for every student and provide free follow up treatment as needed.

What do parents need to do?

We just need you to provide consent forms to your child’s classroom teacher.

The Smile Squad team will then check your child’s teeth and mouth and show them how to keep their teeth healthy and strong. They will also provide any preventive services you have consented for. If your child needs more treatment, the Smile Squad will contact you.

Who is Smile Squad?

The bright orange Smile Squad vans are staffed by experienced oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental assistants and dentists. They all have lots of experience treating children and a passion for improving their oral health – for life.

Learn more about the Smile Squad by visiting www.smilesquad.vic.gov.au or contact the team at smilesquad@dhsv.org.au



– Year 6 Camp 1st Instalment $100.00 due today at 4:30pm

– Year 4 Camp Payment – closes today at 4:30pm

– Payments closes today at 4:30pm

– Payments close Wed 14th July





The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund is available for families who have received a Health Care Card from the Australian Government. Please bring the paperwork to the office or email the form and your Health Care card by the 13th of August to carlyn.backers@education.vic.edu.au

Please access the link below to access the Camps, Sports and Excursions form (CSEF).
Thank you.



We are still hopeful to perform the production, the performances will now be on Wednesday July 21st (Cast 1) and Thursday July 22nd (Cast 2), at 7pm.

Ticketing information has been sent to the whole school for bookings. Tickets can be purchaed through trybooking.com

Any questions please contact – Assistant Principal

Nikki Virtuoso nikki.virtuoso@education.vic.gov.au




Flash! Bang! WOW! This term we have become inquisitive scientists and have spent lots of time doing some pretty exciting experiments. We have learnt all about predicting, observing and explaining what has happened in the experiments. We have delved into chemical sciences and learnt all about how different chemicals react with one another. We saw Elephant Toothpaste blast before our eyes, milk dance in colour and we even made zip-lock bags explode! Visiting Ms Sakellaris each week has been lots of fun too, especially when we were learning about states of matter and got to melt delicious chocolate! Yum!

We’re discovering the changes of day and night now and excited to learn more about the solar system before the term is through. It has sure been an exciting term down in Grade 1 and we have even bigger and better things in store for when we learn about physical sciences in Term 4!

“My favourite experiment was the cloud in the jar because it was full of colour and it was looking at water cycles. The water cycle keeps going around and around. If I was going to be a scientist for a day I would make lots of flour bombs!” Daniel 1CF

“My favourite experiment was the exploding lunch bag because it went pop and exploded. If I was going to be a scientist for a day I would find out what bacteria looks like!” Chloe 1AM

“My favourite experiment was the melting ice. I learnt that I can use my mouth to melt the ice cube because our mouths are warm. If I was a scientist for a day I would do more of the elephant toothpaste experiment!” Levi 1AM

“My favourite experiment was the elephant toothpaste because it flowed out of the bottle and was blue. Each bottle has its own capacity and can change how quickly the toothpaste explodes! If I was going to be a scientist for a day I would do all kinds of different experiments!” Anshul 1CG

“My favourite experiment was the melting ice because we had to come up with all different ways to melt it. We had to use friction. Friction is when two things rub together. We needed to use something that was warm so we used our warm hands and we put the ice in between our hands and we rubbed it together. We then put it into warm water and broke it up into small pieces to help it melt quicker. If I was going to be a scientist for a day I would study space!” Atticus 1JG

“My favourite experiment was the magic milk experiment because we got to see the colours dance in the milk. The milk had fat in it and when we added the detergent it chased it around and mixed the colours together! If I was going to be a scientist for a day I would make lots and lots of elephant toothpaste!” Leni 1JG


Maddie, Leo & Shane – 1AM

Fifi & Giuliana – 1CF

Emma & Adrian – 1CF




Rehearsals are in full swing for Matilda Jr! The main cast have settled well into their roles and embraced the challenge of learning their dialogue, song lyrics, and stage direction, all while having fun. It has also been very encouraging to see our ensemble listening to and learning their parts so enthusiastically. Some of the songs have very complex harmonies, challenging timing and fast paced lyrics. It is going to sound amazing when it all comes together! Next term is going to be very busy with extra singing and acting rehearsals, dance practise and costume try outs. But it will all be worth it when our Year 6s are up on stage under lights!

