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26th May 2021


Riley St, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167

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E: oakleigh.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au   W: oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au 

When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts. – Dalai Lama


Issue 15  – 26th May 2021


Fri May 28th
– Year 6 Hot Dog & Casual Clothes Day

Mon 31st May – Fri 11th June
– Year 3 & 5 Swimming

Tue 1st June
– Beachside Division X-Country
– Prep-Year 3 Assembly

Tue 8th June
– Whole School Assembly

Wed 16th June
– Year 4 P/T Interviews

Mon 21st June
– Prep- Year 3 P/T Interviews

Tue 22nd June
– Year 5 & Year 6 P/T Interviews

Thur 24th June
– Last day of term for students.
– 3:30pm dismissal.

Fri June 25
– Curriculum Day


As announced at the Acting Premier’s media conference yesterday (details at https://www.premier.vic.gov.au/additional-covidsafe-measures-keep-victorians-safe), face masks will be mandatory in all indoor spaces across Greater Melbourne from 6pm 25th May. At OSPS, this means visitors and staff need to be wearing a face mask at all times inside. The only exceptions are for people with medical exemptions or for eating. Staff will not be required to wear a mask while they are teaching students, however may if they wish to do so. We will keep students and families notified as updates come through on anything else that may impact OSPS parents, students or visitors.

Two weeks ago I mentioned in my report that the Smile Squad dental program will be coming to our school. Since then I now have confirmation of times and a few more details. The Smile Squad has confirmed that they will be visiting our school form the 2nd August till the 17th September.

During this time the oral health examinations will be delivered in a room on the school site using mobile dental equipment (i.e. portable chair, portable examination tools). The team will comprise two oral health or dental therapists and two dental assistants. The oral health examination appointment will be approximately 15 minutes long. The follow up treatment will take place in a van on the school site sometime in October. The treatment van will have a fully functioning single chair dental clinic set up. The treatment van will be staffed by oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental assistants and/or dentists.

Next week the consent forms will be sent home to you, so make sure you check your child’s bag. Each child will also receive a dental pack, including tooth brush and toothpaste! This program is completely optional but if you do choose to participate, please return the completed consent form to your classroom teacher as soon as possible.

I have included more information about this very worthwhile program in this newsletter.

Enjoy a great week.




Term 2
19th April – 25th June

Term 3
12th July – 17th September

Term 4
4th October – 17th December
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




School Council has reviewed, updated and approved Oakleigh South Primary School’s SunSmart and Dress Code Policies. They can be found via the link below.





Dear Parents /Caregivers,

I would firstly like to send out a huge welcome to Jon Couston, who has joined the School Council this year by being co-opted to fill a casual vacancy. Jon has a background in building and infrastructure development and has been a very much appreciated addition to the committee. His expertise has already proven to be invaluable as part of the Building Works team.

The plans for the State Government funded upgrade are moving along as scheduled. Consultants from Taylor Oppenheim Architects, employed through the Victorian Schools Building Authority (VSBA), and VSBA representatives, have met frequently with Ron and his team with the intention of achieving the best possible outcome for the School. As with all government funded projects, there are many Government dictated criteria that need to be adhered too, however our school’s fantastic reputation for outstanding results has not been taken lightly when it comes to the negotiations process. I can not thank Ron enough for the time and energy he has put into this project thus far. A special mention of thanks must also be given to Rico Virtuoso, whose dedication to the project has been phenomenal.

Some of you may have noticed a change in parking directives on Beryl Avenue. Monash Council have informed the School that these changes, as indicated by the new signs which went up recently, were necessary due to parking occurring on both sides of Beryl Avenue at the beginning and end of school days and on Saturdays, causing traffic congestion,  issues for accessibility and property access and denying reasonable use of on-street parking for residents. In an attempt to restore balance between residential and non-residential parking, Monash Council are enforcing the following restrictions:

  • No Stopping, 8.30am – 9.30am, 3pm – 4pm School Days & Permit Zone, 8am – 5pm Sat restrictions on the south side of Beryl Avenue (between Bakers Road and Riley Street)
  • No Stopping, 8.30am – 9.30am, 3pm – 4pm School Days restriction on the south side of Beryl Avenue (between Golf Road and Bakers Road).

