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NEWSLETTER – ISSUE 26 – August 24th


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Issue 26 – 24th August 2017

Monday 28th Aug –  Friday 1st Sept
– Dental Van

Tuesday 29th Aug
– Yr 4 Ice Skating begins

Wednesday 30th Aug 
– Prep Zoo Excursion
– Yr 3 Chesterfield Farm Excusrion

Friday 1st Sept 
– Father’s Day Breakfast


At Tuesday’s assembly, the UNSW Science and Spelling   competition certificates were awarded to the children who achieved distinction and high distinction results. These children achieved the top 10 and 1% in the country and to see the number of children on stage was very pleasing. We also had many children receive a credit result. Congratulations to every child who participated in this competition and achieved such wonderful results.

The Year 6 children are currently heavily involved in production rehearsals and the costumes and stage sets are progressing well. It’s fantastic to see children, staff and parents being so involved to make this  another magnificent OSPS production. Details on purchasing tickets for the Peter Pan Jnr production will be made available soon.

The Link Heath and Community Dental Van is currently working at our school. Hundreds of children are participating in this oral health promotion program this year.  All participating children will receive a show bag and a post exam form with a summary of their child’s oral health status will be provided to their parents/guardians. Thank you to Link Health and Community for providing this very worthwhile ‘free’ service to the children at our school.

Have a fantastic weekend.

Ron Cantlon



Term 1: 30 January (school teachers start)

31 January (school students start) to 31 March

Term 2: 18 April (Tuesday) to 30 June

Term 3: 17 July to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October to 21 December (2.30pm school students finish) 22 December (school teachers finish)

Last day of each term is a 2.30pm finish


District Athletics


Last Tuesday our school competed at Duncan McKinnon for District Athletics. Well done to everyone who competed and good luck to the children who will proceed to the next level. The fantastic efforts by the athletes was good enough to win the Bentleigh District Shield.

The following students placed either 1st or 2nd and will compete at the Beachside Division Athletics which will be held at Albert Park on Friday the 8th of September. 47 students will compete on the day.

9 / 10 Boys
– Adaam 1st 200m, Daniel 1st hurdles and 2nd triple jump, Jake 1st 1500m

9 / 10 Girls
– Jasmine 2nd 100m and 1st hurdles, Myrto 2nd 200m, Kate 2nd in 800m and 1500m, Lote 1st shot put, Amelia 2nd in discus,
Amelie 1st in high jump , Emily 1st in long jump, Reanna 2nd in triple jump.

11 Boys
– Tomo 1st in 100m and 1st in triple jump, Alex 2nd in 200m, Rotem 2nd in hurdles, Olly 2nd in 800m and 1500m, Arjun 1st in shot put, Marcus 1st discus, Rimon 1st high jump and 1st long jump.

11 Girls
– Kelly 1st 200m and 1st in 100m, Aeon 2nd 100m and 1st long jump, Anita 1st hurdles, Jessica 1st 800m and 1st in 1500m, Teona 2nd 800m, Tanasha 2nd in 1500m and 1st in high jump,
Abi 1st in shot put and discus, Marni 2nd in triple jump.

12/13 Boys
– Max 1st 100m and in long jump, Vincent 2nd in 100m and 1st 200m, Ashwin 2nd hurdles, Ben 1st 1500m and 2nd in triple jump.

12/13 Girls
– Kyra 1st 100m and 2nd long jump, Katherine 1st 200m and 1st high jump, Alexandra 2nd hurdles, Louisa 1st 800m and 1st 1500m, Samantha 2nd 800m and 2nd triple jump, Elena 2nd 1500m.


9/10 Boys A 9/10 Girls A 9/10 Girls B 11Boys A 11 Boys B 11Girls A 12/13 Boys A 12/13 GirlsA 12/13Girls B
George Cleo Indy Hudson Daniel Kelly Ashwin Kyra Koyuki
Daniel Emily Amelie Alex Rimon Aeon Max Kath Sabrina
Antonio Myrto Rianna Tomo Ethan Jessica Vincent Louisa Elena
Adaam Jasmine Kyah Sam Rotem Abi Ben Sam Eleni
1st 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 1st 1st 2nd


Written by the Athletics Captains – Max, Kyra and Katherine.




Buxton Real Estate Agent and Max Martinucci will be sponsoring the OSPS Productions! Keep an eye out for further details of the major project they will be sponsoring, and thank you Buxton for your generous contribution. Buxton has agreed to donate $1,000 to our school for every home seller referral that is listed and sold by Buxton Oakleigh. Max can be reached on 0402133505.



