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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE  1 – 5th February 2019


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Issue 1  –  5th February 2019



Wednesday, 6th February
– Year 1 and 2 Information Nights   6 – 7pm
– Parent Group Meeting   7.30pm

Thursday, 7th February
– Prep Information Night   6 – 7pm

Friday, 8th February
– Swimming Squad Training  7.30am

Monday, 11th February
– Yr 2  Healthy Skills for Life 

Tuesday, 12th February
– Prep BBQ   5.30 – 7.30pm
– Swimming Squad Training  7.30am

Wednesday, 13th February
– Year 3 – 6 Information Nights   6 – 7pm

Friday, 1st March
– Curriculum Day
   Students not required at school


Welcome everyone, especially the new families who have joined our school community for the first time. I hope you all have had a fantastic break and are ready for another big year at OSPS.

Our new prep children have settled in extremely well which is fantastic. All the other year levels are well settled into their programs as well.

I’d also like to welcome our new staff members to our school. From all reports, they too are settled and enjoying their classes very much.

This year the newsletter will be available on the school website on Tuesday afternoon.

Enjoy your week

Ron Cantlon


2019 Term Dates 


2019 – Term 1

Tuesday 29th January (Staff start)
Wednesday 30th January (Yr 1 – 6 start)
Thursday 31st January (Preps start 9.30 – 12.30)
End of Term –  5th April
Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish

Term 2:

Tuesday 23rd April – Friday 28th June



Term 3:

Monday 15th July – Friday 20th September

Term 4:

Monday 7th October – Thursday 19th December (2.30pm school students finish)
Friday 20th December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish



2019 Payments Due


Healthy Skills for Life, for Year 2 – Under Year 2 Tab – Due by 4.30pm on Wednesday, 13th February

Year 6 Graduation & Rugby Tops Balance Payments – Under Year 6 Tab – Due by 4.30pm on Wednesday, 13th February

OSPS Swimming Squad – Under Specialist Charges Tab – Due by 4.30pm on Wednesday, 13th February 







School Payments and Qkr!


Qkr! continues to be our preferred method of payment for school accounts, and to make things easier for parents, class teachers and the Office, we have some changes to the Qkr! proccess this year.

Qkr will now open on a Wednesday, and after a 2 week payment window, close at 4.30pm on a Wednesday.
If you miss this payment window, or pay using BPAY, Credit Card or CSEF, you will need to complete the orange form, available from your Classroom Teacher, for processing via the Classroom Cash Book.

Now the new year has begun, please download the Qkr app on your phone or tablet.
Register your child – checking that all details are correct, and that you have registered your child, not yourself.
Insert info about account set up

Qkr users with login issues or password reset issues should no longer contact the Masterpass Support Centre.
Instead, we ask that if you have any issues accessing your Qkr account please email Sarah Van Deursen vandeursen.sarah.e@edumail.vic.gov.au with the following details:

*  User’s email address registered with Qkr
*  User’s mobile number in Qkr
*  First name and surname of one or more of the user’s children.

This will enable us to contact our Qkr account manager who can then confirm and delete the user’s Qkr registration so that the user can then Sign Up on Qkr using the same email and mobile number if desited.

** Note that deleting the user’s Qkr registration will also delete their access to previous Qkr receipts. Users will, however, be able to see their Qkr purchases on their credit card statement, and the school will be able to verify their transaction details if required by running a past payment report.
To avoid the possibility of users losing access to their Qkr receipts in the future, they can activate the option to Always Email Receipts on their Qkr App settings.


School Fees and Statements


Statements will be sent home to families later in February, giving families time to breathe after the Christmas break and back to school pressures.


School Structure 2019


Staff emails are all available on the school website https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/parents/

Medication and Action Plans 


An urgent reminder to parents that students with medical conditions are required to provide new Action Plans and medication to the Office. All Action Plans must be reviewed and signed off by your doctor and have a clear, current photo of the student. They are  a legal requirement, and it is our school policy that they be updated every 12 months.

Having all plans with photos, and medication correctly labelled ensures we comply with the regulations and supports us to administer the correct medication at all times. Your support with this is very important.

If you have any queries, please contact Karen Hall in the Office or email hall.karen.a@edumail.vic.gov.au

For copies of ASCIA and Asthma Plans can be found on the school website in under Forms, Event and Year Level Information https://oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/news-events/

2019 Captains


Congratulations to the following students who have been selected for the 2019 Captaincy Roles.

