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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 14 – May 18th



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Tues 23rd May

Yr 3 Excursion – Edendale Farm

Yr 5 Ice Skating

Yr 5/6 Girls Football (Home)

Thurs 25th May

Year 5/6 Winter Sport – Round 4 – (Bye)

Fri 26th May

Yr 5 Excursion – Scienceworks



FETE – and it’s a wrap!

Despite the rainy weather, the Fete made an incredible profit of $73,140, the same amount as the 2016 Fete. So another huge thank you to every one involved. The profits of each stall are outlined below in the newsletter.

At this week’s assembly the Fete ‘Kiss the Chicken’ competition winners were revealed. Our winner was Ms Hunt, followed closely by Miss Rayment & Ms Richardson as runner up finalists. Many thanks for puckering up for a good cause.

Our sponsors and supporting businesses were again been extremely generous, so please make sure you let them know you are from OSPS next time you visit their business.

OSPS Cross Country team competed in the Bentleigh District Cross Country Championships this week. Strong performances across all age groups resulted in OSPS retaining the shield.

On Monday Ben C (Gr 6) and Oliver G (Gr 5) represented Beachside Division at the Southern Metro Regional Football Championships. Well done to both boys on representing our region and playing so well.


Ron Cantlon



Term 1:

30 January (school teachers start)

31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:

18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:

17 July to 22 September

Term 4:

9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)

22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Healthy Skills for Life

Session 3 – Sportsmanship

During session 3, students from Prep to Year 4 were given the opportunity to discuss different ways they could work as an           individual within a team and collectively as a team in order to successfully participate in cooperative class games. Sportsmanship can show a lot about our character. When children learn good sportsmanship and healthy collaboration with peers they can begin to demonstrate graceful winning and losing. With increased partner work and teamwork, we focus on cultivating positive relationships and building community. The activities aligned with this week’s value and explored effective communication of ideas, listening to one another, encouraging each other, sharing responsibilities and making decisions that would benefit the whole team. Through engaging games and incorporating fundamental movements, students were able to put their ideas into practice!

Children demonstrated cooperation by working together and being really helpful team players. Students gave examples of how we can cooperate in the classroom, home and playground. By being an active participant in the class, the children were able to recognise how much can be achieved when working with others in positive ways. Through communication with one another, listening and collaborating the whole team benefits, not just themselves.

Parents: Ask your child to demonstrate the breath/mindfulness they learned this week or a movement they enjoyed.

Session 3 (Year 5 & 6) – Healthy risks, courage and confidence

Change is constant in each of our lives. Children go through many transitions and they are all processed and experienced on a very individual level. Some transitions might be thought to be exciting or bring happiness – like moving on to a secondary school – but for some children, change can be very frightening or can conjure up anxiety, fear or confusion. Despite this, transitions are experiences that yield learning and development. The Tools for Transition program was developed to assist children in   accessing their courage and confidence to move through different life situations with ease and comfort.

This week during session 3, the students in Year 5 & 6 discussed healthy risks and using our courage to try new things, make new friends and even use the values based skills in all of our interactions in daily life. In this week’s Life Skills lesson, students were taught to connect with mindful breathing and an anchor point. In times of transition, we can access our breath to help us move through challenging situations. Students demonstrated how their anchor breathing can keep them in the present moment, by repeating, “breathing in, breathing out,” to themselves. Additionally, this breath exercise increases focused attention and concentration, it helps us determine when our focus has gone off track. Students also discussed courage and confidence and ways in which they could develop their own confidence when they feel nervous or unsure.

Parents: Have your child teach you anchor point breath work. You could try to do it for a few minutes each day.



District Cross Country 2017


After weeks of hard work and training, the Oakleigh South District Cross Country team travelled to Bald Hill Park to compete against the other six schools in our   District. Arriving to a crisp, dewy morning, there were more than a few butterflies floating around the children’s stomachs as the time approached our 12:00pm start.

Oakleigh South should be extremely proud of the effort of all the children who ran. It is amazing to see the other schools count the white Oakleigh South shirts as they sprint down Bald Hill. It is truly a magnificent sight.

At the completion of the event, Oakleigh South Primary School was named the Bentleigh District Champions for the 19th year in a row. It is no surprise that we do so well year after year with the dedication shown from the students, teachers and parents who work so hard to make our Cross Country program the best around. Thanks must go to everybody involved!

For some children it is only the beginning of their journey and they move on to   Division because they finished inside the top eight. Congratulations to the 25     children who qualified, which is more than half of the positions made available for the Bentleigh District. Well done to all the other competitors who didn’t place, and children who were part of Running Club this year. We couldn’t do it without you! Thank you!

Below are the names and placings of those who have qualified for the Beachside Division Cross Country Championship on Tuesday 30th May:

9/10 Boys: 4th Jake A      5th Max Z

9/10 Girls: 1st Emily R      4th Kate I      5th Lauren I      7th Sienna Y

11 Boys: 3rd Ethan G      5th Oliver G      6th Tomoki H

11 Girls: 1st Jessica I      2nd Tanasha S      3rd Teona R      4th Maya S      5th Aeon B      6th Jessica H      7th Maya N

12/13 Boys: 1st Ben C      2nd Lachlan M      5th Ashwin M

12/13 Girls: 1st Louisa L      2nd Samantha M      3rd Elena H      5th Katherine N      6th Amelia M

AWD Boys: 1st Ori D



Ms Helen Paroukas: When I’m not at school I enjoy going out for yummy dinners at different restaurants. My favourite part of the menu is of course Desserts! The best time of the year is summer, where I spend hours just  lazing around in the sun with my family and friends. I enjoy travelling to Bali where I can shop, relax, swim and take long walks on the beach.

Ms. Maria Sakellaris: When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy walking my dog and going to the gym. I really love travelling, cooking and going to the beach.

Mr Matthew Barker: When I’m not at school I enjoy spending time working around my house that I’m currently renovating. Once a week, during winter, I stop everything to watch Collingwood play, and hope against hope that we beat our opposition (not going so well this season!).   I also enjoy taking my Golden Retriever, Kira, to the park, going to the movies and playing golf.

Mrs Nadine Kingsley: I love to sing to Nova in the car with my three children. I barrack for the mighty Saints! My favourite food is lasagne and love going on family holidays.

Mr Evert Eykman: When I’m not at school, I spend most of my time doing fun activities with my family or renovating our house. In my spare time I love to surf, play sports and listen to music. Occasionally I’ll DJ at parties for a bit of fun, but my favourite event to play music at is the School Disco!!




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