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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 28 – September 7th


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Issue 28 – 7th September 2017

Monday 11th Sept
– Yr 6 Dress Rehearsal
-Yr 6 Peter Pan tickets open to public on Trybooking

Tuesday 12th Sept
– Yr 6 Dress Rehearsal
– Yr 4 Ice Skating

Thurs 14th Sept
– Peter Pan Jnr Matinee at 4pm

Friday 15th Sept
– Year 4 Ice Skating

Sat 16th Sept
– State Schools Spectacular at Hisense Arena



Our Year 6 Production is in full swing this week. Ticket sales are booming, costumes are having their final touches and the children’s’ excitement is building as they prepare for next week’s dress rehearsals and opening matinee performance on Thursday afternoon. The amount of support and hours of work from teachers and parents to make this event happen is overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has helped so far and I know that there are many more hours of help to come.

The new crossing supervisor began duty on the pedestrian crossing on Centre Road on Monday. It’s comforting to know that our children and parents can now cross safely across the very busy Centre Road in the morning and afternoons. Many of our parents park at Bunnings at these times and enjoy the short walk to school with their children as well as avoiding the traffic congestion at school. I would also like to remind children and parents of the dangers of cars around the school, driveways and blind spots. Take care everyone.

This morning many of you may have seen the trees being transplanted from behind the Learning Centre to other parts of the school. This in preparation for the arrival of two new portable buildings that will hopefully arrive in the holidays.

Have a good weekend!

Enjoy the weekend.

Ron Cantlon


Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start)

31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish) 22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


Woolworths Earn and Learn 2017

Dear Parents,

As you are aware, we are participating in the Woolworths Earn & Learn program this year. Through this program, we will be able to get new educational resources for our school.

So far the collection of the stickers has been fantastic but it is not long until the promotion finishes. Stickers will be available till Tuesday 19th September or while stock lasts. Remember stickers and/or completed sticker sheets can be dropped into the Collection Box here at school (outside the office) or at the Woolworths at the Links Shopping centre.

At the end of the promotion, we’ll be able to get some great new equipment. The range is extensive and offers many items ideal for our students – including resources for Maths, English, Science and lots more.

So, let’s keep collecting and sticking so we can get lots of fantastic resources for our school!




School Crossing Supervisor

Thank you to the parents who have kept contacting Monash and Kingston councils and Vic Roads with their concerns about the safety of our students crossing at Centre Road. Whilst the school falls under Monash Council, it’s Kingston Council who will be fully supporting the funding of this task with some funding from the government.

A special thank you to Cr Steve Staikos of Kingston Council who had pushed for this change.


Father’s Day Breakfast

Dear Parents,

Thank You to all who attended the OSPG Father’s Day Breakfast and to those who could not attend but still donated money towards our annual charity event.

To all our sponsors :- Alexanders Fruit Market, Mr Donut, Bakers Delight (Links), CWB meats, Pantry Fresh Eggs, DPI Printing thank you without your support we could not have gotten this event up and running.

Special mention to Rob Mc Girr, Ms Wells, Mr Cantlon, Mr Alston, Mrs Hall, Ms Marsden, the Office Staff, Jason Scott and anyone whom we may have forgotten you really are an amazing group of people and without your generosity we could not have has such a smooth transition of the mornings events.

Last but not least, to all of Parent Group and our helpers who worked tremendously hard behind the scenes and on the frontline thank you so much as without you this event is not logistically possible.

We had such an amazing turn out and have raised over $2,000

From the bottom of our Hearts

Joe & Carlyn
Oakleigh South Parent Group


Grade 6 Production – Peter Pan Jnr

Ticket sales will open to the whole community on Monday, 11th September at 10am. Additional tickets for Grade 6 families may be purchased.


Prices are as follows:
Adult:  $15
Child:  $10 (4-12yo only)

Cast 1 will perform on
Thurs, 14th September – Matinee
Tues, 19th September

Cast 2 will perform on
Wed, 20th September
Thurs, 21st September


Year 3—From the Village

Happenings & Highlights in Term Three


Term 3 in the village is always very exciting and this year is no exception. Hands on cooking and gardening sessions, early morning farming, caring for the village menagerie – including our chickens as they developed into egg laying hens, has provided the children with unique and engaging learning experiences. Highlights of the term include the very successful Potato Day and bottle raising and caring for Chessie – the beautiful Friesian /Jersey calf from Chesterfield Farm. On the academic side our outstanding Naplan results arrived – reflecting not only the hard work done in Year 3 but in all the years prior.

Below is a snapshot of the unique Year 3 Program at OSPS

The Integrated Unit for term 3 is – Healthy Eating with a focus on Dairy
‘Healthy Gardening, Cooking and Eating & Physical Exercise = Healthy Me.’