The School and School Council are aware that this places even more stress on the streets directly around the school, as well as the School’s already strained Carpark space. This issue has been raised with Monash Council. Please ensure all parents follow the signed directions to avoid personal fines, and to assist with the congestion problems in the area.

With regards to the carpark, the process has moved to the next phase, however at this point I am still unable to provide you with any further details as Monash Council reserve the right to approve or deny any plans that involve Riley Street amenities. I will endeavour to inform you as soon as I get any further confirmations.

Over the past 2 months, School Council have conversed at length with regard to some of our School’s policies. Updates to some policies have recently been made, and updated policies will be provided to you through the newsletter over the coming weeks. School Council are engaging in further discussions around how we can provide the community with more regular policy communication, however, should you currently wish to view the schools policies, you are invited to do so through the School’s website. A list of current policies can be found under the ‘Parents’ tab on the homepage.

In addition, School Council have discussed the frequency and contents of birthday party bags being distributed, primarily in the younger age groups, post Covid 19 lockdowns. School Council would like to receive feedback from the community regarding your thoughts and feelings around this topic. A parent survey formulated by School Council will be distributed via Operoo in the coming weeks. Should you wish to have your thoughts heard on this or any other matter, please feel free to email School Council at schoolcouncil@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au.

School Council would also like to make the school community aware that for the foreseeable future, School Council meetings will be open to our parent community, should they wish to attend. We ask that any parents wishing to attend, notify Ron or myself of their intention, prior to the meeting date, and that they familiarise themselves with the legislation around visitors to School Council meetings, which can be found in the governance handbook located at https://www.education.vic.gov.au/Documents/school/principals/governance/governanceph.pdf.

Meeting dates and information regarding foreseen meeting closures will be available on the OSPS website, in the School Council section, under the ‘Parents’ tab, within the coming days.

I look forward to being able to provide you with further updates throughout the year, and I greatly appreciate your time in reading this through fully.

Kind Regards,

School Council President.




The SunSmart Policy states:

From mid-August (exact date to be set by the school annually) to 30 April, all students must wear a sun protective hat that shades the face, neck and ears for all outdoor activities. Exceptions will be made for some sporting activities. The school recommends that hats be worn for all outdoor activities outside of the August to April time period, however, this by parent or student choice.

Recently, you may have received communication from your child’s teacher about leaving hats at school, or returning hats so that they can be worn outside after 30th April. The school decided to make this request while the new Dress Code and SunSmart Policy was being reviewed by School Council.

Now that the policies have been reviewed and approved by School Council, it is student or parent choice if they wish their child to wear a hat after 30th April until mid-August (exact date to be set by the school annually).

Please have a discussion with your child about hats during this time of the year.

Please feel free to communicate with your child’s teacher if you have concerns your child won’t wear their hat, when you wish for them to do so between 30th April and mid August (exact date to be set by the school annually).




Enrolments for Prep 2022 are now open and places are filling fast.

We encourage parents of students starting in 2022 to complete forms as soon as possible and email to enrolments@oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au

Forms can found here – 2022 enrolments.



Smile Squad is on the way to our school!

All children deserve a healthy smile and the Smile Squad are coming to Oakleigh South Primary School to help make sure this happens.

Smile Squad is a $321.9 million Victorian Government program that provides free dental care to all Victorian public primary and secondary school students.

The friendly Smile Squad dental team will visit Oakleigh South Primary School soon to conduct a free annual dental health examination for every student and provide free follow up treatment as needed.

What do parents need to do?

We just need you to provide consent. Please read and sign the consent forms that came home with your child and return them to the classroom teacher.