Sophie 6MW & Jenson 6LD



Throughout term 2, the OSPS Tennis Team has had some amazing success! After some fierce fighting and determination out on the school courts, only 10 boys and 10 girls could represent the school in tennis. They did not disappoint! With a total of 240 games being played across the 5 rounds, OSPS won a staggering 238 games to finish on top of the ladder by a long way. The team is extremely excited about going straight through to Division later in the year. Amazing performances by all.

Luka T 6JD, Joseph 6GZ & Luka K 6JD



The Year 6 Boys Basketball team had a fantastic season in term 1. They remained undefeated throughout the whole competition, dominating with their height and skills. The team had a great culture and always supported the opposing schools. The team was led by their captain, Joey, who ran our offence as our main point guard for all the games. All members are looking forward to future training in term 3 and competing in finals towards the end of the year.



Prep & Year 1

Jonah Prep AM
For developing into a responsible and helpful member of Prep AM. Sensational Effort!
Chloe Prep AM
For consistently producing work to a very high standard. Wonderful effort Chloe!
Liam Prep BB
For always listening to instructions and showing respect towards others. Well done Liam!
Prisha Prep BB
Working Together
For always working well with others and encouraging everyone to work as a team. Well done Prisha.
Aria Prep JF
For showing resilience by tackling new challenges and never giving up. Well done, Aria!
Jack Prep JF
For approaching all tasks with a positive attitude and producing excellent work. Well done Jack!
Indiana Prep MR
For always lending a helping hand and for taking pride in all that she does.
Edward Prep MR
Working Together
For being an excellent listener and for his valuable contributions to class discussions.
Milla 1AM
For demonstrating an excellent understanding of time by reading a clock like a superstar! Go Milla!
Chloe 1AM
For using amazing sizzling starts in her persuasive writing making it a joy to read! You rock Chloe!


Giuliana 1CF
For always showing respect towards your classmates and teacher! Keep it up, Giuliana. 
Fifi 1CF
For always demonstrating resilience with every task you complete. Well done, Fifi! 
Anela 1CG
For writing a great persuasive, with lots detail to convince the reader of your opinion. You rock!
Samuel 1CG
For showing great independence in his writing, creating a awesome weekend recount. You’re a star!
Billy 1JG
For being a star participant in our Healthy Skills for Life sessions, showing honesty & resilience.
Atticus 1JG
Working Together
For his enthusiasm, insightful contributions and mature teamwork during our 1JG science experiments!
Eli 1LD
For always using his beautiful manners in class and helping out his classmates. You’re a superstar!
Oscar 1LD
For showing awesome persistence with his writing. Keep up the amazing effort Oscar!


Alu 1NM
For greatly improving his handwriting formation and showing tremendous effort in Writing. Well done!
Ivy 1NM
For showing great concentration in Maths, especially during ‘Time’ and ‘Fractions’ lessons.
Ryan 1SR
For working hard to achieve great results in his reading. Well done Ryan!
Javin 1SR
For always coming to school with a smile and approaching new tasks with positivity! You’re a star!



Year 2 & 3

Sophia 2AP
For her incredibly positive approach to all classroom tasks. You’re a star, Sophia!
Max 2AP
For being such a wonderful team player who helps out his classmates and treats everyone fairly.
Paige 2LV
For working independently on all tasks and completing them to the best of her ability.
Alexia 2LV
For her commitment and dedication to her daily reading, a fantastic improvement is evident!


Mickey 2SC
For displaying a positive attitude when faced with challenging tasks and asking lots of questions.
George 2SC
For showing respect towards classmates and teachers and always being happy, hardworking and helpful.
Chloe 2SL
For working hard to improve her reading and moving up a level. Keep up the amazing effort, Chloe!
Tilda 2SL
For her enthusiasm towards learning and showing respect at all times. Keep it up, Tilda!
Chelsea 2TM
For making amazing improvements in your writing. You persuasive piece was fantastic! Well done.
Julian 2TM
For always demonstrating respect and role-model classroom behaviour in and outside of the classroom.
Chloe 3DD
For demonstrating the five school values consistently through the year. Wonderful Chloe.
Anthea 3DD
For trying hard in all she does, even when things become difficult. Terrific Anthea.