Class Cooking Sessions – with Miss Smith and Mrs Wilkin
This term the children have made village veggie rolls using herbs and produce from the village garden. Most think that they taste DELICIOUS as do the teachers!

Potato Day With Dairy – sponsored by Alexander’s Fruit Market – Oakleigh
Potato Day – without doubt – a favourite day! Potatoes are harvested in the weeks prior and, depending on the yield, supplemented with bought potatoes. This year Alexanders in Oakleigh – our very generous fete stall sponsor, gave us two enormous bags of potatoes for our special day.

From the fun and excitement of collecting sticks and wood down Windsor Avenue to washing and wrapping the potatoes, setting the fire and watching the ‘big light’ – it all made for a very different school day. Once cooked – a touch of dairy was added – children chose – cheese, butter or yogurt, and, for most eating a hot potato cooked in this way was a new experience!

Amsden – the Guide Dog Puppy
Amsden turned one on Potato Day so we sang Happy Birthday to her over a carrot and celery cake. It’s coming up to GUIDE DOG VICTORIA’s assessment for 13 month old Amsden and we are hoping that she will pass the set assessment tasks to enable her to begin her formal training. She could then become a guide dog, therapy dog or a service dog.

In the last week of term – as a lead in to term four’s unit of work on Volunteers and Helping Others the children will be working on a mini project about Amsden in class.

A highlight for Amsden was a school visit by her brother Harry and his puppy raiser Helen.

Cooking up the Harvest – Mr Kerr, Mr Wilde, Mrs Kearney and Mrs Dwyer
This term, as the produce has been harvested, the ‘farmers’ have had extra cooking sessions with Mrs Dwyer – cooking up tasty stir-fries using a variety of fresh produce including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussel sprouts and lemons.

Farming & SUSTAINABILTY – Mr Wilde, Mr Kerr, Mrs K and Mrs Dwyer
Learning in Year 3 centres around sustainability and looking after the environment. This term the farmers have been using sheets of newspaper to make sustainable pots in the hothouse. They have also been learning about seeds and how they grow.

Mr Kerr has conducted weekly tours for new farmers to show them changes in the garden and to revise procedures and expectations related to the care of the animals and their welfare. Children have eaten peas, beans and strawberries straight from the plants. In class they have made lists of all the fruits and vegetables growing in the garden during the term. It’s a very long list!

Early morning farming has continued to see keen and happy farmers arriving in the village at 8.30 am to clean out cages and to move the animals out to the front paddocks for the day. Farmers’ duties include the collecting and chopping of food scraps to add to worm farms and or compost bins, the weeding, tending and watering of plants in the garden and the hothouse as well sweeping and general tidying.

Environmental Warriors
The Year 3s are very conscious of the state of the schoolyard and we have had lots of volunteers to do clean ups at recess and lunch with buckets and tongs. During autumn many of these same children took it upon themselves to sweep up and collect the huge amount of fallen leaves around the school to clean up the grounds and to add to our compost bins.

Sport and Fitness – Mrs Presnell and Miss Smith
Fitness and sport run alongside the farming program where, this term, skipping has begun in earnest as we lead up to the special Jump Rope for Heart & Tigray Day in term 4.

Our new BIG animal – Chessie from Chesterfield Farm
A big highlight of term 3 is always the arrival of a big animal. This year, like last, we welcomed a week old calf from Chesterfield Farm. Chessie is just beautiful. All classes feed her a few times a week and teachers and special helpers assist with the feeding over the weekends. Chessie is hand fed with bottles at 9.00 am and 3.00 pm each day.

Excursion to Chesterfield Farm
We had another great excursion to Chesterfield Farm last week. The day began with a special tour of the dairy for each class, and included milking the 800 kilogram Bonnie, time in the petting nursery, a tractor tour of the farm as well as a sheep dog show and time in the discovery barn. Wherever possible the day was linked back to our dairy theme. The children all took home two litres of Chesterfield Farm milk – in our opinion – the best tasting milk around! The milk is for sale at the farm.


And still to come this term in the village…

The Dairy Olympics
Gold, silver and bronze spelling words were sent home this week and will be tested in week 10. Children can learn one, two or all three lists for cow tokens/ medals.

Farmers’ Morning Tea
On Wednesday of the last week of the term – week ten – we will be having a special farmers’ morning tea and games morning. The children will be asked to dress up as farmers or a farm animal and to bring along a dairy snack.

Chessie’s return
Chessie will be picked up at the end of term. We will be sad to see her go but it will be great to know that she will be a long term resident of Chesterfield Farm and there for us to visit.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about term 3 in the village.

The Year 3 Team



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