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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 16 – June 1st


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Issue 16 1st June 2017

Tues 6th June
Yr 2 Excursion Taskworks
2KH, 2VO, 2MR, 2RE

Yr 5 Ice Skating

School Tour 11.15am

Thurs 1st June
Yr 5/6 Winter Sport – Round 6
– vs St Andrew’s (Home)

Yr 6 Hot Chocolate Day


Today we had teachers from Huntingdale PS, Amsleigh Park PS and Pinewood PS visit our school to observe various classes, as they were involved in writing lessons.

The visitors from the surrounding primary schools met with some of the teachers from our school to discuss whole school teaching approaches and to share ideas and successes in relation to the teaching of writing.

Not only were they all very impressed by the high standard of writing demonstrated by the children at OSPS, but they thought that our facilities were fantastic.

Have a great weekend

Ron Cantlon




Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start) 31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish) 22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Whole School Assembly

Just a reminder that every Tuesday morning we have our whole school assembly starting at 9.00am sharp.
The teachers will take their class to the hall by 8.50am, so if you are arriving at school after this time, do not send your child to their grade but please meet your child’s teacher at the hall.
Thank you.

Car Parking

Please take note that the 2 minute zone is to drop off of your children only.
If you intend to be longer than 2 minutes, please park in the oval carpark.
Also another reminder that no parents are allowed in the staff carpark unless you are dropping off or collecting children from out of school hour’s care.

At all other times, the staff car park is out of bounds for parents.

Thank you.

Village Requests Earn house points for your house by bringing us:

  • newspapers
  • unwanted pottery bowls and pots suitable for succulent gardens
  • Plastic lids
  • One litre ice-cream containers with lids
  • Two litre milk bottles with lids

Thank you From The Village People


The Parent Group and one of our Prep mums, Emily Hunter are collecting jackets of any kind, from kids to adult sizes, to donate to people in need so they can stay warm during the cold winter months ahead.

We will be collecting coats from Monday 5th June to Friday 16th June and distributing them to two charities, the Avalon Centre and St Kilda Mums who will in turn pass them onto to children and adults who deserve to be warm this Winter.

So, have a look through your wardrobe and bring all those unwanted and outgrown jackets to school so we can make another person’s life better.

Please bring your jackets and put in the tubs outside the office starting his Monday.

Thank you

Healthy Skills for Life

Session 5 – Resilience


During session 5, students from Prep to Year 4 focused on perseverance and resilience. They learned a new breath and really noticed what that breath felt like in the body. On a physiological level, mindful breathing   exercises help calm the body and mind, self-regulate and achieve concentration. Sending kind thoughts create greater resistance to illness and increased well-being. All students related the values of perseverance and resilience with what we have the ability to do, be or achieve. Children expressed their extended knowledge of resilience and perseverance by relating the values back to real world experiences they have had.

Students were challenged with increased levels of strength and balancing activities in games. The physical movements enabled the children to see a   greater performance from their bodies and showed the students what they are really capable of. Students discovered that when they were really focused they could stay balanced for longer and were more determined in games. These skills are carried over into the class, while working on projects, learning an instrument, playing a sport or creating a new friendship.

This week’s session gave students the opportunity to discuss and propose a range of alternatives and test their effectiveness when solving movement challenges. The activities aligned with this week’s value, explored effective communication of ideas, listening to one another, encouraging one another and striving to carry on. Students shared responsibilities and made decisions that would benefit the whole team. Through engaging games and incorporating fundamental movements, students were able to put their ideas into practice!

This week during session 5, the students in Year 5 & 6 practiced resilience through perseverance. They were given strategies for managing difficult emotions such as anger or anxiety. Students were reminded that anxiety can sometimes come in the forms of tummy aches, headaches or low energy or mood. Many times our emotions cause physical symptoms in our bodies and it is important to know the difference. Students were taught a gentle and calming mindfulness exercise that slowed the body and mind down and allowed for a feeling of quietness to come over all of the students and the room. This practice is one that can reduce anger and a great tool for managing worry or fear.

Students completed physical activities that were aimed at testing their endurance. The students were both encouraging and supportive of each other as they completed the activities and they were able to demonstrate perseverance.

Parents: Ask your child to suggest some ways that they can manage big emotions such as anger or anxiety. You might like to discuss situations/transitions that are regularly challenging for your child and plan how they could manage it in the future.

Please Note: Some classes did not participate in session 5, but participated in session 4, as the instructor for Healthy Life Skills was unwell and could not attend. These students will participate in session 5 next week.




The Year 3 Excursion to Edendale Farm The team at Edendale always comment on how much they enjoy working with Oakleigh South students; this year was no exception. Activities throughout the day saw us taking part in activities aligned with the new Australian Curriculum where sustainability is a cross curriculum priority. The need to reduce our environmental footprint was the main message of the day. Waste disposal – reduce, reuse, recycle – what goes into what bin? Sorting through the types of things we throw away. Did you know that you can’t put shopping bags into your recycling bin? Earth and worm farming – looking at the different soils around Edendale and the difference worms can make . Did you know that worms are nature’s recyclers. Food – ‘Consumption Down’ looking at labelling of various foods – how can we make a difference? The further away the food – the greater the footprint. Environmental Art – looking at the colours in nature and how they are used to make the colours we still use today. Ask your child how cochineal or red food colouring is made? Creating a colourful print on a calico bag using fresh flowers and leaves. Animal discovery – a tour of the farm to meet and feed the Edendale animals.



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