Oakleigh South Primary School

6th April 2022


Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new. –  Og Mandino


Issue 10  – 6th April 2022


Thursday April 7th
– Easter Hat Parade (P-2)
– House Cross country (3-6)

Friday April 8th
– Whole School Assembly on ospsTV 1.50pm
– Easter Raffle Drawn 1.50pm
– End of Term 1 (2:30 dismissal)




After a very busy, but productive term, I’d like to wish everyone a very restful breakover the holiday period. I hope you get some much needed family time and maybe even a little getaway!

Tomorrow we have our annual Easter Hat Parade on the junior running track. Everyone is welcome to come along and see some of the amazing creations proudly paraded by the children grade by grade. This year the junior easter raffle prizes will be announced at the assembly in Friday.

I’d like to remind everyone to spend some time on Mathletics, Reading Eggs, myON and to read over the holidays as much as they can. It’s important to touch base with these activities regularly and of course participate in lots of fun activities too.

The final school assembly will be on Friday afternoon at 1.50pm which will be streamed to the parents on OSPStv. The senior and junior Easter raffle winners will be announced then.

We’ll see everyone back at school on Tuesday 26th April.

Enjoy the holidays





Term 1 – 31st January – 8th April

Term 2 – 26th April – 24th June

Term 3 – 11th July – 16th September

Term 4 – 3rd October – 20th December  (3:30pm finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish




Congratulations to the following students and classes who scored the most Mathletics points in term 1.


It’s very important to understand that even though getting 1,000 points a week is great it’s more important that students are challenging themselves at their own level and completing work that supports their learning at school.


Top Students Activity Points
Ksenia Z 144,120
Prayag P 70530
Shivan K 62280
Mia Z 53790
Marcus L 53210
John L 51610
Marvin L 47810
Edward B 46620
Drewin D 38210
Nancy F 35350


Top 5 Classes Activity Points
4KH 745880
6FW 722330
6NM 498780
6CR 440180
3DD 424130




The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply. A special consideration category also exists.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students will be paid directly to the school to be used toward camps, sports and excursion costs for the student’s benefit.

CSEF payments to schools will commence from 1 March onwards. Schools are able to continue processing applications until the end of Term 2.

Click here for further information CSEF Website

Please click here to apply – https://www.education.vic.gov.au/PAL/csef-application-form.pdf




Mrs Bathols loves baking yummy cookies, cakes and cupcakes in her spare time. She also enjoys walking and running with her dog and enjoying the lovey summer weather. Mrs Bathols also likes to water ski and spend time with her three children.

Mrs. Barnard teaches Junior School Music (Years Prep to Year Three), and also directs Junior Choir with Mr Mietzcke and helps to coach the V.S.S.S Massed Choir. In her spare time Mrs. Barnard enjoys playing the piano or flute, singing with her daughters or going to see live theatre, including musicals and plays. She enjoys going for walks or to the beach.

Ms Stevenson is excited to return to Oakleigh South Primary school this year and join the Performing Arts team. She loves dancing, singing and musical theatre with some of her favourite productions being Aladdin, The Lion King, Wicked, Cats & Phantom of the Opera. Ms Stevenson is a proud mum to her daughter Poppy and they love visiting the beach, going for walks and watching the Demons play football!

Mr Mietzcke is the Senior Performing Arts teacher.  He is passionate about providing opportunities for students to sing, play, dance or act for audiences. His hobbies include playing Double Bass in a bluegrass band, experiencing live music, riding his motorbike and watching the mighty Saints play. He is the proud father of 2 daughters who are both studying at university.




Year Preps- Concepts of Rhythm and Pitch

The Year Prep students have been learning the concepts of beat, rhythm and Pitch in Performing Arts. They responded to a range of compositions by using their voice, movement, body percussion and non-melodic percussion instruments. Students matched pitch when singing and they learnt a variety of chants. They have begun to learn the Music notes whilst playing xylophones, metallophones, resonator bells, glockenspiels and a Marimba.

Year Ones- Concepts of Rhythm and Pitch. Solfege (Curwin Hand signs) and notation

The Year One students have been exploring the elements of Music, Dance & Drama by learning songs, dances, games and actions to develop inner hearing, spatial awareness and respond to beat and rhythm. Students have been learning the Solfa hand signs to develop singing in pitch, along with using instruments to improvise and compose simple rhythms.

Year Twos- Concepts of beat, rhythm, and pitch. Learning notation whilst using tuned percussion.

The Year Two students have been learning the concepts of beat, rhythm and pitch in Performing Arts through singing, movement, drama and instrumental play. The students have continued to use Solfa hand signs to help develop pitch when singing. They have learnt the musical notation Taa (crotchet) and Ti (Quaver), and Zaa (crotchet rest). The Year Twos have been introduced to Classical Composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.

