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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  16 – 31st May, 2018


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Issue 16  –  31st May 2018


Friday 1st June

– School Tour 9.30am

– Year 2 Healthy Life Skills

Monday 4th June – Friday 8th June

– Year 3 – 6 Swimming Program

Monday 4th June

– Year 1 Healthy Life Skills- Parent session

Tuesday 5th June

– Year 2 Taskworks Excursion

– Girls Footy Team v St. Peters @ 1.40pm

Wednesday 6th June

– Year 6 Sausage Sizzle

Friday 8th June

– Year 2 Healthy Life Skills- Parent session.



Next week sees the start of our swimming programs for the year. Year 3 – 6 will be participating in the eight day program at GESAC. This intense program definitely helps the children to improve their swimming skills over a short space of time as well as developing their independence. I recommend that all children participate in this great learning experience.

On Monday and Tuesday I will be attending the Principal’s Regional Conference along with Mr Albers and Mrs Virtuoso. The two day conference involves many interesting keynote speakers as well as workshops. We are looking forward to meeting and speaking with other colleagues and learning about new initiatives and ideas in the education world.

Last week School Council approved our term 3 curriculum day. Please note these two dates in your diary. The first day as (previously mentioned) with be held on Monday 18th June and the second day will be held on the Monday before Melbourne Cup day, Monday 5th November.

Have a great weekend.

Ron Cantlon


Information Update


Please be advised that your child should have received a hard copy Parental Occupation Code form.

It is imperative for our record keeping that you complete this form for each child and return it to your classroom teacher, who will mark it off their class list. Spare forms are available at the office.

Parents who fail to return this form will be followed up by the office.

Thank you


2018 Term Dates

Term 1:

29 January (school teachers start) 30 January (school students start) to 29 March 2018

Term 2:

16 April to 29 June 2018

2018 Term Dates

Term 3:

16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4:

8 October to 20 December (2.30pm school students finish) 21 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent Teacher Interviews will be held on Tuesday 27th June Year 3 – 6 & Wednesday, 28th June Prep – Year 2  from 2pm – 7pm. Online bookings will open at 4pm Friday 1st June.

Please follow this link and use the following code.

https://www.schoolinterviews.com.au/code Code:   xprbs

Please arrive 5 min before your scheduled time, as each interview is only for 10min

Enrolments for Prep 2019

Places for Prep 2019 are filling fast and we have an incredible number of applications.

If you have a child starting in 2019, please complete and return Prep Enrolment forms and supporting documents as soon as possible.

If you know of other new families thinking of applying, please encourage them to submit their forms as well.

For more information about enrolments, please visit our school website https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/enrolments/

Lost Property

We currently have an abundance of lost property items.

Please take the time to check to see if any of these items belong at your home.

Any items of clothing that have not been re-claimed by the end of this term will be placed in our second hand uniform shop for sale



It can be difficult for families to know when their child is sick enough to need to stay home from school. For safety’s sake, if your child seems unwell you should always keep them home from school and seek medical advice.

Clearly we want children to be resilient and learn to put up with minor health matters, however it is important that students do not return to school before they are completely over illness. Apart from the fact that our facilities are limited it is problematic if children return to school too soon and infect others

Families can experience problems when trying to take time off to care for an ill child at home. However, it is important that parents focus not only on the wellbeing of their own child, but also upon the wellbeing of other children and the staff.

If you have to administer Panadol before school – then your child isn’t school ready.

Antibiotics that are to be administered three times per day can be done at home.  The first dose can be administered between 7am – 8.30am, the following dose can be administered between 3.45 – 4.30pm.  Then the last dose can be  given at  8pm or before bed.

If your child has a temperature, has vomited or had diarrhoea, they must be completely well for 24 hours before returning to school.

Car Park on the Oval

Each week we receive complaints about the oval carpark. As it has been recommended on every occasion when this issue is addressed, we ask for your patience when using this carpark. This space is clearly marked for entering and exiting but it seems these signs are continually being ignored.

Once again I ask you to follow the signs and respect each other when using this shared space.

The following is a letter from a parent highlighting the dangers of not using the carpark properly.

