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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 2 – February 8th


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Issue 2- 8th February 2018

Monday, 19th Feb
–  Prep Healthy Skills for Life Begins

Friday, 23rd Feb
–  Parent Group Cinema Under the Stars
Paddington 2



The Prep children are well settled into their classroom routines with their individual assessments taking place each Wednesday until the end of February. Tonight we are welcoming the new Prep families to our school community by having a BBQ put on by the O.S.P.S. Parent Group.

Our preps also started their Healthy Life Skills sessions this week with wonderful feedback from their participation and engagement in the program. The program explores the values of respect, honesty, working together, caring, resilience and gratitude through movement, games and relaxation techniques. The rest of the year levels will be involved in this program throughout the year.

What an exciting week for our Year 6 students – production music classes started, leadership badges were presented at assembly, and this morning the level of excitement as they arrived at school in their new Year 6 rugby jumpers was fantastic to see.

At next Tuesday whole school assembly, the children who recently returned from their trip to Japan will be making a presentation about their wonderful experience. Please come along to share in one of the many programs offered at our school.

Lastly, just another reminder to diarise the Fete date…Saturday 5th May. Stay tuned for lots more information.

Have a fantastic weekend

Ron Cantlon




2018 Term Dates

Term 1:
29 January (school teachers start) 30 January (school students start) to 29 March 2018

Term 2:
16 April to 29 June 2018


Term 3:
16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4:
8 October to 20 December (2.30pm school students finish)
21 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Parking Problems

Staff and parents have notice a lot of people using the drop off zone for carparking, leaving their cars to walk their children into school/wait in the school grounds and parking well beyond the 2 minute limit. It is proving to be difficult to use the drop off zone as it is intended and results in a big back-up of traffic.
Parents are illegally/dangerously dropping their children off at random places along Farm Road and Riley Street. It is your includes your civic duty to follow the road laws and rules. This includes completing 3 point turns in the middle in the intersection!

The 2 minute drop off zone is just that… a 2 minute drop off zone. Parents are not to leave their vehicles. Children should be waiting inside the school grounds next to the 2 minute zone for their parents to arrive.

If you live beyond walking distance from the school, consider parking at Bunnings and walking to school – a healthy and stress free alternative.

Parents are NOT to use the Staff Car Park, or the disabled parks, regardless of the time of day. It is NOT to be used as a quick drop off or collection point.

This includes after Choir on a Wednesday

Please click here for further parking information oakleighsouthps.vic.edu.au/about-us/#parking

We need to work together as a community to make these areas safe for our children.

Supervision Before School

Children who arrive before 8.30am on school days MUST be supervised by a parent or guardian. We allow 15 minutes for children and parents to make their way to the classrooms before doors open at 8.45am. Children are not to play games or on equipment before school. There have been several children arriving well before 8.30am without parents or guardians.

Camp Australia runs our Out of School Hours Care from 7.00am so if your family requires care before 8.30am, please feel free to contact this service. Please click here for Camp Australia Information

School Payments

This year we will continue to use QKR as our preferred payment method.  We ask that you use QKR when making payments for all your school accounts – this includes Essential Learning Fees, Excursion, Incursions and any other charges to come up through the year.

Charges are child specific, so please make sure you select the correct child and year level when making payments. If the incorrect child is showing, tap their name at the top, and select the correct child from the pop up box.

Family Statements will be sent home via the classroom by mid February.

Library Fund Donations can now be made via Qkr, under the Specialist Charges tab, and can also be made at the Office or via Bpay. Please contact Jo Chapple if you use the Bpay option. chapple.joanne.j@edumail.vic.gov.au

Please click here for further information QKR! Information

If you have any questions regarding QKR, please contact the office.

Library Help

Dear Parents we have lots of lovely new books in the library which need to be covered before going onto the shelves. If you have a free moment to help out it would be very much appreciated.
There is no need to commit to a specific time, please feel free to pop in and offer your assistance whenever can. Tea, coffee and instructions are provided. J If you would like more information please email me at bahnsen.sally.s@edumail.vic.gov.au or call into the library for a chat.

With thanks,
Sally Bahnsen

CSEF Information

The Victorian Government offer a Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund for families who hold a valid means-tested concession card or are temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. A speci​​al consideration eligibility category also exists. $125 per year is paid for eligible primary school students. Payments are made directly to the school and are tied to the student.

Click here for further information CSEF Website

Please click here to apply CSEF Application Form

Classroom Cuisine

Classroom Cuisine lunches are now being offered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Please make sure you have updated your child’s class for 2018 and that orders are placed before 8.30am.

Swim Squad

The school swimming squad is currently training two mornings a week at Oakleigh pools. Everyone involved is trying their hardest to achieve their personal best. It is a very fun and exciting time for all swimmers to compete individually and as part of a team.

There are many hungry kids enjoying a very yummy breakfast back at school afterwards with thanks to Woolworths Clarinda + Bakers Delight + Clarinda Bakery.

The new swimming captains for 2018 are Aeon B and Alexander L

Good luck to all swimmers!!!


Chloe De Angelis                     1ML          For her conscientious work ethic. Well done on your awesome start to Year 1!

Jason Xiao                                 1NC          For being very welcoming and encouraging to our new student. You’re a superstar Jason!

Kavya Ginoya                            2SM         For consistently displaying respect to his peers and teachers and striving for excellence in all areas.

Dakshitha Thiyagarajan         2NM         For being a helpful student and demonstrating respect to friends and teachers.



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