Yohan 3JP
For his enthusiasm towards the writing process and for using VCOP to develop his writing craft.
Sienna 3JP
For adapting to change and making positive decisions.
Arielle 3JS
Working Together
For her enthusiasm and hard work in the kitchen during cooking.
Eleni 3JS
Working Together
For her enthusiastic attitude and great teamwork in the kitchen during cooking.
Leni 3MT
For achieving her AR goal for Term 2.  Fantastic work Leni!
Amelia 3MT
For always doing her best and smiling through any difficulties.  Well done Amelia.
Indigo 3MT
For being a dedicated farmer and helping out with the chickens.


Lilly 3NH
For consistently reading at a high level and meeting her AR and Mathletics weekly goals.
Rosie 3NH
For working consistently towards her AR goal and meeting her target already this term.
Millie 3NH
Working Together
For always asking excellent questions in lessons to help her and her friends with their work.




Girls’ Footy
Girls’ footy has been postponed to July 23rd where OSPS will automatically progress to the Division finals to play against other teams in a round robin format on the day.

Regional Cross-Country
Unfortunately Division Cross-Country was cancelled. Those students who finished in the top 3 of their age group at District level have automatically qualified to progress to Regional Cross-Country. The SMR Cross-Country is Thursday 20th July at Hasting’s foreshore, Marine Parade, Hastings. Please see the recent Operoo for more details.

Year 5 Sport
The Year 5 students have been learning about and participating in their 2022 Summer Sports they will experience in Year 6. This has given Year 5 students a great understanding of the sport they may wish to choose for 2022 whilst working as a team, learning the rules and trying different sports.

Year 6 Sport
During the final few weeks of term, Year 6 students have been learning athletics disciplines in preparation for the upcoming House Athletics carnival in Term 3. Students have been enjoying disciplines such as: high jump, triple jump, long jump, middle distance running, sprinting, discuss and shot put.






Over the holidays there are many learning programs that we offer at OSPS that are available to all students from home. It’s highly recommended that students continue to read and work towards their literacy and numeracy goals when possible.

Programs that can be accessed from home include:

  • Mathletics
  • myON Reading Program
  • Study Ladder
  • Reading Egsspress

Should you require further support with login details please speak to your child’s classroom teacher.




Earlier this term, the Year 6s studied World War One and the effects the campaign had on those involved. Students were asked to write a letter home from the perspective of either a soldier, nurse or someone in command which resulted in some beautiful emotive writing. Nyah from 6SM wrote her piece from the perspective of a wartime nurse.


Dear Mother,

Five weeks since I’ve arrived and it’s clear I underestimated this job. Soldiers are endlessly pouring in, limping and bleeding. The graveyard outside is slowly filling up and it’s certain we do not have enough beds. The terrible shock at the appearance of a young boy, about 14 years of age, carried in with a bleeding stump of a leg, staring at me with big, doleful eyes will stay with me forever. Sadly, another gravestone to mourn at, another innocent life lost.

For food, we have a kind of “biscuit” that literally breaks my teeth as I bite into it, the delicious taste of your Sunday roast but a distant memory. I don’t want to appear to complain (compared to what our soldiers are going through), but my arms are constantly aching from all the bandaging, lifting and stemming of incessant bleeding. The beds fill up rapidly with pained, dazed and insane soldiers, driven mad by what they’ve seen. I’ve started taking care of fellow nurses as well, as we also suffer infection and disease and are not immune to these horrors. Today we were rained with bombs and a surge of men came in with bloody shrapnel injuries. Finding space to treat them amongst the mayhem is becoming almost impossible. How many soldiers lives will it take for this hell to cease? How long until they all die out? I fear it is only a matter of time before I face a similar fate and are gone too. God willing I will see your beautiful face again and peace will visit our lands once more. Until then, remember you are always in my thoughts and heart.

Your loving daughter,

Nyah x

Nyah – 6SM



The past few weeks the Year One’s have been looking at procedural writing. We have looked at how to brush our teeth, how to make fairy bread, how to make little piggy biscuits and many other topics! We are becoming experts at writing instructions for people to follow. Have a look at our wonderful pieces attached.


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