The Smile Squad team will then check your child’s teeth and mouth and show them how to keep their teeth healthy and strong. They will also provide any preventive services you have consented for. If your child needs more treatment, the Smile Squad will contact you.

Who is Smile Squad?

The bright orange Smile Squad vans are staffed by experienced oral health therapists, dental therapists, dental assistants and dentists. They all have lots of experience treating children and a passion for improving their oral health – for life.

Learn more about the Smile Squad by visiting www.smilesquad.vic.gov.au or contact the team at smilesquad@dhsv.org.au



– Year 6 Camp Instalment – closes 23.06.21 at 4.30pm

– Payments close 26.05.21 at 4.30pm

– Payments close 26.05.21 at 4.30pm

– Payments close 02.06.21 at 4.30pm

– Payments close 09.06.21 at 4.30pm

– Year 4 Camp Instalment – closes 23.06.21 at 4:30pm

Girl’s Footy
– Payments close 02.06.21





The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund is available for families who have received a Health Care Card from the Australian Government. Please bring the paperwork to the office or email the form and your Health Care card to carlyn.backers@education.vic.edu.au

All forms need to be in by the end of Term 2 to be eligible to claim.

Please access the link below to access the Camps, Sports and Excursions form (CSEF).
Thank you.



Parent Teacher Interviews will return to face to face interviews in 2021. An Operoo will be sent in the coming week outlining the booking process. Please make sure you read and respond to this Operoo so you don’t miss booking a time to see your child’s teacher.

Dates and times are as follows:

Year 4 Interviews Wednesday 16th June 2pm – 7pm

Prep – 3 Interviews Monday 21st June 2pm – 7pm

Year 5 – 6 Interviews Tuesday 22nd June 2pm – 7pm.



There is currently a large amount of lost property and unnamed items being stored just outside the library. If your child has recently lost something at school please check the lost property area and ensure you name your child’s clothing. Thank you.



With Winter approaching it’s strongly recommended that parents send their children to school with spare clothing, especially during wet weather days. Please ensure any extra clothing adheres to the schools recently updated Dress Code policy which can be found at the top of this newsletter. Thank you.



For the whole month of May the 2nd hand uniform shop will be running a HUGE sale.

All items are $2 each, bags $5! Bargain!

New school hats are $15.

Thank you to Nicole Stenton and all the 2nd hand uniform shop helpers, the May sale is a huge success so far with many itmes flying out the door and reducing the stock levels.

Donations are always welcome and can be dropped off at the office.

Alexander 5LG



Wednesday 5th May was ‘World Maths Day’. On the day, students at OSPS participated in many different maths activities, games and challenges and had lots of fun! One of the activities running on the day was a Live Mathletics Challenge, open to students around the world. To compete, you had a 48 hour window in which to play 20 rounds of Live Mathletics, all against other students in your year level, from different countries.

At the end of the 48 hour period, the results were in and the Leader Board was announced. At OSPS, we had many stand-out results. These are the top competitors from each year level at OSPS:

Prep: Methsandie P

Year 1: Emma P

Year 2: Laurence C

Year 3: Prayag P

Year 4: Revan P

Year 5: Alexander Z

Year 6: Leo K

Alexander of 5LG, deserves special mention as he finished Number 1 in Australia and Number 3 in the world! He now goes on to compete in a Championship Challenge on Friday May 28th. This Challenge sees the top 4 competitors in the world, for each year level, competing against each other in an additional 3 Live Mathletics Rounds.

Best of luck to Alex, who will stay after school on Friday, to compete in this super exciting event!



The vision for the Oakleigh community is to rejuvenate and reform local education, raising student engagement and community perceptions and encouraging academic drive.

What is the Oakleigh Education Plan?
The Oakleigh Education Plan (the Plan) is a four-year plan that allows a joint approach to making sure every student has access to high-quality, seamless education. Improvements to student engagement, achievement and wellbeing outcomes are all part of this approach.