Year Three- Concepts of Beat, Rhythm and Pitch. Drumming.

The Year Threes have explored the musical concepts of beat, rhythm, pitch and tempo. They have performed raps, chants, and sung popular songs. The students have played a variety of non-tuned and tuned percussion instruments to accompany a variety of songs from different cultures. They are learning to play a variety of rhythms and drumstick techniques whilst playing on the bucket drums, djembes, and floor drums.



Year 4- Production The X Factory

The Year 4 students have spent the first half of this term learning the songs for this year’s production, The X Factory. Auditions for main roles have been happening over the last month and it has been fantastic to see so many students auditioning and singing solo for the roles they are interested in.  The Year 4 students have also had the option of joining in the Senior Choir. They’ve been working hard learning the new songs and singing different parts and harmonies with the Year 5 & 6 students.

Year 5- Ukulele & Victorian State Schools Spectacular

Year 5 students have been learning to play the Ukulele in their performing arts classes. They’ve been learning chords and practising different songs to perform as a class. The student’s skills have been improving every week and they are looking forward to working on a song composition for term 2.

Year 5 students have once again been given the opportunity to participate in the Victorian State Schools Spectacular in both Mass Choir and Mass Dance. The students participating in dance had their first mass rehearsal on the 17th March where Oakleigh South Primary School was the host, welcoming schools from the local area. Professional choreographers and dancers came to the school to teach the students the first half of the six routines they will be performing in the show and the students worked extremely hard to learn the choreography.

Year 6- Production Moana

The Year 6 students have been working hard learning the songs from our production of Moana Jr. This year they have the added challenge of learning the correct pronunciation of some songs, which will be performed in Tokelauan and Samoan. Auditions for main roles will be starting shortly and it will be an exciting time to see students show off their talent and skills.


In Term 2, the Year 5 students will be participating in an exciting new program called FEAST. During the course of this unit of work the students will learn about food waste, nutrition and develop basic cooking skills as they work together to write a school cookbook!


The program has been developed by Oz Harvest, Australia’s leading food rescue organisation, to help raise awareness about reducing food waste, food insecurity and the importance of healthy eating. The program forms part of our STEM and English curriculum this term as students learn problem solving, design and production skills, collaboration, communication, procedural texts and important life skills. We hope they bring some of these great skills home to test on you!


Our school is lucky to have been provided with a whole suite of resources for this program including cooking equipment and teaching resources through philanthropic donation to Oz Harvest valued at over $1500.




Ruby – 5HP
For always showing respect to her teachers and fellow students every single day. 
Michael – 5HP
Working Together
For always sharing his ideas and thoughts to his classmates in such a positive manner. 
Milla – 5HP
For always having such beautiful manners and showing respect towards others. 
Rafael – 5HP
Raf congratulations on passing your AR target. Reaching 174% of your target, just amazing Raf! 
Charlie – 5NK
For your positive and determined attitude in class – you are smashing your learning goals! 
Leah – 5NK
For being such a valued class member of 5NK – so kind and super switched on! You are simply awesome! 
Finn – 5NK
For your amazingly passionate and creative thinking around your incredible project! It blew us away! 
Charlie – 5WS
For a positive start to the year at a new school. You are amazing, Charlie! 
Kevin – 5WS
For being committed to reading every night and smashing your AR goal. Keep it up, Kevin! 
Naman – 5WS
For always putting in 100% effort into everything that he does. Keep up the great work, Naman!
Hannah – 5WS
For being a respectful and joyful member of our class. We love having you in 5WS!
Indeevar – 5KP
For reaching his AR reading goal so efficiently and choosing books suited to his level. 
Ashley – 5KP
For her solid effort earning over 20,000 points on Mathletics so far this term. You are a SUPERSTAR!
Olivia – 5KP
For her determination to reach her AR goal and improving her learning by giving things a second go. 
Ryan – 5KP
For showing care towards his classmates and always expressing his opinion in a positive manner. 
Keely – 5LG
Working Together
For always listening to instructions and putting her best into all she does. Keep it up Keely! 
Revan – 5LG
For his brilliant enthusiasm towards all classroom tasks, and the effort he puts into all he does. 
Jackson – 5LG
For always doing the right thing and helping out wherever he can. Thank you Jackson! 
Mishell – 5LG
Working Together
For being an incredibly kind, observant and helpful member of the class. Mishell, you are awesome! 
Lilly – 5SA
For showing excellent intrinsic motivation to achieve her AR goal. 
Jinu – 5SA
For always being respectful and well mannered. 
Beau – 5SA
For his excellent contributions to persuasive writing sessions. 
Heidi – 5SA
For always being a respectful member of class. 
Vihaan – 4KH
For showing excellence in everything he does every day. 
Erika – 4KH
For showing an excellent attitude and representing our class as our Student Voice representative. 
Madeline – 4KH
For always putting in 100% effort in to everything she does. She is a quiet achiever. Well Done! 
Theodore – 4KH
For always trying his best and showing the school values. 
Olive – 4CW
For an amazing start to the year and being selected as our Student Voice representative. Amazing! 
Hayden – 4CW
For always putting 100% effort into his work. A great start to the year Hayden, well done. 
Evie – 4CW
For being such a lovely friend to everyone in our class and always making sure everyone is OK. 
Shiven – 4CW
For always putting 100% effort into his school work. You’re a superstar Shiven. 
Lana – 4EW
For showing great resilience and effectively adapting and overcoming any challenge. 
Carlos – 4EW
Working Together
For exhibiting teamwork by sharing information and communicating effectively during class tasks. 
Ishin – 4AS
For always producing fantastic work and displaying outstanding classroom behaviour. 
Amelia – 4AS
For persevering with challenging tasks and always trying her best in all areas of the curriculum. 
Jessica – 4AS
Working Together
For being a wonderful student voice member and always encouraging her peers to do their best! 
Achilleas – 4AS
For working hard on his reading skills to help him achieve his AR goal this term. 
Finlay Allison – 4DK
For shooting for the stars and putting in 110% effort into his work. You’re a star, Finlay! 
Mia Chan – 4DK
For continuously setting high goals and doing her best to achieve them. Terrific effort, Mia! 
Anvita – 4LD
For consistently staying on task and completing her work to the best of her ability. 