“Hello, I am writing in about the large car park next to the oval. Each morning there are many parents/guardians who elect to not only ignore signs, but rush like crazy during drop off.

This morning a car almost hit my son and I as we were returning to our vehicle, I was then abused by the female driver when I asked her to slow down. Also, over the past three weeks I have noticed that parents are entering via exits and vice versa. This is also a hazard and I have witnessed many annoyed parents react angrily to this disregard for all children’s safety.

I do not hold the school responsible for this in any way but could you please publish an update to the newsletter/Facebook or any other means of communication?

Apologies for even sending this! I would hope people would use common sense and courtesy but here we are…”

Thank you

Curriculum Day

Please be aware that Monday, 18th June is a Curriculum Day.

No students will be required at school on this day

School Fees

A friendly reminder to parents that the Essential Learning Fees and school expenses are due.


If you have any queries or concerns regarding payment, please

contact Jo Chapple on chapple.joanne.j@edumail.vic.gov.au




Dear parent,

These school holidays we are hosting a very special school holiday program called Code Camp where your child can learn to code and build their very own iPhone or Android app!

Code Camp has already taught more than 35,000 students in Australia and is a great way to spend time over the holidays as kids have lots of fun with friends while learning important new skills such as logic, creativity, problem solving, app development and game building in a fun and engaging way, ready to take on the digital world of the future.

Every child attending a holiday camp will build incredible games on our software platform ‘’Code Camp World’’ and walk away with their very own app, playable via the Code Camp App store that they can take home to share with family and friends!

Here is the code camp we’re running:

Spark (School Grades 2-6)

Beginners + Intermediate

Fun, engaging and challenging… and are our most known Code Camp that over 12,000 students have completed. Code Camp Spark is where every student in years 2-6 should start their Code Camp journey.

Enrol today and help your child become a coding superstar! For more information, visit https://www.codecamp.com.au or contact us at hello@codecamp.com.au.

Thank you

School Banking Update

Thanks to all our parents who continue to send in their bankbooks each Monday morning. We have a number of updates for you.

Media Release from Commonwealth Bank

In direct response to last week’s media reports regarding the Dollarmites Program, please read the Commonwealth Bank’s Media Release. If anyone has any further concerns, please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our School Banking Liason Officer at the Commonwealth Bank. I’d like to stress that this incident happened in 2013 and is not a recent event. No unauthorised withdrawals were made to any accounts. This was an internal bank action by some branch staff and no OSPS School banking volunteers were involved.

Win a Trip to Hawaii

Keep saving for your chance to win this EPIC prize. You need to have made 15 deposits by the end of Term 3. Aloha!

Term 1 Reward Item Now Available

Please note that the Secret Scratch Pad reward item from Term 1 IS SOLD OUT.

The other reward items currently available are:
· Sparkle Glitter Pens – Term 2
· Glow Light Torch – Term 2
· Twister Power Handball – Term 1
· Cyber Handball – 2017
· Colour change Markers – 2017
· Tablet Case – 2017
· Pencil + Tech Case – 2017
· Smiley Emoji Keyring – 2017
· Epic Earphones – 2017

• One silver Dollarmites token will be issued for every School Banking deposit made (maximum of one per week).
• You need to have made 10 School Banking deposits to redeem a reward.
• Tokens do not expire. If you don’t have enough tokens at the end of any year, you can save them for the next year, until you have 10 tokens to redeem for a reward item.
• Tokens cannot be pooled between, or given to, siblings or friends to get rewards faster. The School Banking rewards program is designed to reward individual savings.
• All rewards are available to order from the term listed and are offered only while stocks last.
• Your deposit/ token count is electronically tracked by School Banking so it doesn’t matter if you lose your Silver Dollarmites tokens.
• You can also track your tokens on our new, fun, easy to use CommBank Youth App (visit www.commbank.com.au/schoolbanking for more details).
• If you forget to put your School Banking in one week, you are unable to make 2 deposits the following week for 2 tokens. Maximum of one deposit/one token per week.

How To Redeem Your Tokens For a Reward Item

To redeem your reward item from School Banking:
• Complete a Rewards Card slip by writing in your details and ticking the item you would like to redeem
• Place the slip in your yellow Dollarmites wallet with your 10 Silver Dollarmites tokens;
• Hand it in with your School Banking Deposit on School Banking Day.