Parking Concerns


As a growing school with 1,050 students, we have over 750 parents parking at school drop off and pick up times, and understand that it can be very crowded. We again implore parents and carers to please be patient, follow the signs, both with street parking and entry/ exit to the school oval carpark.

We appreciate that changes during the holidays to parking in our surrounding streets further adds to the stresses at these times, however impatience, rudeness and inconsiderate parking puts our children’s safety at risk, and does not model the behaviour and values of our school.

We have received further information from Monash Council regarding future changes to parking, please see their letter at the bottom of this section.

Further to many conversations, one as recently as last night, with with Peter Davis, a letter from a concerned parent to the local member for Clarinda, Meng Haeng Tak MP, to elicited this response. His response is below.

Thank you for your email to Heang.

I attended Farm Road on Thursday morning and afternoon to witness and report back to Heang on the traffic issue which needs to be addressed.

After discussions last year with Principal Ron, former MP Hong Lim and Oakleigh MP Steve Dimopoulos supported a traffic report request by Ron to be commissioned by the school building authority as the first step.

The attached was completed and presented to government and Heang as the candidate in the recent election advocated for funding for a proper 200 space sealed car park.

With the interruption of the election over, Heang has sought a meeting with the Minister in Parliament to seek funding and will be seeking a meeting with representatives from Monash council and VicRoads.

Parliament commences this week so we have just been waiting for the Minister’s office to confirm a time.

This of course is not going to be rectified in the short term but I just want to acknowledge to you that this is an extremely important matter to Heang and he wishes to resolve it.

Please forward this email on to any of your parent friends. 

Heang will be in contact when we have further news but please keep in contact just in case we need to form a lobby group as the school building authority has many priority projects on the go, so we need to ensure we are up the front during future funding rounds.


Peter Davis
Electorate Officer
Meng Heang Tak MP
Member for Clarinda


Local Member and Council contact details


Meng Haeng Tak MP, Clarinda              mengheang.tak@parliament.vic.gov.au

Steve Dimopolous MP, Oakleigh          steve.dimopoulos@parliament.vic.gov.au

Claire O’Neill MP, Hotham                     clare.oneil.mp@aph.gov.au

Ben Trang, Monash Council                  Ph: 9518 3228

Curriculum Day

Please note that Friday, 1st March is a Curriculum Day, and no students are required at school.

Camp Australia will offer an all day program. Please register your child if you need this service


Overdue Library Books


Now the 2019 School Year has begun, we ask that any unreturned school library books from 2018 are please returned to the library as soon as possible. You will be able to reborrow them if required.

Thank you for your cooperation.

OSPS Desks

OSPS is selling the old style desks for $50 each (they usually go for around $100 on sell sites). We would like to extend the opportunity for OSPS parents to purchase them first, before going to the wider community.

Parents will have from Monday 4th February until Friday 8th February to purchase.

You may select a desk from the Year 5 Building, pay for it at the office (EFTPOS available) and put it aside.
However it must be picked up by Friday 8th February.

Any queries please contact Nikki Virtuoso virtuoso.nicole.b@edumail.vic.gov.au

Assembly DVDs


We will no longer be recording our school assemblies, and DVDs will no longer be available for purchase.







Oakleigh South Parent Group Meeting


Families of Oakleigh South Primary, Parent Group would like to welcome you to a new year.

As many of you know, Parent Group is made up of volunteer parents who host a variety of school events throughout the year, and it helps get parents together and build an active, friendly school community.

Some of the amazing events we hold are:

                   – Outdoor Cinema Night                    – Parent Night

                   – Easter Raffle                                     – Mother’s Day function

                   – Father’s Day breakfast                    – Prep Welcome BBQ

                   – Christmas Stall                                – Prep Parent Teas

                   – Disco                                                 – Grade 6 Graduation

Our first meeting will be held on Wednesday, 6th February at 7:30pm in the staffroom and we are welcoming new members to Parent Group. Parent Group Members form a part of the organising group and meet approximately once a month.

If you would prefer not to commit to being a member, another option is to be a ‘helper’ and come and help out when you can. All help is appreciated especially with our school growing. Its lots of fun, a great way to meet new parents and an easy way to get involved in the school community. If you would like to join us, please return your details to your teacher and we will be in touch.

Oakleigh South Primary School Parent Group            osparentgroup67@gmail.com



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