The Plan will formally connect three local schools (one secondary and two primary) and will focus on sharing our teaching and learning resources. Celebrating the diversity of the community, inclusion and learning from each school’s expertise will also be a priority across the area.

Who is involved in the Plan?
The schools involved in the Plan include South Oakleigh Secondary College, Huntingdale Primary School and Oakleigh South Primary School.

The Plan continually seeks the support and knowledge of the wider local community such as local industry, business and tertiary providers.

What is being delivered?
Teaching and learning components being delivered in this plan include:

  • a strengthened Year 6 to Year 7 transition program
  • a strengthened Year 9 to Year 10 transition program
  • a dedicated STEM professional learning plan and focus on promoting and integrating STEM across all three schools
  • clear career pathways with support through partnering with leading tertiary institutions and industry professionals.

The Victorian Government has invested $10.422 million across planning and infrastructure for South Oakleigh Secondary College through the Plan. Oakleigh South Primary School received funding through the building works package and Huntingdale Primary School received funding from the permanent modular school building program.

For information and updates surrounding the latest building works, head to https://www.schoolbuildings.vic.gov.au/schools/Pages/OakleighEducationPlan.aspx as well as the VSBA Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/VictorianSchoolBuild/

How can I get involved?
Schools have been working hard to support and progress the objectives of the Plan. There is more work to be done, and it’s an exciting space to be in for the three schools and the wider community.

Whether a student, parent, family member, carer, staff member, educator and/or member of the local community, the Plan will benefit you.

We encourage all community members to be an active voice in the Oakleigh Education Plan. It’s a lasting investment and that means we need the local community to be involved in the journey to ensure the Plan reflects our needs and goals. We’ll strive to keep our school community updated through our website and newsletters, or you can get in touch with us directly.

For more information on the Oakleigh Education Plan please email education.plans@education.vic.gov.au



The Year 4 students have been rehearsing extremely hard this term for our amazing production of Pirates Past Noon Kids.

The performances will be on Wednesday 23rd June (Cast 1) and Thursday 24th June (Cast 2), last week of Term 2, at 7pm.

Ticketing information has been sent to Year 4 families via Operoo for first stage bookings.

Any questions please contact – Assistant Principal
Nikki Virtuoso nikki.virtuoso@education.vic.gov.au



Oakleigh South Primary School will be having a Curriculum Day, Friday 25th June.

This is a Pupil Free Day.

Camp Australia will be again offering their services should you require it.

Please see the flyer for more details.



OSHC stands for Outside School Hours Care. An OSHC service provides education and care for primary school-age children outside school hours and during school holidays. For more information please click here – Parent Info Leaflet 2021




Year 4

Penny 4AS
For displaying a positive attitude towards her learning in all areas of the curriculum.
Finn 4AS
For working hard during class time to produce outstanding pieces of work. Keep it up, Finn!
Vanessa 4CW
For always being incredibly polite and friendly to her peers and teachers. Vanessa, you are amazing!
Kai 4CW
For his incredible, descriptive writing pieces. Kai, they are awesome to read!
Charlie 4DK
For demonstrating resilience by exceeding his Mathletics goal and always striving to do his best.


Mishell 4EW
For achieving this term’s AR goals and for demonstrating a ‘can-do’ attitude with any challenge.
Aurora 4KH
For showing resilience and continually improving especially when things get hard. Keep it up Aurora!
Rocco 4KH
For working hard and showing respect and helping others when needed.
Yuto 4NM
For being a kind and respectful class member who shows great enthusiasm in the classroom.
Jackson 4NM
For consistently trying his best and giving questions a go, even when they are unfamiliar.


Year 5

Sienna 5FF
For being a delight to teach and learn with.
Andrew 5FF
For his outstanding efforts in Mathletics. Well done, Andrew!
Millie 5FF
For showing amazing resilience and grit through NAPLAN…with a broken arm!