Year 5s at South Oakleigh Secondary College

South Oakleigh Secondary College has been hosting the Year 5’s over the course of the last three weeks. The classes rotated through science, sport, cooking and humanities activities. It has been a great experience to see what it’s like to attend a secondary college.

Walking down to South Oakleigh College to do our rotations was a bit strange because we really had no idea what we were going to be doing. We have done a few things, one of which was learning about the digestive system with Mr Kuruc. When we got in we started straight away. Some facts I learnt were: it takes six seconds for food and what to go from the throat to the stomach, there are two types of muscles (voluntary and involuntary), and it takes fourteen plus muscles to make a face like and frowning. We really enjoyed it!
Will R – 5MB

The bull eye dissection was quite an experience, not exactly a great experience when you’re working partner drops the eye in your lap or stabs you with a  scalpel, but it was an experience at least. Of course the dissection was great fun even if you do have to go home with a cut finger! It is also good because no one vomited this time! Although, it’s not the most pleasant of all things in the world, but it was still cool to have a go at something like a full-on eye dissection. The inside of the eye looked quite cool to be honest, kind of like a clear jelly! When I was doing this thing, my partner (Noah) stabbed me with a scalpel, but hopefully if you guys do anything like this, you won’t face a partner like mine! The real challenge in this dissection was trying to cut through without feeling really weird and awkward! All in all, this was a great experience and I would personally be happy to do something like this again!
Aaron – 5NK

I really enjoyed Opa Greek dancing I think it was fun and I am sure everyone enjoyed it. The teachers were extremely amazing. Most of the people were smiling and looked really happy. Also, some people were singing along. Everyone was swatting and laughing.
Kaneli – 5MS

As our class files in through the door we sit down to the one and only South Oakleigh college relaxation class. We talk about all the things we love and makes us happy. Everyone listen to her soothing voice attentively and then the best part of the session comes up. Music rings through my ears and her smooth, gentle voice flows through my body. Then as quick as it started our relaxation class is over. “I wish we could do this everyday”, I thought.
Caron – 5HP

Collecting all the toppings for our apple turnovers, I smelt the sweet cinnamon sugar. I wish we could make them again. I loved all the activities there but my favourite activity was cooking. The apple turnovers tasted delicious and at the end, we all washed the dishes. It was funny because Mr. Eykman had to teach some of the boys how to do it properly.
Lola – 5HP

Zara and I are staring down at this disgusting feature of a bull. It literally looked like it was looking at me with its giant blue eye. We did as we were told and carefully started cutting away the excess skin around the eye. It was then time to try cut through the thick layer that made up the eye. Once we finally made it through this layer this disgusting black pigmented ooze dribbled out of the eye at this point we didn’t want to step away from the tray, we wanted to learn more!
We started searching for the 2 wonders of this eye, its clear lens and beautiful coloured retina. As soon as we found the absolutely amazing lens we couldn’t help but pick it up but glory was soon over as we had to see what colour the retina was. Searching and searching, we finally saw a flash of a lovely mixture of magenta and purple and another spot had a deep shimmery aqua. In a flash it was time to go back to school. We were all either absolutely petrified or amazed. I was one of those people who walked away amazed. Although it was just a 60 minute session for our science rotations at South Oakleigh College it was one we’d never forget.
Anthea D – 5NK

Chatting to our friends we arrive at the one and only South Oakleigh Secondary College. As we enter in the room for our meditation class we fall silent. Curiously entering the room we sit down and talk off our shoes. We discuss things that make us happy and why they make us happy. The class was as relaxing as it gets, as we lay down and her calm soft voice nearly drifted us too sleep. As the music rings through my ears I think wow so relaxing.
Meghana and Ariel – 5HP

I really think OPA-cize was really energetic and lively. I could tell, by looking at my friends, that they really enjoyed it. It was a bit tiering and sweaty and I had to go to get a drink because I was so thirsty
Tanasha – 5MS

Walking towards South Oakleigh Secondary College, I feel my excitement build up to the max when we’re learning about the digestive system with Mr Kuruc. At the start of the lesson, Mr Kurucasked us about what we know already using a pop quiz to test us. We answered most of the questions correctly due to the fact that we had learnt about a lot of it during class. After that he asked us to draw the digestive system, we had to figure out where the parts of the body are using our knowledge of it. It was great fun and we learnt a lot.
Isabella – 5MB

As I was grating the apple, my knuckles started to hurt at the thought of them getting chopped off. Luckily I was all good. The cooking activity at South Oakleigh Secondary College was a lot fun. We made apple turners with ice cream and the result was delicious. I found it very enjoyable when we were making the turnovers. Note to self and Olly, we need to get better at the dishes.
Jovan – 5EE




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