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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 13 – May 11th


Riley St, Oakleigh South, VIC 3167   T: 03 9570 1016   F: 03 9579 0363

E: oakleigh.south.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au   W: oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au


Mon 15th May
Commonwealth Bank Account Information   session at 3pm

Tues 16th May
Bentleigh District Cross Country

Wed 17th May
Nude Food Day

Thurs 11th May
Year 5/6 Winter Sport – Round 3
– vs St Peters (Away)







Whether you helped set up, prepared food, worked at the stalls, cleaned up or any other contribution, every one of you helped to make our fete an amazing day.

I would like to thank Mrs Virtuoso, the fete commitee, teachers, parents and children for working together to produce another memorable OSPS Fete!

We won’t know an exact amount until next week, but it looks like it will be at least a ‘wet weather’ fete record!!

Enjoy the weekend.

Ron Cantlon



Term 1:
30 January (school teachers start)
31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2:
18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3:
17 July to 22 September

Term 4:
9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish)
22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



Enrolments for Prep 2018 are now being accepted.
To help with our planning and numbers, if you have a child starting in 2018, please complete and return Prep Enrolment forms as soon as possible.
If you know of other new families thinking of applying, please encourage them to submit their forms as well.

For more information about enrolments, please visit our school website

ReBoot Program

Thank you to those families who have brought in football boots for the Re-Boot Campaign. We would really appreciate more   donations, please bring them to the Office.

ReBoot campaign is a community activity that involves schools, football clubs and other community organisations collecting football boots and runners for Indigenous children in rural and remote areas in Australia.

The donations will be distributed by the Port Adelaide Aboriginal Programs and members of Port Adelaide Football Club.


Next term the Grade 4 students will be performing the musical ‘The AristoCats’ Last term we held auditions and this term we have been practising the songs, learning the dances and basically putting it all together.

We have two casts which will alternate: one night being in the choir singing and the other night being up on stage performing. The story is about the AristoCats, who are taken from their comfy lifestyle in   Paris by the nasty butler and dumped in the country. The cats meet an array of characters such as Alley cats, geese, dogs and frogs in their endeavour to find their way back home.

Rehearsals have been going great so far with the Year 4s putting in an amazing effort to ensure this production is spectacular.


FETE DAY by Zhenjie 6CS


The fete at Oakleigh South P.S. is a happy event for kids. You can spend all of your Saturday at the fete.

At the fete, there are many exciting rides like the Pirate Ship, Star Scream, The Cyclone and so on. I think that the Pirate Ship is scarier than other rides because, when it swings to the highest point, it’s almost at a right angle. We should be careful on the Pirate Ship. The Cyclone is an exciting ride. You sit on the seat and the cyclone swirls. When it swirls, it goes faster and faster. You will feel sick and you can’t lift up your head, but it’s still good.

There is a dunking machine at the fete. That is cool. You can throw a   tennis ball into a   circle at a teacher who is in the machine. He /she will fall down into the water. If you want to have a lot of fun at the fete, you can fix your hair at a crazy hair shop. The teacher can help you to fix your hair to look really crazy. You could surprise your friends or parents.

At noon, you might feel hungry. There are many kinds of delicious food in front of the gate. There’s sushi, hot dogs, Indian food and lemonade which is from Japan. Sushi is special Japanese food. Rice is inside a seaweed wrap. When you eat it, you think that the flavour isn’t obvious. You can add some sauce to the rice.

In the afternoon, if you feel thirsty you can buy Japanese lemonade or you can go to Bike n’ Blend. That is pretty funny because there is a bike with a blender on it. When you ride the bike, the blender blends things inside. When you finish, the teacher helps you to pour the liquid into a cup. You can add a strawberry on top. Then you can drink it. It’s pretty delicious.

Oh I forgot something! There is an interesting item. It’s called “Kiss The Chicken”. You spend your money on a jar which has a teacher’s name on it. Whoever has more money than the other teachers, wins. They have to kiss a chicken at assembly if they win.

The Oakleigh South fete is a memorable experience for the whole family.




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