New Facebook Page

We have set up a news page for parents who are connected to Facebook. Its been very well received so make sure you connect to it if you have children participating in our program.
Head to https://www.facebook.com/groups/220126088743570/ or search for ‘OSPS School Banking Notice Board’

Thank you for supporting the School Banking program, and remember, School Banking day is every MONDAY.

Happy banking!

Katrina, Julie, Michelle, Caryn and Adeline



Village News

What do you do with a huge village grown pumpkin harvest?   You follow our 15 year old tradition and make PUMPKIN SOUP & PUMPKIN SCONES of course!   This year, as always, the soup is proving to be a hit with both the year 3 villagers and their teachers.

The strange thing is that most children, even those reluctant to try their soup in the first place, find themselves coming back for seconds and even thirds!   Part of the cooking experience is to sit and dine together and it is at this point that our principal turns up!

What’s in the pumpkin soup?

Children’s version – pumpkin, potato, celery and onion. Each child’s task is to peel, chop and add all of these four ingredients to the large soup pot . To this – is added liquid vegetable stock and then it’s time to cook for 20 mins ( or as long as you have ) and finally to blend for a delicious winter soup.

Teacher / adult version – add chill and curry to taste…

What’s in the secret scone recipe?

Children’s version – makes 24 scones   Oven temp 180 degrees for 15 – 20 mins

3 cups self-raising flour

1 cup of cream

1 cup of soda water (anything fizzy you have on hand – lemonade works well)

Teacher version – add parmesan, chives, chilli flakes and herbs (some children would also eat these but we keep them plain for the majority )

Children help to combine the ingredients ready to be kneaded and cut into scones.

What was on the menu in term one with Miss Smith and Mrs James?

VILLAGE VEGGIE PIZZAS – using whatever produce was available in the garden .

In first term we had an abundance of tomatoes , potatoes, silver beet, eggplant, zucchinis, capsicums and chives.

The SECRET of the pizzas was the secret dough recipe which was the same as the scone recipe above. Each child helped to make and then had their own piece of dough to knead and flatten. They used prepared tomato passata as the base and then added their choice of vegetables. A sprinkling of cheese to bind and a few leaves of freshly picked rosemary and then it was into the oven at 180 degrees for 15 – 20 mins  YUM!   Every ONE always enjoys our ‘healthy’ pizzas!

Farmers outdoor cooking term 1 – In term one our farmers had special outdoor cooking sessions with Mrs Dwyer. Whilst tomatoes were in abundance they made bruschetta, then, when the potatoes and pumpkins were harvested – roast potatoes and pumpkin were added to the menu!

There is also the produce that is grown and eaten fresh straight from the garden throughout the year – grapes, strawberries, broad beans, snow peas and corn….. or cooked and eaten as we go – broccoli , cabbage, capsicums , cauliflower and even Brussel sprouts !




Thank you to all those that helped us to raise funds for Mums Supporting Families  In Need.

We had a fun night watching Bad Moms and raised $850

Mums Supporting Families in Need are in desperate need of kids toiletries.

If you have any or are able to put something in your shopping trolley, there is a tub at the office for donations.

Thank you in advance


Parent Group



Entertainment Book

The 2018 / 2019 Entertainment Book is now available for purchase from the office. It is available in hard copy or digital for the price of $70.00  A copy is on display at the office.


Disclaimer – The organisations advertised in this newsletter are not affiliated with and have no relationship to Oakleigh South Primary School. The publishing of these advertisements does not imply endorsement or recommendation of these products or services by the school. They are provided as a community service.

Winter Cricket training with ESOCC


Even in the depths of winter there is an opportunity for budding cricketers from the age of 8 to 11 with the Emmanuel South Oakleigh Cricket Club running training throughout the Winter months from 3pm on Saturdays.

Our Coach, Isuru Gunawardana, is Certified Level 1 and carries the WWC, and is more than happy to continue on through the winter to offer off-season net sessions with a focus on all aspects of the game.

For more information, contact Isuru via email juniors@krushers.com


Or Mobile: 0450668359