Cooper 5FF
For being a role model in our daily fitness by setting a benchmark for others to follow.
Adir 5HP
Always showing respect and kindness towards all of his teachers and classmates every day!
Anita 5HP
Working Together
Always being such a wonderful and caring friend to all of her peers, showing kindness and empathy!
Oskar 5KP
For his dedication to reading and keeping up to date with his weekly AR target.
Ayushmaan 5KP
For responding to teacher feedback and working hard towards achieving his writing goal.
Andrew 5LG
For an outstanding achievement in Live Mathletics on World Maths Day: 13th in the country!
Alex 5LG
For an outstanding achievement in Live Mathletics on World Maths Day: 3rd in the world!
Dean 5NC
For using wonderful vocabulary in his ‘Up, up and away’ writing piece. Well done!


Stella 5NC
For including brilliant persuasive language in her ‘City or Country’ piece of writing. Well done!
Katerina 5NK
For being such an amazingly super motivated student who works hard at all that she does. Keep it up!
Jacob 5NK
For having such a strong working attitude and for sharing your brilliant ideas and understandings!


Year 6 & Specialist Classes

Yuki 6CR
For the way in which she is smashing through her Maths Invaders levels. Keep up the great work, Yuki
Bella 6CR
For her increased confidence in Maths Invaders; consistently working with speed and accuracy.
May 6GZ
For never giving up and striving to improve all her skills. Well done May!
Tessa 6GZ
For always pushing herself to understand a concept. Super job Tessa!
Isabella 6JD
Working Together
For being a kind and caring class member who looks out for others. Keep it up, Isabella!


Maliah 6JD
For always trying her best, and assisting her peers and teachers. You’re a star!
Zara 6LD
For consistently giving her best effort in all aspects of her schooling. Well done Zara!
Noy 6SM
For displaying integrity and supporting a classmate she thought may be having social difficulties.
Evert 6SM
For making sensible choices in his learning by setting realistic goals. Great job Ev!
Liam 6MW
For completing all tasks with great care and focus. Always to the best of his ability. Congratulations Liam! 
Aryan 6MW
Working Together
For consistently working with others positively in all group work. Congratulations Aryan! 
6JD Japanese
For showing great interest in Japanese culture, and always having a positive attitude.
3MT Japanese
For the enthusiastic manner in which you take part in all learning activities in Japanese!




Two Student Voice awards are given out each week to students who demonstrate the school values during recess and lunchtimes.

Two student voice members each week look for students who are doing the right thing.

This is a way of saying well done and keep doing the right thing!

Congratulations to…

Panagiotis (4NM) and Eamon (5NK).





Last week Year 6 students participated in Winter Interschool Sport (Round 4) with all teams playing at home against Oakleigh Grammar. Next week OSPS has the bye. Parents are welcome to come and support their child and if you’re available to umpire or score please speak to your child’s sports coach. The winter fixture can be found here at Bentleigh District Winter Fixture.

Students not participating in the competitive fixture enjoyed their final session of lawn bowls at the local South Oakleigh Bowls Club. Students learnt the rules of the game, how to use the bowl bias correctly and enjoyed scoring their own games.

Thank you to Marcus Mooney, P.E staff and the Year 6 teachers for organising this wonderful program and giving up their time to coach our children.



Last week all of our Year 5 students enjoyed experiencing the summer sports they will be playing in 2022. These include: volleyball, flag rugby, basketball, cricket, softball. Students are learning the skills required for each game, the rules and how best to position themselves in games. All students had a lot of fun and enjoy the variety of sports on offer. Thank you to the P.E and Year 5 teachers for making this possible.



SPORT OSPS Oakleigh Grammar
Boys Tennis 11 1
Girls Tennis 12 0
Netball A 28 0
Netball B 8 6
Netball C DNP DNP
AFL Scratch Match Scratch Match
Soccer Girls 8 1
Soccer Boys 1 2
Sofcrosse A 0 8
Sofcrosse B 2 2




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Hughesdale Kinder