VALUED STUDENT AWARDS Year 6 & Specialists

Ranidu – 6JD
For his excellent attitude towards learning and always trying his best. Keep it up! 
Deeva – 6JD
For being a respectful and polite member of 6JD. You’re awesome, Deeva! 
Tessy – 6JD
Working Together
For consistently working well with others. Keep it up! 
Jethro – 6JD
For always being willing to help others, and trying his best in all tasks. You’re a star! 
Luka – 6CR
Working Together
For his willingness to help others especially where tech issues are concerned. Thanks Luka! 
Maria – 6CR
For taking on advice positively to consistently improve her learning. Keep it up, Maria! 
Zoe – 6CR
For always showing empathy and putting others before herself. You are a beautiful human, Zoe.
Josie – 6CR
For her acts of kindness in making birthday cards for her peers in recognition of their special day. 
River – 6GZ
For presenting all learning tasks to a very high standard. Great effort River! 
Pia – 6GZ
For always impeccable manners and being a respectable and friendly class member. Keep it up Pia! 
Oliver – 6GZ
For showing excellence with his reading and obliterating his AR goal! 
Sonia – 6NM
For making a positive start to the year and being voted in as our Student Voice Rep. 
Grace  – 6NM
For putting in a lot of hard work and making a really positive start to 2022. 
Mitchell – 6NM
For being a student who shows true care for his friends and a kindness to those around him. 
Andrew – 6NM
For his incredible piece of slap poetry. It showed creativity, hard work and a lot of thought. 
Noah – 6SM
For displaying initiative and consideration of others by providing assistance without being asked. 
Hazel – 6SM
For giving 100% effort in all she does, displaying maturity and excellent organisation. Go Hazey! 
Cooper – 6SM
Working Together
For being an enthusiastic & considerate member of the class and sporting teams. You’re a star Coop! 
Isla – 6SM
For displaying excellent time management & organisation with project work, producing top results. 
Sasha – 6FW
Working Together
For excellent participation and input in group work. 
Mia – 6FW
For always putting in 100 percent to all tasks. 




  Final Standing
Cricket (Green) 2nd place
Softball Girls 2nd place
Softball Boys 4th place
Basketball Girls 4th place
Basketball Boys 3rd place
Basketball Mixed 3rd place
Flag Rugby Girls (Green) 4th place
Flag Rugby Boys (Green) 1st place
Volleyball Girls 2nd place
Volleyball Stars 4th place




The Get Active Kids Voucher Program helps eligible families get their kids involved in organised sport and active recreation activities. Eligible children may receive up to $200 to cover the costs for membership and registration fees.


For more information on the Kids Voucher Program and how to apply for them please visit the website here – https://www.getactive.vic.gov.au/vouchers/



Parent Group AGM


Parent Group will be holding their AGM on Wednesday 27th April starting at 7.30pm.
This meeting will be held via Zoom this is due to COVID restrictions.
If you would like to become a part of the Parent Group and meet new parents from different grades, be a part of this wonderful school community and help raise money for the school.
Please click on the below link
Join Zoom Meetinghttps://zoom.us/j/98285985831?pwd=SUNPMFMxOEkvRlBtWWFqQVNDUXZ3UT09Meeting ID: 982 8598 5831Passcode: GKfXd0



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